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Cargo Declaration

This template adds rows to the table "TournamentResults", which is declared by the template TournamentResults/CargoDec. View table. See {{TournamentResults/CargoDec}} for table documentation. See {{CargoDeclare/TournamentResults}}m to update documentation or table values.

Content Arguments

  • |totalprize=, a strictly numeric value. It's comma-agnostic; you may write 200,000 or 200000.
  • |prizeunit=, this is fed to {{Currencynames}}m so make sure your input is accepted in both places.
  • |prizeunit= should be this many USD. If you define this, a column showing equivalent USD will be displayed. If you don't want that, don't define this.
  • |eurorate=, same as |usdrate but for Euros
  • |prize=, set this to yes to show prize column(s)
  • |nomoney=, if the prize was only gear etc, and no monetary prize (will disable the prize % column). Only has an effect if |prize=yes
  • |points=, same thing for points
  • |qual=, same thing for qualification
  • |combinequal=, e.g. if you want championship points but first place auto-qualifies, you can have the Points column display qualification too. Never use this if it's possible to get both points & a qualification from the same event.
  • |phase=, a name to differentiate between multiple result sets for one tournament (e.g. qualification cups)
  • |pointstitle= - maybe you might want to write Championship Points here
  • |teamtitle= - change the title of the "Team" column
  • |conversionsource=, just put xe unless you are using a different site for some reason, in which case talk to someone about editing the template to support another site
  • |conversiondate= the date that you retrieved the conversion rate on. Format like December 16, 2017.

Line Arguments

Mandatory Arguments

  • |place= this should be 1, 2, 3, etc. Can take a range of values such as 5th-8th.
  • |team= the team that finished in this place.

Optional Arguments

  • |prize=, a strictly numeric value. No units or additional text. Comma-agnostic.
  • |otherprize=, free input text for additional prize beyond a monetary prize.
  • |points=, for a numeric value only showing the number of Championship/circuit points earned.
  • |qual=, an event the team qualifies for by placing here - this should be an event's "formal" name (i.e. what shows up in |tournament= in scoreboards).
  • |quallink=, this is optional even if |qual= is defined & can be used to change the target of the link; otherwise |qual= will be linked to.
  • |hide= define this to be true on the very first line you want hidden below a toggle.

Non-Display Arguments

These arguments store to the Cargo table to show up in Achievements but will not display any content on the page.

  • |lastresult=, the score of the team's last match.
  • |lastopponent=, the team's last opponent.
  • |lastoutcome=, allows the following values: w, win, l, loss, lost.
  • |groupstage=, a W-L record or W-T-L record, used INSTEAD OF the above 3 options if the team's result is a group stage w/l score instead of bracket play.
  • |group=, the group (Group A, Group B, etc) the team was part of, in the case of a group stage with multiple groups.
  • |date=, the specific date (YYYY-MM-DD) a certain team was eliminated of a multi-date bracket tournament.
  • |rosterpage=, used when the team rosters are not in the same page as the prize pool table. (ex. MSI, Worlds).