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Patch 9.14

Hey, all! We're finally at the halfway point of the season. How's your Ranked climb going? How are your TFT games going? For more details on the schedule for future patches for the remainder of the year, please check out the Patch Schedule on the Support page! Also, tell your friends and bookmark that link!

During this patch, we're introducing certain counter mechanics to some champions' existing abilities. Our general thought is: Having natural counters to common and powerful effects in the game will help make it healthier in the long-term. And as a part of our overarching Summoner's Rift balance strategy, we want to continue encouraging diversity in lane picks and push safer and more reliable champions to a more "sharp" space like other champions are in currently.

Hopefully, the existence of these counters also introduces a slew of not-as-present champions to the mix in all levels of play. We were very selective in the champions we chose to add these mechanics to, keeping in mind their status in the game currently. We believe, in the long term, these additions will make pros' draft priorities more robust which can lessen the amount of nerf cycles on certain champions and allow us more opportunities to give more love and attention to others.

With these points in mind, here are the counters that will be added to specific champions in 9.14:

  • Anti-shield
  • Anti-healing
  • Flat damage reduction
  • Improvements to true sight mechanics
  • Anti-mobility

These changes are the last planned round of significant pattern-level or mechanic updates to champions before the end of the season. That being said, we won't turn a blind eye to game-impacting things that may crop up during the rest of the year.

Stay frosty

SonaSquare.png Hanna “shio shoujo” Woo
AetherIcon.jpg Paul "RiotAether" Perscheid

Mid-Patch Updates[]

7/24/2019 Azir Bugfix[]

SHURIMA'S LEGACY BUGFIX : Azir's turrets now deal the proper amount of damage to targets

7/22/2019 Bugfixes[]

ELECTROCUTE/PHASE RUSH BUGFIX : Sheen procs no longer grant an additional stack towards Electrocute/Phase Rush


TWILIGHT SHROUD BUGFIX : Akali will now stealth immediately upon entering her Twilight Shroud


TRINITY FORCE : Trinity Force now properly adds Sheen damage to Camille's Precision Protocol's true damage


SHEEN : Corki's basic attacks now correctly convert to magic damage when he's holding a Spellblade item


Q+E COMBO TARGET BUGFIX : Qiyana's targets no longer face and cast abilities towards the center of the map when they're subject to her Edge of Ixtal + Audacity combo

7/19/2019 Bugfixes[]

KEYSTONE RUNES BUGFIX : On-hit skills with basic attacks no longer grants 2 stacks of Keystone Runes like Electrocute, Phase Rush, and Conqueror (ex. Fizz's Seastone Trident, Urgot's Echoing Flames, Akali's Assassin's Mark, and Teemo's Toxic Shot


TURRET DAMAGE BUGFIX : Azir's Disc of the Sun turrets now properly use its full damage, both base and scaling, against enemies


DAMAGE BUGFIX : Blizcrank's Static Field passive damage is no longer 50 too high at all ranks




COMBO BUGFIX : Wukong's Nimbus Strike + basic attack + Crushing Blow combo now properly counts the basic attack in the combo towards spell-counting Runes like Electrocute, Phase Rush, and Conqueror

7/18/2019 Balance Changes[]

BASE HEALTH : [550] 575


MIASMA COOLDOWN : [24/21/18/15/12]
TWIN FANG HEALING : [13/16/19/22/25%]




WINDS OF WAR COST : [80/85/90/95/100]

Tahm KenchSquare.pngTahm Kench

PASSIVAN ACQUIRED TASTE ON-HIT DAMAGE : [2.5%] 4% of Tahm Kench's maximum health
TONGUE LASH COOLDOWN : [8/7.5/7/6.5/6] 5 seconds
TONGUE LASH SLOW : [30/35/40/45/50%]



7/18/2019 Kalista Bugfix[]

BASIC ATTACK BUGFIX : Kalista is no longer able to hit multiple enemies if she targets them during her attack animation wind-up

7/17/2019 Update[]

BUGFIX : Fixed an issue causing multiple champions and Runes to not function properly.


