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Yamato (Nuno Moutinho).png
Background Information
NameNuno Moutinho
Country of Birth
BirthdayApril 25, 1999 (age 22)
TeamEFIVE Esportslogo std.pngEFIVE Esports
Bot Laner
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsDG Yamato, 10 11 18
Social Media & Links
Infobox LOLProslogo std.png
Infobox Twitchlogo std.png
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Team History
Sep 2017 - Dec 2017
Logo std.pngTeodosius Team
Jan 2018 - Sep 2018
Doxa Gaminglogo std.pngDoxa Gaming
Jan 2020 - Jan 2021
Boavista FClogo std.pngBoavista FC
May 2021 - Present
EFIVE Esportslogo std.pngEFIVE Esports

Nuno "Yamato" Moutinho is a League of Legends esports player, currently bot laner for EFIVE Esports.



  • Was a support main in Season 3 but then swapped to AD carry on Season 5.
  • Favorite champion while playing support was
    , now as an AD carry it's
  • In Season 5 he reached Diamond 2 with a 80% win-rate playing only AD carry.

Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Yamato (Nuno Moutinho) Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2021-01-094 ZOTAC CUP LoL EU West 27
0 : 1Logo std.pngPOLA
Logo std.pngBLAC Too Hotty,  TimeN1,  EGN Heroic,  Yamato,  Obstinatus
2020-10-10NQ LPLOL 2020 Summer Cup Qualifier 2
0 : 2SAMCLAN Esports Clublogo std.pngSAM
Boavista FClogo std.pngBFC Sl4shD,  Mart,  Galaxy,  Yamato,  Obstinatus
2020-07-194 LPLOL 2020 Summer Playoffs
1 : 3OFFSET Esportslogo std.pngOFF7
Boavista FClogo std.pngBFC Sl4shD,  Maat,  Galaxy,  Yamato,  Feedarias,  Bp
2020-07-154 LPLOL 2020 Summer
8 - 6Blanklogo std.pngRR
Boavista FClogo std.pngBFC Sl4shD,  Maat,  Galaxy,  Yamato,  Feedarias,  Bp
2020-05-14NQ LPLOL 2020 Spring Cup Qualifier
0 : 2GTZ Bullslogo std.pngGTZ
Boavista FClogo std.pngBFC Sl4shD,  Maat,  Burnie,  Yamato,  Feedarias
2020-03-036 LPLOL 2020 Spring
5 - 9Blanklogo std.pngRR
Boavista FClogo std.pngBFC Sl4shD,  Maat,  Burnie,  Yamato,  Feedarias,  Kiddo,  Bp
2019-10-10NQ Iberian Cup 2019 Open Qualifier 2
0 : 1Logo std.pngPARQ
Boavista FClogo std.pngBFC Sl4shD,  prttt,  Migamos,  Burnie,  Rev3nge,  Yamato,  Nesiiw Fixe
2018-08-05NQ LPLOL 2018 Split 2 Relegations
0 : 2Procom Gaminglogo std.pngPCG
Doxa Gaminglogo std.pngDOXA Hiro,  Kaiwen,  Golem,  G00DMAN,  Yamato,  Pure Kiddo,  Mahisto
2018-07-108 LPLOL 2018 Split 2
0-1-6Blanklogo std.pngRR
Doxa Gaminglogo std.pngDOXA Hiro,  Claws HD,  Hackali,  Yamato,  Pure Kiddo
2018-03-254 LPLOL 2018 Split 1 Playoff
0 : 2For The Win Esportslogo std 2.pngFTW
Doxa Gaminglogo std.pngDOXA Hiro,  Davey,  G00DMAN,  Yamato,  Pure Kiddo,  Mahisto




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