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Wonder Stag e-Sports
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Wonder Stag e-Sports is a Hungarian e-Sports organization.


Wonder Stag e-Sports is a Hungarian e-Sports organization created with the ambition of impose itself in the world of gaming. With the Support of a number of partners who accepted the challenge of supporting them, the organization promises a strong foray into gaming in order to reach a prominent place in gaming. Founded in 2013, the team is a frequent participant in many local LAN competitions including every PlayIT tournament so far. In the very first year the organization went through an immense growth and the need emerged for a more serious profile as a professional esports organization, that's when they decided to rebrand to Wonder Stag e-Sports from Death Faction Multigaming.


  • 2016
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • March 28, 3rd place for Wonder Stag e-Sports on the 1st EsportFest LoL Tournament.
  • March, LittlePwny leaves, PostásJózsef joins.
  • April 12, 2nd place for Wonder Stag e-Sports on the 2015 Spring MondoGames LoL Tournament.
  • April 13, PostásJózsef leaves, LittlePwny joins.
  • April 25, 1st place for Wonder Stag e-Sports on the 2015 Spring PlayIT LoL Tournament.
  • May 1, Robusto leaves, TheHero007 joins.
  • May 24, 3rd place for Wonder Stag e-Sports on the 2015 Summer RealGamers LAN.
  • May 25 team disbanded.
  • October 1, Wonder Stag e-Sports announced new roster including: Frather, vikR, Sk1nzor, Exworm, Geller
  • October 17, 3rd place for Wonder Stag e-Sports on the 2015 Autumn MondoGames LoL Tournament.
  • October 18, Frather leaves, vikR goes to toplane, bluerzor joins as a jungler.
  • November, Wonder Stag e-Sports qualifies to the ESL SEEC Season 2 finals.
  • November, Wonder Stag e-Sports announced a temporary 2nd team, for the next PlayIT LoL Tournament, including: Koeles, Csokiherceg, Robusto, dRx, LittlePwny.
  • November 28, 2nd place for the temporary Wonder Stag e-Sports team on the 2015 Autumn PlayIT LoL Tournament, team disbanded.
  • November 29, 3rd place for the main Wonder Stag e-Sports team on the ESL SEEC Season 2 LoL Tournament Finals.
  • November 30, vikR and Sk1nzor leave, Frather and Robusto join.
  • December 19, Wonder Stag e-Sports in the semi-finals in the EU Challenger Series Open Qualifier.
  • April, Death Faction Multigaming created a second team, picks up new roster including: MarineHBS, Sadexy, Till, Desault, PostásJózsef join.
  • April, LeaD36 leaves Team1, bluerzor joins.
  • April 26, Team2, MarineHBS, Sadexy, Till, Desault and PostásJózsef won the 2014 Spring PlayIT LoL EU-West Cup.
  • April 26, Team1, Multiplexerr, Seffer, Gregoryan, bluerzor and Koeles got the 2nd place on the 2014 Spring PlayIT LoL EU-Nordic and East Cup.
  • May 1, bluerzor and Gregoryan left the Team1, Collion and Tobijofiu joins.
  • May 3, Team2 disbanded, MarineHBS revived the Team2 with 4 new players: vikR, Matthew, TheHero007 and Hextasy join.
  • June 21, our two teams played againts each other in the finals of the first Official Hungarian League of Legends Tournament hosted and created by RIOT, LoLfoglalás. 1st place for Team2, they won 6000 EUR for the team + full Razer gear/player. 2nd place for Team1, they won 2000 EUR for the team + full Razer gear/player.
  • July, Death Faction Multigaming rebranded to Wonder Stag e-Sports.
  • July, Team1 disbanded.
  • July, Matthew, TheHero007 and Hextasy leave Team2.
  • August, Wonder Stag e-Sports picks up 3 new players to the team: Sk1nzor, Till, Sadexy.
  • October 5, Wonder Stag e-Sports 2nd place on the 2014 Autumn MondoGames LoL Tournament.
  • October, Till, Sadexy, Sk1nzor leave, TheHero007, Exworm, Arra join.
  • November 23, Wonder Stag e-Sports won the 2014 Autumn RealGamers LAN.
  • November 24, TheHero007 and Arra leave, LegoMyEgo, LittlePwny join.
  • November 30, Wonder Stag e-Sports 2nd place on the 2014 Autumn PlayIT LoL Tournament.
  • November, LegoMyEgo and MarineHBS leave, Robusto and Arra join.
  • July 20, Death Faction Multigaming founded by friends, Koeles and Syly.
  • August, Multiplexerr, Seffer, Gregoryan, LeaD36 join.
  • December 1, Death Faction Multigaming won the 2013 Autumn PlayIT LoL EU-Nordic and East Cup.

