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Item was removed in Patch 10.23.
Skirmisher's Sabre
Skirmisher's Sabre.png
UNIQUE - Challenging Smite: Upgrades Smite.png Smite to
Challenging Smite.png Challenging Smite which can be cast on enemy champions, reducing their damage against you by 20% and making them take 48 - 125 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds from your basic attacks for the duration.
UNIQUE - Tooth / Nail: Basic attacks against monsters deal 40 bonus on-hit physical damage. Damaging a monster by any means set it aflame, dealing an additional 80 magic damage over 5 seconds while causing you to restore 6 health per second for every enemy you're burning. Healing provided by this item is increased by 50% when below [+30% max]. While in the jungle or river, regenerate 0 - 8 (based on missing mana) mana per second.
UNIQUE - Monster Hunter: Killing large or epic monsters grants +60 bonus experience. The first large monster killed grants +150 bonus experience. If your gold earned from minion kills is greater than 50% of your gold earned from monster kills, lane minions will reward 13 less gold and 40% less experience per kill. This restriction is removed at 20:00 game time.

10% vs Monsters%
Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 1 Gold Income or Jungle item.
Can only purchase if you have Smite.
Map AvailabilitySR, TR
ItemSquareHunter's Talisman.png + ItemSquareHunter's Machete.png + 300 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 1000 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 700 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
ItemSquareSkirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor.png ItemSquareSkirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk.png ItemSquareSkirmisher's Sabre - Runic Echoes.png ItemSquareSkirmisher's Sabre - Warrior.png


  • Skirmisher's Sabre's Challenging Smite deals 60 - 162 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds if the target is basic attacked once and can deal up to 140 - 378 (based on level) true damage if the target is basic attacked multiple times during the duration.


Skirmisher's Sabre Old.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Devourer.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Runic Echoes.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior.png

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 10.6

Funneling continues to be present in solo queue at all parts of the ladder. We're going harder on the restrictions so that laners are more motivated to keep their gold and XP. Those who are playing the lane as is and not funneling an ally will essentially never run into this condition.

UNIQUE - Monster Hunter :
MINION GOLD PENALTY : [13 less gold] 13 less gold and 50% less XP from lane minions if more than half of your farm is from minions; removed at 14 minutes

Patch 10.3

After the 2019 preseason jungle changes, we nerfed junglers through their EXP

UNIQUE - Monster Hunter

MINION GOLD PENALTY : [10 less gold from lane minions if more than half of your farm gold is from minions; removed on item completion] 13 less gold from lane minions if more than half of your farm gold is from minions; removed at 14 minutes

Patch 9.2
Damage decreased. No longer grants vision of the target.

We're reining in the kill pressure Challenging Smite grants junglers.

VISION Challenging Smite no longer grants vision of the target while the effect is active
DAMAGE VS CHAMPIONS : [60-162 over 3 seconds]
48-125 over 2.5 seconds

Patch 9.1
Unenchanted jungle items reduce gold received from minions if their owner has too much minion gold.

When preseason shipped, we pulled out the Monster Hunter gold penalty to see if other changes would naturally discourage gold funneling (higher tradeoff via turret plating, higher risk via minion and monster bounties). Funneling's made a small comeback, so we're adding a new version of Monster Hunter that's more graceful than last season's check on who had the highest CS.

MONSTER HUNTER : Hunter's Machete, Hunter's Talisman, unenchanted Stalker's Blade, and unenchanted Skirmisher's Sabre now reduce minion gold earned by 10 per minion if their owner's gold from minions is greater than half their gold from monsters

Monster Hunter gold penalty removed.

Other preseason changes increase the risks (farm bounties) and tradeoffs (turret plating) of the gold funneling strategy that originally caused us to introduce the Monster Hunter penalty, so we don't need it anymore.

MONSTER HUNTER Owning Hunter's Machete, Hunter's Talisman, or an un-upgraded Stalker's Blade or Skirmisher's Sabre no longer reduces gold granted by lane minions if you have the highest minion kill score on your team


Inheriting the changes to Talisman and Machete.

