Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation

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Item was removed in Patch 7.22.
Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation
ItemSquareTotal Biscuit of Rejuvenation.png
Restores 15 health and 15 mana on consumption, and regenerates 5 health every half-second for 16.5 seconds, restoring a total of 165 health.
Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 5 at one time. Limited to one type of Healing Potion.
Map AvailabilitySR, TR, HA
Total Cost: 0 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 0 Goldcurrency.png


  • Requires 1 point in Mastery Secret Stash.png Secret Stash.
  • This item replaces ItemSquareHealth Potion.png Health Potions in the store.
  • You can use multiple Health Potions while you have one active which will queue them up to be used after the previous completes (maximum 5 stacks).


  • The usage of this item was massively reworked in patch v3.14 and was later replaced with ItemSquareTotal Biscuit of Everlasting Will.png Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will.
  • This item is named after the late John Bain aka TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit a famous YouTuber and game commentator, for achieving a high number of LoL referrals. His original intent, as stated in one of his videos, was for the item that was to be named after him be a top hat.
  • Having the related mastery point for the item previously gave the related additional item ItemSquarePoro-Snax.png Poro-Snax in the Howling Abyss map that could be used, as the name suggests, to feed Poros. When vision trinkets were added, this effect was removed and replaced with all players being given one free Poro-Snax in the trinket slot, regardless of masteries taken.

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Patch History[edit]



GOODBYE : Replaced by ItemSquareTotal Biscuit of Everlasting Will.png Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will

Gives less health but more mana.

You can probably write this patch note on your own. Using abilities more in lane: good. Sustaining effortlessly through lane: bad. Biscuit is another place to drive that home. Corrupting Biscuit.



With the introduction of the new Mastery Secret Stash.png Culinary Master mastery, the Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation's effect has been changed.

EFFECT : [Restores 80 health and 50 Mana over 10 seconds.] Restores 20 health and 10 Mana instantly, then acts like a health potion.

Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation added

  • Restores 80 health and 50 Mana over 10 seconds.