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Please note that while this page is generated automatically, the source data in our pentakill lists are updated by hand, so this is not expected to be a fully complete historical list; however it should be a decent sample size.


  • Five players have pentakills recorded in different roles:
    • Optimus (mid lane and AD carry)
    • BeBe (mid lane and AD carry)
    • SofM (jungle and AD carry)
    • Zz1tai (mid lane and bot lane) (Actually both pentakills from Zz1tai are as mid laner. However, he started as bot laner position in his Darius Pentakill game)
    • Caps (mid lane and bot lane)
  • Several players recorded pentakills in a meaningful game for them:
    • Namei (then Devil) (on CorkiSquareCorki) in his first ever competitive game.
    • Stark (on KalistaSquareKalista) in his first ever competitive game.
    • Virus (on Kai'SaSquareKai'Sa) in his first ever competitive game.
    • Zap (on JinxSquareJinx in his first ever competitive game.
    • RanL (on TwitchSquareTwitch in his first ever competitive game.
    • West (on JhinSquareJhin) in his first game in LPL. It is also his first ever competitive game as an AD carry.
    • Hui (on Rek'SaiSquareRek'Sai) in his first game in LPL. It is his first professional level competitive game.
  • GALA is the first player that scored a pentakill in a game that was later discounted. This happened at MSI 2022, where Royal Never Give Up's first three games were discounted due to lag spikes and forced to be replayed, therefore the pentakill is counted as unofficial.
  • Eighteen series contain multiple pentakills over multiple games:
Date Match Team1 Team2 Game Player
2014-07-11 2014 LPL Summer - Week 5 Team WElogo stdTeam WE LGD Gaminglogo stdLGD Gaming 1 Team WElogo stdWeixiao
2 Team WElogo stdNinja
2015-06-24 GPL 2015 Summer - Week 1 ZOTAC Unitedlogo stdZOTAC United Saigon Jokerslogo stdSaigon Jokers 1 Saigon Jokerslogo stdMinas
2 Saigon Jokerslogo stdMinas
2017-07-12 NA LCS Spring Promotion Phoenix1logo stdPhoenix1 Gold Coin Unitedlogo stdGold Coin United 2 Phoenix1logo stdRyu
4 Gold Coin Unitedlogo stdFly
2018-03-17 CBLOL 2018 Split 1 Playoffs - Round 1 CNB e-Sports Clublogo stdCNB e-Sports Club ProGaming Esportslogo stdProGaming Esports 2 ProGaming Esportslogo stdGoku
5 CNB e-Sports Clublogo stdRakin
2018-08-25 NALCS 2018 Summer Playoffs Quarterfinals TSMlogo stdTSM Echo Foxlogo stdEcho Fox 1 TSMlogo stdZven
4 TSMlogo stdBjergsen
2019-11-30 Circuito Tormenta 2019 Semifinals Arena Quesitologo stdArena Quesito Kawaii Kiwislogo stdKawaii Kiwis 2 Kawaii Kiwislogo stdLegolas
3 Kawaii Kiwislogo stdLegolas
2020-01-31 VCS 2020 Spring - Week 1 Team Flash.Vietnamlogo stdTeam Flash EVOS Esportslogo stdEVOS Esports 2 Team Flash.Vietnamlogo stdSlayder
3 EVOS Esportslogo stdDivkid
2021-01-29 LCS Lock In 2021 Semifinals Cloud9logo stdCloud9 100 Thieveslogo std100 Thieves 4 Cloud9logo stdZven
5 Cloud9logo stdZven
2021-05-19 VCS 2021 Summer Promotion Box Gaminglogo stdBox Gaming Genius Esportslogo stdGenius Esports 2 Box Gaminglogo stdYashiro
4 Box Gaminglogo stdYashiro
2021-09-12 2021 Esports Championship East Asia South Korea (National Team)logo stdSouth Korea China (National Team)logo stdChina 1 South Korea (National Team)logo stdEnvyy
3 South Korea (National Team)logo stdEnvyy
2021-10-10 PRM Pro Div 2021 Winter Cup SK Gaming Primelogo stdSK Gaming Prime E WIE EINFACH E-SPORTSlogo stdE WIE EINFACH E-SPORTS 1 SK Gaming Primelogo stdUNF0RGIVEN
2 SK Gaming Primelogo stdUNF0RGIVEN
2 SK Gaming Primelogo stdUNF0RGIVEN
2022-03-12 LPLOL 2022 Spring Playoffs White Dragonslogo stdWhite Dragons EGN Esportslogo stdEGN Esports 2 White Dragonslogo stdWorst
3 EGN Esportslogo stdxDrop
2023-04-23 LEC 2023 Spring Playoffs - Upper Round 1 Team BDSlogo stdTeam BDS MAD Lionslogo stdMAD Lions 1 Team BDSlogo stdCrownie
3 MAD Lionslogo stdCarzzy
2023-07-31 Ultraliga 2nd Division Season 7 Playoffs Back2TheGame Outlawslogo stdBack2TheGame Outlaws Devils.onelogo stddevils.one 1 Back2TheGame Outlawslogo stdSalami
4 Devils.onelogo stdwittman
2023-08-04 LCK CL 2023 Summer - Week 9 T1 Esports Academylogo stdT1 Esports Academy KT Rolster Challengerslogo stdKT Rolster Challengers 1 KT Rolster Challengerslogo stdFeisty
2 KT Rolster Challengerslogo stdHype
2023-10-30 Aurora Cup 2023 Main Event Quarterfinals Verdantlogo stdVerdant Ruddy Esportslogo stdRuddy Esports 2 Verdantlogo stdErolle
2 Verdantlogo stdFlickeR
2024-04-01 LEC 2024 Spring Playoffs - Upper Round 2 Team Vitalitylogo stdTeam Vitality Team BDSlogo stdTeam BDS 2 Team BDSlogo stdIce
3 Team BDSlogo stdnuc
2024-04-14 LEC 2024 Spring Playoffs - Finals G2 Esportslogo stdG2 Esports Fnaticlogo stdFnatic 2 G2 Esportslogo stdCaps
4 G2 Esportslogo stdHans Sama


To be listed, a player must have at least two recorded pentakills, and a team must have at least three.

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  • Bot (1307)
  • Mid (434)
  • Top (213)
  • Jungle (117)
  • Support (5)

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  • 1 (1952)
  • 0 (124)