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Wild Joshy
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Background Information
NameJoshua Lim
Country of Birth
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsSir Joshy
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Oct 2013 - Feb 2014
Little Wraithlogo std.pngLittle Wraith
Feb 2014 - Apr 2014
Little Wraithlogo std.pngLittle Wraith
Apr 2014 - Jul 2014
Team Curse OCElogo std.pngTeam Curse OCE
Dec 2015 - May 2016
Logo std.pngTeam Dead Pixels
May 2016 - Sep 2016
Logo std.pngEnergize
Sep 2016 - May 2017
ImProvelogo std.pngimProve
May 2017 - Jan 2018
Lausanne-Sport eSportslogo std.pngLausanne-Sport eSports
Feb 2019 - Jun 2019
Jul 2019 - Sep 2019
MYinsanitylogo std.pngmYinsanity
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019
PostFinance Helixlogo std.pngPF Helix

Joshua "Wild Joshy" Lim is a League of Legends esports player, previously support for PostFinance Helix.


Joshua "Wild Joshy" Lim was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but grew up in Switzerland which is where he currently resides. In 2013 he moved to Australia to study English, and it was there he joined his first semi-professional team, Little Wraith.


  • He speaks German, and Swiss-German
  • He was really notable for his large champion pool and his non flame attitude
  • Started playing games in his very young ages on his Gameboy and PlayStation 1
  • He has a 1 year apprenticeship in Switzerland doing IT
  • Studied English in Australia
  • He wants to be a full time streamer
  • He likes to play soccer. He played for 10 years in a club
  • The reason behind his name is he wanted a name which has his own name in it. Wild is just a random picked word
  • He played league after he was done with World of Warcraft, his first champion was Irelia

Tournament Results[]

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Minimum place

Wild Joshy Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2021-05-082 ESL Swisscom Hero League Season 5
0 : 2Logo std.pngPAND
Logo std.pngNO O Bando,  Greenfire,  Apples,  visavis,  Wild Joshy
2019-11-241 ESL Swisscom Hero League Season 2 Playoffs
2 : 0SILENTGAMINGlogo std.pngSLNT
PostFinance Helixlogo std.pngPFX Pride,  Greenfire,  Vango,  Polo,  Wild Joshy,  NicoThePico
2019-10-221 ESL Swisscom Hero League Season 2
6-1-0Blanklogo std.pngRR
PostFinance Helixlogo std.pngPFX Pride,  Greenfire,  Vango,  Polo,  Wild Joshy,  NicoThePico
2019-10-201 DreamHack Rotterdam 2019
3 : 2Sector Onelogo std.pngS1
PostFinance Helixlogo std.pngPFX Pride,  Greenfire,  Vango,  Polo,  Wild Joshy,  NicoThePico
2019-09-03NQ ESL EuroCup 2019 Playoffs
1 : 2ESubalogo std.pngESB
PostFinance Helixlogo std.pngPFX Pride,  Greenfire,  Vango,  Polo,  Wild Joshy
2019-06-231 Swiss Esports League 2019 Spring Season
7-0-0Blanklogo std.pngRR
SILENTGAMINGlogo std.pngSLNT Bando,  Crasoke,  Lagily,  GoldenGod,  Wild Joshy
2019-05-112 ESL Swisscom Hero League Season 1 Playoffs
0 : 2PostFinance Helixlogo std.pngPFX
SILENTGAMINGlogo std.pngSLNT Bando,  Crasoke,  Lagily,  GoldenGod,  Wild Joshy
2019-04-202 PolyLAN 33
2 : 3PostFinance Helixlogo std.pngPFX
SILENTGAMINGlogo std.pngSLNT Bando,  Crasoke,  Lagily,  GoldenGod,  Wild Joshy
2019-04-162 ESL Swisscom Hero League Season 1
6 - 1Blanklogo std.pngRR
SILENTGAMINGlogo std.pngSLNT Seraphyia,  Antedeus,  Crasoke,  Outlandisch,  Lagily,  GoldenGod,  Wild Joshy
2018-12-28Q ESL Swisscom Hero League
Season 1 December Qualifier
- Finals
2 : 0Logo std.pngBABO
Logo std.pngSHUT Unravel,  Outlandisch,  Lagily,  GoldenGod,  Wild Joshy




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