PERFECT EXECUTION BUGFIX : Akali's travel speed when casting Perfect Execution is no longer slower than intended


PASSIVILLUMINATION STACKING BUGFIX : Lux no longer gets additional Keystone Runes stacks when proccing Illumination on a target


BUFFERING : Ryze can now buffer his ability casts properly


SPIRIT GUARD UDYR E BUGFIX : Spirit Guard Udyr now properly has a cooldown on his Bear Stance

Patch Highlights[]

Youtube link

Patch 9.14 Image 1.png

Demacia Vice Garen and Demacia Vice Lucian will be available on July 18, 2019.

Teamfight Tactics Patch Notes[]

9.14 also marks the first patch with official TFT patch notes! From now on, you can expect TFT patch notes almost every week on their own separate page. This first official patch week we have a whole host of changes. First, Twisted Fate is warping in to the Convergence for all your piracy and spell-slinging needs. Then, get ready to start climbing because the ranked Beta Season is coming and as they say, “RNG is a ladder.” Finally, items and gold will now drop from NPC rounds on a more consistent basis.

Looking for the full Teamfight Tactics patch notes? Take this magical journey!

Anti-Shielding Champions[]

Blitzcrank's and Renekton's new anti-shielding effect specifically break damage-absorbing shields.
BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank  
R now destroys shields on enemies before dealing damage and silencing.
Static Field.png R - Static Field
E.M.P. Static Field now removes shields on enemies before its other effects (damage and silence)

RenektonSquare.png Renekton  
Empowered W now breaks shields on targets before dealing damage and stunning.
Ruthless Predator.png W - Ruthless Predator
BREAKING GLASS ANGRILY Destroys existing shields on targets when empowered with 50 Fury before its existing effects (damage and stun)

Anti-Healing Champions[]

While all other current healing reduction sources in the game cap out at 40%, Katarina's and Kled's will be at 60%, making them uniquely powerful and better than items like Executioner's Calling against specific healing team comps.
KatarinaSquare.png Katarina  
R healing reduction increased.
Death Lotus.png R - Death Lotus
I NEED MORE BANDAGES : [40%] 60% healing reduction

KledSquare.png Kled  
Q pull now applies healing reduction.
Bear Trap on a Rope.png Q - Bear Trap on a Rope
BEETS ARE FOR BEARS Pulling in an enemy reduces all healing on them by 60% for 5 seconds

Flat Damage Reduction Champions[]

Leona and Fizz will now be a little stronger against opponents with "death by a thousand cuts" types of damage patterns, like on-hit and DoT champions.
FizzSquare.png Fizz  
Passive reduces all sources of damage.
Nimble Fighter.png Passive - Nimble Fighter
DAMAGE REDUCTION : [4/6/8/10/12/14 (levels 1/4/7/10/13/16) against basic attacks]
4 (+0.01 AP)against all sources of damage (maximum of 50% reduction)

LeonaSquare.png Leona  
W reduces damage by a flat amount; armor decreased; magic resist decreased. R no longer empowers basic attacks.
Eclipse.png W - Eclipse
FLAT DAMAGE REDUCTION Eclipse now grants 8/12/16/20/24 pre-mitigation damage reduction (maximum of 50% reduction)
ARMOR : [25/35/45/55/65]
MAGIC RESIST : [20/30/40/50/60]

Solar Flare.png R - Solar Flare

INCANDESCENCE Leona no longer gains empowered basic attacks after casting Solar Flare

True Sight Champions[]

While these abilities already provide true sight, we're taking them a step further and extending the true sight effect beyond these champions' abilities' tethers and into the complete CC.
KarmaSquare.png Karma  
W now provides true sight on rooted targets.
Focused Resolve.png W - Focused Resolve
I SEE YOU Focused Resolve/Renewal now reveals successfully rooted targets for the duration of the root as well

LeBlancSquare.png LeBlanc  
E now provides true sight on rooted targets.
Ethereal Chains.png E - Ethereal Chains
NOW I SEE YOU Ethereal Chains now reveals successfully rooted targets for the duration of the root as well

MorganaSquare.png Morgana  
R now provides true sight on stunned targets.
Soul Shackles.png R - Soul Shackles
ALL-SEEING EYE Soul Shackles now reveals successfully stunned targets for the duration of the root as well

Anti-Mobility Champions[]

Because mobility is such a prominent feature on many mainstay champions, we're increasing the power and number of anti-mobility options players have against them. This should open up more opportunities for Ahri, Cassiopeia, and Poppy to outplay their slippier opponents without increasing their overall power.
AhriSquare.png Ahri  
E now cancels in-progress dashes; bonus damage duration decreased.
Charm.png E - Charm
STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE Charm now cancels in-progress dashes

CassiopeiaSquare.png Cassiopeia  
W minimum cast range removed; maximum cast range decreased; cooldown increased early and decreased late. E healing increased; now reduced when poisoning minions and small monsters; cost flattened. Ability casts now buffer.

