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Teams will be awarded with Championship Points based on their final placement after the playoffs have been finished. These points will be used as a determing factor for participating in the Season 7 Promotion and also determine the two teams which will be relegated.

  • Top 2 qualify for Ultraliga Season 7 Promotion.
  • Bottom 2 are relegated.
  • If two teams are tied in points, the final placement will be decided by which team gained more points in summer.

Points Distribution[]

Place Spring Points Summer Points
1 50 AQ
2 40 65
3 25 55
4 15 35
5 0 0
6 0 0


SeedTeamSeason 2Season 3Total
1Piratesportslogo stdpiratesports40AQAQ
2Dom Spokojnej Starościlogo stdDom Spokojnej Star.5055105
3NRAX Esportslogo stdNRAX Esports06565
4FreePilogo stdFreePi253560
5Lodis by Illuminarlogo stdLodis by Illuminar15015
6PRIDE ESCA Academylogo stdPRIDE ESCA Acad.000