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General Information
TitleThe Pridestalker
Release DateAugust 21st, 2012
Cost4800 BE 880 RP

620 (+ 104)

7 (+ 0.5)


68 (+ 3)

0.667 (+ 3%)


34 (+ 4.2)

32 (+ 2.05)
Developer Info
DDragon KeyRengar
Integer Key107
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Rengar is a champion in League of Legends.


For outdated and now non-canon lore entries, click here.
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Rengar is a ferocious vastayan trophy hunter who lives for the thrill of tracking down and killing dangerous creatures. He scours the world for the most fearsome beasts he can find, especially seeking any trace of Kha'ZixSquare.pngKha'Zix, the void creature who scratched out his eye. Rengar stalks his prey neither for food nor glory, but for the sheer beauty of the pursuit.

Rengar hails from a tribe of Shuriman vastaya known as the Kiilash, whose society venerated the honor and glory of the hunt. Rengar was born the runt of the litter to the tribe's chieftain, Ponjaf. Ponjaf believed Rengar's diminutive size would make him a worthless hunter. He ignored his child, assuming the runt would starve to death.

Eventually, the young Rengar fled the camp, ashamed that he had disappointed his father. He subsisted on grubs and plants for weeks until, one day, he was nearly killed by a legendary human hunter named Markon. Upon seeing Rengar's state, he took pity on the creature and let it live. Besides, this was no mighty vastayan warrior worthy of Markon's blade.

Rengar spent months following Markon, feeding off the corpses the hunter left behind. He still hoped to one day rejoin his tribe, and so took great care in observing how Markon took down his quarries.

After some time, Markon grew sick of the pathetic Kiilash following him around. He put a knife to Rengar's throat and informed him that the only way to be a hunter was to hunt. He tossed Rengar the blade and kicked him down a ravine, where he was forced to make his first kill to survive.

From then on, Rengar spent years pushing himself almost to breaking point. He scoured Shurima for the most powerful and dangerous prey. Though he would never be as big as other Kiilash, Rengar was determined to be twice as ferocious. Over time, instead of coming back to his camp each time with fresh scars, he began to come back with trophies. He polished a sandhawk's skull to a sheen; he braided the teeth of a shrieker into his hair.

Then, when he decided the time had come, Rengar returned to his tribe, ready to be accepted as a true hunter.

Ponjaf scoffed at Rengar and his trophies. He decreed that only by bringing back the head of the elusive and legendary Void-abomination known as Kha'Zix would Rengar be welcomed back into the tribe.

Blinded by his eagerness, Rengar allowed this cunning beast to get the drop on him. The Void creature ripped out one of Rengar's eyes and escaped. Furious and defeated, Rengar admitted his failure to Ponjaf. As expected, his father chastised him.

But as Ponjaf spoke, Rengar noticed all the trophies adorning his father's hut were dusty and old. The chieftain had not hunted anything in a long time—he had likely sent Rengar after Kha'Zix because he was too afraid to do it himself.

Rengar interrupted his father and called him a coward. Many Kiilash were blessed with strong bodies or comfortable homes. Rengar, conversely, was born facing death. He had taught himself how to hunt, and had the trophies and scars to prove it. Even his own bloody eye socket was a trophy: proof that though Rengar was born with disadvantages, he never gave up.

Rengar leapt onto his father and gutted him from neck to belly. The fiercest hunters of the tribe crowned him with flame-roses, marking him as their new chieftain.

But Rengar didn't need his village's acceptance. All he needed was adrenaline pumping through his veins as he chased down his prey. He left the village, without even pausing to take a trophy from what was left of Ponjaf—his father was not a kill worthy of remembering. Instead, he set off determined to find and slay the Void creature that had tried to blind him.

Not to satisfy the Kiilash, but to satisfy himself.

"Prey on the weak and you will survive, prey on the strong and you will live."

- RengarSquare.pngRengar


To be exiled is to be erased.

You are not forgotten. You never existed at all. Each beat of your heart is judged unworthy of counting. Even a slave wears chains, proving their value. Even the dead are mourned.

I am nothing to the Kiilash who birthed me. The name RengarSquare.pngRengar no longer recalls the face of their kin, son of Chieftain Ponjaf. I am outcast from their hearts as much as their hearths.

There is no return from such a fate.

Or so I was told. Years and blood can change such things.

My heart still beats, and so I went to them with trophies gathered on the hunter’s path. Wordlessly I was brought before my father’s gaze. He offered me a return to the tribe, where my name would be spoken and face remembered, where my heart’s beating would be counted again.

And he named the cost for such a thing.

I must track a shadow. Bladed shard of moonless night. Abomination.

Return from the jungle with its
, and I shall be exiled no more.

I melt between the trees. I hear, smell, feel. I parse the spoor of a thousand creatures, big and small. This comes from instinct, sharpened by the cold teachings of the human who found an outcast, and set him down the path of the hunt. I still bear the knife Markon gave me.

I search for the Kha'ZixSquare.pngwrong-thing that dwells here, unable to belong.

that hang and rattle from my coat are gone, left behind at my camp. There is only the blade, a layer of grease to slicken my fur, and the slow, measured beat of a hunter’s heart in my chest.

There is nothing, amid the teeming life of the rainforest… until there is something. It is faint, but stark, slithering over my senses. The sickly sweet unfamiliarity of it halts me for a moment as I take it in. It is wrong in every way. Repulsive. An enemy to life in ways I cannot describe. It defies everything around it.

The true hunt begins. I follow the trail.

I snake around it, never touching. I endure the wrong-thing’s scent, until the sounds of bloodletting reward me.

Something is dying. Through the trees ahead. It is not dying well.

A pack of jungle raptors. Far from the apex, raptors are still capable predators, and rarely ever prey. Their attacker is either desperate with hunger, or unconcerned by their lethality.

I bare my teeth in a grin. It may be a challenge after all.

The reek of the wrong-thing is overpowering. It clings to the clumps of bright, bloody plumage strewn about the forest floor. I surge up a thick, rugged tree trunk, my claws carrying me silently into the canopy. I crouch there in the leafy shadows, tasting the humidity of the air, narrowing my eyes, seeking my quarry.

It has speed. That is a weapon it has honed to a fine edge. I catch only glimpses as it darts back and forth, finishing its kills and preparing to feast.

The promise of trophies does not spur it to hunt. I sense a greater hunger in its movements, something beyond the primal urge to survive.

