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Cargo Declaration

This template adds rows to the table "TournamentResults", which is declared by the template TournamentResults/CargoDec. View table. See {{TournamentResults/CargoDec}} for table documentation. See {{CargoDeclare/TournamentResults}}m to update documentation or table values.

Copyable Code


Mandatory Paramaters

  • |places= a list of classes for place highlights.
  • |preload=, a preload for column settings as well as BO2 vs BO3 display, etc. Allowed values:
    • bo1
    • bo1points
    • bo2
    • bo2nopoints
    • bo3
    • bo3diff
    • bo3points show gamediff as "points" in a seperate column
    • bo3gamepoints (this is for structures like OPL where series are BO3 but teams receive points as if it were a BO2)
    • bo3hiddenpoints use tiebreaker points to rank teams but don't display them
    • bo3fakepoints use game record as a secondary sorting method, and don't display any points column
    • bo3orderbygames same as bo3fakepoints but don't let game record break ties in ranking, just use that as an order criterion while still showing teams as tied in standings

Customizing Preloads

These are optional arguments you can use, however if you need to use them maybe talk to River about it because it's possible there should be a new preload added.

  • |columns= to specify a preload for columns. Not case sensitive. Allowed values:
    • seriespt
    • series
    • bo1
    • bo2
  • |columnlist=, a list of columns to show, in order. Probably don't use this, but if you want to, the allowed values are Place, Team, Series, Games, Points, PointsTB. Case sensitive because don't use this actually.
  • |sortmethod=, how to sort the teams. Allowed values:
    • points (use if BO2)
    • record (use if BO1 or if BO3 and you don't want ties broken by game record)
    • recordwithpoints (use if BO3 and you DO want ties broken by game record)

Mandatory if Applicable

  • |rowN= the class to style the entire row once a place has been clinched up or down.

Optional Parameters

  • |page= if the standings table is not on the overview page (this can be a redirect).
  • |teamlist= a list of teams to include, comma-separated.
  • |finalorder= the teams in order, with ties broken.
  • |finalplaces= comma-separated list of numbers, if you need to use |finalorder= but there are unbroken ties (e.g. if a tiebreaker wasn't played between two eliminated-but-not-relegated teams)
  • |onlylist= toggles the behavior of |teamlist= as follows:
    • |onlylist=yes only series between teams BOTH in |teamlist= are included.
    • |onlylist=false (default) all series including at least one team in |teamlist= are included.
  • |display= defaults to "Standings" as the header display text if unspecified.

Customizing Query

  • |tiebreakers= can be yes or only or no. Undefined is the same as no. Specifies whether tiebreakers should be included. Set as only to show three-way tiebreaker results.
  • |onlygroup= query ONLY a specific group
  • |excludetabs= query everything EXCEPT these tabs. Do not use with |onlytabs=.
  • |onlytabs= query ONLY these tabs. Do not use with |excludetabs=.
  • |excludeteams= completely exclude every single match containing one of these teams.


  • |nocargo= suppresses Cargo (storage) completely (it will still query cargo to print because otherwise you want to use {{Standings}} instead).
  • |useasresults=yes to use this as the results for the page.
  • |isover=yes to denote the event is over.
  • |groupasphase=yes to display a group in Tournament Results.


  • |legend= set to true or yes to display a legend.
  • See {{Legend}}, any parameters there can be specified here.

Adjusting standings

If you need to carry over standings from a previous phase or a team receives free wins due to not having an opponent due to format reasons, e.g. in Swiss-System cups, these parameters can be used to adjust the score. It requires a template called StandingsArg to be added in the standings. This template has the following inputs: |team= and |value=. Value is the amount of wins, losses, or points a team gets adjusted by.

  • |wadjust= to adjust wins. In formats other than best-of-one, this parameter changes the amount of series wins.
  • |wgadjust= to adjust game wins in formats like best-of-three or best-of-five.
  • |ladjust= to adjust losses. In formats other than best-of-one, this parameter changes the amount of series losses.
  • |lgadjust= to adjust game losses in formats like best-of-three or best-of-five.