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Patch 8.11

Greetings, Summoners,

Welcome to 8.11, part of our continuing series of role tweaks. 8.9 was mages, 8.10 saw changes to the jungle; this time around we're swinging into bot lane!

8.11 brings a bunch of changes to marksman items and runes, as well as base stat shifts across the roster. We're opening the door for non-crit builds to shine by adding or reworking new tools for spellslingers and lane bullies alike, and by reining in lane sustain to make early aggression a more effective path to victory. Many of these options should be pretty appealing to AD fighters and assassins as well, so make sure to check the changes out regardless of your lane preference.

We've also got some follow-up tuning to last patch's work on the jungle. We're seeing teams adjust to Rift Scuttler as a contestable objective in the early game, with laners becoming more willing to help their jungler secure the crab. We're slightly lengthening its respawn time so these river fights are a little less frequent, making the regular camps a little bit more rewarding to avoid pushing junglers back in experience across the board. A few of the stand-out scuttle slayers are also taking a few hits so other junglers can compete.

Of course, none of this matters if you're on Pyke's list. Don't let his support tag fool you—if you turn your back on the Bloodharbor Ripper, you'll find yourself sinking to the bottom of the sea. Or the ranked ladder. Same thing, really.

Gentleman GustafIcon.jpg Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman
AetherIcon.jpg Paul "Aether" Perscheid

Patch Update[]

PykeSquare.png Pyke   

We expect Pyke to have a steep learning curve, so we were conservative with his launch strength to make sure he doesn't grow into an overpowered state in the weeks to come. We overshot on the guardrails, so we're pumping some power into Pyke's laning strength to help him have more consistent games while players learn his kit.

BASE HEALTH REGEN : [5] 7 health per 5 seconds
BASE MANA : [380] 415
BASE ARMOR : [42] 45

TaliyahSquare.png Taliyah   

Now that Taliyah's damage aginst minions is down (making wave controll less automatic), she has room for more damage against champions.

BASE Attack damage : [56] 58

Threaded Volley.png Q - Threaded Volley

Damage vs champions : [40] 60% for rocks beyond the first

Unraveled Earth.png E - Unraveled Earth

Dash Damage : [35/45/55/65/75 (0.2 AP)]
50/60/70/80/90 (0.3 AP)

ItemSquareBanner of Command.pngBanner of Command   

We changed Banner to make the empowered minion less of a shutdown against AP champs, now its causing probelms for everyone, especially when multiple teammates start stacking it.

Damage Reduction : [70%] 40% (Tooltip will be updated in 8,12)

YasuoSquare.png Yasuo   

The loss of crit chance on IE means if Yasuo wants to utilize his crit-doubling passive, he has to rush a Zeal item - none of which comes with AD. We're giving him some early/midgame help so he's better able to make it through the process of building Phantom Dancer, while also letting up on the Q crit damage reduction now that IE no longer multiplies crit damage.

BASE Attack Damage : [60] 63

Steel Tempest.png Q - Steel Tempest

Crit Damage : [150%] 180%
Bugfix : The combination of Brawler's Glove and Infinity Edge now properly grants Yasuo 40% critical chance.

Kai'SaSquare.png Kai'Sa   

Kai'Sa was one of the strongest marksmen prior to 8.11 and since her Rageblade build avoids this patch's early game power-downs to crit buits, that "front of the back" status has become stand-out dominance. (These changes include a W ratio boots to keep the AP Kai'Sa dream alive).

Second Skin.png Passive - Second Skin
Plasma base on-hit damage : [7-12] 4-10
plasma per-stack damage : [1-9] 1-5
plasma ap ratio : [0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35/0.4] 0.1/0.125/0.15/0.175/0.2

Void Seeker.png W - Void Seeker

AP Ratio : [0.45] 0.6 ap

EzrealSquare.png Ezreal   

Ez is another non-crit marksman who was already prevalent leading up to 8.11 and is now oever the line. (In his case, he actually got a direct buff via Blade of the Ruined King).

