Strength of the Ages (Mastery)

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  • Season 2016
Ferocity Cunning Resolve


Strength of the Ages is a tier 6 keystone resolve mastery with 1 rank.


  • Requires 17 points in Resolve.


  • Siege minions and large monsters that you or nearby allied champions kill grant 20 and 10 permanent Health Mini Icon.pngHealth, respectively (300 max). After reaching the max bonus, these kills instead restore 6% of your Maximum Health.

Patch History[edit]


Mastery Strength of the Ages.png REMOVED Strength of the Ages

Strength of the Ages is the only keystone that’s become almost mandatory for an entire position, regardless of playstyle: the jungle. Health is useful for every class, so it stands to reason that champs who wouldn’t otherwise take Strength would still pick it in the jungle, where it stacks fastest. The problem: most junglers now end up with 300 extra health, plus other survivability bonuses from the Resolve tree. This works for tanks, but when damage threats find success with defensive setups, opponents have no means of fighting back. We’re retiring Strength of the Ages so junglers gravitate toward keystones that enhance playstyle, not their position—ensuring that damage dealers play like damage dealers, and tanks play like tanks.
Note: We know that Strength of the Ages was a genuine fit for some junglers. Removing it will be a hit to these core users, but with other pre-season changes in the mix, we don’t think anyone will be left without a keystone for their playstyle. Once the dust has settled, we’ll see if anyone’s fallen far enough to warrant follow-up.


Mastery Strength of the Ages.png Strength of the Ages

BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where the 6% max health heal effect of the Strength of the Ages mastery was calculated based on the health of the siege minion or large monster that was killed, rather than the health of the user

Health restore changed to percent maximum health.

If you've played even a handful of games on patch 5.24, you probably learned the same thing we did - 8-10 Thunderlord's Decree per game is probably too many. Yet, no Thunderlord's changes. What gives?

While Thunderlord's Decree is the go-to mastery when you're looking to dominate your lane, we're leaving it as-is for a few reasons. First, we're looking to it as a 'goalpost' from which we balance the other keystones around. It's something you can easily play around, has a good amount of impact, and synergizes well with certain champion kits. Additionally, we're avoiding playing 'whack-a-mole' with the Keystones (ie: just nerfing whichever is best at any given moment). By recognizing TD's strength and matching others to it, we build a better ecosystem for Keystones where you're free to adapt your builds, rather than just playing champions that abuse the best mastery.

So how are we tipping the scales? Injecting some strength back into Ferocity's Keystones while reverting buffs to Precision should help balance things out, no matter how you seek to deal your damage. Toss in a pretty spicy update to Stormraider's Surge and you have a wealth of options at your disposal. It's still possible that Thunderlords is over-tuned after all this, but bringing the others more in line with the leader should help us gauge how big the discrepancy is, rather than just cutting down the top over and over again.

Mastery Strength of the Ages.png Strength of the Ages

BONUS UPON REACHING HEALTH CAP : [100 health] 6% of your maximum health when a nearby siege minion or large monster dies

We're updating the mastery system to offer focused, high-impact choices rather than a slew of nuanced micro-math optimizations. Each tier of decisions now successively grows in importance, ending in your final 'keystone mastery' which fundamentally impacts how you play your champion.

Resolve's the tree that's the least changed in terms of why you'd want to take it - it's for the immovable objects out there that want to be in the middle of a fight and stay there for a good long while. If you're someone that values staying alive for multiple rotations of crowd control or initiation, Resolve's the tree for you.

Mastery Strength of the Ages.png Strength of the Ages

STEPPING ON THE LITTLE GUYS : Killing a Siege minion or large monster increases your maximum health by 20 and 10 respectively, up to 300 health.
THE LONG HAUL : After maxing this bonus, you restore 100 health when a nearby siege minion dies.