Outside of the flexibility in mobility, Cassio is getting too much out of just a few (or one!) points in her E, so we're amping up the value at later ranks to encourage a full rank-up.

BUFFERING Cassiopeia can now buffer her ability casts

Base Stats

HEALTH : [537] 575
MANA : [418] 350
MANA GROWTH : [31.5] 40
ARMOR : [25] 20

Miasma.png W - Miasma

MINIMUM CAST RANGE Cassiopeia no longer has a minimum cast range on Miasma
COOLDOWN : [18/17.5/17/16.5/16]

Twin Fang.png E - Twin Fang

BASICALLY RAT POISON Cassiopeia heals for 75% less when she poisons minions and small monsters
HEAL : [5-22 (based on level) (+0.1 AP)]
13/16/19/22/25% of her ability power
COST : [40/45/50/55/60]
50 all ranks

PoppySquare.png Poppy  
W bonus movement speed increased; bonus movement speed duration decreased; grounds and slows dashing enemies.
Steadfast Presence.png W - Steadfast Presence
CRASH-INTO HELLO If Poppy stops an enemy from dashing or casting a movement ability, she grounds and slows them by 25% for 2 seconds

Champion Balance[]

AatroxSquare.png Aatrox  
Base health regen growth increased. R no longer revives Aatrox; amplified self-healing increased; cooldown decreased.

Despite the adjustments we've made over the past couple of patches, Aatrox has remained a stalwart presence in pro play. We're making him less reliable as a blind pick with the removal of revives from his ultimate.

Base Stats

World Ender.png R - World Ender

MORTAL Aatrox no longer earns a Revive through kills
COOLDOWN : [140/120/100]

AkaliSquare.png Akali  
W cooldown flattened; energy restore flattened; duration extension removed; stealth type changed. Q AP ratio increased. E damage increased. R cooldown increased.

We're taking some steps to make Akali a little less slippery while buffing her in other areas. By changing her stealth type to Invisibility, she'll now be revealed by true sight, giving more enemies a way to find her when she's in her shroud. Additionally, there will be a higher cost when she chooses to use her ultimate as a means of escape. But on the plus side, the buffs to her energy restore and damage on her E will help her stay lethal against any unfortunate, caught-out enemy.

Base Stats
MAGIC RESIST : [32.1] 37

Five Point Strike.png Q - Five Point Strike

RATIO : [0.5] 0.6 ability power

Twilight Shroud.png W - Twilight Shroud

STEALTH TYPE : [Obscurity] Invisibility (Akali is now fully revealed by True Sight effects, rather than only her outline)
COOLDOWN : [25/22/19/16/13]
20at all ranks
ENERGY RESTORE : [40/50/60/70/80]
80 at all ranks
DURATION EXTENSION Twilight Shroud's duration no longer extends if Akali breaks invisibility by basic attacking or using abilities

Shuriken Flip.png E - Shuriken Flip

SHURIKEN DAMAGE : [70/105/140/175/210 (+0.7 bonus AD)]
40/70/100/130/160 (+0.35 total AD)
SHURIKEN AP RATIO 0.5 ability power
DASH DAMAGE : [50/80/110/140/170 (+0.7 bonus AD)]
40/70/100/130/160 (+0.35 total AD)
DASH AP RATIO 0.5 ability power

Perfect Execution.png R - Perfect Execution

COOLDOWN : [100/85/70]

AlistarSquare.png Alistar  
Base mana and mana growth increased.

Giving Alistar a boost in average play without making him overbearing in pro. The increase in mana helps those who may struggle with managing their resources in lane.

Base Stats
MANA : [278.84] 350
MANA GROWTH : [38] 40

Aurelion SolSquare.png Aurelion Sol  
Q max stun duration and radius growth per second increased. E max movement speed now scales with level.

