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Patch 8.17

Welcome to patch 8.17, the one where New Nunu's New Groove hits Summoner's Rift, and his four-armed buddy will umpack his bags and join him! If you're already feeling the call of the Freljord, you can consume more information in the links below.

Do you want to build the biggest snowball ever!? Before you do, check out the barrage of balance changes below so you have absolutely zero excuse for not knowing what's going on.

Now get out there and try to stay warm; it's going to be a wintry one!

Gentleman GustafIcon.jpg Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman
AetherIcon.jpg Paul "Aether" Perscheid

Patch Highlights[]

Nexus Blitz[]

The Nexus Blitz live alpha continues this patch. For a rundown of changes coming this patch, head to the update article!


Nunu & WillumpSquare.png Nunu & Willump   
Nunu & Willump, the Boy and His Yeti will start their adventure in patch 8.17! Get rolling with these links: Full-res splash art is available on League Displays!
AnnieSquare.png Annie  
Attack range increased.

Right now, Annie doesn't really have gameplay outside of dumping all of her spells at once. Returning to her longer attack range lets her trade and harass with autos as an alternate pattern of aggression.

ATTACK RANGE : [575] 625

BardSquare.png Bard  
R cooldown decreased.

Bard's laning phase is already strong enough, but his overall gameplay could use a bit more power. We want to give everybody's favorite chime-gathering support more playmaking opportunities so that he doesn't feel barred from using his ult for fear of its long cooldown.

Tempered Fate.png R - Tempered Fate
COOLDOWN : [130/110/90]
110/95/80 seconds

FioraSquare.png Fiora  
E crit damage on second attack increased at early ranks.

Fiora's late game is pretty strong, but she could use some more dueling power in the early game to get there more often. Because, you know, duelist.

Bladework.png E - Bladework
CRIT DAMAGE ON SECOND ATTACK : [140/155/170/185/200%]

GarenSquare.png Garen  
Q damage decreased at later ranks.

Garen's spun his way into top lane dominance as of late, and Q's early game damage leaves opponents with few opportunities to trade well.

Decisive Strike.png Q - Decisive Strike
BASE DAMAGE : [30/65/100/135/170]

IreliaSquare.png Irelia  
Q damage bonus to minions increased.

We're putting some laning functionality back into Irelia's Q.

Bladesurge.png Q - Bladesurge

KassadinSquare.png Kassadin  
R cooldown decreased at early ranks.

Touching Kassadin's late game is always risky, but he has room for some more early-mid game strength.

Riftwalk.png R - Riftwalk
COOLDOWN : [6/4/2]
5/3.5/2 seconds

KaynSquare.png Kayn  
E duration increased early. Shadow E movement speed increased.

Kayn, especially as Shadow Assassin, is struggling to stay competitive with other junglers. This buff should help him move around the map (and through terrain) and extend his opportunities to pick up kills.

Shadow Step.png E - Shadow Step
DURATION : [5/6/7/8/9]
7/7.5/8/8.5/9 seconds

Master YiSquare.png Master Yi  
W cooldown decreased; damage reduction increased early.

Meditate can be a strong defensive tool, but it’s often underappreciated by players who use it primarily for the heal. We're giving it a small buff to encourage its use during (rather than after) combat.

Meditate.png W - Meditate
COOLDOWN : [35] 28 seconds
DAMAGE REDUCTION : [50/55/60/65/70%]

RengarSquare.png Rengar  
R cooldown decreased early.

We want to help Rengar feel powerful, but we're also trying to tone down upfront damage in League overall. Because of this, we’re giving Rengar more chances to surprise his opponents rather than boosting his damage when he does.

Thrill of the Hunt.png R - Thrill of the Hunt
COOLDOWN : [130/100/70]
110/90/70 seconds

VarusSquare.png Varus  
Base health decreased; health growth increased.

As a marksman with long-ranged poke, Varus should be easier to kill when opponents close the gap.

Base Stats
HEALTH : [549] 499

WukongSquare.png Wukong  
Now has level 1 bonus attack speed.

Wukong is far from the king of the jungle after the most recent round of changes. A boost to his early attack speed should help his early clears and make him more consistent on the map.

Base Stats

YorickSquare.png Yorick  
Mist Walker damage decreased.

Top laners have unearthed Yorick as a dominant pick, in part due to the threat of his Mist Walkers. Players who understand the Mist Walkers' behavior and actively play around it avoid a lot of damage, while players who don't find themselves digging their own graves. We're toning down the damage of Mist Walkers to decrease his low level pubstomp potential.

Mist Walkers

TaricSquare.png Taric  
Adaptive damage now defaults to physical.

Taric's passive means he benefits a decent amount from his basic attacks.

ADAPTIVE DAMAGE : Now defaults to physical if Taric has no bonus attack damage or ability power


Guaranteed crit damage decreased below 30% crit. Attack speed increased and attack damage decreased.

The high amount of upfront damage in the game is something we've been looking to dial back. Last patch we trimmed a lot of the burst damage from various runes; this patch we're looking at items.

ATTACK SPEED : [25%] 35%
140-200% (at 0-30% crit chance)

ItemSquareDuskblade of Draktharr.pngDuskblade of Draktharr  
Proc damage decreased. Lethality increased.

The high amount of upfront damage in the game is something we've been looking to dial back. Last patch we trimmed a lot of the burst damage from various runes; this patch we're looking at items.

LETHALITY : [18] 21
PROC DAMAGE : [30-200]
30-150 damage (at levels 1-18)

Summoner Spells[]

Changed a service related to summoner spell configuration. If you haven’t played a particular queue in a couple of months, your summoner spells in that queue may reset to Heal/Ghost. Just a heads up!


  • Fixed a bug where Phantom Dancer's Spectral Waltz passive would sometimes not trigger
  • Fixed a bug where Akali's Perfect Execution dealt damage to all opponents based on the health of the last enemy struck, rather than calculating damage individually for each
  • Maokai Nature's Grasp's sfx now correctly line up with the ability's duration.
  • Fixed a bug where ranged attacks and targeted projectiles would have their VFX appear from the champion's last seen location, if they were not currently in vision
  • Deep Sea Nami no longer leaves her spine behind while moving during her recall animation.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas[]

The following skins will be released this patch. Grab the League Displays app for their full-res splash!

Skin Splash High Noon Urgot.jpg
High Noon Urgot
Skin Splash High Noon Thresh.jpg
High Noon Thresh
Skin Splash High Noon Lucian.jpg
High Noon Lucian
Skin Splash Divine Sword Irelia.jpg
Immortal Journey Irelia
Skin Splash Enduring Sword Talon.jpg
Immortal Journey Talon

The following chromas will be released this patch:

LeeSin Screens 8.jpg
Dragon Fist Lee Sin
Thresh Screens 6.jpg
High Noon Thresh
Urgot Screens 4.jpg
High Noon Urgot
Talon Screens 4.jpg
Immortal Journey Talon
Irelia Screens 4.jpg
Immortal Journey Irelia