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1Team1Role1 StringRole of the first-picked blue-side champion
2Team1Role2 StringRole of the second-picked blue-side champion
3Team1Role3 StringRole of the third-picked blue-side champion
4Team1Role4 StringRole of the fourth-picked blue-side champion
5Team1Role5 StringRole of the fifth-picked blue-side champion
6Team2Role1 StringRole of the first-picked red-side champion
7Team2Role2 StringRole of the second-picked red-side champion
8Team2Role3 StringRole of the third-picked red-side champion
9Team2Role4 StringRole of the fourth-picked red-side champion
10Team2Role5 StringRole of the fifth-picked red-side champion
11Team1Ban1 String
12Team1Ban2 String
13Team1Ban3 String
14Team1Ban4 String
15Team1Ban5 String
16Team1Pick1 String
17Team1Pick2 String
18Team1Pick3 String
19Team1Pick4 String
20Team1Pick5 String
21Team2Ban1 String
22Team2Ban2 String
23Team2Ban3 String
24Team2Ban4 String
25Team2Ban5 String
26Team2Pick1 String
27Team2Pick2 String
28Team2Pick3 String
29Team2Pick4 String
30Team2Pick5 String
31Team1 String
32Team2 String
33Winner Integer
34Team1Score Integer
35Team2Score Integer
36Team1PicksByRoleOrderStringstring of picks by role order for comparing with ScoreboardGames
37Team2PicksByRoleOrderStringstring of picks by role order for comparing with ScoreboardGames
38OverviewPage String
39Phase String
40UniqueLine String
42Tab StringName of the tab (h2 heading on a pick-ban page, corresponds to a tab in MatchSchedule as well)
43N_Page Integer N of page within pick-ban section for event
44N_TabInPage Integer
45N_MatchInPage Integer
46N_GameInPage Integer
47N_GameInMatch Integer
48N_MatchInTab Integer
49N_GameInTab Integer