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Patch Notes v6.10


Summoner Spells

Greetings, summoners.

Welcome to patch 6.10, the one after Midseason. We’re back to business as usual in terms of our layout this time. 6.9’s template is one we break out for special occasions, and ‘changing almost everything in League’ seemed to fit that description.

Just as with any patch after a major update, 6.10’s mostly about reacting to whatever balance outliers remain after the tectonic shift. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs - or in this case, a few mages. While we’re waiting for the dust to settle and the rest of the game’s landscape to really take shape, it’s clear that a few of our mage updates undershot (or overshot) expectations.

While mages make up the bulk of 6.10’s tuning, reacting to other systemic shifts in the ecosystem (Bloodrazor, Ocean Drake) is still a top priority. Beyond that however, this 6.10 is pretty narrow in scope as we continue to evaluate how players are adapting to Midseason. There’s lots left to discover and play around still flying under the radar, so expect more focus as those builds and pocket picks shake out. Apparently people are succeeding with Skirmisher’s Sabre Bloodrazor bot lane Kog’Maw. If that’s not enough to get you experimenting, nothing will.

We’ve also got some matchmaking fixes coming in later this patch aimed at reining in queue times and making more even matches at the top of the ladder. We’ll hit you up when the changes are good to go, so keep an eye on the front page.

That’s all for us this patch! Check out the rest of the notes to find out exactly who’s changing and how, and we’ll see you on the rift looking for the next big thing. Shout-outs to the 5 Singed mains out there - these Ghost buffs are on the house.


ScarizardIcon.jpg Patrick "Scarizard" Scarborough


TaliyahSquare.png   Taliyah

Taliyah, the Stone Weaver, will be released in this patch! To learn more, check the following links:

AlistarSquare.png   Alistar
R damage reduction down.

Alistar's the definition of a professional staple, bringing consistent peel, initiation, and diving potential. We're not looking to change that, but when Alistar becomes too reliable he suffocates the rest of the support landscape. We've always been happy with Alistar breaking up the attrition of an all-ranged lane through the threat of tower-dives, but at present he's got too much of a good thing. We're toning back Ali's early-game ability to tank turret shots (and everything else) so opponents have a chance to play around his window of strength rather than just flee for its duration.

Unbreakable Will.png R - Unbreakable Will

DAMAGE REDUCTION : [70% at all ranks] 50/60/70%

AniviaSquare.png   Anivia
R radius and cast range increased. Mana cost down.

The first of many follow-ups to our Midseason mage updates, we begin with Anivia. While we’re confident in the controlling shift we made with the Cryophoenix in 6.9, Anivia as a whole ended up less reliable in the process. With a heavier focus placed on Glacial Storm’s uptime, we’re making it easier for her to maintain her signature zoning tool.

Glacial Storm.png R - Glacial Storm

COST PER SECOND : [40/50/60 mana] 30/40/50 mana
CAST RANGE : [685] 750
INITIAL RADIUS : [150] 200
SWAGSTORM : Using Zhonya’s Hourglass no longer interrupts Glacial Storm

Aurelion SolSquare.png   Aurelion Sol
W cooldown up. R damage down.

While our last changes pulled him down from the heavens, Aurelion Sol’s still kicking as our biggest over-performer. Alas, when you’re a strong laner with amazing roaming and teamfighting - something’s gotta give. For this update, we’re focusing on hitting Sol’s in-fight reliability. As-is, Aurelion holds all the cards in any given engagement due to his Celestial Expansion’s amazing flexibility, forcing opponents to march to his beat. Putting some of the counterplay back into whether or not Aurelion can safely avoid being knocked out of his empowered state, as well as draining some his raw damage output, should see the Starforger less powerful (but no less magnificent).

Celestial Expansion.png W - Celestial Expansion

COOLDOWN : [6/5/4/3/2 seconds] 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds

Voice of Light.png R - Voice of Light

DAMAGE : [200/300/400] 150/250/350

CassiopeiaSquare.png   Cassiopeia
Q and W ranges up. W cooldown decreased.

One of the larger Midseason mage updates, Cassiopeia’s strengths as an immobilizing controller have been muted by a rather weak release state. Low ranges across her poisons appear to be the culprit, as Cassi quite literally lives or dies on her ability to access Noxious Blast’s burst of speed (or Miasma’s grounding). Add in some bonus usability to her poisons and Cassiopeia will see herself actually able to play her keep-away kite game without being overrun.