When the last raptor dies, the wrong-thing slows. Even so, it is never still. It leaps and slides across the ground like smoke. I can see it more clearly now. It makes my brain itch.

It is like an insect, but not completely. Its parts do not make sense. Limbs and flesh and shell and Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear that cannot belong to the same single creature—all inside a glistening outer skeleton, blackish-purple like rotten fruit. The air and light writhe around it. They do not want to touch it either.

That gives me the understanding I seek. The wrong-thing bears the mark of an exile, too. I am ready to send it back to whatever foulness spawned it.

With Markon’s knife light in my grip, I drop from the branches.

There is no sound when I land behind the creature. It pays my approach no heed. I know how to move unseen, unheard, until those sweet, adrenaline-filled moments after a killing blow is struck. I have risen to become an apex predator by adaptation, by instinct… and in this moment my instinct screams that something is not right.

Hesitation saves my lifeblood from joining that of the raptors. I barely see the claw as it slices the air I would have occupied. It knew I was coming. Had I not stopped short, it would have ended me then.

Everything has been too clean. Too easy. I should have recognized this sooner. Ponjaf’s promise has blinded me, confidence soured to hubris, leaving me exposed.

A slick chittering comes from the monster’s throat. Ichor flecks its jaws. There is movement on its back, straining against the carapace. It hisses, a noise I cannot tell is of pain or pleasure, as a pair of new limbs erupt and unfurl into hideous, dripping wings. It has seen the threat I pose, and so it changes. It is unwilling to submit as prey.

I lunge.

Too slow. The creature’s riposte sends Markon’s knife spinning from my grip. Foolishly, sentimentally, my eyes follow it for an instant. The error opens the way for the wrong-thing to strike.

Another bladed claw flicks out. Hot, stinging pain. A roaring between my ears.

I fall back. Blood slicks my face.

I scramble to gain distance, trying to blink the red from my vision. The right eye is a blur. The left remains dark. The roaring will not fade.

I reach for my cheek. I realize what the beast has taken.

Beating the last of the vile slime from its wings, the wrong-thing rises to hover over me. It bares its fangs, either in further challenge or a cruel grin, and holds my left eye up for me to see. Slowly it lowers the blood-slick orb over its fangs, and drops it down its gullet.

My gorge rises. I clench my fists, rubbing at my remaining eye.

The defilement of it. The symbolic shift as this foul creature snatches the role of hunter away from me. I no longer feel any pain. Only rage.

I hurl myself at it. I need no knife. I have the claws I was born with, and the triumphal roar I learned for myself. I will not be defeated.

We collide.

The red dance of violence seems unending. We each give chase in turn. The abomination is cold darkness. I am the core of a vengeful sun. We cut away at each other, over and over, and the rest of the world no longer matters.

Finally, as night falls, my enemy flees.

Or… is that just as I wish to see it? Maybe it learned all it can from me, and instinct guides it on to greater things. Exhaustion takes hold. I collapse, left with bloody wounds and a new, terrible sense of connection to this monster. It is a bond forged in the moment it ate of my flesh.

The Kiilash know the wrong-thing as Kha’Zix.

In the old mortal tongue, it means, “You Face Yourself”.

True enough, it changed as we fought, growing and twisting. It went forward, always forward to find its edge, where I looked back into myself, back into the past and the tribe of my birth, to summon my exile’s fury.

This was not enough. As it has adapted, now so must I.

For I will have my kill.


Rengar smelled the blood before he saw the dead humans. Six or so, he estimated, but it was tough to get an exact count thanks to the number of pieces they’d been torn into. Their swords were strewn about the meadow, as useful as dulled cutlery.

He knelt, licking blood from the ground.

Cold to the tongue. Still sweet, yet bitter with the taste of iron.

It had been spilled less than an hour ago.

Turning over one of the stray limbs in his hand, Rengar found a line of greenish saliva dangling from where the arm had been ripped from its body. He raised the stump to his nose and sniffed.

The saliva smelled foul, like a corpse that had rotted in a puddle of excrement. Just raising it to his nose nearly made Rengar want to vomit, and he had a stronger stomach than most.

He smiled his wide, toothy smile. The creature who inflicted these wounds would be easy to track.

Rengar watched from the brush as the razorhide worked its claws around an old man’s skull and crushed it between its boneteeth. It howled in disappointment, evidently unimpressed by the lack of a crunch.

The giant, four-legged beast stomped through the elderly man’s tent, crushing it with a single step, then biting at the canvas and tearing it apart.

Tossing aside the man’s bedroll, it howled in delight as Rengar heard the scream of a young boy.

Little one.

Frightened. Good fear. Delicious fear.

Time to eat. Time to silence screams. Time to—


Pain on the back of its neck. Sharp and hot. Something bit it? No. Another pain, then another. Sharp stabs. Something with a weapon. Something with some fight in it.

Maybe something tasty.

PREY 1.png

Rengar held onto the kirai saber with one hand as the razorhide bucked back and forth, trying to dislodge him. With his other hand, he grabbed a knife and punctured the beast’s leathery hide over and over. He knew he’d never kill the beast this way, but he’d get it bleeding. Confuse it.

With any luck, panic it.

The razorhide dropped to its stomach and rolled over, taking Rengar with it. It was fast—much faster than Rengar would have thought for a creature of its size. He barely had time to dislodge his blades and jump away.

The two combatants got to their feet. Blood trickled down the razorhide’s scales, each one sharp enough to sever a limb. Combined, the scales made for a nigh-impenetrable defense and a thousand small weapons all at the same time. It circled Rengar, sniffing the air. Rengar could tell he’d never win a straight fight against it. It was too big, too quick, too strong.

A lifetime of scars had taught Rengar the secret of hunting. It wasn’t about being strong. It was about knowing when to withdraw, and when to attack.

Right now? It was time to withdraw.

He sprinted away from the village toward the tall grass surrounding it. The razorhide leapt after him in pursuit, its feet pounding the earth. Rengar could hear it behind him. He could be hidden in the grass soon enough, but the razorhide would catch up to him long before then.

He just needed a few extra seconds.

One-eyed vastaya will be delicious. Only one thing tastier than something young: something that just tried to kill you.

Stomp the cat-beast to death before eating? No. Better to swallow him whole, feel thrashing grow weaker and weaker until it deliciously stops.

Unhinge jaw. Bite down, feel warm spurts of blood—

Tripping. Falling. What?

