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Patch 7.23

Waddup champs,

Preseason is at full steam! After shipping the most urgent balance changes in a mid-patch update shortly after Runes Reforged launched, we've got a few (not-quite-as) urgent ones here in 7.23. From here on, we'll start getting back to our normal balance work (read: not just focusing on raw power with base stat changes). We discussed our preseason Runes balance philosophy on our boards, so if this intro wasn't enough, go read that instead! We're being super careful in this time of experimentation, and couldn’t be more excited to see what's coming out of all the theorycrafting.

Past the balance side of things, we've adjusted post-30 EXP curves and the First Win of the Day mission reward based on your feedback. Hearing your thoughts is incredibly important to us, so please keep them coming! We're also knocking out a few longstanding feature requests: The Skins Tab, the ability to spectate Challengers, and about a year's worth of updates to the Game Info site all land this patch!

We'd of course be remiss to go without mentioning League's newest trickster. 7.23 brings Zoe to the Rift, and thinking with portals will totally be a thing! Exercise caution—when Zoe's in play, things are not going to go the way you think.


AetherIcon.jpg Paul "Aether" Perscheid
Gentleman GustafIcon.jpg Mattias "Gentleman Gustaf" Lehman
JinxSquare.png Lucas "Liquizilla" Moutinho

Patch Highlights[]

Patch Highlights are back after a short break, because the last patch had way too many things to highlight.

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ZoeSquare.png Zoe   
Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight, will be released during patch 7.23! In the meantime, learn more about League's next champion:
Skin Splash Classic Zoe.jpg
Skin Splash Cyber Pop Zoe.jpg
GragasSquare.png Gragas  
Attack speed increased.

Giving Gragas a bit of power that'll particularly help with his first jungle clear. "Innate bonus attack speed" is the same mechanic that we used last patch to compensate other junglers (Amumu, Maokai, etc): We're boosting Gragas' starting attack speed without increasing the value he gets from bonus attack speed elsewhere.

Base stats
INNATE BONUS ATTACK SPEED 8% (level 1 attack speed: [0.625] 0.675)

IllaoiSquare.png Illaoi  

Or rather, buff-fixin'.

Prophet of an Elder God.png Passive - Prophet of an Elder God
BUFF-FIX : Tentacle slams no longer fizzle if an enemy dies after being acquired as a slam target

Harsh Lesson.png W - Harsh Lesson

BUFF-FIX : Similar to the above, any tentacles that would slam Illaoi's target now do so if her target dies during Harsh Lesson's leap animation
CONSISTENCY : Harsh Lesson's empowered attack can no longer be canceled (matching other empowered attacks)

JinxSquare.png Jinx  
Flame Chompers stop in-progress movement abilities.

Giving Jinx a bit more self-sufficiency against champs who dive her.

Flame Chompers!.png E - Flame Chompers!
ANKLE BITERS Enemies rooted by Flame Chompers now have any in-progress movement abilities stopped

RammusSquare.png Rammus  
Armor decreased.

Rammus and Aftershock are a match made in heaven, but between his new keystone and Defensive Ball Curl, Rammus is rolling over the competition. We're reducing some of his innate tankiness to push him toward relying more on his cooldowns when he needs to armor up.

Base stats
BASE ARMOR : [40] 36

ShyvanaSquare.png Shyvana  
Base attack damage decreased.

Shyvana's emerged as one of the top performers in the jungle across a number of keystones. We're reducing her base attack damage so she doesn't gain quite as much value with the early attack speed many of her preferred Runes builds opt into.

Base stats

TaliyahSquare.png Taliyah  
Health and armor growth stats increased.

Though Taliyah started in a rocky spot when Runes launched, we've seen significant improvement as players continue to experiment with new builds. A bit more hardiness will let Taliyah maintain more aggressive positioning, particularly with Rune builds where she's chasing enemies down with Phase Rush.

Base stats

Mid-Patch 7.22 Balance Updates 

These changes were all released shortly after patch 7.22 as our first round of Runes followup (read: None of this is new!). Copying 'em here for completion's sake.


Ivern doesn't have any Keystone that's particularly amazing for him, and he's feeling the lack of Windspeaker's Blessing more than most.

TRIGGERSEED SHIELD : [70/100/130/160/190]

Nunu & WillumpSquare.pngNunu
Nunu also took a hit with the removal of Stoneborn Pact, so we're giving him some extra vitality early on.

BASE HEALTH : [540] 590

We didn't account for all the bonus damage Ornn's E gets from bonus armor and magic resist—woops!

SEARING CHARGE DAMAGE : [20/40/60/80/100]

Sona's been having a blast on Runes Reforged, and while we want her to keep discovering new routes to success, having all paths lead to victory seems overbearing.

BASE ARMOR : [30] 28


Rune Summon Aery.pngSummon Aery  
Damage decreased.