Noxious Blast.png Q - Noxious Blast

RANGE : [750] 850
SAVOR THE MOMENT : Noxious Blast’s movement speed bonus takes longer to decay
POISONOUS CLARITY : “Poisoned” particle’s size has been increased

Miasma.png W - Miasma

COOLDOWN : [22/20/18/16/14 seconds] 18/17/16/15/14 seconds
MINIMUM RANGE : [550] 500
MAXIMUM RANGE : [800] 900
BRINGING IT BACK : No longer stops upon hitting terrain

FiddlesticksSquare.png   Fiddlesticks
E bounces down. More scarecrow.

After a season in the shadows, Fiddlesticks is back with a vengeance following his spooky update. This patch is nothing complicated - we’re going to keep our eye as Fiddle continues to harbinge doom all over the place, but the clearing and dueling potential from Dark Wind was simply too high.


SPOOKY After 5 seconds of not moving, Fiddlesticks will become a scarecrow

Dark Wind.png E - Dark Wind


FizzSquare.png   Fizz
R’s fish can’t be cleansed.

Due to the changes to Quicksilver Sash only removing crowd control, a nasty bug surfaced where any ability that cleansed slows (like Garen’s Q - Decisive Strike) would completely detach Fizz’s shark from the target. Rather than just reverting it to its previous behavior, we’re instead making it consistent with QSS’s debuff interaction. Cleansing the slow will allow you to move at full speed, but won’t detach the shark. Like with QSS’s interactions with other high-profile abilities (ex. Zed’s R - Death Mark and Fiora’s R - Grand Challenge), we’ll be closely monitoring how these changes affect Fizz’s performance.

Chum the Waters.png R - Chum the Waters

SHARKBAIT Cleansing Chum the Waters’ slow no longer detaches the shark from the target.

IllaoiSquare.png   Illaoi
W cooldown down.

Following changes to her Test of Spirit, Illaoi’s found her performance a little lopsided this patch. Traditionally relying on a powerful laning phase to transition into strong teamfighting, Illaoi’s new vessel mechanics have reversed this dynamic. Now, Illaoi’s late-game vessel shenanigans are making a big splash, but it’s her early-game strength that’s been reduced significantly. We’re happy with the direction of the new Test of Spirit (i.e. providing a tangible benefit to Illaoi but not debuffing opponents for a million years), so we’re giving the Kraken Priestess a booster-shot to her early lane-bully potential to even things out.

Harsh Lesson.png W - Harsh Lesson

COOLDOWN : [6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds] 4 seconds

JinxSquare.png   Jinx
Rocket attacks faster at level 1, but scales worse with attack speed.

Our last round of changes to Switcheroo were targeted at differentiating Jinx’s weapons to make it clear when each should be useful. Pow-Pow’s minigun is for hyper-carry damage output at short range, while Fishbones’ rocket launcher is for poking and area damage at the cost of a significant amount of DPS uptime. We’re happy with how that’s played out, save one unintended goal: the usability of Jinxs’ level 1 rockets suffered immensely. Seeing how our previous change was about making rockets scale worse with items, we’re improving the feel and flow of Jinx’s trusty Fishbones for all of her destructive lane-bullying needs.

Switcheroo!.png Q - Switcheroo!

FISHBONES ATTACK SPEED PENALTY : [15% reduced bonus attack speed] 25% reduced bonus attack speed

MalzaharSquare.png   Malzahar
Passive cooldown up.

While our balance hotfix looks to have solved much of Malzahar’s over-the-top performance (like soloing dragons at level 3), Malzahar’s still ahead of the pack when it comes to mage dominance on 6.9. Void Shift is an important tool to facilitate Malzahar wading through the midlines to lockdown a priority target, but the cooldown is so flexible during laning that it makes most aggression feel meaningless. We’re dramatically increasing the windows opponents have to pull Malzahar out of the void and back to his fountain (especially early game).

Void Shift.png Passive - Void Shift

COOLDOWN : [23-6 seconds (at levels 1-18)] 30/18/10/6 seconds (at levels 1/6/11/16)
VOID CLARITY : Cooldown indicator is now also shown on buff bar

Master YiSquare.png   Master Yi
W ratio up. E damage up.

