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Cargo Declaration

This template adds rows to the table "ListplayerCurrent", which is declared by the template ListplayerCurrent/CargoDec. View table. See {{ListplayerCurrent/CargoDec}} for table documentation. See {{CargoDeclare/ListplayerCurrent}}m to update documentation or table values.



Why is this distinction important?

A lot of stuff on the wiki is automated using something called "Semantic MediaWiki" which encodes information into a database that is queryable in other places. So if we encode the current roster on one page, we can then query it elsewhere and display the information that was encoded in a new format. So {{Listplayer/Current}} encodes the information that's put into it as the team's current roster. {{Listplayer}} and {{Listplayersp}} don't. We ONLY want current players' information encoded, so it's important to use the two separate templates exactly as described above.

Usage with starting and ending templates

You MUST use {{Listplayer/Current}} with {{Listplayer/Current/Start}} and {{Listplayer/Current/End}}. IF YOU DO NOT USE THESE SISTER TEMPLATES, YOUR CODE WILL NOT WORK!!! See above for templates to use with former and organization. If you use current templates in the wrong place, everything will break!!!

Updating Pages

If a page is currently using {{Listplayer}} for everything, please do all of the following:

  • Switch all current players to {{Listplayer/Current}}
  • Replace manual table start/ends with {{Listplayer/Current/Start}} and {{Listplayer/Current/End}} only in the current roster section
  • Add official Riot residency as the |res= argument (if unknown write |res=Unknown
  • Change |contractdate= to |contract= (syntax updated for future simplicity)
  • Remove the |{{{1}}} argument (this is no longer needed)
  • Ensure that no player uses the syntax of link{{!}}name and instead use the syntax |name|link=link
Good Bad
|Amazing|link=Amazing (Maurice Stückenschneider) |Amazing (Maurice Stückenschneider){{!}}Amazing
  • Optional but encouraged: update former players and organization sections manual table starts and ends to {{Listplayer/Start}} and {{Listplayer/End}}. If you use "current" outside of "current roster" you will break stuff so be careful!


{{listplayer/Current|Bjergsen|dk|Søren Bjerg|Mid|contract=20th Nov 2018|res=EU}}
{{listplayer/Current|WildTurtle|ca|Jason Tran|AD|contract=20th Nov 2018|res=NA }}
{{listplayer/Current|BillyBoss|us|Billy Yu|Top|sub=true|res=NA }}
{{listplayer/Current|Reginald|us|Andy Dinh|Mid|sub=true|res=NA }}
{{listplayer/Current|Patoy|us|Jordan Blackburn|Support|sub=true|res=NA }}

R C ID Name Role Contract Ends
Bjergsen Søren Bjerg 2Mid 2018-11-20
WildTurtle Jason Tran 3Bot 2018-11-20
BillyBoss Billy Yu 4Sub/Top -
Reginald Andy Dinh 5Sub/Mid -
Patoy Jordan Blackburn 6Sub/Sup -

Additional Notes

The Semantic MediaWiki used in {{Listplayer/Current}} and its sister templates will only within the Main namespace (i.e. pages that don't start with Template: or User: or Category: etc.) That means you don't have to worry about causing problems from using this template within your user namespace.

See {{Listplayer/Current/Start}} for more information about usage.