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Rapid Firecannon
ItemSquareRapid Firecannon.png
UNIQUE - Energized: Moving and attacking generates Energize stacks, up to 100.
UNIQUE - Sharpshooter: When fully Energized, your next basic attack deals 120 bonus magic damage on-hit. Energized attacks gain 35% bonus range (+150 range maximum).


Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 1 Rapid Firecannon.
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareZeal.png + ItemSquareKircheis Shard.png + 750 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 2500 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 1750 Goldcurrency.png


  • The movement speed stat only increases flat movement speed, and will not interact with other percentage increases.
    • Firecannons range increase also works for EkkoSquare.pngEkko's Phase Dive and HecarimSquare.pngHecarim's Devastating Charge, both of which are melee attacks.
    • However, this does not work for RengarSquare.pngRengar's Unseen Predator.
  • Rapid Firecannon's passive can stack with
    Statikk Shiv
    . The Energized attack will gain Rapid Firecannon's bonus range but will trigger Statikk Shiv's bonus damage to multiple targets. Rapid Firecannon allows the Energized attack to apply to turret, meaning that it can bounce to turrets, apply Statikk Shiv's damage and critically strike turrets. However, if the Energized attack is directly used on the turret, Statikk Shiv's damage will not critically strike.
    • Rapid Firecannon's passive has more effects and more damage than
      Kircheis Shard
      and therefore doesn't stack with it.

  • Runaan's Hurricane
    energizes Rapid Firecannon's passive at the same rate as without, even if 3 targets are hit.


  • The minimum attack range required for the +150 range cap is 428.57; however, due to the attack range values from champions, the closest is 430 (With GnarSquare.pngGnar's Rage Gene at level 6).

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 10.11

The marksman class has major durability problems, especially in the early laning phase where their power feels heavily reliant on their supports. This has been causing issues in gameplay satisfaction since a marksman's strength relies on the length of time they're alive. By increasing their mobility (via items) and base health, we feel that ADCs won't be punished so aggressively when they fail and will still have a chance to bounce back and unlock their power in fights. That being said, we've heard your concerns about the bot lane marksman champions that can also solo lane like Lucian and Vayne. We're giving them a separate set of changes which you can find more details on below. We’ve also omitted Corki, Kindred, Quinn, Senna, and Graves due to having their primary playrate in other lanes, with the understanding that Senna may be considered for similar changes in the coming patches.


Patch 9.23
Energized damage higher early, lower late. No longer increases Energized charge rates.

We're leaving RFC's range increase as its defining feature and making its turret functionality baseline for Energized. Its charge rate increase is going away per our earlier comments on not wanting an Energized item's strength to be tied to how many other items in the system you own.

ENERGIZED DAMAGE : [60-140 (lvl 1-18)] 120
DEMOLITIONIST No longer causes Energized effects to work on turrets. Because that's baseline Energized functionality now.
EXTRA ENERGIZED No longer increases Energized charge rates

Patch 9.3

TOTAL COST : [2800] 2600 gold
Critical Strike chance : [30%] 25%

Gold cost decreased

Rapid Firecannon

Statikk Shiv
Runaan's Hurricane

GOLD COST : [2900 gold] 2800 gold


TOTAL COST : [2600 gold] 2900 gold
Combine Cost : [600 gold] 800 gold

Energized proc damage increased.

We're taking this opportunity to match the damage of Rapid Firecannon to that of Statikk Shiv, to make it a more clear choice between extra range and extra wave clear.

PROC DAMAGE : [50-120] 60-140


Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv cannibalize each other’s strengths due to Energized proc damage not stacking between sources. We’re trying to better differentiate the two in ways that also make their combination more compelling (Long range chain lightning? We’re in there.) RFC is here to not only amp up your range but also charge your other Energized effects faster. Rapidly, one might say.

COMBINE COST : [550 gold] 600 gold (offsets component item cost changes; total cost still 2600 gold)
DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS : [50-160 (at levels 1-18)] 50-120 (at levels 1-18)
RAPIDITY Attacks become Energized 25% faster

Movement speed and damage down.

Welcome to Zeal items part 3. The re-rebalancing. Similar to Dead Man's Plate, Rapid Firecannon is the go-to Zeal upgrade. It's safe, it bursts, it picks, it slices, it dices - you get the idea. While these read like general nerfs, we're just trying to prioritize Firecannon as the 'safe' ranged option over its other counterparts.

ENERGIZED DAMAGE : [50-200] 50-160

Just a small bugfix where attack-moving with champions wouldn't take Rapid Firecannon's range extension into account, so they'd run up to normal range and waste it on an empowered attack.

AUTO AUTO SPACING : Fixed a bug where champions would run into 'normal' attack range, even when they had an empowered attack range from Rapid Firecannon

Sliiiiiightly less movement speed.

The last Zeal item to be touched, Rapid Firecannon is performing about as well as we'd expect. As we were doing our unification pass to balance the four, we saw that 8% is higher than 7%, and that simply won't do.

rapid searchcannon : Can now be found in the item shop by searching 'RFC'

Zeal and all of its items cost more.

We don’t want to delay marksmen from participating in the game for too long, but their ‘1.5 item power spike’ is presently pushing them over the edge. Zeal’s newfound cost-efficiency is one of the culprits of this early-midgame bump, so we’re taking a little off the top to keep the pacing and power-growth of marksmen one that all can keep up with.

ALL THE WAY DOWN : Total costs of all items building out of Zeal are also increased by 100

Damage from Kircheis Shard, Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon no longer stack (effects still do).

As sweet as it is to chain-lightning from a million range, it’s clear that the damage from that combination is too high for the safety. We’re keeping the ability for you to stack the effects (because long-range lightning is awesome), but it’ll only take the highest damage of your combined effects to reduce their surprise burst potential.

CHOOSE IT OR LOSE IT : Now chooses the greatest damage of your Energized attacks for the first target hit, rather than all the damage.

bang bang

Firecannon's the fancy new Zeal upgrade you call on when it's time to go a-siegin'. Rub your feet together to gain enough electricity to snipe foes attempting to poke or clear from afar, or to sneak super-powered shots onto structures in tense situations. Come to think of it, it's not actually very Rapid, is it?

TOTAL cost : 2500 gold
BUILD path : Zeal + Kircheis Shard + 550 gold
ATTACK speed : 30%
CRITICAL STRIKE chance : 30%
energize : Moving and attacking build stacks, up to 100. When fully stacked, your next basic attack expends the charges and becomes energized
unique passive : Firecannon: Your energized gain 35% bonus range and deal 50-200 magic damage (at levels 1-18) on-hit. Energized attacks work on structures.


  • PASSIVE CRIT :: Passive now only critically strikes when the associated attack critically strikes


  • Passive is no longer consumed when attacking wards


  • Statikk Shiv added
    • +40% Attack Speed
    • +20% Critical Strike Chance
    • +6% Movement Speed
    • Unique Passive: Moving and attacking build Static Charges. At 100 Charges, your next attack expends the Charges to deal 100 magic damage to up to 4 targets. This damage can critically strike.
    • Cost: 2,500 (525)
    • Builds from Zeal and Avarice Blade