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Background Information
NameGönenç Aksu
Country of Birth
BirthdayMarch 8, 2004 (age 18)
TeamSuperMassive Blazelogo std.pngSuperMassive Blaze
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsTR: FA Fanrong
EUW: Nuhribrank
CN: pingsomuch
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Dec 2020 - May 2021
Istanbul Wildcatslogo std.pngİstanbul Wildcats
May 2022 - Present
SuperMassive Blazelogo std.pngSuperMassive Blaze

Gönenç "Fanrong" Aksu is a League of Legends esports personality, currently analyst for SuperMassive Blaze.


Season 2020[]

I started playing League of Legends and made my first draft in Demacia Clash, after that I realized that I have a talent in drafting and team managing, later that year I started the work with amateur and semi professional teams in various positions such as; Analyst, Performance Coach, Scout, Strategical Coach. With Cordelia Gaming we have got 2nd place in UEL tournament(Turkish Underground Esports League). Two of team's players Rhilech and Aytekn discovered by professional teams after that league. [1]

Season 2021[]

I started working for Istanbul Wildcats and we won TCL/2021 Season/Winter Season and presented Turkish Championship League in 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. After that split my Tinnitus increased and I have decided to take a break due it. [2]

Season 2022 Summer Split[]

I completed my Tinnitus therapies and rTMS, treatments after a year of break I decided to continue my career. In May 2022 I have started working for SuperMassive Blaze. [3]


  • I started coaching League of Legends teams when I was 15 and in the same split I played league of legends for the first time League of Legends.
  • I am hardstuck silver IV for three seasons.
  • I Main Twisted FateSquare.pngTwisted Fate and my favourite player is Apdo (Jeong Sang-gil).
  • I love Aviation and Cycling.
  • I have tinnitus since 2018 and I play the game without sounds due to it.

Tournament Results[]

Date Pl Event Last Result Team Roster
2021-04-17 1 TCL/2021 Season/Winter Playoffs Fenerbahçe Esports Istanbul Wildcats StarScreen, Ferret, Serin, HolyPhoenix, Farfetch, Robogod, Janus
2021-03-21 2 TCL/2021 Season/Winter Season 14-4 RR Istanbul Wildcats StarScreen, Ferret, Serin, HolyPhoenix, Farfetch, Robogod, Janus


At 737 Cockpit


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