Attack Damage growth : [3.11] 2.5

Rising Spell Force.png Passive - Rising Spell Force

Attack Speed : [10/12/14% per stack]
10% per stack at all levels

Patch Highlights[]


PykeSquare.png Pyke   
Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper joins the crew later in patch 8.11! Start stalking the waters with these links:
Skin Splash Classic Pyke.jpg
Skin Splash Sand Wraith Pyke.jpg
Sand Wraith
Pyke Screens 2.jpg
Sand Wraith Pyke (Catseye)
Sand Wraith Pyke (Obsidian)
Sand Wraith Pyke (Sapphire)
Sand Wraith Pyke (Tanzanite)
Sand Wraith Pyke (Rose Quartz)
Sand Wraith Pyke (Turquoise)
Sand Wraith Pyke (Pearl)

For full-res splashes, grab the League Displays app!
AniviaSquare.png Anivia  
Q cooldown decreased at early ranks. Q damage ratio increased.

Patch 8.9's mana changes hit Anivia harder than most mages, so we're looking to give her some power back. Rather than return her previous level of waveclear, we're looking to up her potential in fights.

Flash Frost.png Q - Flash Frost
COOLDOWN : [12/11/10/9/8]
10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds
DAMAGE RATIO : [0.4] 0.45 ability power (reminder: this applies on both passthrough and detonation)

GravesSquare.png Graves  
Base attack damage decreased. R cooldown decreased at early ranks.

The new emphasis on early jungle scrapping is pretty much Graves' happy place, and it's left other champions six feet under. Dialing back his early dueling and putting a longer window on his full combo should slow the snowball a bit.

Base Stats

Collateral Damage.png R - Collateral Damage

COOLDOWN : [110/85/60]
120/90/60 seconds

Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix  
R cooldown decreased at later ranks, but stealth duration decreased. Evolved R grants additional casts and stealth duration; no longer grants stealth or movement speed in brush.

One thing every assassin needs is a way to dance in and out of a fight and safely put down damage. For Kha'Zix, that's the stealth from Void Assault . The brush stealth on his evolved R is currently giving far too much of a different strength, though: the ability to sneak around the map relatively undetected. We're removing that evolution bonus in favor of giving Kha'Zix more R casts—and longer stealth—when he's upgraded his ultimate.

Void Assault.png R - Void Assault
COOLDOWN : [100/90/80]
100/85/70 seconds
STEALTH DURATION : [1.5] 1.25 seconds
EVOLVED CASTS : [2] 3 within 10 seconds
BRUSH CHECK No longer passively grants stealth or movement speed when entering brush

KindredSquare.png Kindred  
Mark respawn time decreased. First mark spawns earlier. Rift Scuttle assists now correctly collect marks.

The increased importance of Scuttle Crab has made it harder for Kindred to gather marks.

Mark of the Kindred.png Passive - Mark of the Kindred
MARK RESPAWN TIME : [50] 40 seconds
FIRST MARK SPAWN : [2:20] 2:05
BUGFIX : Assists on Rift Scuttler now appropriately collect marks

LeBlancSquare.png LeBlanc  
LeBlanc can now queue up casts of W and RW (in either order).

Distortion.png W - Distortion
ONE-TWO : LeBlanc can now queue up Distortion and Mimic'd Distortion

Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin  
Energy restore on passive increased. Q, W, and E now apply cooldown reduction for the duration of their reactivation time.

Recent changes to Warding Trinket have left Lee Sin with fewer playmaking opportunities. Making sure he benefits fully from cooldown reduction should give him more to do with his baseline kit, and we also want to make sure he has more access to the energy needed to do so.

Flurry.png Passive - Flurry

Sonic Wave.png Q - Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike

HOW MUCH LONGER Timer displays on icon, showing second cast availability
KEEP COUNTING Cooldown reduction now also applies for the duration of the reactivation time

Safeguard.png W - Safeguard/Iron Will

HOW MUCH LONGER Timer displays on icon, showing second cast availability
KEEP COUNTING Cooldown reduction now also applies for the duration of the reactivation time

Tempest.png E - Tempest/Cripple

HOW MUCH LONGER Timer displays on icon, showing second cast availability
KEEP COUNTING Cooldown reduction now also applies for the duration of the reactivation time

RakanSquare.png Rakan  
Q base heal decreased. E base shield decreased

For a support with so much hard engage, the sustain Rakan brings to lane is a bit overbearing.

Gleaming Quill.png Q - Gleaming Quill
BASE HEAL : [22.5-150]
18-120 (at levels 1-18)

Battle Dance.png E - Battle Dance

BASE SHIELD : [50/75/100/125/150]

TaliyahSquare.png Taliyah  
You're probably just going to want to read this one.