Keystones are supposed to have meaningful tradeoffs between each other, but at the moment Aery is just far and away the best for damage, thanks to how often it can be applied. We're looking to keep it as the lowest cadence Keystone between itself, Arcane Comet, and Electrocute, but that means its damage needs to come down a bit.

BUGFIX : Aery now deals the correct adaptive damage type based on your stats
BASE DAMAGE : [20-60]
15-40 (at levels 1-18)

Rune Predator.pngPredator  
Cooldown decreased.

Predator has a steeper learning curve than many of our other Keystone Runes because it’s an active effect. However, with such a long cooldown, players don't get to use it regularly enough to progress along that learning curve. Decreasing the cooldown serves two purposes: Giving players more room to experiment with and master Predator, while bringing it more in line with other Keystones.

COOLDOWN : [180-120]
150-100 seconds (at levels 1-18)

Rune Zombie Ward.pngZombie Ward  
Zombies carry gold, too.

We've supported the "kill something, get money" feedback loop throughout our game so thoroughly that it feels weird not to get something from Zombie Wards.

GRAVEROBBER : Killing a Zombie Ward now grants one gold

Runes Interface 

Some of the changes we did to Runes went undocumented when we first released the patch notes so TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

HIDING PRESET PAGES : You can now hide your preset pages in your inventory page. An option to hide them in champ select is coming in a future patch!
FILTERING On the inventory page, you can now search for rune pages by title and filter by primary style :

More bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused rune selection to be interrupted when all players locked in their champions
  • Annoying "page is saved" confirmation removed
  • Show long description checkbox properly saves now
  • Fixed cases where ambient audio persisted in the client at all times
  • Various bugfixes to improve framerate issues in-game

Runes Bugfixes

  • Allies can no longer help you activate Electrocute if they're running it as well
  • Arcane Comet can now properly proc off the empowered attack of Viktor's Siphon Power
  • Using a Kleptomancy-looted Peering Farsight Totem (blue ward) while also having a Farsight Totem in your inventory no longer puts your Farsight Totem on cooldown
  • Ally portraits no longer incorrectly display an empty mana bar if their Manaflow Band Rune is off cooldown
  • Wukong's Cyclone and Rakan's The Quickness now properly benefit from The Ultimate Hat's cooldown reduction
  • Taking the Hextech Flashtraption Rune no longer prevents you from buffering inputs when casting your normal Flash
  • Champions with clone abilities no longer trigger Presence of Mind when their clones expire


Health increased. Turrets take more damage from minions.
Over time, League of Legends has evolved to focus on 5-man grouping and teamfights. This can feel bad for players who want to opt into the split-push or wave control game, so we're tweaking minion functionality and tower tankiness to give them more room to succeed.
BETTER ROCKS : All turrets on Summoner's Rift have gained 300 health
ROCK TERMITES : Minions deal [50%] 40% reduced damage to turrets
DISTANCE TRAINING : After 20 minutes, minions gain +25 movement speed. This change will be enabled several days into the patch so we can more accurately track its impact.


First Win of the Day 

We've heard folks asking for ways to gain Blue Essence while in between levels, especially so you can buy champions that would otherwise be just out of your reach. So we're converting some of the XP from the First Win of the Day boost into straight-up Blue Essence.

CLOSE ENOUGH : [575 XP] 50 Blue Essence + 400 XP

Leveling Beyond 30

Leveling difficulty will now normalize once you reach level 50 (before this change, each band of 10 levels up until level 150 required progressively more experience). To learn more about this change, check out this post.

Skins Tab in the Collection[]

See and sort your full collection of skins in one place!
One of the biggest player requests from the client beta finally arrives—and in style.
ALL SORTS OF SKINS : Sort your skins collection by champion, champion mastery, tier, theme, or purchase date
WINDOW SHOPPING : Tick the box to "Show Unowned" skins and purchase them directly from the collection
MAKE A SPLASH : Click on any skin in the collection to see the full-sized version of the splash. If any chromas are available for that skin, you'll be able to see and purchase those as well.

Challenger Spectate[]

LEARN FROM THE BEST : We’re adding the ability to spectate Challenger-tier games through the Ranked ladder on the profile page

Game Info Webpage[]

We're bringing leagueoflegends.com's champion and item pages back up to date during 7.23. As part of this refresh, the lore sections of the champion pages will now link out to their respective pages on Universe instead. Additionally, the old Runes and Masteries pages will be removed. We're working on building Runes Reforged into the site as well but won't have that ready for this patch.

In-Client Champion Bios[]

Short character biographies have been created/adjusted for most champions, with another round coming soon. The full bios remain on Universe—these changes are to give a consistent and quick summary for each champion in the client.

Skin Splash Portraits[]

A lot of these were bad. Now they're not!
NOT BAD : About 500 skin portraits in the HUD have been adjusted!

