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Periodically grants a single use of another random keystone. 5 − 3 (based on level) second cooldown between using a keystone and gaining the next (9 − 7 (based on level) seconds for ranged champions). After 40 seconds of not using a given keystone, another random keystone is granted while out of combat. Entering the fountain will re-roll the current keystone.


Keystones cycle semi-randomly; a keystone is not repeated for 5 rolls after it has been used.

Patch History[]

Patch 10.4

These keystones are really hard to trigger at level 1.

LUCK OF THE DRAW : Will no longer give the player Press the Attack or Conqueror as their first rune

Patch 10.1 Cooldown decreased.

Omnistone continues to significantly underperform, so we're giving it a buff so it has enough power to compete with the other choices.

OLD Cooldown : 7-3 seconds for melee champions, 11-7 seconds for ranged champions
New COOLDOWN : 5-3 seconds for melee champions, 9-7 for ranged champions

Patch 9.24

We've adjusted Omnistone to be a little bit smarter at giving you the right Keystone at the right time. Below are some guidelines you can count on when taking Prototype: Omnistone.

WARDED : Now tells you how much damage it has dealt and how many buffs it has granted. Buffs include: Lethal Tempo's attack speed, Fleet Footwork's Haste, Press the Attack's Vulnerable, Conqueror's Enrage, Hail of Blades' attack speed, Predator's Haste, Phase Rush's Haste, Summon Aery's shield, Aftershock's resistances, or Glacial Augment's slow
PREDATOR : More likely to get Predator when not near enemy champions, and less likely to get it when in combat with nearby enemy champions
DARK HARVEST : More likely to get Dark Harvest when near low health enemy champions
HAIL OF BLADES : More likely to get Hail of Blades when near low health enemy champions and building attack speed or attack damage
CONQUEROR : More likely to get Conqueror when both you and enemies have high health (increased chance if you're a melee champion)
FLEET FOOTWORK : More likely to get Fleet Footwork if you are low health and below level 9
GLACIAL AUGMENT : More likely to get Glacial Augment if you have a Glacial item off cooldown
SUMMON AERY : More likely to get Summon Aery when you have healing/shielding power and are near a low health ally who is in combat

COOLDOWN : [8-4 seconds for melee champions, 12-8 seconds for ranged champions]
7-3 seconds for melee champions, 11-7 seconds for ranged champions

Patch 9.23
Periodically gain a single use of another random keystone.

Enter Omnistone, a keystone meant to be Kleptomancy's spiritual successor. Like the elixir portion of Klepto's design, Omnistone is about making use of what you've got in the moment. Relative to the individual keystones it offers, Omnistone's advantage is that users can rapidly cycle through keystones that otherwise have much longer cooldowns.

ROULETTE : Periodically gain a single use of another random keystone. Once a keystone is rolled, it can't be rolled again until only three options are left, at which point the table resets (you won't get the keystone you just used, though).
COOLDOWN : Gain a new keystone 8-4 seconds (melee, lv 1-18) or 12-8 seconds (ranged, lv 1-18) after using the last. Scaling is weighted toward later levels.
AUTO-REROLL : Gain a new keystone while out of combat after 40 seconds of not using a keystone
VISIBILITY : Your current keystone shows up to the right of your health bar. All ten players can see it.
ADDITIONALS : Dark Harvest souls persist after you get a different keystone and affect all your other keystones. Grasp of the Undying's health persists after you get a different keystone, too.

Available Keystones

  • Press the Attack
  • Lethal Tempo
  • Fleet Footwork
  • Conqueror
  • Summon Aery
  • Arcane Comet
  • Phase Rush
  • Electrocute
  • Predator (only if you have boots)
  • Dark Harvest (souls amplify the effects of all keystones)
  • Hail of Blades
  • Grasp of the Undying
  • Aftershock (only if you can trigger it on a basic ability)
  • Glacial Augment