Some sort of weapon—three balls, tied together with leather—tangled around legs.


Still. Broke free easily. But cat-beast gone. Only slight rustle in tall grass to show where he went.

Bound into field after it. Cat-beast: small, scared.

Me: big, fast.

Will stomp all tallgrass down if it takes—


Warmth running down hind legs. From where? Behind?

No cat-beast. Ran away again.

Pain. New pain, in side. Annoying. Not problem. Just annoying.

Start running. Doesn’t matter which direction. Put distance between us. Regroup.

Turn around. Where vastaya? Maybe ran away. Maybe hiding, waiting.

PREY 2.png

This was the best part. Invisible within the tall grass. His prey cautious, but not smart enough to be terrified.

The momentary silence before the attack. Before the quarry realized just how helpless it was. Before the howls of pain, and the blood, and the adrenaline, and the joy.

Rengar threw his head back and roared.

Where roar coming from? Sounds like everywhere. Not roar of anger. Not roar of fear.


Getting closer.

No. This was a mistake. Out in the open. Run. Run back.

Hard to breathe. Why?

The wound in the side. Deeper than it felt? Throat wet. Choking. Blood.

Don’t slow down.

Where is village? This way? No. The other.

Vastaya still roaring. Still getting closer.

Run. Doesn’t matter where. Just r—

Flash of metal. Cool air blowing on stomach.

No, inside stomach.

Feel self growing lighter. Sound of something wet and heavy hitting the ground. Many wet and heavy things.

Look back. Guts. Fluid. A trail of red and green.

Pain. Stinging pain, throbbing pain, stabbing pain. Everywhere.

Can’t stand up. Legs buckle. Breathing hard. Hear footsteps coming closer.

Sound of knife leaving sheath.

Feel something. Something new. Something terrible. Not hunger, anger, joy.


Rengar approached the prone razorhide, its feet still kicking at the air as blood poured from the massive slash across its belly. Its eyes were dilated.

What trophy would he take? The skull? The mane?

The creature lifted its head and worked its jaw, biting at the air out of anger or confusion.

Rengar smiled. The creature’s boneteeth were sharp. Smooth.

One of those would make an impressive addition to his necklace.


ItemSquareBonetooth Necklace.png Bonetooth Necklace Rengar keeps trophies of his kills on his Bonetooth Necklace, permanently increasing his Bonus Attack Damage when a unique champion is killed within 3 seconds of taking damage from him.

  • 1 Trophy: +1 (+1% bonus) bonus AD.
  • 2 Trophy: +3 (+4% bonus) bonus AD.
  • 3 Trophy: +7 (+9% bonus) bonus AD.
  • 4 Trophy: +13 (+16% bonus) bonus AD.
  • 5 Trophy: +20 (+25% bonus) bonus AD.

  • Head of Kha'Zix
    : +30 (+30% bonus) bonus AD.
Unseen Predator.png Unseen Predator [Passive]
Range: 745

Active: While in brush, Rengar leaps at his target with is basic attack. Whenever he reaches 0 stacks of ferocity, his next leap now generates 1 stack, regardless of current stacks.

At 4 Ferocity, his next ability is empowered. Casting an empowered ability increases Rengar's Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds.

Killing enemy champions awards trophies on Rengar's Bonetooth Necklace.

Movement Speed: 30 / 40 / 50%
Savagery.png Savagery [Q]
Cost: No Cost Cooldown: 4s Range: 450

Empowered Savagery.png
Generates 1 Ferocity

Active: Rengar gains 40% Attack Speed for his next 2 attacks. The first attack deals physical damage and will critically strike, and the damage is increased by (+0.66% per 1% Crit Chance).

Ferocity effect: Savagery's damage is increased and grants Rengar Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Physical Damage: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+100 / 105 / 110 / 115 / 120% total)
Empowered Damage: 30 - 235 (+140% total) based on level
Empowered Attack Speed: 50 - 101% (based on level)
Battle Roar.png Battle Roar [W]
Cost: No cost Cooldown: 16 / 14.5 / 13 / 11.5 / 10s Area of Effect: 450

Battle Roar2.png
Generates 1 Ferocity

Active: Deals magic damage to nearby enemies (increased against monsters) and heals Rengar for 50% of the damage he took in the last 1.5 seconds.

Ferocity effect: Deals increased magic damage, removes existing crowd control effects.

Magic Damage: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 (+80%)
Empowered Damage: 50 - 220 (based on level) (+80%)
Bonus Damage vs. Monsters: 85 - 150 (based on level)
Bola Strike.png Bola Strike [E]
Cost: No Cost Cooldown: 10s Range: 1000

Bola Strike2.png
Generates 1 Ferocity

Active: Throws a bola, dealing physical damage, slowing the first enemy hit for 1.75 seconds, revealing them for 2 seconds and granting sight of a 150 unit radius around them for the same duration.

Ferocity effect: Deals increased physical damage and roots the target for 1.75 seconds.

Physical Damage: 55 / 100 / 145 / 190 / 235 (+80% bonus)
Slow: 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90%
Empowered Damage: 50 - 305 (based on level) (+80% bonus)
Thrill of the Hunt.png Thrill of the Hunt [R]
Cooldown: 110 / 100 / 90s Area of Effect: 2500 / 3000 / 3500

Passive: Rengar gains Unseen Predator.png Unseen Predator when he's Camouflaged from any source.
Active: Rengar gains Movement Speed and True Sight of the nearest enemy champion (within range), granting sight of a 100 unit radius around them for the same duration.

After the first 2 seconds, Rengar becomes Camouflaged and can leap to an enemy without being in brush. Leaping to the nearest champion deals (+50% total) bonus physical damage and reduces their Armor for 4 seconds.

Movement Speed: 40 / 50 / 60%
Duration: 12 / 16 / 20 seconds
Armor Shred: 12 / 18 / 24

Patch History[]

Patch 9.4

Fixed a bug where Q dealt more rank 1 damage than intended.


Savagery.png Q - Savagery

BASE DAMAGE : [70/45/60/75/90]

R cooldown decreased early.

We want to help Rengar feel powerful, but we're also trying to tone down upfront damage in League overall. Because of this, we’re giving Rengar more chances to surprise his opponents rather than boosting his damage when he does.

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt

COOLDOWN : [130/100/70]
110/90/70 seconds

Base attack damage increased. Rengar's Q no longer causes him to sometimes cancel his actions.