Champ Select[]

CLEARER VISION : We’re adding stronger visual cues in champ select so you can’t miss the countdown

Battle Boosts[]

BOOSTED : Battle boosts will be reactivated in ARAM at some point during patch 7.23

New Game Mode: Overcharge[]

Overcharge (Rotating Game Mode).jpg

Join the hunt in a 3v3 marksman-only deathmatch during the PROJECT: Hunters event. Destroy charge bots to overcharge your team, granting invulnerability, higher movespeed, and more points for champion kills. If your opponents overcharge, stick to the shadows until they power down.

Kills grant one point. Overcharged kills grant five points. The first team to 50 points wins.


  • Made several fixes to improve in-game FPS and performance, especially in games lasting longer than 35 minutes
  • Made several fixes for issues that occurred if players left their client open for extremely long periods of time
  • Center Camera on Champion now always puts your champion in the center of your screen, rather than doing nothing in Locked Camera mode or placing your champion at the last camera offset position in Semi-Locked Camera mode
  • Emotes now work in custom games!
  • Fixed a bug where Baron Nashor could spawn before Rift Herald returned to the Void
  • Tooltips for all boot items have been fixed
  • The Bandit passive on Ancient Coin, Spellthief's Edge, Relic Shield, and their upgrades no longer incorrectly grants gold for nearby minion deaths while you're dead
  • The first ring of Nautilus's Riptide now properly slows enemies hit
  • Dr. Mundo's Infected Cleaver now refunds the proper health amount when it kills an enemy
  • Champion-created units with ward-style health (ex. Gangplank's Powder Keg) can now properly be attacked by Xayah while Clean Cuts is active, as well as by Azir's soldiers
  • Thresh's Death Sentence chain once again disappears if he hits a spell shielded unit
  • Fixed a bug with Lulu, Sona, and Ryze where multiple instances of the same shielding effect were stacking, rather than refreshing. (This bug mostly occurred at high levels of CDR.)
  • Fixed a bug where basic attacks empowered by Blitzcrank's Power Fist or Vi's Excessive Force were fizzling if the buffs expired mid-attack. The empowered attacks now properly complete.
  • Re-fixed a series of bugs where some channeled effects were interrupted through spell shields by hard crowd control
  • Fixed a bug where if Ryze's target died during the cast time of Rune Prison or Spell Flux, he wouldn't get the cooldown reset effect of Overload
  • The Death Sworn and Omega Squad ward skins have been sized up to match other wards
  • Lancer Rogue and Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank's dance SFX are now synced with the animations
  • Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank's recall SFX are no longer too quiet
  • Red beam VFX for Battlecast Vel'Koz's Life Form Disintegration Ray are no longer missing
  • Victorious Graves' End of the Line no longer uses classic VFX
  • Giant Enemy Crabgot no longer steals ground VFX from Battlecast Urgot when casting Fear Beyond Death
  • Battlecast Urgot chromas textures are now affected by character quality settings
  • Moving the camera away from Warring Kingdoms Nidalee and back onto her during Javelin Toss no longer causes the javelin to disappear
  • Full Metal Jayce once again uses proper Thundering Blow VFX, as opposed to classic
  • Program Lissandra's Ring of Frost no longer breaks when used on a dashing champion
  • On-hit VFX have been restored for High Noon and PROJECT: Yasuo
  • Mantra'd Soulflare VFX are no longer cut off on elevated terrain for Conqueror and Winter Wonder Karma
  • Ring VFX during PROJECT: Yi's taunt no longer disappear when moving the camera away and back
  • PROJECT: Ashe's digital screen VFX no longer disappear when moving the camera away and back during her recall animation
  • Arcade Ahri's Fox Fire VFX no longer render under various map objects
  • Astronautilus' shiny visor VFX no longer disappear when moving the camera away and back
  • Blood Moon Yasuo's crescent moon VFX no longer disappear when moving the camera away and back
  • The chair in Heartseeker Ashe's recall no longer rotates at the end of the animation
  • Dark Star Thresh is no longer missing his VO when collecting souls
  • Sewn Chaos and TPA Orianna are no longer missing SFX during their taunt animations
  • Cutthroat Graves' left hand no longer clips through his weapon during several animations
  • Kog'Maw's Living Artillery warning indicator VFX can once again be seen from self/ally view in Medium, Low, and Very Low graphics settings
  • Mecha Rengar’s Unseen Predator VO for the first and second stack of Bonetooth Necklace have been restored

Upcoming Skins & Emotes[]

The following skins will be released in patch 7.23:
Skin Splash PROJECT Jhin.jpg
Skin Splash PROJECT Vayne.jpg
PROJECT: Vayne (Ranked Reward)
Skin Splash PROJECT Vi.jpg
The following emotes will be released in patch 7.23:
Patch 7.23 Image 1.jpg
You Get the Horns
Sad Kitten
PROJECT: Hunters
Justice Garen-teed