Making larger-than-lane Q stars is so bad that it's just considered trolling. But it's definitely one of the cooler parts of Aurelion Sol's kit and should actually be considered a viable ability, especially in coordinated play. These changes should help encourage more dummy thicc Q stars.

Starsurge.png Q - Starsurge
MAXIMUM STUN DURATION : [1.65/1.8/1.95/2.1/2.25]
STAR RADIUS GROWTH : Increased by 33%

Comet of Legend.png E - Comet of Legend

25-45% (levels 1-18)

BardSquare.png Bard  
Base health increased; health regen decreased. E travel speed increased; ally bonus speed flattened.

We're shifting some of Bard's durability around to help him survive all-ins with his team, and speeding up his tunnel mobility for stronger early-game ganks.

Base Stats
HEALTH : [535] 575
HEALTH REGEN : [7.5] 5.5

Magical Journey.png E - Magical Journey

TRAVEL SPEED : [800] 900
ALLY BONUS SPEED : [10/20/30/40/50%]
33% at all ranks

DianaSquare.png Diana  
Passive and R bugfixes. Q arc speed decreased. W cost bugfixed.

Diana's 9.13 changes had unintended power consequences. We're adjusting accordingly.

Moonsilver Blade.png Passive - Moonsilver Blade
BUGFIX : Will no longer occasionally do unintended additional damage to turrets

Crescent Strike.png Q - Crescent Strike

INNER ARC SPEED : [2100] 1900
OUTER ARC SPEED : [2300] 2100

Pale Cascade.png W - Pale Cascade

COST : [40/55/60/65/70]

Lunar Rush.png R - Lunar Rush

BUGFIX : Lunar Rush can no longer be reset twice when a reset was timed with a new application of Moonlight

GalioSquare.png Galio  
Passive cooldown reduction removed; cooldown decreased; damage increased. Q cooldown and damage increased; cost decreased late. W now interruptible by CC and restricts Flash during channel; self-slow decreased.

Galio has long been pro play regular, mainly due to his ability to safely clear waves at a range and threaten instant engages with his taunt+Flash combo. Both of these things are exceptionally powerful in pro, but have led to a low solo queue winrate for the gargoyle. This patch we're looking to diminish these pro strengths while moving that power to places that won't just lead to a different flavor of pro dominance. Overall, Galio should be worse at clearing minions from range, but have fewer mana constraints, which should encourage him to build more durability.

Base Stats
MANA GROWTH : [20] 40

Colossal Smash.png Passive - Colossal Smash

COOLDOWN REDUCTION Colossal Smash's cooldown is no longer reduced every time Galio hits a unique enemy champion with an ability
COOLDOWN : [8] 5 seconds
DAMAGE : [12-80 (levels 1-18) (+1.0 total AD)(+0.5 AP)(+0.4 bonus magic resist)]
15-160 (levels 1-18) (+1.0 total AD)(+0.5 AP)(+0.6 bonus magic resist)

Winds of War.png Q - Winds of War

COOLDOWN : [10/9.5/9/8.5/8]
GUST DAMAGE : [70/105/140/175/210]
COST : [80/90/100/110/120]

Shield of Durand.png W - Shield of Durand

GROUNDED Galio cannot Flash while channeling Shield of Durand
WHY'D YOU STOP ME Shield of Durand can now be interrupted by all the usual CC effects that interrupt channels
SELF-SLOW : [30%] 15%

JhinSquare.png Jhin  
W cooldown decreased; root duration increased.

Adding some power into the part of Jhin's kit that rewards timing and coordination.

Deadly Flourish.png W - Deadly Flourish
COOLDOWN : [14] 12 seconds
ROOT DURATION : [0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75]

LuxSquare.png Lux  
Q cooldown increased early, decreased late; cost flattened. W double shield on return removed; shield ratio increased; shield duration decreased. R cooldown reset removed; cooldown decreased late; ratio increased.

Builds centered around the safety provided by Lux's W have risen in prominence over the last month or two. Because Lux's Prismatic Barrier dodged some of the adjustment treatment given to other shields, we're making some changes to adjust the power between her offense- and defense-oriented builds. We're also removing Final Spark's cooldown refund since we never pushed the mechanic far enough to feel really meaningful and the effect can just be replicated with adjustments to its base cooldown.

