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Rift Herald
Rift Herald.jpg
Gold Gain100
Experience Gain200

8250 - 16500


99.5 - 250





The Rift Herald is the third most powerful neutral monster on Summoner's Rift. Usually referred to as the "Herald".


  • Rift Herald's level is decided from the average of the players' levels the moment it spawns. Its minimum level is level 6.
  • The Rift Herald despawns at 19:50, to make room for the [[
    ]] to spawn. If in combat, the Herald despawns at 19:55.
  • When killed, the Rift Herald drops the  Eye of the Herald in the ground for 20 seconds for the slaying team to pick up. If not picked in that timeframe, it permanently disappears.

Summoned Rift Herald[]

  • Upon usage, the user channels for 1 second, before summoning the Rift Herald.
  • The Rift Herald will head to the nearest lane, attacking minions, before charging at the turret.
  • The charge deals 1500-2550 (levels 6-12) damage but the Herald takes 66% current health as self-damage.


  • Passives
    • The Rift Herald's basic attacks deal 4% of target's current health, as bonus physical damage.
    • Effects that deal damage based on Rift Herald's health and are not usually capped, are capped at 50 damage.
    • Rift Herald's is immune to all disabling debuffs.
    • Rift Herald has a vulnerable eye on her back, which makes champion basic attacks against it deal 12% of her maximum health, as bonus true damage. When the eye is hit, it closes for 10 seconds, reduced by 2.5 seconds every time she is struck by a champion's basic attack. The eye cannot open more than once every 3 seconds or if the Rift Herald is below 15% maximum health.
  • Actives Abilities
    • At the start of the fight, the Rift Herald winds up and charges forward, knocking aside enemies she passes through and damaging them for 200% AD.
    • At 65.75% and 32.75% of Rift Herald's maximum health, it winds up for an attack that deals 300% AD in a cone in front of her.


  • Killing the Rift Herald grants the  Eye of the Herald, which can be crushed to summon the Rift Herald to aid in the sieging of enemy turrets.

Patch History[]

Patch 9.23

With the increased importance on drakes on bot side, we're spawning Rift Herald a bit earlier and letting her respawn once so teams don't completely abandon their top laners in favor of bot lane presence. (Y'know...more than they already do.)

Rift Herald Fight

INITIAL SPAWN : [10:00] 8:00
DESPAWN : 19:30, delayed to 19:50 if in combat (unchanged)
HEALTH : [10,000-16,000 (levels 6-12)]
8,250-16,500 (levels 6-12)
ATTACK SPEED : [0.5] 0.4 (it's easier to poke Rift Herald's eye before she spins around)

Summoned Rift Herald

HERALD LEVEL : Average level of all ten champions, determined on [using Eye of the Herald]
picking up Eye of the Herald
HEALTH : [4000-6400 (levels 6-12)]
3180-6360 (levels 6-12)
HEADBUTT TURRET DAMAGE : [40% current heath (1600-2560), minimum 1500]
1500-2550 (levels 6-12)
HEADBUTT SELF-DAMAGE : [25%] 66% current health

Patch 8.23

BUGFIX : Dying to the summoned Rift Herald with Blue and/or Red buff now properly transfers the buff to the enemy who summoned Rift Herald

Patch 8.19

CELEBRATE : Baron Nashor, Rift Herald, and Dragon steals are now celebrated (or "celebrated", depending on which side of the steal you were on) via chat call-outs and announcement banners!

Patch 8.9
Takes less damage from charging. Does more damage to towers with charge. Takes more damage from eye pokes.

Rift Herald is the Baron of pre-20 minutes: a strong option for teams who are ahead and want to widen their lead. We want players who use Rift Herald well to be more rewarded, potentially with multiple towers, while players who drop Rift Herald at the wrong time will be more easily punished. For teams that are even, getting an eye proc should successfully shut her down, but without it, expect her to continue her rampage.

DAMAGE TO SELF ON TURRET CHARGE : [150 + 25% current health] 25% current health
DAMAGE TO TURRET ON TURRET CHARGE : [150 + 25% current health]
40% of current HP or 1500, whichever is greater.
EYE DAMAGE : [20%] 40% maximum health

Patch 7.22
Spawns sooner

INITIAL SPAWN TIMER : [10:00] 9:50

Patch 7.16

BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Rift Herald would hit both Nexus turrets simultaneously if spawned on the mid-lane

Patch 7.13

Herald should be immediately more rewarding to the individual who kills her.

