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Background Information
NameOmar Van Vynckt
Country of Birth
BirthdayJuly 9, 1997 (age 24)
TeamTeam METAlogo std.pngMETA
Broadcast Talent
Favorite Champs
Competitive IDsSloefke, Chipiarmander
Soloqueue IDsS1 Woong, Sloefke, TF Woong
Social Media & Links
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Team History
??? 2015 - ??? 2015
LowLandLionslogo std.pngLowLandLions
Nov 2015 - Jul 2016
Logo std.pngVenko Gaming
Sep 2017 - Oct 2017
Vanguard Esportslogo std.pngVanguard Esports
Aug 2018 - Jan 2019
ToxicFalcons eSportslogo std.pngToxicFalcons BE
Jan 2019 - Jun 2019
Sector One Academylogo std.pngS1.Academy
Jun 2019 - Feb 2020
4Entertainmentlogo std.png4Entertainment
Feb 2020 - Present
Team METAlogo std.pngMETA

Omar "Woong" Van Vynckt is a League of Legends esports personality, currently a member of the broadcast team for Team META.

There is a disambiguation page associated with the name Woong. Three other players share this ID.


Omar "Woong" Van Vynckt began his career in 2015. He started off his career as he joined the previously prominent LowLandLions as their starting bot laner and competed in the Frag-o-Matic. Unfortunately, the team would then disband shortly after due to internal disagreements. Omar then went on to join Venko Gaming along with some of his friends which would would go on to play a few local Belgian and Dutch LANs.

2017 Season[]

After this period of casual play, Omar decided to take on the higher levels of play as he would proceed to join Vanguard Esports through his friend AngelZ. Role swapping to support, Woong would proceed to show off his talent along with his jungler Albetrayber who would go on to become a major face in the Benelux scene. The team would then go on to qualify for ESL Benelux 2017 Winter, the biggest competition in the region at the time. With underwhelming results, the team ended up in 5th place and would disband immediately after.

Woong would go on to play in monthly tournaments for the rest of the year as he took a slight break from his competitive career.

2018 Season[]

Entering the 2018 Season, Omar befriended Pieter05 and Ardes, quickly finding synergy with said players as together they would decide to form a team together. Joined by PrimeV9 and CaviaVampier, the team would soon find a home under the wings of the ToxicFalcons eSports Belgium. Although achieving good results in their first tournament and getting 3rd place in the Frag-o-Matic 20.1, their bot laner would decide to leave and the team moved on with Slyv3r filling in the vacant position.

Omar would quickly find a great friend in Slyv3r and built synergy with him as they started becoming a strong bot lane in the Benelux, overpowering their opponents and achieving great results throughout 2018, notably reaching 2nd place in the ESL Proximus 2018 Winter Playoffs, upsetting the first place team Brussels Guardians in a strong 2-1 score before falling against Defusekids 0-2 in the finals.

As the situation within the team changed, the players decided to part ways and head in separate direction, leading in Omar becoming a free agent in December 2018.

2019 Season[]

Wanting to stay with his duo laner Slyv3r, Omar would go on to approach Sector One, asking for an opportunity to start an academy team under their organisation. Soon after, the team would see the light of day with the addition of Psclly, Izoyu, and Boohon. With a lot of untested talent, the team would go on to participate in the qualifiers to the second season of the Benelux Premier League but would sadly leave with underwhelming results as they would fail to qualify on 7 occasions. Despite their hardships, the teams sticked together and moved on to participate in several smaller leagues and LANs, achieving moderate results as they would mostly end up as a middle of the pack team.

While they were not contenders toward winning titles, the team would prove to be a force to be reckoned with as they would be the only one to defeat Defusekids in their dominant 2019 run throughout the Benelux. They would also quickly cement themselves as one of the most creative teams in the Benelux especially with their interesting bot lane combinations, notably being one of the first teams to run
together or

Toward the end of June, the team would find themselves to stagnate and decided to part ways as players began exploring different opportunities.

It was at this time that Woong would make the hard decision to retire as a professional player and instead join 4Entertainment as a member of their broadcast team, specializing as a on-screen talent and analyst. Omar would go on to work at events such as the GameForce Masters 2019 and quickly make his way through the scene.

2020 Season[]

Continuing his work, Omar would follow in his employer's rebrand as he remained on Team META's broadcast talent team, working as an analyst for notable events such as the Belgian League 2020 Spring Playoffs and the Dutch League 2020 Spring Playoffs, the official European Regional Leagues of the Benelux.

While continuing his work as an analyst, Woong would also keep on playing in several LANs and keep a very good competitive level, averaging around Master tier in Europe.


