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Raise Gaming
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CreatedSeptember 12, 2016(2016-09-12)
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Raise Gaming is a Taiwanese professional esports organization.


In September 2016, Dream Catcher Gaming was acquired by S2 World Champion Toyz and renamed to Raise Gaming. Any details were kept as a secret until February 2017 where Raise Gaming announced their starting roster for the 2017 ECS Spring Split with Pk, Laba, Wuji, LilV, Koala, Domo as Head Coach, and Wei as Manager.

2017 Season[]

Raise Gaming participated in the 2017 ECS Spring Split and proved dominance with a 10-4-0 record, placing 1st in the Spring Split and qualifying for the 2017 ECS Spring Season Playoffs. The team won the first round of playoffs against ahq Fighter 2-0 but lost to Team Yetti in the finals 2-3, but still qualified for the LMS 2017 Summer Promotion. Raise Gaming won the game against eXtreme Gamers with a quick 2-0 victory but lost to Wayi Spider in the finals, putting them in the losers bracket. The team faced Team Yetti once again in the bracket final and defeated them with a 3-0 sweep, qualifying for the 2017 Summer Split.

In the Summer Split, Raise Gaming proved to be a domestic powerhouse. With a 10-4 record, the team was placed 1st in the regular split, tied with LMS' strongest team Flash Wolves, forcing both teams into a tiebreaker. Flash Wolves won the tiebreaker match and Raise ended the Summer Split at 2nd place. The team however lost to ahq e-Sports Club 1-3 on their first game in playoffs and were forced to play in the Taiwan Regional Finals in order to go to Worlds. Raise won their first game against Machi E-Sports with a close 3-2 score but was dominated by Hong Kong Attitude in the finals, failing to make it to Worlds.

On September 15, Raise Gaming was purchased by Hong Kong business company Emperor Group and renamed to G-Rex.


  • 2016
  • 2017

Player Roster[]


Players are shown for the entire duration of their tenure on the team, with the role and substitute/trainee status they had upon their departure.

PlayerNameRoleJoinedLeftNext Team

PkHsieh Yu-Ting (謝宇庭)
Top Laner
Sep 20162016-09-12Sep 20172017-09-16G-Rexlogo std.pngGRX

LabaHuang Zhen-Yang (黃振揚)
Sep 20162016-09-12Sep 20172017-09-16G-Rexlogo std.pngGRX

wujiYang Chia-Yu (楊家宇)
Mid Laner
≈Mar 2017≈2017-03-??Sep 20172017-09-16G-Rexlogo std.pngGRX

LilVChen Chin-Han (陳縉翰)
Bot Laner
Sep 20162016-09-12Sep 20172017-09-16J Teamlogo std.pngJT

KoalaLin Chih-Chiang (林志強)
Sep 20162016-09-12Sep 20172017-09-16G-Rexlogo std.pngGRX

DreamYeh Chung-Yao (葉仲耀)
≈Mar 2017≈2017-03-??Sep 20172017-09-16K Special Forceslogo std.pngKSF

RanChen Kuan-Yu (陳冠諭)
≈Mar 2017≈2017-03-??Sep 20172017-09-16Ahq Fighterlogo std.pngAF

FishYang Yu-Sheng (楊于聖)
Mid Laner
Sep 20162016-09-12≈Mar 2017≈2017-03-??Retiredlogo std.pngRetired

Player League Participation[]

Playoff games are NOT included, but regular-season tiebreaker games ARE.


PKRaise Gaminglogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.png174
KoalaRaise Gaminglogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.png170
LilvTaipei Assassinslogo std.pngRaise Gaminglogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.pngJ Teamlogo std.png160
WujiRaise Gaminglogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rexlogo std.png94
LabaRaise Gaminglogo std.pngTeam Afrologo std.png40
RanRaise Gaminglogo std.png2


KoalaTaipei Berserkerslogo std.pngDream Catcher Gaminglogo std.pngRaise Gaminglogo std.png74
LabaTaipei Berserkerslogo std.pngDream Catcher Gaminglogo std.pngRaise Gaminglogo std.pngBUFFlogo std.png74
LilvTaipei Berserkerslogo std.pngDream Catcher Gaminglogo std.pngRaise Gaminglogo std.png74
PKAssassin Sniperlogo std.pngDream Catcher Gaminglogo std.pngRaise Gaminglogo std.png71
WujiAssassin Sniperlogo std.pngDream Catcher Gaminglogo std.pngRaise Gaminglogo std.png39



C ID Name Position Next Team Joined Left
Toyz Lau "Kurtis" Wai Kin (劉偉健) 80Manager G-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rex 2016-09-122016-09-12 2017-09-162017-09-16
Domo Kung Yu-Te (龔育德) 80Coach G-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rex 2016-09-122016-09-12 2017-09-162017-09-16
Wei Fu Chien-Wei (傅千威) 80Manager G-Rexlogo std.pngG-Rex 2017-11-112017-??-?? 2017-09-162017-09-16


This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Minimum place

Raise Gaming Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
DatePlPrizeEventLast ResultRoster
2017-08-282 Taiwan Regional Finals 2017
0 : 3Hong Kong Attitudelogo std.pngHKA
 Pk,  Laba,  wuji,  LilV,  Koala
2017-08-253NT$400,000$ 13,200€ 10,800 LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs
1 : 3Ahq eSports Clublogo std.pngahq
 Pk,  Laba,  wuji,  LilV,  Ran,  Koala
2017-08-062 LMS 2017 Summer
10 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Pk,  Laba,  wuji,  LilV,  Ran,  Koala
2017-04-20Q LMS 2017 Summer Promotion
3 : 0Team Yettilogo std.pngTY
 Pk,  Laba,  wuji,  LilV,  Koala
2017-04-162NT$150,000$ 4,950€ 4,650 ECS 2017 Spring Playoffs
2 : 3Team Yettilogo std.pngTY
 Pk,  Laba,  wuji,  LilV,  Koala
2017-03-291 ECS 2017 Spring
10-4-0Blanklogo std.pngRR
 Pk,  Laba,  wuji,  LilV,  Koala
Total Prize:USD 0 • TWD 550,000

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