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VCS B 2019 Spring Round I
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Tournament Information
OrganizerGarena Vietnam
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Event TypeOnline
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VCS B 2019 Spring - Round I is the first round of the Vietnam Championship Series B, in which teams from across Vietnam fight to reach the VCS Summer Promotion.



  • All registered teams from Vietnam (except teams from VCS 2019 Spring) participate
  • Teams are randomly seeded into sixteen groups
  • Rules:
    • Single Round Robin
    • All games are Bo1
    • Top two teams from each group advance to Round II
  • Teams will play continuously. At the end of this match, you will switch to another game.
    • About 1 hour 1 match.

Prize Pool[]

QRound IILogo std.pngPower of Dream
Huế Zonelogo std.pngHuế Zone
Logo std.pngNew Factors
Phantom Teamlogo std.pngPhantom Team
Logo std.pngHND (VCS B Team)
Logo std.png70 Legend
LP Gaminglogo std.pngLP Gaming
Logo std.pngNo Hope (Hà Nội)
Logo std.pngLA Ghost
JP Gaming Loungelogo std.pngZ-Dragon Spirit
Logo std.pngChị Em Nhà Bé
Matrix Esport Gaminglogo std.pngMatrix Esport Gaming
VS4 Gaminglogo std.pngVS4 Gaming
Box Gaminglogo std.pngBox Gaming
Logo std.pngTruy tìm SBTC
Logo std.pngExciter 0175
Adonis Esportslogo std.pngAdonis Esports
Logo std.pngLong An Gaming
Đạt Gaminglogo std.pngĐạt Gaming
TVang Gaminglogo std.pngTVang Gaming
Logo std.pngDNS Light Arena
Logo std.pngKon Tum Marine Team
Logo std.pngADG Team
Logo std.pngWarrior Gaming
Logo std.pngHòa Trà carry all
Logo std.pngGIANTS (Vietnamese Team)
Team Flashlogo std.pngTeam Flash
Logo std.pngAdonis (Bac Giang)
KT Esportslogo std.pngKT Esports
Logo std.png5 thằng ngu
Maximallogo std.pngMaximal
Logo std.pngMầm Chồi Lá
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NQLogo std.pngHải Phòng Demons
Logo std.pngStorm Of Young
Logo std.pngUnite E-sports
Logo std.pngFF Team
Logo std.pngTeam Gì Giờ
Logo std.pngHope And Believe
Logo std.pngCVA-TBDQH
Logo std.pngGrey Wolf
SBTC Esportslogo std.pngAcademy SBTC
Logo std.pngLCE
Logo std.pngZERO VN
Logo std.pngMÃI LÀ ANH EM
Logo std.pngTình Cảm Anh Em
Logo std.pngSaRaYaChi
Logo std.pngNhững đứa con của đấng
Logo std.pngFPT Greenwich
Logo std.pngsadboi club
Logo std.pngPC Team
Logo std.pngLEO RANK TEAM
Logo std.pngHậu Giang Team
Logo std.pngGBG Team
Logo std.pngS.Ara
VS4 Gaminglogo std.pngVS4 Academy
Logo std.pngFun Two Second
Logo std.pngẢo Tưởng Sức Mạnh
Logo std.pngDead Night Gaming
Logo std.pngLPT
Logo std.pngDragon Generation
Logo std.pngNvu CT
Logo std.pngEG (Vietnamese Team)
Logo std.pngKijin Team
Logo std.pngQN Team
Logo std.pngSad Boiz
Logo std.pngDragon Ball X
Logo std.pngSuni
Logo std.pngTeam Solo Feed
Logo std.pngHội Đồng Phê
Logo std.pngTeam QWER
Logo std.pngHoa Cải Gaming
Logo std.pngHải Phòng
Logo std.pngSBTC (Ninh Thuận)
NewE Gaminglogo std.pngNewE Gaming
Logo std.pngYou Should Surrender
Logo std.pngSunny Gaming
Logo std.pngNew Life
Logo std.pngD2000 team
Logo std.pngFriendzoneQT
Logo std.pngHưng Thành Phát
Logo std.pngJust A Troll
QTV Gaminglogo std.pngQTV Gaming
Logo std.pngThe Broken
Logo std.pngNo Name (Vietnamese Team)
Logo std.pngTeam Đoàn Kết
Logo std.pngThe God Gaming
Logo std.pngThe Zoo
Logo std.pngSơn Dương Gaming
Logo std.pngAE cây khế
Logo std.pngTGP
Logo std.pngHoàng Việt Gaming
Logo std.pngTrảng Bàng Team
Logo std.png5 Idiots
Logo std.pngIZDABEST
Logo std.pngH2Gaming
Pirate Dreamlogo std.pngPirate Dream
Logo std.pngPV-G
Logo std.pngLót Gạch Team
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Notable Participants[]

