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Item was removed in Patch 9.23.
Targon's Brace / Celestial Eye
Targon's and Celestial.png
UNIQUE - Spoils of War: Grants a charge every 30 seconds, up to 3 charges. Melee basic attacks can consume one charge to execute minions below 215 - 470 (based on level) (+100% total AD) health. Killing a minion by any means with a charge heals you and the nearest allied champion for 5-30 (based on missing Health) health and grants them kill gold. Healing is halved if the owner is ranged. These effects require an allied champion within 1050 units of the user.
UNIQUE - Quest: Earn 500 gold using this item. REWARD: Permanently upgrades
Targon's Brace
Celestial Eye
Remnant of the Aspect
Eye of the Aspect
, giving them the Warding active with respectively 3 and 4 wards in stock.
UNIQUE - Warding: Consumes a charge to place a
Stealth Ward
at the target location (600 range), which reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 3 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.


50% Base Health Regen

+1 per 10 seconds
Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 1 Jungle or Gold Income item
A player may only have 3
Stealth Wards
Totem Wards
on the map at one time.
Map AvailabilitySR
ItemSquareRelic Shield.png + ItemSquareRejuvenation Bead.png + 300 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 850 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 340 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
ItemSquareRemnant of the Aspect.png Eye of the Aspect.png


  • The quest reward can only be obtained after being out-of-combat for 5 seconds.
    • Upon completing the quest, the item holds 1 ward, visiting the shop is required to refill the wards.
    • Completing the quest send the following chat message to the team: "Summoner (Champion) Quest Complete! Completion Time: XX:XX"
  • Triggering the Spoils of War passive adds +1 to the creep score of the allied champion who receives the bonus gold.
  • The execute health threshold is affected by the bonus damage from critical strikes and other basic attack modifiers (like GangplankSquare.pngGangplank's Parrrley), but not from
  • The Spoils of War passive is triggered no matter what method is used to kill the minion, but the execution aspect of the ability only works with melee basic attacks.
  • Spoils of War will trigger
    Ardent Censer
    but not Summon Aery.
  • Assuming Relic Shield's user kills the most valuable minions available, Spoils of War provides:
    • 11.5 gold per 10 seconds to the user, while also sharing that same gold with the lane partner.
    • Between 20 and 35 minutes, this is increased to 18.5 gold per 10.
    • After 35 minutes, this is futher increased to 30 gold per 10.
  • Assuming Relic Shield's user kills one minion every 30 seconds, it provides at least 6.7 health regen per 5 seconds to the user and to the lane partner, not taking into account the missing health ratio.

Stealth Ward Notes[]

  • Grants sight over the surrounding 900 units.
  • Has 3 Health
  • Grants 30 Goldcurrency.png and 40 experience upon death

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 9.5

Healing decreased.

We're cutting the ability for tank supports to shrug off harass so other types of supports can compete against them, especially at higher levels of play where bot laners place more of a focus on keeping themselves topped off.

RELIC SHIELD HEALING : [15 (+2% target's missing health)]
5-30 at 0-100% target's missing health
TARGON'S BRACE HEALING : [40 (+2% target's missing health)]
10-60 at 0-100% target's missing health
REMNANT OF THE ASPECT HEALING : [50 (+2% target's missing health)]
15-90 at 0-100% target's missing health

Minion execute threshold increased for Relic Shield's upgrades.

We're helping Relic Shield's upgrades keep up with the minion health increases preseason brings.

Targon's Brace

15-270 (lv 1-18)

Cost of starting support items increased.

The current cost of support items lets support players mitigate a pretty high amount of poke through potions, which makes trading feel more ineffective than we'd like.

Nomad's Medallion

Targon's Brace

TOTAL COST : 850 gold (unchanged)
COMBINE COST : [500 gold] 450 gold
TWISTED TREELINE These changes also apply on Twisted Treeline.

Passive gold generation down.

Relic Shield is still slightly overperforming compared to the other support items.

Relic Shield

GOLD PER 10 : [2] 1

Targon's Brace

GOLD PER 10 : [4] 1

Remnant of the Aspect

GOLD PER 10 : [4] 1

Bandit passive removed. Targon's passive gold increased. Frostfang's Tribute gold increased. Nomad's Medallion gold coin reward increased.

We're still seeing non-supports use gold items to ramp up their gold generation, and the key culprit here is the Bandit passive. We're removing it and adding more gold into the existing sources within each item line. NOTE: we'd considered holding this change for 8.6, but data from the start of 8.5 shows that it's still quite necessary, so we're putting it in now.

All Support Items

BANDIT No longer grants gold when nearby enemy minions are killed by allies or when attacking enemy champions

ItemSquareTargon's Brace.png Targon's Brace and Remnant of the Aspect

PASSIVE GOLD GENERATION : [2] 4 gold per 10 seconds

ItemSquareSpellthief's Edge.png Spellthief's Edge, Frostfang, and Eye of the Watchers

LOCKOUT The penalty for killing a minion or non-epic monster now pauses gold per 10 generation in addition to Tribute stack generation
QUEST COMPLETION Lockout clears upon quest completion, rather than upon upgrading to Remnant of the Watchers
SPELLTHIEF'S EDGE TRIBUTE GOLD : 10 gold (unchanged)

ItemSquareNomad's Medallion.png Nomad's Medallion and Remnant of the Ascended

GOLD COIN REWARD : [40] 45 gold

Health decreased.

Tank supports crowding out other options in pro play, and Relic Shield is a big part of that —and even a few solo laners are picking it up. As a result, we're pulling back somewhat on the base tankiness it grants.