REWARD : [25 gold] 100 gold

Patch 7.12

BUGFIX : Tahm Kench can no longer Devour a summoned Rift Herald
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug preventing the summoned Rift Herald from being Smited
BUGFIX : Akali can now properly proc Mark of the Assassin’s bonus damage and energy restore against the summoned Rift Herald
BUGFIX : Pinging Rift Herald no longer produces a debug string in chat

Patch 7.10
Enemy awareness improvements around Rift Herald

GLOBAL QQ : Rift Herald’s death cry is now global when killed as a neutral objective
AWARENESS : Added a chat notification for the enemy team indicating which player picked up the Eye of the Herald
MY PEOPLE NEED ME : Rift Herald pings the enemy team whenever she prepares to leap at a turret

Patch 7.9 May 4th Hotfix

BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where canceling Eye of the Herald's summoning ritual at the very end of its 0.25 second wind-up (before the uncancellable 3-second channel begins) could cause the item to go on an extremely long cooldown, preventing it from being used before it expires

Patch 7.9
Rift Herald has new visuals, a new fighting style, and can be summoned to wreak havoc to turrets.

We always wanted Rift Herald to be a compelling objective up toward top, but she’s historically failed to earn her place on the map. So, we revisited the encounter and its rewards for midseason. With a brand new fighting style (but same lack of protective eyewear), Rift Herald will feel like a more epic fight. Once defeated, the big changes come into play. She is imprisoned in a trinket that can be crushed to summon her. Once unleashed, she marches down to the nearest lane, ignoring enemy champions in her mindless drive to slam turrets (and inhibitors and the Nexus) into little pieces until killed. So maybe try to kill her while you still have a base left.
The encounter

SPAWN TIME : 10 minutes (unchanged)
ATTACK DAMAGE : [119-361 (based on level)] 100-250 (based on level)
ATTACK SPEED : [0.667] 0.5
ATTACK RANGE : [150] 250
EYE OPENING CADENCE : Every [3 seconds] 10 seconds, reduced by 2.5 seconds per champion attack
BLIND SPOT : Poking Rift Herald’s eye deals 12% of her maximum health as damage (unchanged)
LEARNT MY LESSON : Rift Herald won’t open her eye below 15% health
OUT OF THE PIT : Rift Herald can walk outside of the pit without losing aggro
SHE’S PATIENT : Rift Herald is more lenient towards swapping targets and leashing
GOLD REWARD : [50 (ish) global gold] 25 to her killer
LEEROY At the start of the fight, Rift Herald winds up and charges forward, knocking aside enemies she passes through and damaging them for double her attack damage
ENRAGE At certain health thresholds, Rift Herald winds up for an attack that deals triple her attack damage in a cone in front of her

The reward

NEW : Rift Herald is captured in the Eye of the Herald when killed. Any member of the team that killed Rift Herald can pick it up, temporarily replacing their trinket.
CHAOS! : Channeling Eye of the Herald for 3.5 seconds will crush it to summon Rift Herald from the void as your team’s ally
NEW(ISH) : Eye of the Herald grants Empowered Recall while held
DURATION : Eye of the Herald expires after 4 minutes if not used.

Rift Herald returned

CHAAARGE : When summoned, Rift Herald will head to the nearest lane and starts killing enemy minions and structures
HEALTH : 4,000 - 6,400 (based on average level of game)
ATTACK DAMAGE : 80-200 (based on average champion level of all ten players)
BASIC ATTACK : 3% of Herald's current health in addition to Base AD
TURRET LEAP ATTACK : When Rift Herald approaches turrets she winds up and leaps into melee range, dealing 150 damage plus 25% of her current health to the turret and herself
ENRAGE At certain health thresholds, Rift Herald winds up for an attack that deals double her attack damage in a cone in front of her (same as her encounter stage)
BLINDSPOT : Poking Rift Herald’s eye deals 20% of her maximum health as damage
STAHP : Rift Herald can be affected by most forms of crowd control
EYE OPENING CADENCE : Every 3 seconds
DUCHESS SMASH : Rift Herald disables turret backdoor defenses even when no allied minions are nearby

Patch 6.22
Rift Herald spawns later and hits less hard.

Rift Herald is supposed to be a threatening objective for split-pushers to contest. It’s high damage renders it too threatening to be worth taking, as it often turns into a trap for players who try to start it, especially early on. We’re pushing Rift Herald’s spawn back to a time more appropriate to such a strong objective, and dialing back on its damage so that players have clearer opportunities to secure it.

SPAWN TIME : [6 minutes] 10 minutes
ATTACK DAMAGE : [105] 85

Patch 6.20

BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Rift Herald couldn’t disable Garen’s Passive - Perseverance after Perseverance 'ranked up' at level 11

Patch 6.9
Now only spawns once. Rift Herald’s buff lasts an incredibly long time, persists through death, and provides amazing dueling.