Taliyah has a lot of strengths that are great in pro play, and just okay elsewhere. A lot of that comes from Q's waveclear, so the bulk of our mechanical changes focus on that ability (with tuning elsewhere). Taliyah will have to work harder to shove a wave and roam so that her opposing laner has more room to punish those roams. We're also decreasing the terrain control she brings from her ultimate, as it's bringing too much utility beyond just its roam strength.

Base Stats
MOVEMENT SPEED : [325] 340
HEALTH : [502] 532

Rock Surfing.png Passive - Rock Surfing

COMBAT LOCKOUT : [5] 2 seconds

Threaded Volley.png Q - Threaded Volley

AOE No longer deals area of effect damage
STONES AND STONE Minions no longer take reduced damage from additional rocks
WORKOUT Taliyah no longer gains movement speed when on Worked Ground
WORK IT Casting Q on Worked Ground no longer refunds mana
WORK IT While on Worked Ground, Q cost is reduced to 1 mana
COOLDOWN : [11/9/7/5/3]
9/7.5/6/4.5/3 seconds

Seismic Shove.png W - Seismic Shove

COOLDOWN : [16/15/14/13/12]
12 seconds

Unraveled Earth.png E - Unraveled Earth

INITIAL AND EXPLOSION DAMAGE : [70/90/110/130/150]
TRIGGER DAMAGE : (unchanged)

Weaver's Wall.png R - Weaver's Wall

WALL DURATION : [6/7/8] 5 seconds

UrgotSquare.png Urgot  
Collision radius decreased. Base attack speed increased. Passive damage to monsters increased early. R no longer roots Urgot while he is grinding a champion to death.

We're making Urgot a bit more fluid to play and stripping some of the anti-jungling tuning from his kit.

Base Stats
BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.595] 0.625

Echoing Flames.png Passive - Echoing Flames

60-360 (at levels 1-18)

Purge.png W - Purge

THE OLD SURGE 'N PURGE Can now be cast during other abilities

Fear Beyond Death.png R - Fear Beyond Death

TO-GO ORDER Urgot is no longer rooted while grinding a victim to its death

ViktorSquare.png Viktor  
Q discharge damage increased at later ranks. R damage ratio increased.

Patch 8.9's mana changes hit Viktor harder than most mages, so we're looking to give him some power back by upping his damage when he commits to a fight.

Siphon Power.png Q - Siphon Power
DISCHARGE DAMAGE : [20/40/60/80/100]

Chaos Storm.png R - Chaos Storm

RATIO PER TICK : [0.6] 0.7 ability power

Xin ZhaoSquare.png Xin Zhao  
Base attack damage growth decreased. E slow decreased.

The scuttle changes increased the value of early fights, and Xin Zhao definitely excels in that world. Having a strong early game isn't the problem, but being able to translate that so easily into a strong mid-game is concerning. We're toning down his offensive scaling and his ability to stick to opponents and force them to fight him so he'll have to work harder for that mid-game edge.

Base Stats

Audacious Charge.png E - Audacious Charge

SLOW : [50%] 30%

ZyraSquare.png Zyra  
E root duration increased

Zyra contributes slightly less in skirmishes than we'd like, but we're definitely not comfortable increasing her already-high damage. Some extra crowd control should give her more of an impact in those small fights.

Grasping Roots.png E - Grasping Roots
ROOT DURATION : [0.75/1/1.25/1.5/1.75]
1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds

Marksman Base Stat Adjustments 
The dominant strategy in bot lane has, over time, become sustaining through lane phase and scaling up into teamfights. Between health regen and Fleet Footwork, it's pretty hard to put the hurt on marksmen in a way they can't just passively recover from.. This means aggressive bot laners ( whether early game bully marksmen or supports who want to poke or go all-in) feel like they have no home.

Weakening marksman sustain (health regen here, Fleet Footwork below) means damage will stick on marksmen, making 2v2 fighting a more successful prospect for the stronger bot lane. Shifting some durability from armor into health should also let aggressive marksmen like Draven and Lucian shine a bit harder in the early game. Finally, we're nerfing marksman base attack damage by 4 and pushing that damage into their growth stat, with the breakeven point around level 9. Though that might seem counterintuitive with our goals above, it means aggressive non-marksmen (ex. Leona, Brand) won't be chipped down by marksman basic attacks as quickly—giving them more opportunities to secure presence in the lane.

Hunter's Machete Compensation
Base attack damage decreased. Bonus attack speed at level 1 increased.

Compensation for the Machete changes last patch.

