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Team has disbanded.
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Team 4Not is a an International eSports organization who founded their first League of Legends team late 2011. Their first Oceanic roster was acquired in late 2014.


Team 4Not's first Oceanic roster was acquired in late 2014 and included Carlos Is God, Naya, Moya, Cnj, and Zaldo. They competed in the 2015 OPL Split 1 but were relegated by Sin Gaming.

2016 Season[edit]

4Not acquired a new roster for the 2016 season Oceanic Challenger Series.


  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

Player Roster[edit]


C ID Name Role Next Team
Apple Yohan Kim 11Top None
Wilaris Michael Matthai 13Mid None
Virne Dean McLeod 14Bot None
Mathew Lau Kwan Ho (劉君豪) 15Support None
Mine Chad Biddle 24Sub/Bot None
Elsa Lachlan Veld 25Sub/Sup None
Hawx Daniel Ong 26Substitute None
Fesh Josh Necovski 12Jungle Team Exile5logo std.pngTeam Exile5
Carlos Is God Carlos Lipscombe 11Top None
Naya Daniel Oh 12Jungle None
Moya Andy Lee 13Mid Sentinelslogo std.pngSentinels ESC
Cnj Sean Lee 14Bot Sentinelslogo std.pngSentinels ESC
Zaldo John McCab 15Support None

Player League Participation[edit]

Playoff games are NOT included, but regular-season tiebreaker games ARE.


Split 1Split 2Split 1Split 2Split 1Split 2Split 1Split 2Split 1Split 2Split 1Split 2
Kulo4notlogo std.pngAbsolute (Oceanic Team)logo std.pngLegacy Esportslogo std.png14
Moya4notlogo std.pngTeam Immunitylogo std.png14
Aromatic4notlogo std.png12
Naya4notlogo std.png12
Zaldo4notlogo std.png12
Carlos Is God4notlogo std.png10



C ID Name Position
Stryker Kain Milakovic Owner/Founder
Pulseey Caleb Scott Owner
Legend Alfie Nevin Co-Owner
Zesk Andrew Licata Manager
Mijette James Hartman Analyst/Co-Coach


C ID Name Position Next Team
MrBaneblade Samuel Harkins Coach SPGeSportslogo std.pngSPGeSports


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

TEAM4NOT.OCE Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2016-07-226$1,200$ 912€ 816 OCS 2016 Split 2
3 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Kanade,  Swatheris,  Wilaris,  Haeri,  melon,  Backsoo,  Newto
2016-03-243 - 4 OCS 2016 Split 1 Playoffs
0 : 2Chiefs Blacklogo std.pngCFB
 Ho,  Fesh,  Vince,  Virne,  Mathew
2016-03-174 OCS 2016 Split 1
4 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Apple,  Mine,  Ho,  Fesh,  Wilaris,  Knight,  Vince,  Virne,  Elsa,  Mathew
2015-07-164 OCS 2015 Split 2
1 : 2AlterEgo Gaminglogo std.pngAEgo
 Nuguya,  Naya,  Moya,  Cnj,  Zaldo
2015-05-02NQ OPL 2015 Split 2 Promotion
1 : 3Sin Gaminglogo std.pngSIN
 Nuguya,  Naya,  Moya,  Cnj,  Zaldo
2015-03-307 OPL 2015 Split 1
3 - 11Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Carlos Is God,  Kulo,  Naya,  Moya,  Cnj,  Zaldo
2015-01-24Q OPL 2015 Split 1 Qualifiers
2 : 0Team Immunitylogo std.pngIM
 Carlos Is God,  Naya,  Moya,  Cnj,  Zaldo
Total Prize:AUD 1,200 • USD 0

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