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Cargo Declaration

This template adds rows to the table "SisterTeams", which is declared by the template SisterTeams/CargoDec. View table. See {{SisterTeams/CargoDec}} for table documentation. See {{CargoDeclare/SisterTeams}}m to update documentation or table values.


This template actually creates multiple lines of the [SisterTeams] table for each concept made. Also there is documentation in the code kinda. For copyable code go to make a new page and it will show you.


  • All concepts should be located at CargoConcept:<organization's flagship team name>/SisterTeams, e.g. CargoConcept:Team SoloMid/SisterTeams.
  • Please remember to alphabetize entries and use EXACT urls. Currently there is no team name correction via the Teamnames module; this may change in the future but it's not high priority since these pages are not user-facing & so it's easy enough for people editing these pages to just do it right.