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The template allows you to set up the player information for tables relatively quickly. Please use it with {{listplayer/Start}}.

Adding Joined & Left Dates

As of November 2017, we support a few new arguments: |joined= and |left=. Activate these by writing |dates=yes in {{Listplayer/Start}} or {{Listplayer/Current/Start}}. As of this change, {{Listplayer/Current}} no longer redirects here!!!!

When adding these dates:

  • Make liberal use of ?? if you are unsure of information
  • If a player left the roster completely (i.e. wasn't even a substitute), and then later rejoined, then they get two or more lines in the chart. If this happens, write |rejoined=yes on only the more recent lines, or in other words, include this on all but the first line. Inclusion of this argument will prompt a hover text & underline that explain that this current line corresponds to a player rejoining.
  • You may wish to use the team timeline or the player's page to find approximate dates.
  • Continue to sort lines by leave date, and the leave date of a line is that line's leave date, not a player's final leave date if they left & later rejoined & later left.
  • It IS allowed to have a player listed in both Former Players section & Current Players section.
  • If a player left, then renamed, then rejoined then use |footnotename= with a number (the number of the footnote, so usually this will just be 1 unless multiple players had this happen to them). Then below the table write out the following:
:<sup>1</sup>''[[name 1]] renamed to [[name 2]] between Date 1 and Date 2.''
For now we don't anticipate this being a widespread enough issue to create special code for it but that may change in the future.


Please replace the capital parameters by the information.


If you want to link to another page than the normal name use |link= as last parameter.

If the real name shoudn't be visible use the code as below:


To use the template to show the player being on a new team, use:


What to expect?

When you use this template you will get this:



Used in a table it will look like this:

C ID Name Role

Or, if you have the proper onlyinclude tags, when included in a team portal, you will get:

ID Role


If you wish to add current residency region, add |res= and then the region. For example:

{{listplayer|Alex Ich|ru| Alexey Ichetovkin|Mid|{{{1}}}|res=eu }}
R C ID Name Role
Alex Ich Alexey Ichetovkin 13Mid