Light Binding.png Q - Light Binding
COOLDOWN : [10] 13/12/11/10/9 seconds
COST : [40/45/50/55/60]
50 at all ranks

Prismatic Barrier.png W - Prismatic Barrier

RETURNING SHIELD : [Double outgoing shield] Same as outgoing shield (returning shield still stacks with the outgoing shield)
SHIELD RATIO : [0.2] 0.3 ability power
MAXIMUM SHIELD : [150/195/240/285/330]
SHIELD DURATION : [3] 2.5 seconds

Final Spark.png R - Final Spark

COOLDOWN REFUND No longer refunds a percentage of its maximum cooldown when hitting at least one enemy champion that dies within 1.75 seconds
COOLDOWN : [80/65/50]
RATIO : [0.75] 1.0 ability power

MalphiteSquare.png Malphite  
Q slow increased, slow duration decreased. W empowers basic attacks on cast and cleaves in a cone; cost increased and scales with rank. VFX and QoL updates.

Malphite is one of the League's oldest champions, and we all know that rolling stones gather no moss. To that end, we're giving the Shard of the Monolith a giant quality-of-life update that should make his abilities feel more satisfying to use. Specifically, his Q should look and feel more responsive, and his W now resets his attack swing animation and cleaves in a longer-reaching cone rather than a circle. We're also enhancing the fantasy of playing a literal mountain by scaling Malphite's size as he stacks armor throughout the match. Finally, a suite of new ability visual effects ties the whole update together and should help Malphite feel more rock solid than ever.

Visual Updates
SHINE AND POLISH : New VFX for all abilities and skins
MOUNTAIN OUT OF A MOLEHILL : Malphite is slightly smaller at the start of the game
MOUNTAIN MAN Malphite's size now increases with his armor, capping around 850 armor

Granite Shield.png Passive - Granite Shield

MOHS SCALE Shield regeneration VFX added

Seismic Shard.png Q - Seismic Shard

ROLLING STONES : Improved cast animation for most skins
THE ROCK IS COOKING : Malphite now spawns his rock ~100 units in front of him rather than at his center point
SLOW : [14/17/20/23/26%]
SLOW DURATION : [4] 3 seconds

Thunderclap.png W - Thunderclap

EMPOWERED BASIC ATTACK : Malphite's next basic attack within 6 seconds gains 50 increased range and deals 20/35/50/65/80 (+0.2 AP)(+0.15 armor) bonus physical damage
ROCKY ROAD CONE : For the next 5 seconds after casting, Malphite's basic attacks cleave enemies in a cone in front of him, dealing 10/20/30/40/50 (+0.2 AP)(+0.1 armor) physical damage to enemies hit
COST : [25 at all ranks]

MordekaiserSquare.png Mordekaiser  
Passive base damage decreased. E magic penetration decreased late.

Even after 9.12's hotfixes, Mordekaiser is too strong. We're following up with some additional adjustments, pulling some power out of his damage amplification in the mid-game and his passive damage overall.

Darkness Rise.png Passive - Darkness Rise
BASE DAMAGE : [8-25]
BUGFIX : No longer activates on Mordekaiser's corpse if it procs via Death's Grasp hitting 3 enemies after Mordekaiser dies

Death's Grasp.png E - Death's Grasp

MAGIC PENETRATION : [5/10/15/20/25%]

NidaleeSquare.png Nidalee  
Cougar E base magic damage increased.

Giving Nidalee a tiny bit of all-in help and jungle clear speed without impacting her already strong ranged abilities.

Swipe.png E - Swipe
BASE DAMAGE : [70/130/190/250]

PykeSquare.png Pyke  
E now stuns non-champions. R deals reduced damage to surviving enemies; now grants Pyke additional "Your Cut" gold as well.

Pyke's 9.13 changes had the intended outcome of equalizing performance between support Pyke and solo Pyke, but left Pyke with some room for buffs.