Master YiSquare.pngMaster Yi


ATTACK DAMAGE : [67.21] 65

Diana is getting a similar compensation, but applied to her passive, rather than her base stats.

30/50/60/70/80/90% (at ranks 0/1/2/3/4/5 of Moonfall)


ItemSquareStormrazor.pngStormrazor  NEW
For upfront burst and lots of kiting.

Marksman itemization is pretty focus on marksmen who want to stand still and basic attack. With Stormrazor, we're introducing an item for marksmen with longer pauses between attacks, whether they're kiting or just have long attack cooldowns (looking at you, Jhin).

TOTAL COST : 3200 gold
BUILD PATH : B.F. Sword + Pickaxe + Dagger + 725 gold
UNIQUE PASSIVE : Storm's Edge: If you haven't attacked in the last 3 seconds (scaling down with attack speed), your next basic attack will critically strike for 160% damage (+1% per 1.5% critical strike chance, max 200%) and grant 10% movement speed for 1.75 seconds

ItemSquareInfinity Edge.pngInfinity Edge  UPDATED
Crit? Try more crit.

We're making Infinity Edge into a true scaling item for marksmen, one which amps up the power of critical strike but isn't itself a critical strike item.

ICONIC : Icon has been updated!
TOTAL COST : [3400 gold] 3700 gold
BUILD PATH : B.F. Sword + [Pickaxe + Cloak of Agility + 425 gold]
B.F. Sword + 1100 gold
CRITICAL STRIKE CHANCE 20% critical strike chance
ONE CRIT TWO CRIT Doubles your critical strike chance
UNIQUE PASSIVE 15% of critical strike damage is converted to true damage

ItemSquareMolten Edge.pngMolten Edge   

Ornn's Masterwork upgrade. The cost and benefit of upgrading are both unchanged.

TOTAL COST : [4400 gold] 4700 gold (1000 gold upgrade cost unchanged)
ATTACK DAMAGE : [100] 110 (+30 upgrade benefit unchanged)
EVERYTHING ELSE : Go read Infinity Edge above.

ItemSquareEssence Reaver.pngEssence Reaver  
The ultimate power spike.

Essence Reaver was intended to be the alternative late-game scaling item for marksmen who care more about spell casts. However, it turned out that once you had Essence Reaver, you also wanted Infinity Edge, and at that point, you also want a Zeal item, and at that point you might as well build up to 100% crit. The overall effect was a core build of 4 items that didn't allow spellslinger marksmen much choice at all. We're reshaping Essence Reaver around a new power spike, allowing spellcasting marksmen to double down on their spell-slinging fantasy and unleash their spells in a rapid barrage.

TOTAL COST : [3400 gold] 3200 gold
BUILD PATH : B.F. Sword + Caulfield's Warhammer + [Cloak of Agility + 200 gold]
Sapphire Crystal + 450 gold
UNIQUE PASSIVE Critical strikes restore 3% of your maximum mana
UNIQUE PASSIVE Basic attacks restore 1% of missing mana
UNIQUE PASSIVE After you cast your ultimate, your next basic attack within 10 seconds grants Essence Flare for 8 seconds, granting 30% attack speed and causing basic attacks to refund 20% of your remaining non-ultimate cooldowns (30 second cooldown)

ItemSquareLast Whisper.pngLast Whisper  
Bonus armor penetration shifted to total armor penetration (and decreased).

The problem with an armor penetration item that only feels good against armor stackers is that most champs don't feel good about getting it early to ensure their damage stays relevant as enemies build armor (they want to be killing squishy targets instead). But once tanks really armor up, damage dealers feel bad if they didn't purchase Last Whisper earlier. We're moving Last Whisper into a middle ground so it'll still scale against tanks but feel like less of a dead-end against other squishies.

ARMOR PENETRATION : [35% bonus] 10% total armor

ItemSquareLord Dominik's Regards.pngLord Dominik's Regards  
Attack damage decreased. Bonus armor penetration shifted to total armor penetration. Bonus damage against higher-health targets removed.

Total armor penetration is stronger than bonus, meaning LDR scales better with itself. To to keep the focus on the armor penetration rather than raw damage output, we're trimming some attack damage and pushing the price point higher.

