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  • Teams are awarded with Points based on their final placement in each split, including playoffs
  • Team with the highest amount of points after Summer qualifies for TCL
  • The two teams with the most amount of points excluding the team with the most points and the Summer Playoffs Winner qualify for the Promotion tournament

Points Distribution[]

Place Winter Points Summer Points
1 180 240
2 135 180
3 105 140
4 75 100
5 60 80
6 45 60
7 30 40
8 18 24
9 12 16
10 0 0


1NONAME (Turkish Team)logo stdNONAME180100280
2Phoenix Esports (Turkish Team)logo stdPhoenix Esports135140275
3Comanchero Gaminglogo stdComanchero Gaming75140215
4Lynch Esportslogo stdLynch Esports10580185
5Only Heroes Academialogo stdOnly Heroes Academia-100100
6KATANA (Turkish Team)logo stdKATANA-6060
7Hallow Crowslogo stdHallow Crows45045
8PCIFIC Esporlogo stdPCIFIC Espor182442
9Baby Buffaloeslogo stdBaby Buffaloes-4040
10Venus (Turkish Team)logo stdVenus01616
11Kim Esportslogo stdKim Esports60-60
12Ascendance (Turkish Team)logo stdAscendance30-30
13Mübeccel Esporlogo stdMübeccel Espor112-12
1 Prior to Week 3, Altay Espor parted ways with the players. The players will continue under the name Mübeccel Espor.[1]