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Team has disbanded.
Samsung White
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South Korea
CreatedLoL Division 2013-09-07
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Samsung White was a Korean League of Legends team sponsored by Samsung Electronics. It was formerly known as MVP Ozone.


Acquisition of MVP Ozone[]

In September 2013, the major electronics corporation Samsung announced they would acquire the OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013 champion team of MVP Ozone to sponsor in League of Legends. The team had already qualified for the Season 3 World Championship as well.

Season 3 World Championship[]

Despite a roster swap moving Homme to the sub position and starting Looper right before the tournament, Samsung Ozone were expected to perform well at the World Championship, with the attention that the Korean scene was getting globally. They were placed in group B along with Fnatic, Gambit Gaming, Team Vulcun, and Mineski. Both they and Gambit finished the group stage with a 5-3 record, and they were tied 1-1 in the head-to-head matchup, but Ozone lost the tiebreaker match and were eliminated from the tournament; Fnatic and Gambit moved on to the quarterfinals.

2014 Season[]

After their poor performance at Worlds, Ozone went on to perform very well in OGN, placing second in the winter season behind SK Telecom T1 K (who went undefeated the entire season). Then between the winter season and spring season, the organization swapped the midlaners of its two teams: PawN joined Ozone from Samsung Blue, and dade left Ozone for Blue. The roster swap proved favorable for both teams, and in both the spring and summer seasons, Ozone and Blue both advanced to the semifinals; both times Blue defeated Ozone; and both times Ozone won the third-place match.

On June 11, Samsung Ozone renamed to Samsung White.

The Samsung organization also won the LoL Masters 2014 tournament, defeating SK Telecom in the finals.

With 525 circuit points at the end of the summer season of OGN, Samsung White and SK Telecom T1 K were tied for the second slot from Korea going into Worlds. At the Korean Regional Finals, they played a tiebreaker, which Ozone won 3-0.

Going into the 2014 Season World Championship, White and Blue were the two favorites to win the tournament. White went undefeated in their group, beating EDward Gaming, ahq e-Sports Club, and Dark Passage all 2-0 in the double round-robin. In the bracket stage, they beat Team Solomid 3-1 in the quarterfinals, then their sister team Samsung Blue 3-0 in the semifinals, and then won the finals 3-1 against Star Horn Royal Club. Only dropping two games the entire tournament, White were crowned World Champions and won the $1,000,000 prize.

2015 Preseason[]

On October 25 2014, Mata announced his retirement from the team.[1]


  • 2013
  • 2014

Player Roster[]

Samsung White's 2014 Season World Championship Roster
Left to Right: imp, DanDy, Mata, PawN, Looper

Samsung White OGN Summer 2014 Lineup
Left to Right: PawN, imp, Skatch, Mata, Homme, DanDy, Looper


Players are shown for the entire duration of their tenure on the team, with the role and substitute/trainee status they had upon their departure.

PlayerNameRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

LooperJang Hyeong-seok (장형석)
Top Laner
Sep 20132013-09-06Nov 20142014-11-17Team WE Academylogo std.pngWE.A

SkatchByun Se-hoon (변세훈)
≈Jun 2014≈2014-06-??Nov 20142014-11-17Vicilogo std.pngVG.S

GunJung Gun-hee (정건희)
≈Feb 2014≈2014-02-??Nov 20142014-11-17Samsunglogo std.pngSSB

DanDyChoi In-kyu (최인규)
Sep 20132013-09-06Oct 20142014-10-31Vicilogo std.pngVG.S

PawNHeo Won-seok (허원석)
Mid Laner
Feb 20142014-02-11Oct 20142014-10-31EDward Gaminglogo std.pngEDG

impGu Seung-bin (구승빈)
Bot Laner
Sep 20132013-09-06Oct 20142014-10-31Lgdlogo std.pngLGD

MataCho Se-hyeong (조세형)
Sep 20132013-09-06Oct 20142014-10-25Vicilogo std.pngVG.S

dadeBae Eo-jin (배어진)
Mid Laner
Sep 20132013-09-06Feb 20142014-02-11Samsunglogo std.pngSSB

HommeYoon Sung-young (윤성영)
Sep 20132013-09-06≈Feb 2014≈2014-02-??Samsunglogo std.pngSSW

Player League Participation[]

Playoff games are NOT included, but regular-season tiebreaker games ARE.


MataMVPlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngKT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT Rolsterlogo std.pngSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSK Telecom T1logo std.png329
PawNMiGlogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngKT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT Rolsterlogo std.pngKingzone DragonXlogo std.png210
DanDySuperstarlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.png110
DadeCJElogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.png109
ImpMVPlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.png107
HommeMVPlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngMVPlogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.png56
LooperSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.pngSamsunglogo std.png51



ID Name Position Next Team
Choi Choi Yoon-sang (최윤상) Head Coach 2144 Gaminglogo std.png2144 Gaming
Homme Yoon Sung-young (윤성영) 80Coach Vicilogo std.pngVici Gaming
DoGGi Choi Woo-beom (최우범) 80Coach Samsunglogo std.pngSamsung Galaxy


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Samsung White Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2014-10-191$1,000,000$ 1,000,000€ 780,000 Worlds 2014
3 : 1Star Horn Royal Clublogo std.pngSHR
 Looper,  Dandy,  PawN,  imp,  Mata
2014-08-163₩24,000,000$ 23,280€ 17,520 Champions 2014 Summer
3 : 0SK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT S
 Looper,  DanDy,  PawN,  imp,  Mata
Total Prize:USD 1,000,000 • KRW 24,000,000

As Samsung Ozone[]

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Samsung Ozone Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2014-05-163₩24,000,000$ 23,280€ 17,040 Champions 2014 Spring
3 : 2CJElogo std.pngCJB
 Looper,  DanDy,  PawN,  imp,  Mata
2014-01-252₩40,000,000$ 36,000€ 27,200 Champions 2014 Winter
0 : 3SK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT K
 Looper,  Homme,  DanDy,  dade,  imp,  Mata
2013-10-049 - 10$45,000$ 45,000€ 32,850 Worlds Season 3
5 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Looper,  DanDy,  Dade,  Imp,  Mata
Total Prize:KRW 64,000,000 • USD 45,000

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