  • Used to be in the top 2000 in the MMORPG Wolf Team prior to playing League of Legends.
  • Reached the top 200 top players in Europe upon the release of PUBG.
  • Started playing in Season 1.
  • Picked his in game name due to being a fan of Azubu Frost's Woong and was fan of his aggressive playstyle.
  • Ended up switching to support.
  • Plays a lot of off-meta picks like
  • Made guest appearances at the Kayzr League 2018 Fall Finals, the BPL Season 2 Playoffs, and the ESL Dutch Championship 2019 Summer Qualifiers as an analyst.
  • Won Club League's Awards for being both the most developed player and the best newcomer to the Benelux scene in 2018.[6][7]

Notable Event Attendances[]

As a Caster or Analyst[]





Casting History[]

The 10 most recent games are shown (each line contains all games of a series). Click here to open as a modifiable query.

Casting History - Woong
DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ScoreVODsPBPColor
2021-10-17 14:00:00Dutch League 2021 Country FinalsFinalsMCon esportslogo std.pngMCNPSV Esportslogo std.pngPSV3 - 2CraiszeWoong
2021-10-16 14:00:00Dutch League 2021 Country FinalsSemifinalsPSV Esportslogo std.pngPSVTeam Echo Zululogo std.pngEZ3 - 2CraiszeWoong
2021-10-09 13:00:00Belgian League 2021 Country FinalsFinalsSector Onelogo std.pngS1KV Mechelen Esportslogo std.pngKVM2 - 31CraiszeWoong
2021-10-08 13:00:00Belgian League 2021 Country FinalsSemifinalsKV Mechelen Esportslogo std.pngKVMKRC Genk Esportslogo std.pngGENK3 - 21CraiszeWoong
2021-08-10 17:00:00Dutch League 2021 Summer PlayoffsFinalsPSV Esportslogo std.pngPSVMCon esportslogo std.pngMCN1 - 31CraiszeWoong
2021-08-09 17:00:00Belgian League 2021 Summer PlayoffsFinalsKV Mechelen Esportslogo std.pngKVMSector Onelogo std.pngS11 - 31CraiszeWoong
2021-08-03 17:00:00Dutch League 2021 Summer PlayoffsRound 2Team Echo Zululogo std.pngEZMCon esportslogo std.pngMCN1 - 31CraiszeWoong
2021-08-02 17:00:00Belgian League 2021 Summer PlayoffsRound 2Sector Onelogo std.pngS1KRC Genk Esportslogo std.pngGENK3 - 21CraiszeWoong
2021-07-28 17:00:00Belgian League 2021 Summer PlayoffsRound 1KRC Genk Esportslogo std.pngGENKTeam 7AMlogo std.png7AM3 - 11CraiszeWoong
2021-07-27 17:00:00Dutch League 2021 Summer PlayoffsRound 1PSV Esportslogo std.pngPSVTeam Echo Zululogo std.pngEZ3 - 11CraiszeWoong

Tournament Results[]

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Minimum place

Woong (Omar Van Vynckt) Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2020-12-025 - 8 Team 7AM Winter Cup #2
0 : 1Team THRLLlogo std.pngTRL.A
Logo std.pngOUDE Phoenix,  Psclly,  Fliresh,  Woong,  Pieter05
2020-11-182 Team 7AM Winter Cup #1
0 : 1Logo std.pngFREE
Logo std.pngOUDE Phoenix,  Pieter05,  Ardes,  Woong,  Yoni
2020-06-0621 Open Tour Benelux 2020 Step 5
0 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Logo std.pngPADV DreAmZyY,  zehmox,  Mehere,  Yillan,  Woong
2020-04-291 Orange #StayHomeAndPlay Grand Finals
2 : 0Brussels Guardianslogo std.pngBG.A
Logo std.pngBELG mpmoicoucou,  Titus,  Ardes,  Woong,  Pieter05
2020-04-043 - 4 The Party Online 2020
0 : 2Glorious Gaminglogo std.pngGG
Logo std.pngDE P korokke,  stan123,  DreAmZyY,  Yillan,  Woong
2020-02-233 Frag-o-Matic 22.0: Haunted
FF : WKV Mechelen Esportslogo std.pngKVM
Logo std.pngMKON Psclly,  Attõ,  Boohon,  Rechter,  Woong
2019-06-065 ESL Dutch 2019 Summer
2 - 5Blanklogo std.pngRR
Sector One Academylogo std.pngS1.Acad Boohon,  Psclly,  Izoyu,  Dragflick,  Slyv3r,  Woong,  DoNotBlameMe
2019-04-212 The Party 17
0 : 3Team Echo Zululogo std.pngEZ
Sector One Academylogo std.pngS1.Acad Psclly,  Izoyu,  Dragflick,  Slyv3r,  Woong,  DoNotBlameMe
2019-04-11Q ESL Dutch 2019 Summer Qualifiers
2 : 1NDGU eSportslogo std.pngNDGU
Sector One Academylogo std.pngS1.Acad Psclly,  Izoyu,  Boohon,  Slyv3r,  Woong
2019-04-073 - 4 Kayzr League 2019 Spring Playoffs
0 : 2Defusekidslogo std.pngDK
Sector One Academylogo std.pngS1.Acad Psclly,  Izoyu,  Raqo,  Slyv3r,  Woong,  Do Not Blame Me


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  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020




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