Phantom Undertow.png E - Phantom Undertow
DANNY PHANTOM Phantom Undertow now stuns non-champions, but deals no damage to them

Death From Below.png R - Death From Below

SURVIVOR Deals 50% reduced damage to enemies that survive Death from Below
SPLIT BOUNTY : When Pyke kills an enemy with Death from Below, [the last assisting ally] the last assisting ally and Pyke are granted "Your Cut"
FIRST MATE : When Pyke assists on a kill following Death from Below, he receives [1 "Your Cut"] 2 "Your Cut"
ICON Death from Below's icon now shows next to Pyke's health bar when it can be cast for free

RyzeSquare.png Ryze  
Base health regen and health regen growth increased. Q and E bugfixes.

While the dart didn't land on "REWORK" this patch, it did land on "BUGFIX" and slightly grazed "BUFF" (we're giving him more forgiveness in lane while players acclimate to his new ability patterns).

Base Stats

Overload.png Q - Overload

BUGFIX : 1 Overload no longer cancels Ryze's movement when spammed during its cast time
BUGFIX : 2 Overload no longer bounces back to its original target if Spell Flux is applied to it during other bounces

Spell Flux.png E - Spell Flux

BUGFIX : 3 Now correctly triggers Manaflow Band when it bounces to a champion
BUGFIX : 4 Spell Flux no longer bounces back to its original target off of other targets that have Flux on them

SingedSquare.png Singed  
Q recast timer increased; brighter ability icon when toggled on in the spell bar.

Making our toggle spells more consistent in timing so they get cancelled less.

Poison Trail.png Q - Poison Trail
RECAST TIMER : [0] 0.5 seconds
INDICATOR : When toggled on, Poison Trail's icon will be highlighted more brightly

SwainSquare.png Swain  
Soul Fragments restore mana and permanently increase Swain's max HP. Q pierces through minions; no longer pierces through champions killed. R1 drains all nearby enemies. R2 damage tied to R1 health drained; no longer modified by Soul Fragments; now castable immediately.

Swain's Soul Fragment mechanic gated players from simply accessing his ultimate, making it a whole lot less satisfying when they're finally able to trigger it. We're cutting out the decision-making around when Swain should cast Demonflare, while also pushing the scaling fantasy that's appropriate to his thematics.

Base Stats
ATTACK RANGE : [550] 525

Ravenous Flock.png Passive - Ravenous Flock

STORING SOUL FRAGMENTS Swain can no longer store up to 5 Soul Fragments in reserve, empowering Demonflare
SOUL EATER Swain permanently stores Soul Fragments, increasing his maximum health by 5 per Soul Fragment
SOUL DRINKER Collecting a Soul Fragment restores 4/5.5/7% of Swain's mana

Death's Hand.png Q - Death's Hand

MEGA DRAIN Killing a target no longer restores 3% of Swain's maximum mana
THUNDERBOLT Bolts now always continues through minions, but stop on impact with enemy champions
COOLDOWN : [7.5/6.25/5/3.75/2.5]
RANGE : [725] 625

Demonic Ascension.png R - Demonic Ascension

COST : [0] 100 mana
BONUS HEALTH : [150/275/400]
125/200/275 (+5 per Soul Fragment)
GIGA DRAIN Swain drains all enemy units within range, including invisible units

Demonflare.png R - Demonflare

SECOND CAST HEALTH THRESHOLD Swain no longer needs to restore 125/300/450 health to cast Demonflare and can cast it immediately
DEMONFLARE DAMAGE : [45/60/75 (+0.21 AP)magic damage per Soul Fragment to all nearby enemies] 75% of the health Swain has drained during Demonic Ascension in magic damage, up to a cap
DEMONFLARE MINIMUM DAMAGE 100/150/200 (+0.5 ability power)
DEMONFLARE MAXIMUM DAMAGE 200/300/400 (+1.0 ability power)

SylasSquare.png Sylas  
Passive damage vs minions less reduced. Q detonation damage increased. E shield granted on first cast; no longer blocks non-magic damage but blocks all magic damage for a duration; cooldown flattened; second cast stun duration decreased. R cast range decreased, recast window decreased, cooldown increased, AD->AP ratio conversion decreased.

Sylas has been a high priority pick in pro play due to his versatility and late-game power. We're putting in some changes focused around reducing the fallback power of his ultimate, and changing his pick conditions.