Show RostersHide Rosters
SBTC Esportslogo square.png
Maximallogo square.png
LP Gaminglogo square.png
Matrix Esport Gaming
Team Icon - Show.pngTeam Icon - Hide.png
Matrix Esport Gaminglogo square.png
Box Gaminglogo square.png






VS4 Gaming
Team Icon - Show.pngTeam Icon - Hide.png
VS4 Gaminglogo square.png
QTV Gaminglogo square.png
Team Flashlogo square.png
1 Academy SBTC and QTV Gaming are closed to non-members.


Group A[]

Group A Standings
1Logo std.pngPower of Dream6 - 0100%6W
2Huế Zonelogo std.pngHuế Zone5 - 183%5W
3Logo std.pngHải Phòng Demons3 - 350%1L
3Logo std.pngStorm Of Young3 - 350%2W
3Logo std.pngUnite E-sports3 - 350%2L
6Logo std.pngFF Team1 - 517%4L
7Logo std.pngTeam Gì Giờ0 - 60%6L

Group B[]

Group B Standings
1Logo std.pngNew Factors5 - 0100%5W
2Phantom Teamlogo std.pngPhantom Team4 - 180%2W
3Logo std.pngHope And Believe3 - 260%1W
4Logo std.pngCVA-TBDQH2 - 340%1L
5Logo std.pngGrey Wolf1 - 420%2L
6SBTC Esportslogo std.pngAcademy SBTC0 - 50%5L

Group C[]

Group C Standings
1Logo std.pngHND (VCS B Team)5 - 0100%5W
2Logo std.png70 Legend4 - 180%1W
3Logo std.pngLCE3 - 260%1L
4Logo std.pngZERO VN2 - 340%2W
5Logo std.pngMÃI LÀ ANH EM0 - 40%4L
5Logo std.pngTình Cảm Anh Em0 - 40%4L

Group D[]

Group D Standings
1LP Gaminglogo std.pngLP Gaming5 - 0100%5W
2Logo std.pngNo Hope (Hà Nội)4 - 180%3W
3Logo std.pngSaRaYaChi3 - 260%2L
4Logo std.pngNhững đứa con của đấng2 - 340%1L
5Logo std.pngFPT Greenwich0 - 40%4L
5Logo std.pngsadboi club0 - 40%4L

Group E[]

Group E Standings
1Logo std.pngLA Ghost5 - 0100%5W
2JP Gaming Loungelogo std.pngZ-Dragon Spirit4 - 180%1L
3Logo std.pngPC Team3 - 260%3W
4Logo std.pngLEO RANK TEAM2 - 340%3L
5Logo std.pngHậu Giang Team1 - 420%1W
6Logo std.pngGBG Team0 - 50%5L

Group F[]

Group F Standings
1Logo std.pngChị Em Nhà Bé4 - 180%4W
1Matrix Esport Gaminglogo std.pngMatrix Esport Gaming4 - 180%1W
3Logo std.pngS.Ara3 - 260%1L
3VS4 Gaminglogo std.pngVS4 Academy3 - 260%2W
5Logo std.pngFun Two Second1 - 420%4L
6Logo std.pngẢo Tưởng Sức Mạnh0 - 50%5L

Group G[]

Group G Standings
1VS4 Gaminglogo std.pngVS4 Gaming5 - 0100%5W
2Box Gaminglogo std.pngBox Gaming4 - 180%4W
3Logo std.pngDead Night Gaming3 - 260%1L
4Logo std.pngLPT2 - 340%2L
5Logo std.pngDragon Generation1 - 420%1W
6Logo std.pngNvu CT0 - 50%5L

