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Buff was removed in Patch 6.4.
Storm Shield
Storm Shield.png
Gain increased champion model size.
Lightning: Attacks and damaging spells triggers a lightning blast inflicting 90 (+10 x level) bonus magic damage (4 seconds cooldown). Max of once every four seconds.
Shield: Grants a 212.5 (+12.5 x level) health shield. The shield recharges when its holder has not been hit for ten seconds.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilityCS
SourceClaiming the Greater Relic.
Lost On DeathYes


The Storm Shield was a buff granted for capturing a marked control point on the Crystal Scar. It was removed with the removal of Dominion on Patch 6.4.


  • This buff was not transferable and was simply lost upon death.
  • To acquire this buff, champions had to channel for three seconds onto a Greater Relic without taking any damage which would re-appear after 3 minutes.


  • This buff can be identified by swirling blue relics around the champion who possesses it.
  • Before Patch, there existed that would instantly kill
    twice (Double Kill) if Lightning's damage was used to trigger
    's Sunlight.png Sunlight.