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Team has disbanded.
Sentinels ESC
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Sentinels ESC was an Oceanic team.


Sentinels ESC was founded in 2015. They qualified for the 2016 OCS Split 1 going 6-0 in the round robin qualifier. However, after facing significant roster instability in the OCS split, fielding 11 players over 7 games, they disbanded.


  • 2015
  • 2016

Player Roster[edit]


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Amber Anyu Chen 12Jungle None 2016-03-052016-03-05 2016-03-112016-03-??
Dis Tom Laracy 13Mid None 2015-11-112015-11-?? 2016-03-112016-03-??
illusion Han Jae-ung (한재웅) 14Bot None 2015-12-112015-12-?? 2016-03-112016-03-??
Microtram Adrian Yadav 14Bot None 2016-03-052016-03-05 2016-03-112016-03-??
BELIEVE Woo "Samuel" Sung-ha (우성하) 15Support Abyss Esportslogo std.pngAbyss Esports 2015-12-112015-12-?? 2016-03-112016-03-??
Roy Roy Greatorex 22Sub/Jun None 2015-11-112015-11-?? 2016-03-112016-03-??
Moya Andy Lee 23Sub/Mid None 2016-03-052016-03-05 2016-03-112016-03-??
Aromatic Lee "Sean" Hyun-ho (이현호) 24Sub/Bot None ??? ???
Creatine Tony Nguyen 25Sub/Sup None ??? ???
SazaHu Lee Dong-hyun (이동현) 11Top Tainted Mindslogo std.pngTainted Minds 2015-12-112015-12-?? 2016-05-112016-05-??
Knight Lee Geon (이건) 13Mid 4notlogo std.pngTEAM4NOT.OCE 2015-12-112015-12-?? 2016-03-022016-03-02
SoulStrikes Luchio Park 12Jungle Hellions e-Sports Clublogo std.pngHellions e-Sports Club 2016-01-112016-01-?? 2016-02-182016-02-18
Sourbreadman Zac Pearce 13Mid Managerlogo std.pngManager 2015-10-112015-10-?? 2015-12-112015-12-??


C ID Name Position
Tangster Don Tang Co-Founder/Owner
creatine Tony Nguyen Co-Founder/Co-Owner
biggest dog au Tan Nguyen Co-Owner
sourbreadman Zac Pearce Co-Owner
joshhh Josh Cook Business Manager
Glyph Isaac Iozzi Player Manager
gozzy Mark Gosbell Analyst
Lethunderer Adam Ong Analyst


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Minimum place

Sentinels ESC Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2016-03-177 OCS 2016 Split 1
3 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Dis,  SazaHu,  SoulStrikes,  Amber,  Xiaomayne,  Roy,  Knight,  Moya,  Illusion,  Mirotram,  BELIEVE
Total Prize:

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