Master Yi’s been on a bit of a wild ride when it comes to the patch notes, but now we find the Wuju Bladesman pretty far behind the curve. Specifically, changes to Guinsoo’s Rageblade and the removal of Sated Devourer’s got Yi feeling pretty confused about how he should be building in a post-midseason world. With Sated’s magic proc gone (and Bloodrazor’s damage being entirely physical), armor’s better protection against Master Yi than it’s ever been. Coupled with some changes to the new enchantment, tossing some power back in Yeezy’s true damage will help him melt through sturdier targets when he can’t reach the back line.

Meditate.png W - Meditate

RATIO : [0.15 ability power per second] 0.25 ability power per second

Wuju Style.png E - Wuju Style

TRUE DAMAGE ON-HIT : [12/19/26/33/40] 15/25/35/45/55

NocturneSquare.png   Nocturne
Passive has an AP ratio.

We know what you’re thinking, but let’s explain. There are an abundance of things in the game that give ability power incidentally (Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Baron Buff etc), making a number of champions sad when they can’t utilize it. Giving Nocturne an ever so slight ratio should make him feel better when these cases arise.

Umbra Blades.png Passive - Umbra Blades

RATIO Now additionally scales with 0.15 ability power per hit

ShyvanaSquare.png   Shyvana
W has an AP ratio.

Pretty much the same thing as Nocturne’s context. Re-read that but pretend we said ‘Shyvana’ instead.

Burnout.png W - Burnout

RATIO Now additionally scales with 0.1 ability power per second
RATIO ON-HIT Now additionally scales with 0.025 ability power on-hit

SwainSquare.png   Swain
Health per level up. R heals more.

Before we talk about Swain proper, consider this a public service announcement: Torment’s damage amplification is a flat 20% as of 6.9, which means you shouldn’t level it first.
With that out of the way, let’s talk Swain. Simply put, Swain’s not being rewarded enough for his early-game successes, often being ignored or phased out as the game goes on. We’re looking to tackle this by reinforcing what he’s good at - taking hits on the front lines and being a sticky drain-tank, especially against teams with multiple tanks. At present, Swain’s healing is based on the damage dealt - meaning the more magic resist an opponent has, the less health. This means the burly tanks of the world that Swain’s meant to prey on in lane quickly turn predator, reducing both Swain’s damage and sustain through items. We’re flipping the script and letting Swain heal up on tanks with plenty to spare (as well as upping his own natural durability) to keep his fantasy of being contextually unkillable alive and well.



Decrepify.png Q - Decrepify

HUNGRY FOR WORMS : Now executes minions below 10 health
NOW THEY WORK : Fixed a bug where spell effects like Rylai’s Crystal Scepter and Liandry’s Torment weren’t applying properly

Ravenous Flock.png Passive - Ravenous Flock

HEALING VS CHAMPIONS : [75% of the damage dealt] 30/45/60 (+0.1 ability power)
HEALING VS MINIONS AND MONSTERS : [15% of the damage dealt] 8/11/13 (+0.03 ability power)
FLOCK TOGETHER : Now prioritizes targets closest to Swain instead of picking them at random (still prioritizes champions over non-champions)

TaricSquare.png   Taric
R is more shiny.

Even for someone that shines as bright as Taric, Cosmic Radiance can be a little hard to see in teamfights. Given how pivotal it is to know whether or not people are going to take damage (who’d have thought?), we’ve put some extra shine on Taric’s biggest moment.

Cosmic Radiance.png R - Cosmic Radiance

WITH CLARITY : Added a brighter particle that plays when units affected by Cosmic Radiance become invulnerable

TryndamereSquare.png   Tryndamere
R holds you at a higher threshold. No longer restores 3% health if below.

Tryndamere had an undocumented mechanic that would ensure you wouldn’t end at 1hp after his ult expired if you didn’t heal (which most people didn’t notice, because they’d usually heal after it ended). We’re just cleaning it up and putting it in the tooltip, since 3% of Tryndamere’s health almost always ended up at 30-70 health anyways.

Undying Rage.png R - Undying Rage

MINIMUM HEALTH : [1] 30/50/70
AS I LAY DYING No longer heals Tryndamere to 3% of his maximum health (if he was below that) when Undying Rage ends

Vel'KozSquare.png   Vel'Koz
Passive and R ratios up.

Vel’Koz’s update was meant to help solve his ‘spikes early but falls off’ power-curve by giving him meaningful scaling with ability power (and extra spicy lasers against researched targets). After a patch of careful research, it’s clear we didn’t go far enough to avoid VK’s drop-off, so we’re cranking up his scaling.

