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Warmog's Armor
ItemSquareWarmog's Armor.png
UNIQUE - Warmog's Heart: If you have at least 1100 maximum health, regenerate [+5% maximum health] every second if damage has not been taken in the last 6 seconds (3 second for minions).


200% Base Health Regen

Additional Information
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareGiant's Belt.png + ItemSquareKindlegem.png + ItemSquareCrystalline Bracer.png + 650 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 3000 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 2100 Goldcurrency.png


  • Self-inflicted damage and the Nexus Obelisk will not disable the Unique passive.


  • Warmog's passive used to be
    Force of Nature
    's passive but was moved when that item was removed from the game.


The living armor protected the greatest troll warrior in the entire realm during the bloodiest and most devastating battles of the Rune Wars. Deep within the dark woods of Crystone the living armor waits to protect its next owner. A word of warning required before seeking out Warmog... it will protect you for a time, but when it grows tired of you, who will protect you from it?

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]


Health threshold for Warmog's Heart increased.

The ability to poke, trade, and harass champions before forcing a fight is critical to many champions' play patterns, not to mention the whole laning phase. When poke doesn't stick, champions who rely on whittling down opponents are unable to set up favorable fights or even just force the enemy out of lane. On the whole, this discourages them from interacting with the enemy altogether. The Warmog's Heart passive is currently forcing this passivity too early in the game, and specifically at too low of an investment. We want champions to be able to opt into resisting poke patterns, but it should take more of a durability investment than just Warmog's Armor to do so.

HEALTH THRESHOLD : [2750] 3000

Warmog’s Heart passive activates at a lower threshold and regenerates more health.

Pulling health out of our tank items left Warmog’s Armor feeling a bit inaccessible. We’re compensating for the lower expected health from items, while also providing light buffs and quality of life improvements to its passive. Warmog's Heart passive

ACTIVATION THRESHOLD : [3000 total health] 2750 total health
HEALTH REGENERATION : [3% max health per second] 5% max health per second
COOLDOWN UPON TAKING DAMAGE : [8 seconds] 6 seconds
THEY TRIED Minion damage only puts Warmog’s Heart on a 3 second cooldown

Now on Twisted Treeline. Replaces Overlord’s Bloodmail.

This was also covered in the Removed Items section. Here’s a clue: check Overlord’s Bloodmail. We’re really shooting for word count efficiency this time.

EXISTS Warmog’s Armor now exists on Twisted Treeline!

Health slightly reduced, now grants cooldown reduction.

Despite its game-changing out-of-combat regeneration, Warmog’s Armor struggles to find a spot in builds for tanks and juggernauts alike. It’s not that the item’s subpar, but it simply doesn’t fit what most champions in these classes really need out of a gold investment. Tossing in

TOTAL COST : 2850 gold (unchanged)
BUILD PATH : Giant's Belt + Kindlegem + Crystalline Brace + 400 gold
HEALTH : [850] 800


TOTAL cost : [2750 gold] 2850 gold
health : [800] 850

Costs slightly more. No longer gives health regen equal to your max HP. Now grants insane health regen out of combat once your champion has more than 3000 health.

At present, Warmog’s is a serviceable option for anti-sieging in the mid-late game, but if there’s a theme with our item changes this patch, it’s sharpening their identities even further. While it’s losing its current passive in exchange, we’ve tripled-down on it’s application as an anti-siege tool by effectively replacing the need to recall and heal for those who invest heavily enough to trigger the health requirement. Warmog’s won’t make you immune to focus fire (Vayne exists), but it does allow you to tank javelins, artillery fire, and all manner of poke thrown your way without a scratch on it provided you take a break between beatings. Just don’t forget to flex.

COST : [2500 gold] 2750 gold
LIFEBLOOD No longer passively gains 1% of your max health (tripled if you haven't taken damage within 8 seconds) as health regeneration
THE STRONGEST MUSCLE UNIQUE Passive - Warmog's Heart: Restores 3% of maximum health per second if damage hasn't been taken within 8 seconds. You only have Warmog's Heart if you have at least 3000 maximum health.

It's here!

"Similar to Mark / Dash, we're looking to give some love to tanks so they can survive poke long enough to initiate at the right time. That said, Warmog's is an HP behemoth and we're keeping a close eye on it to make sure tanks don't become too overpowering. "
  • [NEW] IS A THING : Is now a thing on Howling Abyss (same stats/effects as Summoner's Rift)

Warmog’s has had its max health reduced, but it restores a lot more health if you haven’t been in combat after 8 seconds.

"Rather than just giving a ton of health and regeneration, we really wanted to push Warmog’s Armor as an anti-siege item, allowing tanky dudes to stay healthy under high-pressure scenarios. Unless they can’t dodge the poke. "
  • RECIPE : Giant's Belt + Ruby Crystal + Rejuvenation Bead + Rejuvenation Bead + 1070 gold Giant's Belt + Crystalline Bracer + Crystalline Bracer + 300 gold
  • TOTAL COST : 2830 gold 2500 gold
  • HEALTH : 1000 800
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE : Restores 1% of maximum health every 5 seconds Restores 1% of maximum health every 5 seconds. Health restore increases to 3% of maximum health if damage hasn't been taken within 8 seconds.


  • Passive Health Regen reduced to 1% of maximum Health per 5 seconds from 1.5%



  • Now builds from Giant's Belt, Ruby Crystal, and Rejuvenation Bead
  • Health increased from 920 to 1,000
  • No longer grants Health Regeneration
  • Unique Passive changed to "Restores 1.5% of your maximum Health every 5 seconds."

December 21st Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug where it would go beyond 350 bonus health on assists


  • Passive health gain cap reduced to 350 from 450
  • Passive health regeneration per 5 reduced to 10 from 15
  • Health gain per kill or assist reduced to 35 from 45, minion kill reduced to 3.5 from 4.5
  • Health regneration per 5 gain per kill or assist reduced to 1from 1.5, minion kill to 0.1 from 0.15


  • No longer purchasable in the Dominion game mode


  • Now shows in its tooltip what its stats are


  • Combine cost reduced to 980 from 1,100
  • Base stats increased to 920 health from 770 health
  • Bonuses now cap at 450 health and 15 health regen per 5 seconds
  • Unique passive changed
    • Permanently gains 4.5 health and 0.15 health regen per 5 seconds per minion kill. Champion kills and assists grant 45 health and 1.5 health regen per 5 seconds. Bonuses cap at +450 health and +15 health regen per 5 seconds


  • Health reduced from 900 to 850


  • Combine cost increased from 1,075 from 1,100

May 15, 2009 Patch

  • Increased maximum health stack from 400 to 500
  • Increased health regen per 5 cap from 50 to 62.5

April 18, 2009 Patch

  • Increased recipe cost from 765 to 1,025 (total cost from 2,740 to 3,000)
  • Added a cap to bonus health / regen of +400 health and 50 health regen per 5 seconds
  • Modified a health point gain per kill from 5 to 4 (25 to 40 on champions), and regen per kill from 0.05 to 0.1 (0.5 to 1.0 for champions)