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Cargo Declaration

This template adds rows to the table "Retirements", which is declared by the template Retirements/CargoDec. View table. See {{Retirements/CargoDec}} for table documentation. See {{CargoDeclare/Retirements}}m to update documentation or table values.


  • |player=
  • |team= optional
  • |role=, |sub=, |trainee= - can specify if you specified |team=
  • |newrole= if they retire and move to Coach for example.


You can set |unretires=Yes. If the announcement of unretiring and joining new team is combined, you have two options:

  • Set |team= along with |unretires=Yes. This will write the applicable roster change to the database as well as marking the player unretired. One line of text will be printed in news.
  • Just announce the unretiring here, and separately use {{RosterChangeData/Line}} to announce the joining. The lines written to database will be (roughly) the same, but two separate lines will be displayed in news.