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Background Information
NameDuncan Shields
Country of Birth
United Kingdom
BirthdayMarch 5, 1983 (age 39)
Broadcast Talent
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Jul 2001 - Aug 2002Logo std.pngPro-Cybernews
Apr 2002 - May 2003Logo std.pngGamers.nu
Feb 2004 - Feb 2005Logo std.pngESEA
Dec 2006 - Dec 2008Logo std.pngESEA
Jan 2008 - PresentLogo std.pngTAO-CS

Duncan "Thorin" Shields is the creator of the Grilled and Reflections interview series, as well as the host of Summoning Insight.


Thorin's history in esports journalism stretches back to 2001, rooted primarily in the Quake series and Counter-Strike. Working for sites in Russia, Sweden, the USA and Germany over the last 12 years, Thorin specialises in lengthy historical articles and interviews. Over time he has expanded the focus of his work into other games, such as StarCraft: Brood War, StarCraft2 and now LoL.

His entry point into following competitive League of Legends came in November of 2012, when he featured Snoopeh as the debut LoL episode in the Grilled series. Following the success of subsequent Grilled episodes with Doublelift and Saintvicious, both from IPL5, Thorin decided to increase his focus on LoL within the series. [1]

In December 2013, Thorin joined OnGamers as a Senior eSports Content Creator, leaving Team Acer. There, he continued his Grilled interview series under a new name, Reflections, in addition to writing numerous articles. On February 7, 2014 the first episode of Summoning Insight, a talk show co-hosted by Thorin and MonteCristo was aired. Featuring a guest most weeks, the show became extremely popular for both its analysis and entertainment value, though many of the topics discussed were also controversial.

On October 7, 2014, Thorin announced he would no longer be working at OnGamers.[2] The show Summoning Insight continued under the banner Insight On Esports, and Thorin also began posting articles on the website Gold Per 10 and video content including Thorin's Thoughts on his YouTube channel.


  • Former Editor-in-Chief of SK Gaming, covering a time span of September 2009 through to May 2012. [3]
  • Attended 34 esports events for coverage purposes, in 12 countries over a 12 year span. [4]
  • Co-author of two guides to competitive Counter-Strike, TAO-CS [5] and TAO-fRoD [6], with professionals Rambo, steel and fRoD.
  • Counter-Strike colour commentator for ESL during the fourth [7] and fifth IEM seasons.
  • CS:GO expert studio analyst for the Dreamhack SteelSeries CS:GO Championship, considered the first major tournament for CS:GO.[8]
  • Co-host of [POD]Cast, a Counter-Strike related podcast, with ex-pros cArn and lurppis. [9]
  • Voted 'Esports Journalist of the year' for 2012 and 2013 by the readers of Cadred.org/EsportsHeaven. [10][11]
  • Co-host of Summoning Insight, a LoL talk show, with OGN colour commentator MonteCristo.
  • Known to be an admirer of Flame, the Top laner of CJ Entus Blaze.[12]
  • In late 2014 he got an offer to coach Fnatic but denied the offer due to insecurity about the roster available. [13]
  • Co-Hosted Listen Loco, a talk show with former coach and pro-player Locodoco.
  • Co-Host of Elitists United a talk show with former coach and analyst Veteran.
  • Co-Host of Elitists on the Line a call-in talk show with former coach and analyst Veteran that finds place after the final match day of the weekend of the LEC.

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