Player Roster[]


R C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Robusto Karsai Ákos 13Mid Team Plaguelogo std.pngTeam Plague ??? ???
Frather Mikó Lóránt 11Top Team Horizon Reaperslogo std.pngTeam Horizon Reapers ??? ???
Geller Sipos Gábor 15Support Team Horizon Reaperslogo std.pngTeam Horizon Reapers ??? ???
bluerzor Subicz Dániel 12Jungle Team Horizon Reaperslogo std.pngTeam Horizon Reapers ??? ???
Exworm Tóth Barnabás 14Bot None ??? ???
Koeles Köles András 11Top None ??? ???
Multiplexerr Mayer Soma 13Mid None ??? ???
Seffer Seffer Márton 14Bot None ??? ???
Gregoryan Bakos Gergő 15Support None ??? ???
LeaD36 Halász Dávid 12Jungle None ??? ???
MarineHBS Szlovák Máté 11Top None ??? ???
Sadexy Éles Lajos 15Support None ??? ???
Till Áron Liptai 14Bot None ??? ???
Desault Bangó Richárd 15Support None ??? ???
PostásJózsef Tóth Ákos 12Jungle WiLD MultiGaminglogo std.pngWiLD MultiGaming ??? ???
Collion Bersenszki Márió 14Bot None ??? ???
Tobijofiu Dorgai Attila 15Support None ??? ???
vikR Tóth Viktor 11Top None ??? ???
Matthew Palla Máté 14Bot None ??? ???
TheHero007 Beke Norbert 13Mid None ??? ???
Hextasy Kecskés Gergő 15Support None ??? ???
Sk1nzor Kerékgyártó Krisztián 13Mid None ??? ???
Couwye Kovács Ádám 15Support None ??? ???
LittlePwny Nagyillés Péter 15Support None ??? ???
LegoMyEgo Farkas Balázs 13Mid None ??? ???
Csokiherceg Váczi Viktor 12Jungle None ??? ???
dRx Dubovecz Martin 14Bot Logo std.pngTeam HoP eSport Crew ??? ???
ZoTyi Tóth Zoltán 15Support Team Plaguelogo std.pngTeam Plague 2016-11-112016-11-?? 2016-12-112016-12-??


C ID Name Position
Syly Roland Németh CEO/Manager
Mick Balázs Bencze Coach


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Minimum place

Wonder Stag e-Sports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2022-07-071HUF500,000HUF500,000HUF500,000 MNEB Season 4 Summer Cup
3 : 2Golden Fox Esportlogo std.pngGF
 wAZIER,  Rabbano,  Sora,  Jabuticaba,  Fiú
2022-03-312HUF150,000HUF150,000HUF150,000 MNEB Season 4 Spring Cup
0 : 2Team Plaguelogo std.pngPLG
 wAZIER,  yOFT,  Sora,  Jabuticaba,  Fiú
2021-09-194HUF100,000$ 332.34€ 283.45 NGES Elite Cup 2021
1 : 2Xenex Esportslogo std.pngXEN
 wAZIER,  Rabbano,  Sora,  Lornoc,  Desperate
2021-06-193HUF1,000,000$ 3,394.4€ 2,844.83 Magyar Esport Kupa 2021 Summer
0 : 3Team Plaguelogo std.pngPLG
 wAZIER,  Rabbano,  Sora,  Lornoc,  Desperate
2021-06-025 MNEB Season 3
7 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
 wAZIER,  Rabbano,  Sora,  Lornoc,  Desperate
2020-04-262HUF500,000$ 1,515€ 1,395 MNEB Season 2 Playoffs
1 : 3Team Plaguelogo std.pngPLG
 MarineHBS,  SanyaDau,  Meight,  Matebuff,  hextasy
2020-04-251$200$ 200$200 ZOTAC CUP LoL EU West 8
2 : 0The Black Lotuslogo std.pngTBL
 MarineHBS,  Araira,  Meight,  Matebuff,  hextasy
2020-04-171HUF400,000$ 1,212€ 1,116 MNEB Season 2
13 - 1Blanklogo std.pngRR
 MarineHBS,  SanyaDau,  Meight,  Matebuff,  hextasy
2018-11-119 - 12 MNEB Closed Qualifier
0 : 2Afterglow Esportslogo std.pngAGW
2018-10-27Q MNEB Open Qualifiers
0 : 1Afterglow Esportslogo std.pngAGW
 wAZIER,  Koeles,  Robusto,  MicK,  LittlePwny
Total Prize:USD 200 • HUF 2,650,000

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