We've been tweaking Rengar since the revert of his Q (and the changes to Duskblade). He's almost there, but he still needs a bit more power in his early game.

Base Stats

DISTRACTED CAT : Fixed a number of cases where Rengar would stop attacking and stand still after using Q on an enemy champion

Q damage ratio increased. E damage ratio increased. R damage ratio increased. Several Q and E bugfixes.

While Rengar does often build Duskblade, this is also a part of our extended cleanup of Rengar after the recent Q revert.

Unseen Predator.png Passive - Unseen Predator

FEROCITY LOCKOUT FOR Q AND E : [0.25] 0.1 seconds
THAT ONE Ferocity lockout after using an empowered spell only applies on the slot you just cast
BUGFIX : Rengar can no longer leap after hexflashing out of a brush
CHATTY CATTY : Added 5 more VO lines for when Rengar gains a bonetooth stack

Savagery.png Q - Savagery

EMPOWERED RATIO : [1.3] 1.4 total attack damage
CIVILIZED SAVAGERY Adjusted the Q animation cast frame to make canceling the animation feel better
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Rengar would get 3 fast attacks if he cast Q while leaping (should only get 2)
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Rengar would attack again instantly after landing if he cast Q while leaping
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Savagery would not grant ferocity when it missed because of dodge/blind
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Nighthunter Rengar and Mecha Rengar weren't playing the proper particles on Q

Bola Strike.png E - Bola Strike

RATIO : [0.7] 0.8 bonus attack damage
EMPOWERED RATIO : [0.7] 0.8 bonus attack damage
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where casting Bola when leaping with three ferocity would sometimes consume all ferocity without granting an empowered spell

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt

LEAP BONUS DAMAGE : [0.3] 0.5 total attack damage

Ferocity falls off more slowly. Q base damage increased. Q damage ratio decreased at early ranks, increased at later ranks.

Our changes to Rengar last patch were focused on reintroducing Savagery's attack reset paradigm and adjusting some of the interactions between Rengar and his prey during Thrill of the Hunt. With those deeper behavioral changes locked in, we're taking 8.5 to assess some of the power concerns and feels-based oddities that emerged as a result.

Unseen Predator.png Passive - Unseen Predator

LOCKOUT ON FULL FEROCITY Only the spell used to gain full Ferocity is locked out
LOCKOUT DURATION FOR Q AND E : [0.25] 0.1 seconds

Savagery.png Q - Savagery

BASE DAMAGE : [20/50/80/110/140]
RATIO : [1.1] 1/1.05/1.1/1.15/1.2 total attack damage
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Empowered Savagery's attack was slightly faster than regular Savagery

Bola Strike.png E - Bola Strike

PART OF THE PLAN If Rengar presses Q or W during Bola Strike's cast time, he'll now buffer those spells and cast them when Bola Strike completes

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt

CAT EYES Rengar's true vision now lingers on his target until the leap completes, rather than when the leap starts


BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Tiamat could sometimes cause Rengar's basic attacks to use Savagery's animation
BUGFIX : If Rengar was basic attacking a target before casting a spell, he'll now continue stabbing them when the spell completes rather than forgetting what he was doing and standing around awkwardly

Q reverted to pre-rework paradigm. Base attack damage scaling increased. R detection range decreased.

We like much of the Rengar update, but the old Q paradigm is one Rengar players enjoyed more (and opponents don't really notice that much). We want to keep—and amplify—the gains of the new ultimate while we're at it, and we're taking a pass at Rengar's stat profile to help Trinity Force be a more reasonable purchase.

Base Stats

BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.625] 0.666

Unseen Predator.png Passive - Unseen Predator

1/4/9/16/25% bonus attack damage
EXTRA TWISTED Once Rengar's gained Bonetooth Necklace stacks from all three enemy champions on Twisted Treeline, the per-target lockout now resets so he can get his fourth and fifth stacks. (He can't get a sixth, though!)
LEAP SPEED : [1600] 1450
MEOW Rengar has a voice response to gaining a Bonetooth Necklace stack and generating Ferocity

Savagery.png Q - Savagery
This is pretty much a revert to Rengar's old Q functionality. Q is now an attack reset plus an attack speed buff for the next two attacks.

BASE DAMAGE : 20/50/80/110/140
RATIO : 1.1 total attack damage
EMPOWERED BASE DAMAGE : 30-240 (at levels 1-18)
RATIO : 1.3 total attack damage
ATTACK SPEED : 50-101% (at levels 1-18)

Battle Roar.png W - Battle Roar

COOLDOWN : [20/18/16/14/12]
16/14.5/13/11.5/10 seconds

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt

ENEMY VISION RANGE : [2000/3000/4000]
1600 at all ranks
RENGAR VISION RANGE : [2000/3000/4000]
MOVEMENT SPEED : [40% at all ranks]
CRITCAT Rengar's leap out of his ultimate no longer automatically critically strikes
SURPRISE CLAWS Rengar's leap out of his ultimate now deals 30% total attack damage as bonus damage and shreds 12/18/24 of the target's armor for 4 seconds
REVERSE PACK The closest enemy to Rengar alerts all allies within 1200 range about his presence
I'LL SCOUT AHEAD Enemies revealed by Thrill of the Hunt stay revealed for the spell's duration


Base Stats

BASE ARMOR : [25] 34

Base armor increased.

When Rengar was at his peak, he was able to consistently one-shot squishies. Now that there are more viable tank-support items that allow supports to mitigate burst (Knight’s Vow, for example) there’s less risk of Rengar running away with a game without being fed. As a result, it’s safer to let him get to the mid-game more consistently, so we’re making his early clear less rough.

Base stats

BASE ARMOR : [22] 25

Q base damage reduced at later ranks.

Rengar's still ripping and tearing his way through pro play, despite multiple visits to the patch notes. We’re following up on patch 7.5’s hits to Rengar’s early durability with tone-downs to his early damage. Lowering Savagery's numbers will lengthen his early clears out a bit, while also reducing how much upfront damage he deals when he jumps on a target. With a slower clear speed, he’ll have to work a bit harder to earn early gold leads, making him more reliant on well-executed ganks to maintain scaling momentum.

Savagery.png Q - Savagery

DAMAGE PER STRIKE : [35/55/75/95/115] 25/45/65/85/105 (empowered damage unchanged)
RATIO PER STRIKE : [0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7] 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6 bonus attack damage (empowered damage unchanged)

Base armor down, W monster damage conversion to grey health down.

