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Titanic Hydra
ItemSquareTitanic Hydra.png
UNIQUE - Colossus: Gain bonus attack damage equal to [+2% bonus].
UNIQUE - Cleave: Basic attacks deal 5 [+1.5% max] / 3.75 [+1.125% max] bonus on-hit physical damage. Additionally, basic attacks also deal 40 [+3% max] / 30 [+2.25% max] physical damage in a cone behind the target (700 units radius).


Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 1 Hydra item.
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareTiamat.png + ItemSquareRuby Crystal.png + ItemSquareGiant's Belt.png + 800 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 3300 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 2310 Goldcurrency.png


  • Titanic Hydra can only be purchased by melee champions and shapeshifter champions with a melee form, its passive and active cannot be used when performing ranged basic attacks.
  • Triggering Cleave on a structure will deal its bonus damage but it will not trigger the cone damage.
  • Triggering Crescent on a structure will keep dealing Cleave's bonus damage, but it will also trigger Crescent's cone damage.
  • After using Crescent your next auto-attack will use your base attack speed. If however you issue an attack command on the target after using it, the attack will re-use its current attack speed.
  • GangplankSquare.pngGangplank's Parrrley and PoppySquare.pngPoppy's Iron Ambassador are the only abilities that can apply on-hit effects as melee attacks while behaving as ranged attacks.


Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 10.5

Passive damage to targets in the cone increased.

We're buffing Titanic Hydra's health scaling to increase the threat it presents in HP-heavy builds.

PaSSIVE DaMaGE TO PRIMaRY TaRGET : [5 (+1% user's max health)] 5 (+1.5% user's max health)
PaSSIVE DaMaGE TO SECONDaRY TaRGETS : [40 (+2.5% user's max health)] 40 (+3% user's max health)


ATTACK DAMAGE : [35] 40 (otherwise you'd lose AD by upgrading!)

Attack damage down.

If you’re someone that plans on basic attacking in League of Legends, Titanic Hydra has a lot of upside. Health scaling on-hit damage, waveclear and a basic attack reset? (Shen nods silently in approval) It also has a lot of attack damage for such a bulky item, making it the better purchase for champions looking to burst you down than its ravenous counterpart. Tuning down the stats to be less appealing as a ‘generalist damage item’ means we can retain Titanic’s unique effects for the tanks that rely on it to become relevant threats.


Hydra's can no longer be swapped into one another.

While this was a neat idea, in practice being able to swap for no cost presents us with some balancing difficulties. Key among them is the smoother build of Titanic Hydra - letting champions with an intended weakness in their early-game bulk up at no cost to their late-game damage scaling. Rather than continuously tune them based on their relative power (instead of how useful they are to their core users), we're separating the Hydras for good. Goodnight, sweet serpent prince-swapping. You were too beautiful for this world.

BETTER THAN ONE Can no longer sidegrade the Hydras into one another

Cost down.

This is the same context, only more Titanic.

COMBINE COST : [750 gold] 700 gold
TOTAL COST : [3600 gold] 3500 gold


Not much to add. Still cool.

TOTAL cost : [3300 gold] 3600 gold
BUILD path : Jaurim's Fist + Tiamat + 1150 gold
health : [400] 450
MANY-HEADED HORROR : You can now freely exchange between Titanic Hydra and Ravenous Hydra

It's like Ravenous Hydra. Except instead of lifesteal, it's got health.

While the Black Cleaver fits its own archetype of spell-casting melee champions rather well, fighters seeking to just bludgeon the hell out of their opponents the old-fashioned way sometimes had issues getting the job done. Replacing lifesteal for health, Titanic Hydra provides a synergistic area-of-effect option for more basic-attack centric brawlers like Trundle and Shyvana to get to clobberin’ when the situation calls for a more defensive build.

TOTAL COST : 3300 gold
BUILD PATH : Tiamat + Giant’s Belt + 400 gold
HEALTH : 400
CLEAVE OF THE TITANS : UNIQUE Passive - Cleave: Basic attacks deal 5 + 1% of your maximum health to your primary target and 40 +2.5% of your maximum health as physical damage to enemies in a cone on-hit (your primary target does not take this damage).
ATTACK WITH TITAN : UNIQUE Active - Crescent: Cleave’s damage to all targets is increased to 40 + 10% of your maximum health as bonus physical damage in a larger cone for your next basic attack (20 second cooldown).