Petricite Burst.png Passive - Petricite Burst

Chain Lash.png Q - Chain Lash

DETONATION DAMAGE : [40/60/80/100/120 (+0.4 AP)]
45/70/95/120/145 (+0.6 AP)

Abscond.png E - Abscond

ABSCOND SHIELD Now shields himself against all magic damage for 2 seconds on first cast
COOLDOWN : [18/17/16/15/14]
14 at all ranks
ABDUCT STUN DURATION : [0.5] 0.35 seconds

Hijack.png R - Hijack

CAST RANGE : [1050] 950
COOLDOWN : [85/50/15]
AP RATIO CONVERSION : [0.5 AP to 1.0 bonus AD, 0.7 AP to 1.0 total AD]
0.4 AP to 1.0 bonus AD, 0.6 AP to 1.0 total AD

Tahm KenchSquare.png Tahm Kench  
Passive damage health scaling increased; stacks no longer increase ability damage; abilities no longer apply stacks. Q no longer has a melee-range arc; stun now consumes all stacks. W1 Nearsight on enemies removed. W2 stun on enemies removed. E stores less Grey Health but heals for a higher percent; cooldown reduced but starts on shield expiration.

We're taking a sweeping pass at some of the things that make Tahm Kench unnecessarily frustrating to play against, notably the constant CC that plagues opponents in lane and his Q's large melee hitbox. And he can now Devour Blue and Red Buffs, because that seems like it could be fun.

An Acquired Taste.png Passive - An Acquired Taste
FILET O' FISH Abilities no longer deal bonus magic damage based on passive stacks
NO FOOD Abilities no longer apply An Acquired Taste stacks
ON-HIT DAMAGE : [1.5% per stack]
2.5% at any number of stacks

Tongue Lash.png Q - Tongue Lash

COOLDOWN : [8/7/6/5/4]
MELEE HITBOX No longer hits enemies in a wide arc in front of Tahm Kench on cast
FISHING WITH ELECTRICITY Stunning an enemy with Tongue Lash consumes all stacks of An Acquired Taste
SLOW : [50/55/60/65/70%]
SLOW DURATION : [2] 3 seconds
STUN DURATION : [1.5] 2 seconds

Devour.png R - Devour

ANGLERFISH'S LIGHT Enemies are no longer nearsighted while Devoured
GROSS Enemies are no longer stunned for 0.25 seconds after they're Regurgitated
DAMAGE RATIO : [9/10/11/12/13%]
11% of target's maximum health
MAXIMUM MONSTER DAMAGE : [400/450/500/550/600] 500
FISH ARE FRIENDS AND FOOD Tahm Kench can now Devour and Regurgitate Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback

Thick Skin.png E - Thick Skin

GREY HEALTH : [80/85/90/95/100%]
GREY HEALTH HEAL : [20/25/30/35/40%]
75% at all ranks
COOLDOWN : [6 seconds starting on cast]
3 seconds when Thick Skin's shield expires or is broken

UrgotSquare.png Urgot  
W recast timer decreased.

Making our toggle spells more consistent in timing so they get cancelled less.

Purge.png W - Purge
RECAST TIMER : [1] 0.5 seconds

YuumiSquare.png Yuumi  
Passive shield decreased; mana restore removed. Q empowered damage decreased; cost increased. E missing HP scaling increased; cost decreased.

We're opening Yuumi's early game weakness to reduce her presence in pro play. These changes cut her very early lane poke dominance, while buffing her later lane scrapping.

Bop 'n' Block.png Passive - Bop 'n' Block
SHIELD : [80-300]
MANA RESTORE Yuumi no longer restores mana when she hits an enemy with an empowered basic attack

Prowling Projectile.png Q - Prowling Projectile

EMPOWERED DAMAGE : [60/105/150/195/240/285 (+0.6 AP)]
50/95/140/185/230/275 (+0.65 AP)
COST : [60/65/70/75/80/85]

Zoomies.png E - Zoomies

BASE HEAL SCALING : Up to [+100%] +130% based on target's missing health(healing from AP ratio still scales up to +300% based on target's missing health)
COST : [60/70/80/90/100]

Ranged Top Laners[]

