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Tear of the Goddess
ItemSquareTear of the Goddess.png
UNIQUE - Focus: Basic attacks deal 5 bonus physical damage on-hit against minions.
UNIQUE - Mana Charge: Grants a charge every 8 seconds, up to 4 charges. Affecting an enemy or ally with an ability consumes a charge and grants 3 bonus mana, increased to 6 if it's a champion, up to maximum of 360 bonus mana.

Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 1 Tear item.
Map AvailabilityALL
Total Cost: 400 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 280 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
ItemSquareArchangel's Staff.png ItemSquareManamune.png


  • Assuming a charge is gained every 4 seconds, the 750 mana charge takes 12 minutes and 30 seconds to max.
  • When gaining maximum mana from Mana Charge, you preserves your percent current mana.
  • The Mana Charge stacking does not stack when holding multiple
    Tear of the Goddess
    Archangel's Staff
    . It is possible to stack a new Tear of the Goddess after upgrading fully the previous one into either
    Seraph's Embrace
  • Selling Tear of the Goddess and its upgrades removes the bonus mana.
  • Spells which does not cost any mana will not generate any charge.
    • However,
      can be stacked on manaless champions through basic attacks.


Few are fortunate enough to come across the tears of the very goddess who created our world... but those who are lucky enough to acquire a Tear of the Goddess may take pleasure in a significant boost of mana points and mana points regeneration.


  • On the Howling Abyss, this item is replaced by
    Tear of the Goddess (Quick Charge)
    which makes each charge grant +6 mana instead of +4.
    • It also holds a different item code than the regular Tear of the Goddess (3073).

Patch History[]

Patch 9.6

All Tear items now belong to a Tear item group, with a maximum of 1 allowed.

We told you that we were potentially nerfing Ezreal last patch, and we decided that targeting his Double Tear build was a better solution than directly changing him. We're putting all Tear items into one group so players can't buy more than one Tear of the Goddess (and subsequently, its upgrades). After these changes go into effect, we don't expect Ezreal to stay as super dominant as he has been, but we’ll be keeping an eye on him.

WE ARE FAMILY If you own Manamune(/Muramana) or Archangel's Staff(/Seraph's Embrace), you're unable to purchase the other (or another Tear of the Goddess)

Total cost increased. Mana refund decreased. Max mana increase now increases current mana by current percentage of mana.

Tear of the Goddess too comprehensively solves mana problems for the champions who build it. It'll still be the late-scaling item that delivers mad ability power once you've stacked it and upgraded it to Archangel's Staff, but it won't replenish your mana quite as well.

COST : [750] 850
MANA COST REFUND : [15%] 10%
AQUA INTO WINE; AQ INTO WI When you gain max mana from Tear of the Goddess's passive, it preserves your percent current mana, rather than granting you the full max mana increase as a current mana increase. This applies to Manamune and Archangel's Staff as well.

Stacking effect can now occur up to three times every 12 seconds.

Stacking Tear often incentivizes odd behaviors, such as using abilities while simply walking down the lane or standing still at the base. We want to make it easier for Tear to be stacked when you’d already be casting abilities, such as lane trades, teamfights, farming, and so on.

Editor’s Note: I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Mystic Shots fired at the shoulders of Ornn. I watched Overloads glitter in the dark near the Base Gates. All those abilities were lost in time, like Tears in rain. Time to stack.


LESS QQ : [Can gain up to two stacks every 8 seconds]
Can gain up to three stacks every 12 seconds
THE OTHERS : This change also impacts Seraph’s Embrace and Manamune

Refunds a portion of mana spent.

Tear of the Goddess creates an odd conflict: it’s the mage item which gives the most raw mana (attractive to champions with high mana costs), but it has to be stacked up by constantly casting spells (something champions with high mana costs can’t afford to do). As such, it tends to be picked up by champions who can spam spells, making them effectively manaless as it stacks.We’re changing Tear’s pure regen to a mana refund, opening it up to high-mana cost champions, not just a select few spammers.

MANA REFUND Refunds 15% of mana spent


TOTAL cost : [720 gold] 750 gold
BUILD path : Sapphire Crystal + Faerie Charm + 275 gold


  • TOTAL COST : 700 gold 720 gold (combine cost increased by 20 gold)
  • MANA REGENERATION : +6 mana per 5 seconds +25% base mana regeneration
  • UNIQUE PASSIVE : Mana Charge - Grants +4 maximum mana on spell cast or mana expenditure (up to 2 times per 8 seconds). Grants +1 maximum mana per 8 seconds. Caps at+750 mana. (Unchanged)
  • NO INFLATION HERE : All items building out of Tear of the Goddess have had their combine cost reduced by 20 gold to preserve their total cost

“Not enough tears on the Rift.”

  • (NEW) PASSIVE: Additionally grants +1 maximum mana per 8 seconds (+1 maximum mana per 6 seconds on Crystal Scar)
  • MANA REGEN: 7 ⇒ 6


  • Mana Charge
    • Cooldown per charge increased to 4 seconds from 3
    • Updated the tooltip to clarify its actual functionality


  • Now builds from Sapphire Crystal and Faerie Charm
  • Mana reduced from 350 to 250
  • Unique Passive changed to "Mana Charge: Each time you cast a spell or spend Mana, your maximum Mana increases by 4 (3 second cooldown). Bonus caps at +750 Mana.



  • Now displays its current bonus mana again


  • Now displays its unique bonus mana in its tooltip



  • Mana cap increased to 1,000 from 600


  • Maximum mana cap reduced from 750 to 600


  • Clarified the tooltip
  • Added a max cap of 750 bonus mana


  • Now has an internal cooldown of three seconds (but will now work with all spells including Lay Waste and Hate Spike)

Alpha Week 7

  • Fixed an issue with Teleport Home and Tear of the Goddess
  • Fixed a bug where it was not working properly, and fixed a bug that caused you to lose your bonus mana when upgrading to Archangel's Staff