Rengar relies on his ability to get early ganks and kills in order to snowball games, but when he’s able to do so without putting himself at some degree of risk, it puts him far ahead of other junglers that also need to go aggro early. Taking more damage in the jungle will force Rengar players to decide if they really want to gank that lane, or if they should go back to base after their first clear.

Base stats

BASE ARMOR : [25.88] 22

Battle Roar.png W - Battle Roar

GRAY HEALTH CONVERSION : [100%] 75% monster damage taken

Q dash distance down. Empowered W no longer gives CC immunity after cleansing. R duration down.

Rengar’s ability to get in and out of any skirmish is predicated on precise use of his wide array of tools. However, the stab-tabby’s defensive mechanics provide too much of a safety net, clinching him a clean getaway out of even the sloppiest of engages. Specifically, it’s Empowered Battle Roar’s cleanse and follow-up immunity coupled with the Pridestalker’s high damage that make the counterplay of ‘group up and peel Rengar’ feel unrealistic once he gets rolling. Similarly, Thrill of the Hunt’s duration is long enough that instead of needing to predict a fight (or commit to starting one at all), Rengar can just chill in the shadows, scaring the enemy team into inaction for long stretches until one of them wanders an inch too far. We’re tightening the leash on Knifecat’s ability to dine-and-dash large groups while keeping his efficacy at solo missions largely intact.

Also, using Savagery’s dash (which was just supposed to make up for Q’s cast time) as generic movement speed both contributes to his overall mobility and looks really dumb, so we’re lowering the range to make it distance-neutral. If you’re really attached to spamming buttons to try and look cool, just play Riven.

Savagery.png Q - Savagery

DASH DISTANCE : [200] 150

Battle Roar.png W - Battle Roar

BATTLE MEOW Empowered cast no longer gives crowd control immunity for 1.5 seconds

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt

CAMOUFLAGE DURATION : [14/22/30] 12/16/20 seconds

v6.24 (Mid-Patch Updates)

Rengar is having a bit too much success at starting the snowball, so his base damages need to take a hit.

Savagery.png Q - Savagery

DAMAGE PER STRIKE : [40/60/80/100/120] 35/55/75/95/115

Bola Strike.png E - Bola Strike

DAMAGE : [50/100/150/200/250] 50/95/140/185/230

Overall Bonetooth Necklace bonuses reduced. Attack damage per level increased.

While his rework toned down his upfront damage, new Rengar was getting enough attack damage from Bonetooth Necklace to retain the frustration old Rengar wrought. We’re dialing back his scaling to make sure squishy champions get a response to respond to knifecat before he claws their faces off. While we were investigating his Bonetooth damage, we found a bug: it was scaling off of total, not bonus attack damage. We’re fixing that, and compensating via base attack damage scaling to avoid a double-nerf.

Base Stats


ItemSquareBonetooth Necklace.png Bonetooth Necklace

FLAT BONUS : [1/3/6/10/15] 1/3/7/13/20 attack damage
PERCENT BONUS : [+2/6/12/20/30%] +1/3/7/13/20% bonus attack damage
BUGFIX : Fixed a bug where Bonetooth Necklace was granting % total attack damage instead of % bonus attack damage

Sorry, kitty.

Bonetooth Necklace

BUGFIX : Fixed a bug causing Bonetooth Necklace to stop working if Rengar was revived through Guardian Angel or Zilean’s R - Chronoshift


For all of Rengar’s past history of being frustrated, let’s set one thing straight: we’re actually okay with him leaping on someone and then swiftly murdering them. Rengar’s issue hasn’t been that his assassinations are too effective, rather that his victims have almost no time to react to his attacks. This makes Rengar’s role a binary one - recklessly diving onto targets with no hope of retaliation, or recklessly diving and getting obliterated.

Rengar’s update is focused on leveling out these extremes on bothends of the spectrum. For opponents, this means better awareness of when Rengar’s on the hunt and who he’s got in his sights. For Rengar, this means giving him access to more potent defensive tools so he can live to fight leap another day when things go south. Rengar still rewards patience and awareness, and now he’s got more flexibility to boot.


BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.679] 0.625
HEALTH REGEN : [4.3] 7

Unseen Predator.png Passive - Unseen Predator
While in brush, basic attacking causes Rengar to leap towards his target. Leaping to enter combat generates 1 Ferocity. At 4 Ferocity his next ability is empowered. Casting an empowered ability increases Rengar’s movement speed for a short duration. Killing unique champions grants Rengar their trophies, increasing the strength of his Bonetooth Necklace.

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED ON EMPOWERED CAST : 30/40/50% (at levels 1/7/13)
SET BONUS Bonetooth Necklace rewards removed
TONIGHT WE HUNT Whenever a unique champion is killed within 1.5 seconds of taking damage from him, Rengar’s attack damage is permanently increased:
1 TROPHY : 1 + 2% attack damage
2 TROPHIES : 3 + 6% attack damage
3 TROPHIES : 6 + 12% attack damage
4 TROPHIES : 10 + 20% attack damage
5 TROPHIES : 15 + 30% attack damage

Savagery.png Q - Savagery
Rengar slashes enemies in an arc in front of him, followed by piercing in a line, generating 1 Ferocity. Both strikes deal physical damage. If used at 4 Ferocity, Savagery’s damage is significantly increased.

COOLDOWN : [6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds] 4 seconds
DAMAGE : [30/60/90/120/150] 40/60/80/100/120 per hit
RATIO : [0/0.05/0.1/0.15/0.2 total attack damage] 0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7 bonus attack damage per hit
EMPOWERED DAMAGE : [30-240 (at levels 1-18)] 60-196 per hit (at levels 1-18)
EMPOWERED RATIO : [0.3/0.35/0.4/0.45/0.5 total attack damage] 1.1 bonus attack damage per hit
CAST PARADIGM : [Targeted] Directional AoE

Battle Roar.png W - Battle Roar

COOLDOWN : [12 seconds at all ranks] 20/18/16/14/12 seconds
KITTY GRIT No longer grants Rengar 10/15/20/25/30 armor and magic resistance per champion hit
IT’S LIKE EKKO ULT Now heals Rengar for 50% of the damage he took in the last 1.5 seconds (represented by grey health). Battle Roar heals 100% of the damage dealt by monsters.
THE BASE DOES THIS Casting Battle Roar at 4 Ferocity no longer heals Rengar
CATNAROK Casting Battle Roar at 4 Ferocity breaks crowd control and renders Rengar immune to incoming crowd control for 1.5 seconds. Empowered Battle Roar can be cast while disabled.

