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Item was removed in Patch 6.9.
Sated Devourer
Enchantment - Bloodrazor.png
UNIQUE - Phantom Hit: Every second basic attack against non-structures will trigger a phantom attack, applying on-hit effects twice. On ranged champions, Phantom Hit will trigger every fourth basic attack instead.


60 (Magic)
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR, TR
Enchantment - Devourer.png
Total Cost: None Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 3290 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor.png Tracker's Knife - Bloodrazor.png


  • Devourer automatically transformed into this item upon reaching 30 stacks.
  • Phantom Hit only triggered on units.


  • This enchantment was removed for multiple reasons:
    • It caused balance issues on otherwise balanced champions like Master YiSquare.pngMaster Yi, KayleSquare.pngKayle, and ShyvanaSquare.pngShyvana (due to their extremely powerful on-hit effects), forcing Riot to nerf them and rebuff most of them once Devourer was removed.
    • The fact that it could trigger on-hit effects twice when stacked allowed champions like FizzSquare.pngFizz and the aforementioned Master YiSquare.pngMaster Yi to build tanky after completing this item and an additional on-hit item, since they only needed the on-hit effects to do damage, and could afford to build tanky thereafter; building tanky was not their intended playstyle and negated an intended weakness of them being squishy, causing further balance issues.
    • Devourer was encouraging junglers into a playstyle of AFK farming, which was considered toxic since it forced your team to be at the mercy of the enemy jungler (assuming they weren't also a Devourer jungler) in addition to rewarding junglers for not interacting with the rest of the players.
    • Devourer was replaced by
      in patch v6.9, and the Phantom Hit effect was moved to a new incarnation of
      Guinsoo's Rageblade
      . The latter doesn't need to be stacked with jungle monsters/champion kills, and can be purchased by champions which do not have Smite. However, it is significantly more expensive, and needs to be stacked in combat first.
  • Sated Devour worked very similarly to
    Feral Flare
    transforming from
    Wriggle's Lantern
    , back in Season 2014.


Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor.png Tracker's Knife - Bloodrazor.png Poacher's Knife - Sated Devourer.png Ranger's Trailblazer - Sated Devourer.png

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]


Goodbye, Ghost Dog.

For years we’ve tried to provide junglers an item that helps them burn through the jungle, but despite multiple seasons of iteration we’ve failed to find an incarnation of ‘stacking jungle rewards’ that wasn’t problematic. While Devourer is an incremental improvement over past incarnations (shout-outs to those who remember Feral Flare’s insane healing and vision control), the primary problem with ‘farming junglers’ is that you don’t see them for half the game. Junglers are an integral part of how teams in League operate, and incentivizing them to AFK for the 15 minutes is too high a cost to be healthy long-term. We still want to support junglers that like high attack speed and on-hit builds, but this isn’t the way to do it.

FINALLY SATED Enchantment: Devourer has been removed from the shop

Sated’s Phantom Hit takes longer to apply for ranged champions.

Though popularly known as the go-to item for Xin Zhao’s and Shyvana’s looking to melt faces, Devourer (and its Sated evolution) systematically skew harder towards ranged champions like Vayne and Kayle when it comes to raw power, safety, and availability of on-hits. While ‘Ranged Sated Junglers’ might be an outlier at present, but we’re taking action towards actively balancing the item for ranged users while we evaluate how best to support them on an champion-specific level if necessary.

PHANTOM HIT FOR RANGED CHAMPIONS : [every 2nd hit] every 4th hit

No longer scales infinitely. Now gains stacks on takedowns (kills and assists) and eventually transforms. Also, Ghost Dog.

"Ah, Devourer. A remnant of that one time we did the fastest design u-turn in the history of League of Legends development (a trophy potentially shared with Season 3's Black Cleaver).
It appears we have returned to the fight.
Let's start with the current Devourer and its infinite stacking. Initially, our assumption was that y'all were really invested in the concept of infinite stacking (and infinite power!!!), but as we've tried to iterate around this ‘must have' mechanic, we've come to realize it just doesn't jive well in a PvP game. Either you're stuck in that Always Be Farming mentality, or you're so far behind the enemy jungler that you regret many of the decisions that brought you there in the first place. Nobody likes lagging behind in the stack marathon.
So some goals: first, since this enchantment has always been the "I want to farm the jungle" pickup, we decided to keep the transformation-via-blood-of-my-enemies while taming that Always Be Farming mentality. A hard cap means if you're behind in the Devourer race, you're not just perpetually behind the curve - you can double down your farming efforts to catch up. Additionally, once that transformation does take place, you're not just daydreaming about your next meal - you're sated and ready to rumble.
Second, we've also updated the way this thing builds stacks in the first place. A simple change is that Devourer builds on monster takedowns (assists or kills), rather than just kills, so you don't feel bad when you give away that blue buff, or when Kallista secures the Dragon with a mega-Rend. Also, speaking of Dragon, we're really trying to incentivize Devourer junglers to focus on contested jungle objectives, like the Rift Scuttler or Dragon, as it gets them out into the sunlight (can't be playing League all day) while also giving enemies clear ways to slow your Devouring roll.
Third: for that Sated Devourer on-hit buff, we were going for some natural synergy with Devourer's on-hit damage, but are very aware of the potential craziness that can come from it. Things like Blade of the Ruined King's passive proc, or Master Yi's Wuju Style come to mind, but we're hoping you can exercise some real creativity in this space.
Go forth.
  • General
    • LARGE MONSTERS : 1 stack per kill 1 stack per takedown (kill or assist)
    • EPIC MONSTERS : 1 stack per kill 5 stacks per takedown
    • CHAMPIONS : 2 stacks per takedown 1 stack per takedown
    • RIFT SCUTTLER : 1 stack per kill 2 stacks per takedown
    • [NEW] GHOST DOG : While stacking your Devourer, you are accompanied by a Ghost Dog who will grow with stacks
    • [NEW] WE'RE GONNA COMBINE : At 30 stacks, Ghost Dog merges with the wielder and the Devourer transforms into...
  • Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor.png Sated Devourer
    • I HUNGER : Takedowns no longer grow Devourer's damage
    • PHANTOM HIT : Every other basic attack triggers on-hits twice