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Item was removed in Patch 10.23.
Runic Echoes
Enchantment - Runic Echoes.png
UNIQUE - Echo: Gain charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next instance of ability damage you deal will expend all charges to deal 60 (+10%) bonus magic damage to the first enemy hit and summon up to 3 lesser bolts that target nearby enemies, prioritizing enemies damaged by the ability and champions over minions. This effect deals 250% damage to Large Monsters. Hitting a Large Monster with this effect will restore (+25% missing).



Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR, TR, NB
Jungle Item.png Stalker or Skirmisher + 250 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 2500 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 1750 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Runic Echoes.png


  • Each spell cast will generate 10 charge
    • Toggled abilities do not count as spell casts.
  • Moving by any means provides 5 charges for every 100 in-game units traveled. This includes walking, using dash or blink abilities, casting Recall, or being pulled or knocked back.
  • The damage dealt by Runic Echoes will apply spell effects from items as an area of effect ability.
  • Runic Echoes same as
    Luden's Echo
    will trigger on any source of damage which triggers spell effects, regardless of the type of damage.


  • This enchantment replaced the
    enchantment in patch V6.1 which itself replaced the
    enchantment in patch V5.12.


Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Runic Echoes.png Tracker's Knife - Runeglaive.png

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 9.10

Combine and total costs decreased.

Letting Runic users get their jungle enchanted item sooner so they can compete with other types of junglers, as well as encouraging non-users to experiment with the item.

COMBINE COST : [375 gold] 250 gold
TOTAL COST : [2625 gold] 2500 gold

Now builds out of Fiendish Codex rather than Lost Chapter. Ability power increased.

Lost Chapter is too expensive for a first component on junglers. Shifting Runic Echoes to build out of Fiendish Codex will give mage junglers an earlier power spike.

TOTAL COST : 2625 gold (unchanged)
BUILD PATH : [Lost Chapter + 325 gold]
Fiendish Codex + Mana Crystal + 375 gold

Now builds out of Lost Chapter instead of Aether Wisp. Movement Speed removed. Cooldown reduction and Mana added.

Mage junglers have been pretty scarce on the Rift for a while, and we're looking to change that. Changing Runic Echoes' buildpath to grant mana and cooldown reduction (both core mage stats) and increasing its overall stat efficiency should open the door for more mages to tango with jungle monsters. We've also made changes to Hunter's Talisman (check those out below) which should help spellcasters feel better about jungling even before they pick up Runic Echoes.

TOTAL COST : 2625 gold (unchanged)
BUILD PATH : Stalker's Blade + [Aether Wisp + Amplifying Tome + 345 gold]
[Lost Chapter + 325 gold]
MANA 300

Proc mana restore increased.

Most mage junglers struggle with mana—form-swappers are the main exception—so we're looking into giving those weaker mage junglers more consistency.


Less damage on proc.

Runic Echoes is supposed to realize the fantasy of having a scaling AP champion from the jungle, but a disproportionate amount of buyers transition into heavy tank items after the purchase. Echoes into defense items isn’t a build we’re opposed to per se, but the current tuning is more beneficial for tanky champs that can proc it multiple times in a fight.. Mages still have a scaling ‘hit-and-run’ jungle item, but when Nautilus, Amumu, Maokai (and even… Hecarim?!) are buying this to the exclusion of other enchantments, you know there’s a problem.

BASE DAMAGE : [80] 60

Movement speed down.

By the numbers, Runic Echoes has been a more than suitable replacement for Runeglaive. Using it profitably has serious returns, gaining a leg up in map pressure over other junglers due to its high movement speed. We're happy that magic-damage dealers of all kinds are finding success in the jungle, but it's clear that the map mobility it provides is shutting out other enchantments (and the junglers who use them) from feeling like they can compete.


Runic Echoes is a cheaper Luden's Echo for junglers. While it has less ability power and base damage, it restores a large portion of your missing mana on hitting a Large Monster - in addition to dealing bonus damage!

It's context time.

When we introduced the Runeglaive enchantment in Season 5 it, like the incredible Zoot Suit, was specifically tailored for its time. In development, we took a hard look at all of the existing AP junglers and tried to deliver a finely-tuned item that would enable them beyond "bundle of stats" (with Fiddlesticks as an accepted casualty. Sorry Fiddle.). At that point, our view of AP junglers was fairly narrow and our goal was definitely "solve for the present."

This season, we can take a more future-facing look at Runeglaive (now Runic Echoes). The introduction of Hunter's Talisman means we can solidify spell-casting as a core part of an AP jungler's rotation, so it makes more sense that Runic Echoes is an extension of that. Echoes should be a flat upgrade (or sidegrade, at worst) for most champions, to the point where we'll probably need to keep a close eye on the balance of that movement speed bonus. One additional issue we wanted to solve was to allow for late game scaling on an AP jungle item - something Runeglaive lacked due to its lower ratio in comparison to Lich Bane.

On the point of, "Why not both?" we'll go back to the discussion we had when we replaced Magus. Specifically, if the goal of Runic Echoes is to serve all AP junglers equivalently or better than Runeglaive, then Runeglaive either becomes another Ohmwrecker (sorry) or it's an "alternative" choice for a smaller subset of AP junglers that skews their balance on yet another axis. The question we asked was, "What do we gain by keeping Runeglaive?" and while the diversity option for a few champions was nice, we trade a lot of clarity in balance to keep two items that should functionally serve the same class.

BUILD PATH : Tier 2 Jungle Item + Amplifying Tome + Aether Wisp + 340 gold
UNIQUE PASSIVE : Echo - Gain charges upon moving or casting. At full charges, the next spell hit expends all charges to deal 80 (+0.10 ability power) magic damage to up to 4 targets. This effect deals 250% damage to Large Monsters. Hitting a Large Monster with this effect will restore 18% of your missing mana.