Bola Strike.png E - Bola Strike

EMPOWERED DAMAGE : [50-340 (at levels 1-18)] 50-305 (at levels 1-18)
SLOW : [60/65/70/75/80%, decaying over the duration] 30/45/60/75/90%, non-decaying
SLOW DURATION : [2.5 seconds] 1.75 seconds

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt
Rengar activates his predatory instincts, becoming camouflaged for the duration. While active, Rengar gains bonus movement speed and vision of the nearest enemy champion. Rengar can leap without being in brush during this time, and leaping to the revealed champion results in a critical strike. Attacking or using abilities ends Thrill of the Hunt.

COOLDOWN : [150/110/70 seconds] 130/100/70 seconds
DURATION : [7/12/17 seconds] 14/22/30 seconds
COOLDOWN BEGINS : [On cast] When Thrill of the Hunt ends
FOCUS Rengar enters camouflage after 2 seconds
BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED : [15/30/45% while moving towards enemy champions] 20/30/40% at all times while active
ONE-EYED : Rengar gains vision of [all enemy champions within 2000/3000/4000 range] the closest enemy champion within 2000/3000/4000 range
RENGAZE : Eyes appear over the head of the target Rengar gains vision of (visible to both teams)
CAMOUFLAGE Camouflage is a new type of stealth. Like Evelynn’s Passive - Shadow Walk, Rengar is visible to nearby enemies and gains an indicator showing him who can see him and who cannot.

E no longer flies in random directions.

These are mostly bugfixes, with the exception of Bola Strike. Previously, Bola Strike would always try to fire at the location Rengar targeted once its cast delay completed. When targeting distant points, Rengar's movement (ex. a jump strike out of ult) during Bola Strike's short cast time wouldn't change much. When targeting a nearby spot, however, Rengar could suddenly end up in front of the target location he had previously been behind. Bola Strike would then fire in the complete opposite direction it was cast. We're changing Bola Strike's targeting system to fix that unreliability.

Unseen Predator.png Passive - Unseen Predator

THUNDER CAT : Rengar's jump strikes now proc Energized effects (Statikk Shiv, etc.)

Savagery.png Q - Savagery

SHARP CLAWS : Fixed a bug where Savagery consumed Spellblade or Dead Man's Plate effects without dealing damage

Bola Strike.png E - Bola Strike

TARGETING : Bola Strike fires [toward the spot Rengar targeted] in the direction Rengar cast it
CAST TIME : [Mostly 0.25 seconds but sometimes 0.125 seconds] 0.25 seconds
TANGLED UP : Fixed a bug where reaching max Ferocity at the same time as casting Bola Strike (ex. during Thrill of the Hunt) could put Em ed Bola on cooldown or immediately consume Rengar's Ferocity stacks

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt

NOT THRILLED : Fixed a bug where Rengar sometimes only gained 4 Ferocity after exiting Thrill of the Hunt

E cast time lowered. E now starts behind Rengar if cast midleap.

After analyzing Rengar's performance and listening to feedback on 6.2, we're pulling back a bit on exactly how easy it is to outplay his ganks. For instance, Rengar's delay on casting Bola Strike is high enough that running toward his leap causes the Bola to whizz right right over. We're in search of… not quite happy kitty time, but content kitty time for this change.


KITTY CONSISTENCY No longer lands just short of the target

Bola Strike.png E - Bola Strike

CAST TIME : [0.25 seconds] 0.125 seconds
HUNTING PREP : Bola Strike now begins slightly behind Rengar when cast while leaping
EASY PREY : Fixed a bug where Bola Strike wouldn't fire if Rengar was disabled during the cast time.

Q's burst damage is down, but the damage buff is higher. Bola Strike now has a cast time even if Rengar is casting it mid-air. R's Exclamation Point of Death now gives a longer range warning. You'll probably still die.

Every patch has one of those changelists where you crack your neck and take a deep breath (maybe stretch a bit) before diving into... context land.

What we have is a hunter-predator with seriously awesome hair who self-identifies with some seriously painful (strategic) one-shotting power. So what that means is while we're setting the narrative for these Rengar changes, we will probably have future ones to come. And more context.

The story here: we're looking to do two things lightly - mainly because they directly overlap with Rengar's current strategic niche. 1.) We want to give players a slightly larger window of opportunity to react (see: R change). 2.) We want to at least slow Rengar's ability to one-shot someone with his uncounterable burst combo (see: E + Q changes). As to how these work in siphoning out kitty frustration remains to be seen, but it's where we're going to start.

Also, buy pink wards. This tip has little to do with Rengar, it's just good habits.


KITTY CONSISTENCY : When Rengar jumps from stealth or the brush, he now lands very slightly short of the target. Like 1/16th of a Teemo short. This will prevent overzealous Rengars who occasionally jump right on top of their target, only to throw their Bola past them.

Empowered Savagery.png Q - Empowered Savagery

DAMAGE SCALING : [50% total attack damage] 30% total attack damage
ATTACK DAMAGE : [BUFF +10% bonus attack damage] +20% bonus attack damage

Bola Strike.png E - Bola Strike

0.25 SECONDS TO LIVE : Bola Strike now has a cast time (0.25 seconds) when Rengar casts it while mid-air
HAIL MARY : Rengar will now properly throw his Bola Strike if he tried to do it mid-air but the targeting cursor was out of range

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt



Simply put, this was a novel idea for Rengar that was unlocked by the addition of Trinkets in the 2014 Season, but it ended up being super complicated and often caused a ton of bugs. By moving it to a buff, we're keeping the exact same functionality but finally allowing Rengar to have a Poro Snax. You heard us.
  • Bonetooth Necklace Yellow20.png Bonetooth Necklace
    • SORRY TRINKET COLLECTORS : All trophy collection mechanics and bonuses have been moved from Rengar's trinket slot to a permanent stacking buff due to some bug issues with trinket upgrade paths


"We're making readability improvements to a bunch of the champion portrait icons which were added or updated over the past few months."
  • PORTRAITS : The following champion portrait icons have been updated:
    • Azir, Cho'Gath, Ezreal, Gragas, Graves, Janna, Jarvan IV, Kayle, Kog'Maw, Lee Sin, Malphite, Maokai, Orianna, Renekton, Rengar, Rumble, Shyvana, Sion, Talon, Tristana, Udyr, Vayne, Veigar, Viktor, Zilean

Splash Updates

"As we've mentioned previously, the splash art team is engaged in a long-term effort to update our oldest base splashes. A few more are ready to go this patch!"
  • SPLASH : The following champions have received updated base splashes (click the portraits for the full image!)