Group H[]

Group H Standings
1Logo std.pngTruy tìm SBTC5 - 0100%5W
2Logo std.pngExciter 01754 - 180%1W
3Logo std.pngEG (Vietnamese Team)3 - 260%3W
4Logo std.pngKijin Team0 - 30%3L
4Logo std.pngQN Team0 - 30%3L
4Logo std.pngSad Boiz0 - 30%3L

Group I[]

Group I Standings
1Adonis Esportslogo std.pngAdonis Esports6 - 0100%6W
2Logo std.pngLong An Gaming5 - 183%4W
3Logo std.pngDragon Ball X4 - 267%2W
4Logo std.pngSuni3 - 350%1L
5Logo std.pngTeam Solo Feed2 - 433%3L
6Logo std.pngHội Đồng Phê1 - 517%2L
7Logo std.pngTeam QWER0 - 60%6L

Group J[]

Group J Standings
1Đạt Gaminglogo std.pngĐạt Gaming5 - 0100%5W
2TVang Gaminglogo std.pngTVang Gaming4 - 180%1L
3Logo std.pngHoa Cải Gaming2 - 340%3L
3Logo std.pngHải Phòng2 - 340%2W
3Logo std.pngSBTC (Ninh Thuận)2 - 340%1W
6NewE Gaminglogo std.pngNewE Gaming0 - 50%5L

Group K[]

Group K Standings
1Logo std.pngDNS Light Arena5 - 0100%5W
2Logo std.pngKon Tum Marine Team3 - 175%1W
3Logo std.pngYou Should Surrender3 - 260%2W
4Logo std.pngSunny Gaming2 - 340%2L
5Logo std.pngNew Life1 - 420%1L
6Logo std.pngD2000 team0 - 40%4L

Group L[]

Group L Standings
1Logo std.pngADG Team5 - 0100%5W
2Logo std.pngWarrior Gaming4 - 180%2W
3Logo std.pngFriendzoneQT3 - 260%1L
4Logo std.pngHưng Thành Phát2 - 340%1W
5Logo std.pngJust A Troll1 - 420%4L
6QTV Gaminglogo std.pngQTV Gaming0 - 50%5L

Group M[]

Group M Standings
1Team Flashlogo std.pngTeam Flash5 - 0100%5W
2Logo std.pngAdonis (Bac Giang)4 - 180%2W
3Logo std.pngThe Broken3 - 260%1W
4Logo std.pngNo Name (Vietnamese Team)2 - 340%2L
5Logo std.pngTeam Đoàn Kết1 - 420%1L
6Logo std.pngThe God Gaming0 - 50%5L

Group N[]

Group N Standings
1Logo std.pngGIANTS (Vietnamese Team)4 - 180%4W
1Logo std.pngHòa Trà carry all4 - 180%2W
1Logo std.pngTGP4 - 180%3W
4Logo std.pngAE cây khế0 - 30%3L
4Logo std.pngSơn Dương Gaming0 - 30%3L
4Logo std.pngThe Zoo0 - 30%3L
Group N Tiebreaker
Logo std.pngHÒA
Logo std.pngTGP

Group O[]

Group O Standings
1KT Esportslogo std.pngKT Esports5 - 0100%5W
2Logo std.png5 thằng ngu4 - 180%3W
3Logo std.pngHoàng Việt Gaming2 - 250%1L
3Logo std.pngTrảng Bàng Team2 - 250%2L
5Logo std.png5 Idiots0 - 40%4L
5Logo std.pngIZDABEST0 - 40%4L

Group P[]

Group P Standings
1Maximallogo std.pngMaximal Esports5 - 0100%5W
2Logo std.pngMầm Chồi Lá4 - 180%1W
3Logo std.pngH2Gaming3 - 260%2W
4Pirate Dreamlogo std.pngPirate Dream2 - 340%1L
5Logo std.pngPV-G1 - 420%2L
6Logo std.pngLót Gạch Team0 - 50%5L

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