Relic Shield

HEALTH : [75] 50

Targon's Brace

HEALTH : [175] 125

Remnant of the Aspect

COMBINE COST : [650 gold] 550 gold
TOTAL COST : [1900 gold] 1800 gold
HEALTH : [500] 350

Removed Sightstone. Removed tier 3 support items.


WARD ITEM Completing a support item quest now grants Sightstone active, rather than the old quest rewards
GO TO BASE Quest completion will only grant one ward charge until returning to the fountain
LESS QUEST Quests now complete at 500 gold earned, not 750
THE NEW MODEL Upon quest completion, item will upgrade into Celestial Eye, which can hold up to three ward charges

Spellthief's Edge lockout on minion/monster kill increased. Relic shield healing decreased when proc'd by ranged champion.

Spellthief's Edge Line

NOT A JUNGLE ITEM Spellthief's Edge line's recharge penalty now also applies on non-epic monster kill

Relic Shield Line

SPOILS OF WAR Proc healing is reduced by 50% if the item's owner is ranged


The new runes have given many ranged supports much higher poke damage in the early game, making it more punishable for Tanks to cash their Spoils of War stacks. We're giving the heal on Targon's a small bump to ensure they still have ways to secure their gold.

SPOILS OF WAR : Killing a minion with a Spoils of War charge heals for 2% of missing health in addition to the flat heal


Quality of life improvements and a buff-fix to Relic Shield and its upgrades.

BUFF-FIX : The Relic Shield line’s quest reward shield now properly benefits from effects that modify heal and shield values (ex. Forbidden Idol line, Windspeaker’s Blessing)

VFX updates

PRETTY : Spoils of War charge indicator sphere VFX have been updated to be more runic and less distracting
PRETTY : The Relic Shield line’s quest reward shield VFX have been updated to be more Targonian
PRETTY : Face of the Mountain’s active shield VFX have also been updated to be more Targonian


Tanks want to be more tanky. A sweet shield - regenerated over time and accelerated by executing minions with Relic Shield - should give tank supports the durability they need to withstand poke, as well as a chunk of health to bolster their initiations.
Quest rewards

QUEST : Complete Relic Shield’s quest by earning 650 gold through the Spoils of War passive and upgrading to Targon’s Brace or higher (progress preserved through item upgrades)
USE PROTECTION : Relic Shield’s item line gains Shield Battery on quest completion, granting a permanent shield that regenerates out of combat. Executing minions accelerates the regeneration.

Minion execute now scales with level.

Relic Shield’s execute establishes a simple feedback mechanic: damage low-health minions and you’ll gift a nearby ally both health and gold. However, we don’t want executes to get harder later in the game as minions get tankier. On a more case-specific note, allowing the execution of pets like Zyra’s plants removed some of the consistency of the gold share, given their significantly lower value.


NOT THAT SPOILED : The Spoils of War passive no longer executes enemy pets (ex. Zyra plants)

Relic Shield

MINION EXECUTE : [200 health] 195 + (5*level) health

Targon's Brace

MINION EXECUTE : [240 health] 200 + (10*level) health

Face of the Mountain

MINION EXECUTE : [400 health] 320 + (20*level) health

Eye of the Equinox

MINION EXECUTE : [400 health] 320 + (20*level) health

Less healing.

While not specifically tied to any of our other systems changes, botlane’s feeling a little high on resources these days. The botlane meta’s always lived between the extremes of being an all-in lane with low tolerance for mistakes and a sustaining paradise where poke and attrition mean very little. The pendulum’s a little too far on the ‘poke matters less’ part of that spectrum, so we’re toning back sustain from some of the more common purchases.

Relic Shield

CHARGE COOLDOWN : [60 seconds] 40 seconds
HEALING PER CHARGE : [40 health] 20 health

Targon's Brace

HEALING PER CHARGE : [50 health] 40 health


Spoils of War always had wonky interactions with executing clones, but with Illaoi’s introduction to the League (alongside all her spirit pullin’), we thought now would be the time to make the call on whether you should or shouldn’t be able to proc things. Given that the item’s intent is toward helping allies last-hit, and not surprise-destroying the dreams of champions with clones, we went with the latter.

Passive - Spoils of War

SPOILED : Champion clones can no longer be executed


TOTAL cost : [865 gold] 850 gold
BUILD path : Relic Shield + Rejuvenation Bead + 350 gold
passive GOLD GENERATION 2 gold per 10 seconds

Targon's Brace Spoils of War passive now executes at higher thresholds.

"We've heard this request quite a bit from supports who don't know how to last hit (just kidding), so... here you go."
  • Spoils of War Execute Base : 200 240


  • (NEW) PASSIVE SPOILS OF WAR: Old Spoils of War Passive ⇒ Melee basic attacks execute minions below 200 Health. Killing a minion heals you and the nearest allied champion for 50 Health and grants them kill gold. These effects require a nearby allied champion. Recharges every 30 seconds. Max 3 charges.
  • (NEW) CLARITY: Allies who benefit from Spoils of War now also gain +1 to their minions killed score
  • TOTAL COST: 850 gold ⇒ 865 gold
  • HEALTH REGEN: 12 ⇒ 8
  • HEALTH: +175 health


  • Recipe: Relic Shield + 485 Gold (Total 850 Gold)
  • +175 Health
  • +12 Health Regen per 5 seconds
  • UNIQUE Passive - Spoils of War: Basic attacks execute minions below 200 Health. Killing a minion heals the nearest allied champion for 2% of your maximum Health and grants them the bounty plus 10 Gold
  • These effects require a nearby allied champion. Recharges every 30 seconds. Max 4 charges