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Smite (Summoner Spell).png
EffectsDeals 390 - 1000 true damage (depending on champion level) to target monster or enemy minion. Against monsters, additionally restores 80 [+7.5% your maximum]. Smite regains a charge every 90 seconds, up to a maximum of 2 charges.
Cast Range625 estimated
Breaks StealthYes
Related MasterySummoner's Resolve

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Smite is a targeted summoner spell that deals true damage to minions, player pets (e.g. AnnieSquare.pngAnnie's Tibbers, HeimerdingerSquare.pngHeimerdinger's turrets, or MalzaharSquare.pngMalzahar's Voidlings) or neutral creeps.


  • Challenging Smite.png Challenging Smite: Smite can be cast on enemy champions, dealing 60-162 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds, granting vision of them, and reducing their damage to you by 20%.
  • Chilling Smite.png Chilling Smite: Smite can be cast on enemy champions, dealing 28-164 true damage and stealing 20% of their movement speed.
  • (UNAVAILABLE) Blasting Smite.png Blasting Smite: Smite deals half damage to all monsters and enemy minions near the target and stuns them for 1.5 seconds. Casting Smite on a monster restores 15% of missing Health and Mana.
  • (UNAVAILABLE) Scavenging Smite.png Scavenging Smite: When you Smite and kill a large monster in the enemy jungle, the cooldown of Smite is halved, you gain +20 bonus gold, and you gain 175% increased Movement Speed decaying over 2 seconds.


  • It is generally used for jungling, quicker pushing, and/or a source of gold, usually in lower levels.
  • It can be used to 'steal' jungle monsters from the opposing team's jungle by last hitting them and to have a secure method to last hit a high priority jungle target like Baron NashorSquare.pngBaron Nashor or DragonSquare.pngDragon. Make sure to look at how much damage your smite does and time the smite correctly.
  • When using Smite for pushing, it's recommended to save Smite for cannon minions.
  • Smite procs spell vamp. So it is a good strategy for junglers like Lee SinSquare.pngLee Sin and OlafSquare.pngOlaf to use their spell vamp granting abilities (Lee Sin's Iron Will and Olaf's Vicious Strikes) before smiting to regain a chunk of health.


  • At level 1 Smite does 390 damage. At level 18 it does 1,000 damage. As it is true damage, it always does the stated amount regardless of armor or magic resist, and can not be amplified through the use of damage-increasers.
  • Smite is not affected by the Executioner or Havoc masteries.

Table of Damage per Level[]

Level Against
Challenging Smite.png Challenging Smite
Over 3 Seconds
Chilling Smite.png Chilling Smite
1 390 60 28
2 410 66 36
3 430 72 44
4 450 78 52
5 480 84 60
6 510 90 68
7 540 96 76
8 570 102 84
9 600 108 92
10 640 114 100
11 680 120 108
12 720 126 116
13 760 132 124
14 800 138 132
15 850 144 140
16 900 150 148
17 950 156 156
18 1000 162 164

Patch History[]


Hot off the Nexus Blitz presses!

LET ME GET THAT FOR YOU : If you're assigned Jungle in draft queues, you'll load into Champion Select with Smite already selected! You're still free to swap Smite out (or swap to Smite if you aren't assigned Jungle) in cases where you're running an offbeat comp or want to switch roles with a teammate.

v6.24 (Mid-Patch Updates)

Pre-season’s changes have given junglers too much early-game power. We’ll continue investigating early clears as we move into the new year, but for the moment, Smite’s sustain is going down so junglers can’t convert their early advantage into lane pressure so efficiently.

HEALTH RESTORE : [100 + 10% maximum health] 70 + 10% maximum health


Smite bonuses (the benefits you get from Smiting a camp) are a feature we actually think functions pretty well at giving junglers tools to contest objectives and control the map. However, we think we can do better, so we’re removing Smite bonuses to give us room to make improvements elsewhere. However, there is one important function of Smite bonuses that we haven’t reliably replicated elsewhere: sustain. Smite will continue to carry that burden whenever used on any camp.