TOTAL COST : [2600 gold] 2800 gold
BUILD PATH : Last Whisper + [Giant Slayer + 300 gold]
Pickaxe + 625 gold
GIANT SLAYER Grants 0-20% (based on health difference) bonus physical damage against enemy champions with greater maximum health than you.
ARMOR PENETRATION : [35% bonus] 35% total armor penetration

ItemSquareGiant Slayer.pngGiant Slayer  REMOVED 
Lord Dominik's was the only item that used this, so we're retiring it.
ItemSquareMortal Reminder.pngMortal Reminder  
Attack damage decreased. Bonus armor penetration shifted to total armor penetration.

Total armor penetration is stronger than bonus, meaning Mortal Reminder scales better with itself. To keep the focus on the armor penetration rather than raw damage output, we're trimming some attack damage and pushing the price point higher.

COST : [2600 gold] 2800 gold
ARMOR PENETRATION : [35% bonus] 25% total armor penetration

Critical Strike Items
Average cost of critical strike increased.

With Infinity Edge amplifying critical strike significantly, we're pushing its price point up.

Brawler's Gloves

TOTAL COST : [400 gold] 600 gold
ONLY TWO HANDS Brawler's Gloves' critical strike chance is now unique

Cloak of Agility

The Brawler's Gloves changes pushed these two items too close together. A spiky glove feels more crit-like than a poncho, so we're retiring Cloak of Agility.


TOTAL COST : [1200 gold] 1300 gold

Rapid Firecannon

TOTAL COST : [2600 gold] 2900 gold
Combine Cost : [600 gold] 800 gold

Statikk Shiv

TOTAL COST : [2600 gold] 2900 gold
Combine Cost : [600 gold] 800 gold

Runaan's Hurricane

TOTAL COST : [2600 gold] 2900 gold
Combine Cost : [800 gold] 1000 gold

Phantom Dancer

TOTAL COST : [2600 gold] 2800 gold
Combine Cost : [800 gold] 900 gold

Lifesteal Items
Gold cost decreased

Overall, the cost of marksman builds are up slightly, so we feel safe making lifesteal items cheaper.

Blade of the Ruined King

TOTAL COST : [3400 gold] 3200 gold

The Bloodthirster

TOTAL COST : [3700 gold] 3500 gold

ItemSquareMaw of Malmortius.pngMaw of Malmortius  
Magic resist increased. Base shield value increased. Shield no longer scales with bonus magic resist.

Most champions who like Maw of Malmortius aren't looking to stack resistances, so we're tweaking its shield value to not scale with future magic resist accordingly.

MAGIC RESIST : [45] 50
SHIELD VALUE : [300 + 100% of bonus magic resist] 350

ItemSquareGuardian Angel.pngGuardian Angel  
Cost increased. Armor increased.

We wanted to allow marksmen who face heavy physical damage to get a Chain Vest (rather than just Cloth Armor), knowing they'd eventually build it into something. Guardian Angel was a natural choice, even if it required a higher price point.

TOTAL COST : [2400 gold] 2800 gold
BUILD PATH : B.F. Sword + Stopwatch + [Cloth Armor + 200 gold]
Chain Vest + 100 gold
ARMOR : [30] 40

ItemSquareBanner of Command.pngBanner of Command  
Enhanced minions are highly resistant to magic and physical damage rather than entirely immune to magic damage only.

Banner of Command has emerged as an item that can effectively pin a mid laner at their wave. With how much gameplay revolves around wave control and roaming, Banner of Command does too much to shut that play down entirely..

MAGIC IMMUNITY No longer grants the affected minion 100% immunity to magic damage
DAMAGE REDUCTION Now grants the affected minion 70% damage reduction from champions
HULK OUT Banner-enhanced minions now appear as slightly larger minions on the minimap
HULK SMASH Allies can now see floating combat numbers for the damage dealt by banner minions
S-BRUCE-D UP Tooltip rewritten to more accurately reflect Banner's effects

ItemSquareShurelya's Reverie.pngShurelya's Reverie  
Movement speed decreased. Cost increased. Base mana regen added. Active cooldown increased.

Shurelya's Reverie has emerged as too reliable a rush on certain champions who want it for selfish reasons (rather than as a supportive, team-oriented purchase) Singed and Vladimir among them. We're shifting the stat profile slightly to make it more attractive to supportive champions and slightly less compelling as a selfish buy.

TOTAL COST : [2100 gold] 2250 gold
BUILD PATH : Kindlegem + Aether Wisp + [450 gold]
Faerie Charm + 475 gold
BASE MANA REGEN : [0%] 100%
ACTIVE COOLDOWN : [60] 90 seconds

Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes.pngEnchantment: Runic Echoes
Now builds out of Fiendish Codex rather than Lost Chapter. Ability power increased.

