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|OverviewPage=LCL/2021 Season/Summer Playoffs
|OverviewPage=LCL/2021 Season/Summer Playoffs
|DataPage=Data:LCL/2021 Season/Summer Playoffs

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RiotPlatformGameId ESPORTSTMNT03_2093849
RiotPlatformId ESPORTSTMNT03
RiotGameId 2093849
RiotHash e51db21e0964c530
GameId LCL/2021 Season/Summer Playoffs_Round 2_2_1
MatchId LCL/2021 Season/Summer Playoffs_Round 2_2
N_GameInMatch 1
OverviewPage LCL/2021 Season/Summer Playoffs
DataPage Data:LCL/2021 Season/Summer Playoffs
StatsPage V4 data:ESPORTSTMNT03 2093849
TimelinePage V4 data:ESPORTSTMNT03 2093849/Timeline