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Buff was removed in Patch 6.22.
Razor Sharp
Crimson RaptorSquare.png
Grants you true sight for 10 seconds whenever you are spotted by an enemy ward (consumes the buff).
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR
SourceSmiting a [[
Lost On DeathNo

The Razor Sharp is a buff granted upon using  Smite onto a [[


  • As with other jungle buffs, Razor Sharp could only be harvested once per spawn regardless of who killed the monster.
  • The trigger range for Razor Sharp was 900 units for normal wards and 500 units for blue trinket wards.

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Patch History[]

Patch 6.22

Smite bonuses (the benefits you get from Smiting a camp) are a feature we actually think functions pretty well at giving junglers tools to contest objectives and control the map. However, we think we can do better, so we’re removing Smite bonuses to give us room to make improvements elsewhere. However, there is one important function of Smite bonuses that we haven’t reliably replicated elsewhere: sustain. Smite will continue to carry that burden whenever used on any camp.

NO MORE WOLF SPIRIT Large monsters no longer grant bonuses when Smited. (Red and blue buffs still exist!)

Patch 6.1
Raptor's vision buff is more forgiving.

2016 saw a change in the vision range of different types of wards, but not the trigger range of Razor Sharp (or for those of y'all that don't read, the 'Raptor Vision Buff'). Functionally this meant you could ‘proc’ the ward-spotting buff without the ward even seeing you (leading to even more confusion when hunting down that pesky ward). No more! If it sees you, you should see it, and vice versa.

that's cheating : Fixed several bugs with Razor Sharp where it would not go off if the nearest enemy object was not a ward
ward have mercy : Changed trigger range from 1250 to 900 to better sync with the range of wards
farsighted : Changed trigger range for blue trinket wards from 1250 to 500 to better sync with the range of wards

Patch 4.20
Smite a camp, get a reward. Simple!

Smite is a pretty unique resource for a jungler, but the choices they make with this spell are pretty basic ("is it off cooldown?"). By giving camps unique rewards, we can offer more ways for a jungler to react to a situation while giving great junglers the chance to differentiate themselves from the good junglers. Sorry, I'll rephrase that: "we can separate the good junglers from the great junglers.

RAPTORS : Smiting the Raptor grants Razor Sharp - gives you a warning and magical sight for 10 seconds when an enemy ward spots you. Lasts 90 seconds, with 1 charge.