NO MORE WOLF SPIRIT Large monsters no longer grant bonuses when Smited. (Red and blue buffs still exist!)
MORE HEALTH THOUGH Smite now heals you for 100 + 10% of your maximum health when used against monsters
AMMO RECHARGE TIME : [75 seconds] 90 seconds

No longer triggers spell effects.

Smite's been through an interesting transformation. Once one of League's more 'vanilla' spells, it's turned into a multi-charge, multi-augmented ability that provides tons of utility. While Smite's slowly crept up in strength, it was the introduction of Runic Echoes interaction with Smite where we finally needed to draw the line. Having an instant high-damage nuke is probably not in anyone's best interests.

smitten No longer triggers spell effects (such as Spell Vamp or Rylai's Crystal Scepter)


Smite charges 5 seconds faster. Pretty massive.

CHARGE TIMER : Smite now begins charging at 1:25 rather than 1:30

Smite's range is shorter when used against champions, but isn't THAT much shorter against jungle monsters (and in a few cases, unchanged), due to the way hitboxes are designed.

Time to be honest: the power of Chilling Smite is just too high. We love that it adds a new tool to the game, but it's shoring up champion weaknesses so well (that is, every champion who uses Chilling Smite extends their engagement range to ~675) that we know we'll need to do this range reduction sooner or later. Otherwise, Chilling Smite just becomes a necessary purchase in order for everyone to compete.
  • RANGE : 750 (center of champion's hitbox to center of opponent's hitbox) 500 (edge of champion's hitbox to edge of opponent's hitbox)
  • BUT WAIT, THERE'S CONTEXT : The above change should roughly be a ~175 range loss against champions, with many monsters being unaffected (due to them being fat), although some might require you to be a little closer


Smite now stores charges up to a maximum of 2, but has an internal cooldown of 15 seconds so you can't do silly things like double Smite things.

Right now, Smite's a pretty important ability for a lot of reasons (securing buffs, smiting other folks, farming the jungle), so we're seeing most junglers start to 'hoard' their smites as the game progresses. When you think about it, that's a pretty significant chunk of cool things a jungler misses out on (as long as Dragon or Baron are up), so we looked for potential solutions.
Like Smite charges."
  • [NEW] CHARGES : Has 'em. Smite now gains charges at a rate of 1 per 60 seconds with a maximum of 1 charge at any time 1 per 75 seconds, with a maximum of two Smite charges at any time.
  • [NEW] A COMPLICATED START : Smite starts with 1 charge and only begins to gain additional charges at 1:40
  • [NEW] NO DOUBLE TAPPING : Smite now has a cooldown of 15 seconds


  • Cooldown lowered to 40 seconds (from 60)
  • Damage reduced to 390-1000 based on champion level (from 460 + (lvl x30))


  • Smite damage increased to 490-1,000 from 445-870


  • Now improved in the Defense tree instead of Offense
  • Improved Smite no longer reduces cooldown but the gold gained on cast is increased to 10 from 5
  • Cooldown reduced to 70 seconds from 75 seconds



  • Now deals true damage instead of magic damage


  • Now removes stealth when used


  • Damage per level reduced to 25 from 35


  • Damage reduced from 575 +25 x level to 420 +35 x level (1,060 total down to 1,050)

June 12, 2009 Patch

  • Fixed a bug with Consume, Smite, and other spells that would make them not castable for periods of time where they looked like they were castable

April 25, 2009 Patch

  • Changed damage from 600 to 575 + 25 x your level

Alpha Week 6

  • Cooldown increased to 90 seconds from 75 seconds, and damage is now reduced by the target's magic resistance

Alpha Week 4

  • Plentiful Bounty talent bonus gold from Smite decreased to 5 from 10