Lost Chapter is too expensive for a first component on junglers. Shifting Runic Echoes to build out of Fiendish Codex will give mage junglers an earlier power spike.

TOTAL COST : 2625 gold (unchanged)
BUILD PATH : [Lost Chapter + 325 gold]
Fiendish Codex + Mana Crystal + 375 gold


Fleet Footwork nerfs, a new Domination keystone, and two new minor runes!
Rune Fleet Footwork.pngFleet Footwork   

For more context, view the Marksman Stat Adjustment section. TL;DR, marksmen have access to a ton of sustain in the laning phase, which makes the choice between early and late game too tilted towards late game, and decreases the overall impact of laning decisions (like poke/bullying). Weakening the heal ranged champions get from Fleet Footwork should go a long way towards making trades feel more meaningful.

HASTE : [30%] 20%
CRIT HEAL No longer gives additional healing from critical strikes
100/20% (melee/ranged)
HEAL ABILITY POWER RATIO : [0.4] 0.5 ability power

Rune Hail of Blades.pngHail of Blades   

One of the goals of runes is to give champions options about what tree they go into based on how they want to play. Domination is a tree about burst, which should make it appealing to some of the burstier marksmen, but there is no real keystone for them. Hail of Blades should help spell-based marksmen who want to lay down a swift chunk have a keystone to promote that playstyle.

HAIL OF BLADES : Gain 50-100% (at levels 1-18) attack speed for the first three attacks made against enemy champions.
NOW NOT LATER : If more than 1.5 seconds elapses between attacks this effect will end
CANT STOP WONT STOP : Hail of Blades allows you to temporarily exceed the attack speed limit
COOLDOWN : 5 seconds out of combat

Rune Ultimate Hunter.pngUltimate Hunter   

We've been looking into changing Ultimate Hat for awhile. As a rune based around a spike of power (a champion's ultimate), it's always felt like an exciting option for Domination. We're bringing it in line with the Hunter paradigm and have created a replacement for Ultimate Hat below: Nimbus Cloak.

ULTIMATE HUNTER : Your ultimate gains 5% reduced cooldown, plus an additional 2% per Bounty Hunter stack
BOUNTY HUNTER : Earn a Bounty Hunter stack the first time you get a takedown on each enemy champion

Rune Nimbus Cloak.pngNimbus Cloak   

Battle mages should feel good about a rune that helps them get (or stay) in a fight when they push their go button.

NIMBUS CLOAK : Shortly after casting your Ultimate, gain 100 movement speed, decaying over the next 2.5 seconds
LIKE THE WIND : For the duration of the movement speed increase, you can pass through units
COOLDOWN : 60 seconds
COOLDOWN REDUCTION : Unlike other runes, Nimbus Cloak's cooldown is affected by cooldown reduction

Rune The Ultimate Hat.pngThe Ultimate Hat   
See context above for Ultimate Hunter.
Rune Minion Dematerializer.pngMinion Dematerializer   

Minion Dematerializer is offering too much wave control too early in the game.

INITIAL DELAY : [155] 240 seconds


Turret Durability
Inhibitor and Nexus Turret health decreased. Inhibitor Turret health regen increased. Nexus and Inhibitor Turrets can now only regen health up to the next third.

We want to give defenders something to feel good about when they do hold off a push on their base, while also giving sieging teams meaningful milestones other than just "tower destroyed."

INHIBITOR TURRET HEALTH REGEN : [5] 15 health per 5 seconds
BREAK THE FOUNDATIONS : Nexus and Inhibitor Turret health is now divided into thirds. Turrets can only regenerate health up to the top of their current third.

Turret Gold
More of turret reward gold is granted locally rather than globally.

Similar to our bounty changes last patch, we're looking to decrease the number of truly global objectives in our game and allow players who have a large impact to feel that impact more personally. Accordingly, inner turrets will now provide more of their gold locally and less globally.

INNER TURRET LOCAL GOLD REWARD : [175 gold] 300 gold (split among nearby champions; unchanged)
GLOBAL GOLD REWARD : [125 gold] 100 gold (to every allied champion; unchanged)


Baron NashorSquare.png Baron Nashor  
Attack speed decreased. Base corruption damage decreased. Special attacks no longer apply corruption

Baron definitely does too much damage after Patch 8.10's changes.