R's cooldown is longer and the warning indicator's range is increased. Also Rengar's prey will always have a warning indicator if he's within range, even if he's hiding behind a wall. Obtaining the giga-rare 'Head of Kha'Zix' gives Rengar more vision while stalking in brush.

"While Rengar's Thrill of the Hunt is usually quite fun for him, we've seen he can be a little frustrating to play against - particularly in the early game when he's roaming everywhere, and in the late game when his prey is usually dead as they see the warning indicator. The short-form of this context would be that we want Rengar's ganking power to... Slow Down!"
  • General
    • BUG-FREE KITTY Fixed a rare bug where Rengar would not leap from a brush if he recently flashed into it
  • HeadofKhaZix.png Head of Kha'Zix
    • NEW DON'T ASK HOW THIS WORKS Rengar now has increased vision range while in a brush with the Head of Kha'Zix
  • Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt
    • NEW X-RAY CAT FINDER Warning indicator now appears even if Rengar is in the fog of war while stealthed. In other words, if Rengar is within 1250 range of any opponent while stealthed via Thrill of the Hunt, they will be notified.
    • LONG RANGE CAT FINDER Warning indicator range increased from 1000 ⇒ 1250
    • COOLDOWN 120/95/70 seconds ⇒ 150/110/70 seconds

"This bugfix might be a significant hit to Rengar's jungling effectiveness (he was proccing Madred's Razors twice), but we'll track his performance over time."

  • General
    • A FINE COLLECTION: Rengar will now correctly say a line whenever he upgrades his Bonetooth Necklace
  • Savagery.png Q - Savagery
    • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where Savagery was triggering on-hit effects twice


  • Bola Strike2.png E - Empowered Bola Strike
    • BUGFIX: Empowered Bola Strike now correctly slows on top of the root


  • Unseen Predator.png Passive - Unseen Predator
    • BUGFIX: Using an empowered ability immediately after leveling the base ability for the first time no longer triggers the base ability's cooldown
  • Savagery.png Q - Savagery / Empowered Savagery
    • BUGFIX: The bonus damage now applies lifesteal
  • ItemSquareBonetooth Necklace.png Bonetooth Necklace
    • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where stack bonuses were being lost upon switching trinkets

Following up on our Rengar rework, we're giving him power back in two areas where we've heard your feedback: Savagery and Thrill of the Hunt. Rengar's rework is currently doing a lot of things successfully, but we agree that kitty needs a little more claw.

  • Savagery.png Q - Savagery
    • ATTACK ANIMATION SPEED: Increased by 40%
    • BONUS DAMAGE: 20/40/60/80/100 ⇒ 30/60/90/120/150
  • Empowered Savagery.png Q - Empowered Savagery
    • ATTACK ANIMATION SPEED: Increased by 40%
    • BONUS DAMAGE: 20-235 by champion level ⇒ 30-240 by champion level
  • Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt
    • NEW STEALTH ALERT: Now only appears if enemies would be able to see Rengar out of stealth

Rengar's received some buffs to his teamfight capabilities. Battle Roar is more effective the more people (or large monsters) he hits (there's no limit!) and empowered Bola Strike deals more damage and roots for longer (Bola Strike is also a long range skill shot). Thrill of the Hunt now only gives a speed boost for Rengar when he's chasing down his prey, but it now gives him tons of movement speed when he breaks out of stealth. In exchange, targets will be alerted when Rengar is stealthed and near leap range (he still won't be revealed). Ferocity abilities now scale independently of the base skill rank so they're always equal in power. Bonetooth Necklace is now a trinket (still offers vision) and doesn't stack attack damage, but it no longer loses stacks on death and yields additional utility as Rengar scores kills or assists.

"Overall, the Rengar rework set out to accomplish two goals: add more depth to his gameplay and allow Rengar to contribute meaningfully to team fights as a hunter of weaker targets. Old Rengar's problem was that he was binary in design - he either got ahead and blew up squishies without recourse, or he fell behind and split pushed indefinitely, relying on his stealth for safe escapes. On its own, split pushing isn't an unhealthy strategy, but Rengar could do it with few tradeoffs (especially given his split pushing speed). Ultimately we preserved the more skill-intensive parts of Rengar, like his ability to stalk foes while moving around the fight, and tuned down his less interactive power. Final point on Bonetooth Necklace: now that it's a trinket it can be positioned as a core progression item for Rengar rather than a risky snowball item slot. Tonight we hunt!"