Organic Deconstruction.png Passive - Organic Deconstruction

RATIO : [0.4 ability power] 0.5 ability power

Life Form Disintegration Ray.png R - Life Form Disintegration Ray

RATIO : [1.0 ability power] 1.25 ability power

VladimirSquare.png   Vladimir
R’s healing on champions increased. Q baits you less.

Our resident blood-mage, Vladimir’s only partially living up to the expectations set in 6.9. Which is to say Vlad’s losing quite a lot of health, but not exactly gaining all of it back. Hemoplague promises a rewarding second wind for a well-placed ultimate, but falls short of being the lifeline necessary to enable Vlad’s health as a resource. We’re tuning back his risk/reward paradigm as well as some usability improvements to help Vladimir pull off the daring low-health plays he’s known for.

Transfusion.png Q - Transfusion

RIPE FOR THE PICKING : Crimson Rush’s particle now delays until just before Transfusion becomes available

Tides of Blood.png E - Tides of Blood

ROLL TIDE : Releasing Tides of Blood no longer prematurely cancels Sanguine Pool

Hemoplague.png R - Hemoplague

HEALING VS CHAMPIONS : [50% of the damage dealt] 150/250/350 + 0.7 ability power, increased by 50% for each additional champion hit beyond the first

ZyraSquare.png   Zyra
Passive-spawned seeds can be stepped on faster.

Zyra’s Midseason is off to a good start, comfortably blooming into a botanical powerhouse. We’re not looking to do anything dramatic - just adjusting Garden of Thorns to be less punishing for those on the wrong side of the grass.

Garden of Thorns.png Passive - Garden of Thorns

SEED GRACE PERIOD : Can be stepped on [1.5 seconds after spawning] 1 second after spawning (W - Rampant Growth seeds remain at 1.5 seconds of immunity)

 Splash Updates
Tristana’s skin splashes have been updated:

Skin Splash Buccaneer Tristana.jpg Skin Splash Earnest Elf Tristana.jpg Skin Splash Firefighter Tristana.jpg
Buccaneer Earnest Elf Firefighter
Skin Splash Guerilla Tristana.jpg Skin Splash Riot Girl Tristana.jpg Skin Splash Rocket Girl Tristana.jpg
Guerilla Riot Girl Rocket Girl

Summoner’s Rift

 Jungle Respawn Timers
Red and Blue minimap respawn icons are smaller.

The size of the buff icons were cluttering the minimap and giving the feeling that buff contests were as important as epic monsters. Bringing the size in line with the importance of buffs is a good way to clear up the minimap landscape to see other things like wards or traps.

MINIMAP CLARITY : Reduced the size of Red & Blue minimap respawn icons

 First Minion Wave

Consistency at the start of the game is what allows players to make laning decisions. We’ve been honing in on that consistency with small minion tweaks over many patches, but losing a ranged minion to random chance could occasionally change the dynamic of laning. Eliminating that outlier should give players clearer expectations about the laning phase.

FOCUS ON THE FRONT : Minions in the first wave should no longer grab an enemy ranged minion as a target randomly.

 Mountain Drake
Doesn’t amplify true damage.

True damage offers pretty clear feedback: the damage you see is the damage you get, no decreases or increases. Mountain Drake was violating that expectation (especially around smite fights), so we’re bringing it in line with the rest of the game.

Mark of the Mountain Drake

TRULY OUTRAGEOUS : No longer amplifies true damage (including Smite)

 Ocean Drake
Now restores health and mana only when out of combat with champions and towers.

Regeneration effects often go unnoticed by their owners, but the Ocean Drake buff is large and spiky enough that players feel the individual ticks. The occasional lucky tick right before a killing blow, however, was adding more frustration than gameplay and often leaving players wondering if their damage hadn’t gone through. Tying the regen to stay out-of-combat allows more counterplay to opponents, allowing them to feel less like they’re fighting a rising tide. Of regeneration.

UPDATED Mark of the Ocean Drake

SEA GOD’S CLAIM : Restores 4/8/12% of your missing health and mana every 8 seconds if not damaged by a champion or tower in the last 5 seconds

Turrets now take less true damage when the backdoor bonus is in effect.

Turrets have always had a pretty massive defensive boost to discourage raw backdoor attempts, but with the increased prevalence of True Damage in the game (Mountain Drake, Red Buff) we’re adjusting to keep it in line.

REALLY REINFORCED ARMOR : Now additionally absorbs 66% of true damage when the backdoor bonus is in effect


Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor.png   Enchantment - Bloodrazor
Attack speed and on-hit damage up.