BARON ATTACK SPEED : [0.75] 0.625
CORRUPTION DAMAGE RATIO : [0.3] 0.2 total attack damage
SPECIAL ATTACKS : No longer apply corruption stacks

Rift ScuttlerSquare.png Rift Scuttler  
Respawn time increased. Shrine duration increased.

The action around Scuttle Crab is making for a good mini-objective, but it's currently up too often, forcing too much of a jungler's attention onto its continuous respawn. To compensate for fewer overall Scuttle Crabs, we're pushing some experience back into the basic jungle camps (detailed just below).

RESPAWN TIME : [135] 150 seconds
SHRINE DURATION : [75] 90 seconds

Jungle Monsters
Experience slightly increased at later levels.

Bumping a little bit of experience back into the jungle.

KRUGS EXPERIENCE REWARD : [247-388] 247-411 (at levels 1-7)
WOLVES EXPERIENCE REWARD : [115-180] 115-190 (at levels 1-7)
LARGE RAZORBEAKS EXPERIENCE REWARD : [115-181] 115-190 (at levels 1-7)
GROMP EXPERIENCE REWARD : [115-180] 115-190 (at levels 1-7)

Last-Hit Assistance[]

If a basic attack would fail to kill a minion by 4 health or less, it will kill that minion.
This is solely to help transition players through the several highly disruptive patches. Every patch after Patch 8.11, we will reduce this number by 1.


The Butcher’s Bridge map returns until June 18 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Pyke joins the ARAM free-to-play rotation during this time.

The following permanent changes are now part of ARAM:

  • Available Champions Pool: During champ select, you may swap for a champ that’s been rerolled by any teammate
  • Expanded free champs pool (triple the champions)
  • Start-of-game base gates (similar to Summoner’s Rift)
  • Earlier surrender options (8:00 unanimous, 12:00 standard)
  • Champ Mastery adjustments (to make it a bit easier to get an S)
  • True level 3 starts: You will reach level 4 much faster

Along with some event-only gameplay tests:

  • New assassin items: Ghostwalkers, Spectral Cutlass, and Bloodletter’s Veil
  • Large area-of-effect heals on health pack pickup that affect both teams equally
  • Removal of Warmog’s Armor and Dark Harvest nerf

During the event, Battle Boost temporarily unlocks two skins instead of one.

Read the full ARAM changes for more info.

Ping Distance Volume[]

Certain ping sounds now change depending on how far they are from the listening player and in what direction.
PINGS AFFECTED : Area is Warded, Danger, Assist Me, Caution

Instant Feedback[]

We’re sprucing up reform cards with a clarity pass sometime this patch.
Reform cards are getting some spring cleaning, so we added per-game tabs for chat logs, and made it more clear which chat is from pre-, mid-, or post-game.


  • Players are no longer presented with the reconnect dialogue after exiting Practice Tool.
  • Aurelion Sol can now correctly be knocked up or back during Comet of Legend
  • Fixed an interaction between Hextech Flashtraption and Unsealed Spellbook which would allow players to get two Flash summoner spells
  • Ryze can no longer kill Tryndamere through his Undying Rage with his Spell Flux Overload combo
  • Dead minions no longer sometimes block champion pathing
  • Guardian no longer incorrectly activates from ally corpses.
  • Yasuo's Way of the Wanderer now correctly generates a shield in response to damage from Shaco's Hallucinate clone.

Level Up Rewards[]

Prestige Emotes for levels 400, 425, 450, 475, and 500 will come out during this patch. Players who hit these levels before the emotes are live, will be granted them two weeks after they launch

Upcoming Skins & Chromas[]

The following skins will be released this patch:

Skin Splash Dark Waters Diana.jpg
Dark Waters Diana
Skin Splash Dark Waters Vladimir.jpg
Dark Waters Vladimir

For full-res splashes, grab the League Displays app!

The following chromas will be released this patch:

Diana Screens 5.jpg
Dark Waters Diana (Pearl) Dark Waters Diana (Ruby) Dark Waters Diana (Obsidian) Dark Waters Diana (Turquoise) Dark Waters Diana (Sapphire)}
Vladimir Screens 3.jpg
Dark Waters Vladimir (Pearl) Dark Waters Vladimir (Obsidian) Dark Waters Vladimir (Tanzanite) Dark Waters Vladimir (Emerald) Dark Waters Vladimir (Sandstone)