CHOP CHOP Attacking jungle monsters no longer grants 15% bonus attack speed for 2 seconds
BASE MANA REGEN 225% while in the jungle
MAGIC OF THE JUNGLE Up to 40 mana per 5 seconds based on missing mana while in the jungle or river


NAIL (PASSIVE) : Now additionally grants 15% attack speed for 2 seconds after basic attacking a monster.
TOOTH (PASSIVE) : Burns for an additional 50 magic damage over 5 seconds (still steals 30 health over 5 seconds)

On-hit damage up. Lifesteal up.

With Krug and Gromp Smite bonuses gone, we’re upping both the damage and sustain on Hunter’s Machete (and its upgrades) to compensate.

ON-HIT DAMAGE : [20] 25
LIFESTEAL : [8%] 10 %
PAY IT FORWARD : These changes apply to Hunter’s Machete upgrades as well

Cost down.

Just some slight tuning to make these a bit more attractive/easy to upgrade compared to just buying the component of your enchantment (Caulfields, Aether Wisp, etc).

COST : [1050 gold] 1000 gold


Pretty similar to before, but now costs a little more thanks to the new build path. Luckily, these Tier 2's also inherit the wealth of lifesteal, regeneration, on-hit and over-time damage from its predecessors, making it well worth the extra cash.

TOTAL cost : [850 gold] 1050 gold
BUILD path : Hunter's Machete + Hunter's Talisman + 350 gold
LIFEsteal : 10% vs monsters
mana REGENERATION : 150% while in jungle
MORE PROBLEMS No longer grants 30 bonus gold on large monster kill
JUNGLER No longer burns monsters or gives regeneration when hit by monsters.
UNIQUE passive Tooth / Nail: Basic attacks deal 20 bonus damage vs. monsters. Damaging a monster steals 30 health over 5 seconds. Killing a large monster grants +30 bonus experience.
SIDEGRADE cost : [255 gold] 200 gold


"When we first shipped Skirmisher's Sabre, we made that debuff duration long to really emphasize its extended combat use. Plonk it on an invading Lee Sin, smack him around a few times, and suddenly he's reconsidering his decisions in life. That said, we're now seeing this thing really pick up in popularity (particularly in top lane), and we've realized that 6 seconds is probably too long. Particularly when there are focused summoner spells (Ignite and Exhaust) that Challenging Smite straight up outclasses with its breadth of uses. It's worth re-emphasizing that we do like emergent gameplay when it pops up - as long as it doesn't stifle champion diversity (ie: if top lane becomes "who can use Challenging Smite the best?" that would be concerning).
P.S. That bugfix would have been done regardless of the strength of Skirmisher's, given the definition of true damage. C'mon."
  • [REMOVED] CHECK THAT DEFINITION : No longer reduces incoming True Damage from the Challenged target


All tier 2 jungle items have been increased by 100 gold, all tier 3 jungle item enchantments have been reduced by 100 gold.

"Thus far, jungle items have gotten a little snowbally - particularly for those who can snag a few kills on an early invade to get their upgraded Smite before camps have even spawned."
  • ALL TIER 2 JUNGLE ITEMS : 350 gold 450 gold
  • ALL TIER 3 JUNGLE ENCHANTMENTS : Costs for all tier 3 jungle enchantments have been reduced by 100 gold


"See above!"
  • BONUS GOLD ON MONSTER KILL : 20 bonus gold 30 bonus gold

Attacking a Smited opponent now burns them for true damage over 3 seconds, rather than just dealing true damage on hit.

"While we're running into a few abuse cases with Skirmisher's Sabre, the big reason we're changing it is because it's weighted so heavily in favor of dudes who can hit you in the face as fast as possible. Given our goal with the new jungle items was to open up different playstyles, we're balancing it out in favor of more champions."
  • STOP IT WARWICK : Basic attacks against a Challenged target deal 17-51 (based on level) true damage on hit 60-162 (based on level) true damage over 3 seconds

Skirmisher's Sabre.png Skirmisher's Sabre (NEW)

  • RECIPE  : Hunter's Machete + 350 gold
  • PASSIVE - CHALLENGING SMITE : Smite can be cast on enemy champions, marking them for 6 seconds. While marked, you deal 18-69 bonus true damage to them on hit, have vision of them, and reduce their damage to you by 20%.
  • PASSIVE - JUNGLER : Deal 45 magic damage on hit to monsters over 2 seconds and gain 10 health and 5 mana per second while in combat with monsters