The new Bloodrazor allows junglers like Shyvana and Master Yi to feel more comfortable interacting with other players early on, rather than obligated to farm the jungle for twenty minions. That said, thanks to the relatively weak combat strength of Bloodrazor, they’re not enjoying the results of those interactions. Without being pinned to farming, attack speed junglers have reasons to duel enemy junglers, gank, or otherwise scrap for early-mid game advantages - they just need reasons to believe they can win those duels. Upping combat strength is the solution here.

ATTACK SPEED : [40%] 50%
ON-HIT DAMAGE : [3% of the target’s maximum health] 4% of the target’s maximum health

Summoner Spells

 Barrier (Summoner Spell).png   Barrier
Cooldown decreased.

Right now, Barrier doesn’t really have anything to differentiate it from Heal, leaving it outclassed by the less temporary nature of Heal. A lower cooldown should offer Barrier a unique identity as the go-to summoner spell against repeated assassin all-ins.

COOLDOWN : [210 seconds] 180 seconds

 Ghost (Summoner Spell).png   Ghost
Cooldown decreased. Movement speed scales with level.

With the removal of Distortion Boots, Ghost lost out on the scaling power it had come to rely on. Given Ghost’s consistent underselection relative to Flash, buffing the summoner spell won’t make it a must take, while still keeping the late game feel it previously had.

COOLDOWN : [210] 180
MOVEMENT SPEED BONUS : [27% at all levels] 28-45% (at levels 1-18)

Dynamic Queue

Rolling out later this patch: several adjustments and improvements targeting high MMR matchmaking in dynamic queue.

Our goals are lowering queue times and improving match quality above Diamond tier with a set of solutions addressing those two issues. We’ll share more during this patch.

 Champion Mastery
Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 are coming this patch.

Mastery Levels 6 and 7 better emphasize skill by requiring S grades from matchmade games. We’re emphasizing a performance requirement alongside a dedication component (the time needed to unlock free chests or earn IP for champ shards or permanent loot) to build on the original system’s blend of skill and participation. Keep an eye out for a larger announcement soon!

MORE MASTERFUL MASTERY : Earn new mastery badge emotes, loading screen border flags, and announcement banner upgrades for each level
DING : Earn Mastery 6 tokens for S-, S, and S+ games with champs that are Mastery Level 5
DING DING : Earn Mastery 7 tokens for S and S+ games with champs that are Mastery Level 6
HEXTECH MASTERY : Combine Mastery tokens for a specific champ with that champ’s crafting shard, permanent loot, or blue essence to unlock their next mastery level
ZOINKS! : We’re adding a new mystery champ item to the store for RP or IP in a future patch that’ll help offset the RNG of finding champ shards and permanents in chests


  • Fixed a false error message that occurred when entering a game lobby
  • Final Boss Veigar's Q - Baleful Strike no longer turns units invisible when killing them
  • Fixed a number of interactions with Cassiopeia's W - Miasma Grounded debuff
  • Varus's Q - Piercing Arrow no longer occasionally deals damage against spell shielded targets
  • Annie’s R - Summon: Tibbers cooldown no longer resets to full if Tibbers lives past the end of the ability’s cooldown
  • Frozen Heart’s aura no longer pops Malzahar’s Passive - Void Shift
  • Fixed a bug where Ahri’s W - Fox-Fire could spawn less than three flames if cast at the same time as Ahri used Flash
  • Zigg’s Passive - Short Fuse cooldown is now properly reduced when casting spells while W - Satchel Charge is active
  • Fixed a bug where Zyra’s Q - Deadly Spines could cause the wrong seeds to spawn Thornspitters
  • Fixed a bug where flat armor reduction effects (ex. Nasus’s E - Spirit Fire) reduced jungle monster armor by more than the intended amount as monster stats scaled over time
  • The Lifeline cooldown of Sterak's Gage no longer resets to full after the Sterak's Fury buff expires
  • Fixed a bug where Zz'Rot Portal's Voidspawn were ignoring minions
  • Restored Curling Veigar’s vintage border for players who owned him as a limited skin

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released during patch 6.10:

Skin Splash Freljord Taliyah.jpg Skin Splash Super Galaxy Fizz.jpg
Freljord Taliyah Super Galaxy Fizz
Skin Splash Super Galaxy Kindred.jpg Skin Splash Super Galaxy Shyvana.jpg
Super Galaxy Kindred Super Galaxy Shyvana

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