Now that Rift Herald’s been out for nearly half a year, it’s time to reevaluate our goals. Originally added to introducnew dynamic between both halves of the Rift, Herald hasn’t quite made the splash we hoped for. Instead of driving action to the top side of the map, the Doom's Eve buff comes with too many conditions to be universally appreciated. Do i take this before or after taking a turret? Do I take it instead of a turret? When you trade lane pressure to take something that gives lane pressure, things get pretty muddy.
That brings us to today. When optimized, junglers solo Rift Herald with very little help or notice from their team and farm camps until it’s time to group. This wouldn’t matter much, except that no one seems to care about taking it. ‘Are they bot? Eh, we’ll take Herald a guess.’ Even after RH falls, there's no clear game impact a someone’s just ambiguously stronger foshort period of time. With Midseason incoming and an objective falling short of strategic significance, we went back to the drawing board.
With 6.9, we’re eliminating the confusion and refocusing Rift Herald to be an objective you really don’t want to give away for free. Enabling snowballing and split-pushers alike, Herald is a one-time event that puts the team it falls to firmly in the driver’s seat for the early stages of the game.

Rift Herald

SPAWN TIME : [4:00] 6:00
RESPAWN : Removed
BASE HEALTH : [5000] 8000
BASE ARMORR : [40] 60
BACKSTAB DAMAGE : [15% maximum health] 12% maximum health

UPDATED Glimpse of the Void

NAME : [Doom’s Eve] Glimpse of the Void
DURATION : [2:00] 20:00
CORRUPTED BLOOD Glimpse of the Void is not lost on death or obtaining Hand of Baron
CORRUPTION : While no allied champions are near you, you gain 5% damage reduction against champions and continuously build charges of Corruption. At 100 charges, your next basic attack discharges all stacks of Corruption, dealing 15-270 magic damage (at levels 1-18, damage halved for ranged champions).

Patch 6.2

BUGFIX : Rift Herald now drops a soul for Thresh

Patch 6.1
Damage down.

Continuing Rift Herald's welcome to the League by nudging his dream-crushing power down, bit by bit. It's a potent tool for pushing advantages, but so often the health cost for taking it is so high that teams still aren't sure when to go for it.

BASE DAMAGE : [105] 95

Patch 5.24
It’s now easier to hand off Doom’s Eve.

We’re still seeing how Rift Herald fits into the grand scheme of things, so we’re making some improvements to make it easier to hand off the buff to the right person without risk of junglers ‘accidentally’ taking it, or dying to Herald in the process.

EXECUTIONER Eye no longer stays open in Execute Range
VOID LOOT Killing Rift Herald no longer automatically grants Doom's Eve. Instead, Rift Herald now drops an Eye Relic on the ground for the killing team, granting Doom's Eve to the player that picks it up.
DELICIOUS Rift Herald now grants Nunu a buff when Consumed

Patch 5.23
R. Harold deals less damage.

Herald's doing cool things to the top lane dynamic, but hits too hard for teams to consider an option in any game but the one where you're massively ahead. Lowering damage should mean less deaths to Rift Herald, as well as more ability to use the buff once you get it (instead of recalling immediately).

WHERE DID YOU COME FROM Has a new, void-y spawn animation
WHERE DID YOU GO Also has a new, void-y death animation
BASE DAMAGE : [120] 105

Patch 5.22
Even a Baron has its subjects.

As it stands, the bottom lane is the only 'correct' area of early game focus, warping teams' choices of summoner spells, champions and strategies in a never-ending arms race that's culminated in the modern-era Teleport-pocalypse. With so many team resources tied up in this problem, we set out to see if we could even up the map.
Enter the Rift Herald.
As an objective, Herald gives a reason to dominate the top lane and something to miss if you Teleport away. Providing a powerful buff that enables split-pushing (as well as an encounter as difficult as any in League at the moment), its presence adds relevance to the northern side of the map, giving teams alternative strategies to pursue or a counter-move to make when the going gets tough down south.

SPAWNS AT : 4 minutes
RESPAWN RATE : 5 minutes
DESPAWNS AT : 19:45 out of combat, 19:55 no matter what
BACKSTAB : The eye on Rift Herald's back periodically opens, causing basic attacks from behind to deal 15% of its maximum health as true damage
MASSIVE DAMAGE : If Backstabbing Rift Herald brings it to 15% health or below, the eye stays open.
VOID ARMOR : Rift Herald takes 35% less damage from ranged basic attacks
BREAK THE PINATA : Slaying Rift Herald grants 50 gold to your team and Doom's Eve to whoever lands the killing blow for 2 minutes.
DOOM'S EVE : Rift Herald's slayer gains the following bonuses:
  • 10% increased damage
  • 40 movement speed
  • Enhanced Baron Recall
HERALD'S LEGION : Minions near Rift Herald's slayer gain the following bonuses:
  • 40% increased attack speed
  • 100 extra range (on Cannon Minions)

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