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This savory blend of free-range, grass-fed Avarosan game hens and organic, non-ZMO Freljordian herbs contains the essential nutrients necessary to keep your Poro purring with pleasure.

All proceeds will be donated towards fighting Noxian animal cruelty.
Serves a scrumptious scoop to a nearby Poro.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilityHA
Total Cost: 0 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 0 Goldcurrency.png


  • Players start with a Poro-Snax in their trinket slot.
  • Additional snax cannot be purchased.
  • Poros will attempt to run if you do not have a Poro-Snax.
  • To feed a Poro, simply click the item when near one.
  • When attempting to feed a Poro when it is slightly outside than the Poro-Snax's range, the Poro will chase you.
  • When feeding a Poro, it will run around in a circle, producing hearts and slightly grow in size.
    • There is an easter egg where if a Poro is fed ten Poro-Snax, it will explode, generating eight small Poros.
  • One Poro starts in each center brush and will normally run from champions. Because of this, they can give away your position by exiting the brush and being seen by the enemy. However, if the first champion to enter the brush has a Poro-Snax, the Poro will stay next to that champion.
  • As BraumSquare.pngBraum, if you feed a Poro with a Poro-snax, the Poro will grow a black mustache.
    • Each of Braum's skins upon feeding a Poro with a Poro-snax will grow a different mustache instead.
  • On first turret kill, all team members receive an additional Poro-Snax.

Patch History[]


All proceeds will be donated toward fighting Noxian animal cruelty.

Right now, fattening up a Poro until it explodes takes a good deal of coordination, not just from your own team, but the opposing team as well. While we do want to see more glorious Poro explosions, we don’t want to just hand out free power. Instead, we hope to ensure that the team that is better able to control objectives will be rewarded with a faster Snaxplosion. We’ll check back in future patches to make sure this isn’t snowballing games too hard out of control.

BACK FOR SECONDS On first turret kill, all team members receive an additional Poro-Snax

Now held in the trinket slot.


COST : 35 Gold
REQUIREMENT : 1 point in Mastery Biscuiteer (S3).png Biscuiteer.