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Rainbow Snax Party Pack!
ItemSquareRainbow Snax Party Pack!.png
Snacks for all Poros! Whee! The Poros get so excited for the Snax that they stampede out, knocking around any champions in their path...
Throws the Snax, which the Poro King catches in his mouth. Eating the Rainbow Snax Party Pack! causes the Poro King to repeatedly regurgitate
, one in the direction of each enemy champion. Each Poro-Snax attracts a Poro, which spawns some distance away and dashes toward the King. Each Poro will knock aside enemy champions hit, dealing 230 - 680 (based on level) physical damage, but will burst if they collide with the turret. (120 seconds cooldown)
Additional Information
LimitationsCan only be used within 850 units of the Poro King.
Map AvailabilityHA
Total Cost: 0 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 0 Goldcurrency.png


  • This item is exclusive to the Legend of the Poro King game-mode.
  • Along with the 3 other Snax, this item replaces the
    in the trinket slot.
  • You can swap between Snax freely in the in-game shop (follows ARAM restrictions, leaving base leaves you unable to switch Snax).

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