A handful of ranged top laners are the dominant picks in professional play because of a combination of their status as a safe early pick in the draft order and their potential to heavily punish unfavorable match-ups in the early game. Kennen, Neeko, and Jayce all have the following attributes that give them this flexibility and dominance: exceptional (normally enhanced) basic attacks and powerful (and often low cooldown) disengage abilities. With these changes, we're attempting to push these champions' harass power down for the first few levels in exchange for scaling. The expectation is this will lower frustration for the average player, as well as lower pro pick priority.
JayceSquare.png Jayce  
Attack damage decreased; attack damage growth increased. Q base damage decreased early, increased late; damage ratio increased.
Base Stats

Shock Blast.png Q - Shock Blast

DAMAGE : [70/115/160/205/250/295 (+1.0 bonus AD)]
55/105/155/205/255/305 (+1.2 bonus AD)

KennenSquare.png Kennen  
Attack damage and attack speed decreased; attack damage growth increased. E bonus attack speed increased.
Base Stats
ATTACK DAMAGE : [50.544] 48
ATTACK SPEED : [0.69] 0.625

Lightning Rush.png E - Lightning Rush

BONUS ATTACK SPEED : [30/40/50/60/70%]

NeekoSquare.png Neeko  
Attack damage and attack speed decreased; attack damage growth and attack speed growth increased. Passive no longer breaks when Neeko basic attacks enemy champions. W passive movement speed decreased.
Base Stats
ATTACK SPEED : [0.645] 0.625

Inherent Glamour.png Passive - Inherent Glamour

GUESS WHO? : Neeko no longer loses her disguise when basic attacking enemy champions

Shapesplitter.png W - Shapesplitter


ARAM Balance Changes[]

9.14 Nerfs
CORKI : [+5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken] -5% damage taken
ILLAOI : [Unchanged] -5% damage dealt & +5% damage taken
JARVAN : [IV +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken] -5% damage taken
KLED : [+5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken] -5% damage taken
NAMI : [Unchanged] +5% damage taken
TRYNDAMERE : [+10% damage dealt & -10% damage taken] +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
URGOT : [Unchanged] -5% damage dealt
VOLIBEAR : [Unchanged] +5% damage taken

9.14 Buffs

AKALI : [+18% damage dealt & -8% damage taken] +18% damage dealt & -12% damage taken
ALISTAR : [+5% damage taken] Unchanged
JAYCE : [Unchanged] +5% damage dealt
QIYANA : [Unchanged] +12% damage dealt & -10% damage taken
SYLAS : [Unchanged] +5% damage dealt
SYNDRA : [Unchanged] +5% damage dealt
TALON : [-5% damage taken] +5% damage dealt & -5% damage taken
TRUNDLE : [+5% damage taken] Unchanged
YUUMI : [Unchanged] +5% damage dealt

Death Recap[]

The new Death Recap is now live! This new and improved version includes damage type breakdowns, fight duration, and CC duration. Clicking the Recap will allow you to expand and see additional details on damage sources. We still have some more improvements planned for the future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, get in the game and see it for yourself!

Show [Allied] Chat[]

We've added a new option under Settings>Interface>Chat that will now allow you to mute your allies' chats. There is now a separate checkbox for "Show [Allied] Chat" next to the already existing "Show [All] Chat". Both settings will be checked by default, but players can now uncheck both to mute both enemies' and teammates' chats permanently, or until they're turned back on. However, unchecking both will not mute the pre- and post-game chat, but we've heard your requests and are considering including those in the future!


  • Qiyana's Terrashape passive now procs correctly with Liandry's Torment
  • Galio's Justice Punch no longer remains in the realm it was cast in when entering/existing Mordekaiser's Realm of Death
  • Corki's Hextech Munitions's The Package no longer spawns only in Mordekaiser's Realm of Death if Corki was banished there at the time of its spawn
  • Rammus' Powerball and Lucian's The Culling can no longer be interrupted by CC effects while under the effects of Edge of Night, Banshee's Veil, or Morgana's Black Shield
  • Vision Score now properly updates on the vision Trinket's tooltip

Upcoming Skins & Chromas[]

The following skins will be released this patch. Grab the League Displays app for their full-res splash!

Skin Splash Demacia Vice Garen.jpg
Demacia Vice Garen
Skin Splash Demacia Vice Lucian.jpg
Demacia Vice Lucian

The following chromas will be released this patch:

Garen Screens 6.jpg
Demacia Vice Garen
Lucian Screens 5.jpg
Demacia Vice Lucian