  • General
    • HEALTH PER LEVEL: 85 ⇒ 90
    • FEROCITY EFFECT SCALING: Per ability level ⇒ Per champion level
  • Unseen Predator.png Passive - Unseen Predator
    • STEALTH: Rengar becomes visible mid-leap ⇒ at the beginning of the leap
  • Savagery.png Q - Savagery
    • BUGFIX: Fixed a bug where the bonus damage from Savagery could crit
    • COOLDOWN: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6 seconds ⇒ 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds
    • DAMAGE: 30/60/90/120/150 (+1.0 attack damage at all ranks) ⇒ 20/40/60/80/100 (+1.0/1.05/1.10/1.15/1.20 attack damage)
    • "REMOVED" ATTACK SPEED BUFF: 30/35/40/45/50% attack speed for 4 seconds
    • BASIC ATTACK BUFF WINDOW: 2 seconds ⇒ 3 seconds
    • "REMOVED" UTILITY: Usable on structures
  • Empowered Savagery.png Q - Empowered Savagery
    • DAMAGE: 30/60/90/120/150 (+2.0 attack damage) based on skill level ⇒ 20-235 (+1.5 attack damage) based on champion level
    • ATTACK SPEED BUFF: +60/70/80/90/100% attack speed based on skill level ⇒ +50-101% attack speed based on champion level
    • ATTACK SPEED BUFF DURATION: Unchanged (5 seconds)
    • "NEW" ATTACK DAMAGE BUFF: +10% attack damage for 5 seconds
  • Battle Roar.png W - Battle Roar
    • COOLDOWN: 15/14/13/12/11 seconds ⇒ 12 seconds at all ranks
    • DAMAGE: Unchanged (50/80/110/140/170 (+0.8 ability power))
    • BONUS ARMOR & MAGIC RESISTANCE: +15/22/29/36/43 armor & magic resistance ⇒ +10/15/20/25/30 armor & magic resistance
    • BONUS ARMOR & MAGIC RESISTANCE DURATION: 3 seconds ⇒ 4 seconds
    • "NEW" UTILITY: Bonus armor & magic resistance increases by 50% per enemy champion or large monster hit (no cap)
  • Battle Roar2.png W - Empowered Battle Roar
    • DAMAGE: 50/80/110/140/170 (+0.8 ability power) based on skill level ⇒ 40-240 (+0.8 ability power) based on champion level
    • MINIMUM HEAL: 20 + (10 x level) ⇒ 12 + (4 x level)
    • MAXIMUM HEAL: 40 + (20 x level) ⇒ 75 + (25 x level)
  • Bola Strike.png E - Bola Strike
    • "NEW" UTILITY: Targeted ability ⇒ Skillshot
    • COOLDOWN: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds ⇒ 10 seconds at all ranks
    • DAMAGE: 60/105/150/195/240 (+0.7 attack damage) ⇒ 50/100/150/200/250 (+0.7 attack damage)
    • RANGE: 575 ⇒ 1000
    • MOVEMENT SPEED SLOW: -50/55/60/65/70% movement speed ⇒ -60/65/70/75/80% movement speed
    • MOVEMENT SPEED SLOW DURATION: Unchanged (2.5 seconds)
  • Bola Strike2.png E - Empowered Bola Strike
    • DAMAGE: 60/105/150/195/240 (+0.7 attack damage) based on skill level ⇒ 50-340 (+0.7 attack damage) based on champion level
    • ROOT DURATION: 1 second ⇒ 1.75 seconds
  • Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt
    • COOLDOWN: 140/105/70 seconds ⇒ 120/95/70 seconds
    • "NEW" UTILITY: Rengar only gains movement speed when moving toward enemy champions
    • MOVEMENT SPEED BONUS: +20/25/30% movement speed ⇒ +15% movement speed
    • "NEW" UTILITY: After breaking stealth, Rengar gains +25/45/45% movement speed for 5 seconds
    • "NEW" UTILITY: After breaking stealth, Rengar gains 1 ferocity per second for 5 seconds
    • "NEW" UTILITY: Targets are alerted when Rengar is within 1000 range and stealthed, but do not gain vision of him.

v4.1 Summary: We fixed a bunch of bugs in Savagery and tweaked Empowered Battle Roar.

Rengar’s overall sustain with Empowered Battle Roar is incredibly high, especially because he can transition from a tank in the mid-game to an unseen predator in the late-game. While this is definitely a nerf to Rengar’s overall sustain, we wanted to maintain his ability to survive in a fight, so the scaling heal will remain a good choice when Rengar’s low on health. The Savagery change means that Rengar now has two seconds to pull off his empowered basic attack instead of six seconds.

  • Savagery.png Q – Savagery
    • Savagery basic attack buff (not attack speed buff) reduced to 2 seconds (from 6 seconds)
    • Fixed multiple bugs that allowed Rengar to use Savagery more frequently than intended
  • Battle Roar.png W - Battle Roar
    • Empowered Battle Roar heal changed to 20 + (10 x level) amplified by a 1% per 1% of Rengar’s missing health (from 40 + (20 x level) health)

Context: Rengar's leap out of stealth has insufficient warning for his target, so we changed him to de-stealth at the beginning of his leap instead of mid-leap in order to give his target a fighting chance.

  • Thrill of the Hunt
    • Rengar now de-stealths at the beginning of his leap when attacking a target from out of stealth


  • Bonetooth Necklace
    • Now grants +5 Attack Damage
  • Unseen Predator
    • Fixed a bug where RengarSquare.pngRengar could leap while rooted
  • Savagery
    • Attack speed duration increased to 4 seconds from 3
    • Fixed a bug where Savagery could be used three times consecutively
  • Battle Roar
    • Empowered Battle Roar now heals for 60-400 (based on champion level) instead of 10% of his RengarSquare.pngRengar's health
  • Thrill of the Hunt
    • Initial delay reduced to 1 second from 1.25 (still can be delayed up to 3 seconds)
    • Stealth duration increased to 7 seconds from 5


  • Battle Roar
    • Base damage reduced to 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 from 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220
    • Heal reduced to 10% from 15%
  • Thrill of the Hunt
    • Fade time increased to 1.25 from 0.75 seconds
    • Now has fade pushback time (1 second per hit, up to 3 seconds)


  • Base Movement Speed increased by 25.


  • Base health regeneration reduced to 4 from 8
  • Health regeneration per level reduced to 0.4 from 0.8
  • Bonetooth Necklace no longer grants a base +10 attack damage
  • Savagery Empowered attack damage ratio reduced to 2.0 from 2.5
  • Thrill of the Hunt
    • Stealth duration reduced to 5 seconds from 7
    • Cooldown increased to 140 / 105 / 70 seconds from 120 / 85 / 50


  • Fixed a bug where Rengar could double jump


  • Savagery
    • Cooldown increased to 8 / 7.5 / 7 / 6.5 / 6 seconds from 6 seconds at all ranks
  • Battle Roar
    • Damage reduced to 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 from 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255
    • Armor and magic resist bonus reduced to 15 / 22 / 29 / 36 / 43 from 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60

September 18th - World Championship Hotfix

  • Rengar can no longer speak his VO lines when he is dead
  • Unseen Predator
    • After leaping, Rengar will now immediately attack the target if it is a Champion
    • Jumping between targets is now smoother
    • Now correctly shows up in death recap
  • Savagery
    • Damage increased to 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 from 30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / 130
    • The attack speed bonus now applies to his first attack after activation
  • Battle Roar
    • No longer has a cast time (can be cast while moving)
    • Ability power ratio reduced to 0.8 from 1.0
    • Rengar no longer loses his attack command after using Battle Roar
  • Bola Strike
  • Thrill of the Hunt
    • Movement speed bonus increased to 20 / 25 / 30% from 10 / 15 / 20%


  • Unseen Predator now leaps directly on top of the target instead of slightly behind them
  • Fixed a bug where Bola Strike would sometimes fail to cast

RengarSquare.pngRengar released


  • 2018

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