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This template exists to bridge the gap between "tabs" of games that are physically on separate pages of Scoreboards. Use it whenever you have tabs like W1, W1(2), etc.


Because of the double meaning of the word tab, we'll use Week to refer from a MatchSchedule tab, and Page to refer to a page of scoreboards / tab in the header tabs.


For the FIRST page of a week, use the following:

{{Scoreboard/Tab|Week 1|continue=No}}

(The {{MatchRecap/Button}} MUST have |notab=Yes or it will undo all of the variables you are setting via {{Scoreboard/Tab}})

For SUBSEQUENT pages of a week, use the following:

{{Scoreboard/Tab|Week 1|continue=Yes}}

This will tell it to continue the tab from the previous page.

Blank Editing

This template makes a query from previous pages of a week. Therefore, you MUST edit/blank edit page 1 before page 2 before page 3, etc, for an entire week of games.

If you edit all of the games in order, this will happen naturally. But if you ever have to go back and retroactively add or remove a game from a previous page, you will have to repeat this entire blank editing cycle. (Though note, this is just for all games within the week, not all games of the entire event.