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Patch Notes v5.22

What a time. You've read the sites, you've seen the devblogs, you've heard the announcements. Preseason is finally upon us.

So what's on the docket for us this year? Well, to be frank, a little bit of everything. We're looking to make every game of League feels unique, and that means going the distance to make sure your decisions matter. From the champions you pick, the masteries you choose, and the way you express yourself with Items, 2016's all about meaningful choices.

For the bottom laners of the world, we've got 6 marksman reworks aimed at tuning, tweaking and reinforcing their strategic identities. You can read below for the details, but protip: don't wander any closer to Graves than your attack range requires. Toss in a bunch of new items to enable new playstyles (do I want siege? How about pushing? dueling?) and you've got a whole new world of ranged damage dealing to explore.

Marksmen aren't the only ones getting new toys: new starting items and an intricate new mastery system impact just about everyone that loads onto the Rift. Stealth Wards are gone from the shop, Sightstone's got some sweet new build paths, the Jungle's less difficult and a mean lookin' void crab's taken a liking to Baron pit. That's still only scratching the surface.

Before we go, remember that this is a time for learning. A time for experimenting. A time to reassess what you know, and to express yourself the way you want. We should all feel comfortable enabling one another to try new builds, new compositions, and to push the boundaries of what we're capable of. You just might surprise yourselves.

So when towers are falling and marksman are running amok, when your trinkets auto-upgrade and you die taking the Rift Herald, when you're busy in the shop looking over all the new options and you hear that botlane ping...

That can only mean one thing. Welcome to Preseason.

ScarizardIcon.jpg Patrick "Scarizard" Scarborough

Patch Updates

GravesSquare.png   Graves

11/17: As many a botlaner might attest, Graves is bursting harder than is probably fair, even given the 're-familiarizing' period we expect with updated champions. We're lowering both sides of End of the Line's damage by the same amount, which plays out as a stronger nerf to the less-avoidable initial hit. A higher mana cost should additionally force Graves to think more carefully about his Q's rather than spamming them on cooldown. Burst aside, Graves has also never been as dash-y as he is with the new Essence Reaver. We like the decisionmaking around when to use Quickdraw in fights, so we're letting Graves keep his combat mobility at the expense of some generic movement speed.


MOVEMENT SPEED : [345] 340

End of the Line.png Q - End of the Line

INITIAL DAMAGE : [60/80/100/120/140] 55/70/85/100/115
DETONATION DAMAGE : [90/155/220/285/350] 85/145/205/265/325
COST : [55/60/65/70/75 mana] 60/70/80/90/100 mana

Kog'MawSquare.png   Kog'Maw

11/17: Though Kog'Maw's update pushes his identity as a true "weak early, strong late" hypercarry, we went a bit too far. Kog'Maw doesn't ever seem to reach that late game hypercarry status, so we're slightly amping his base stats to help him scale into the barfy machine gun he's always wanted to be. These changes aren't aimed at completely nullifying Kog's early-game weakness but should serve to distinguish him from a caster minion while he's working on his items.


BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.625] 0.665
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [54.46] 57.46

Mastery Warlord's Bloodlust.png   Warlord's Bloodlust

11/17: This is why we can't have nice things, Yasuo. You too, Tryndamere.

LIKE EVERY OTHER KEYSTONE : Now only procs on critical strikes against champions or champion clones (tooltip will be updated next patch)

Mastery Thunderlord's Decree.png   Thunderlord's Decree

11/17: This one's actually just a bugfix.

THUNDERLORDS' DECREES : Thunderlord's Decree now works properly when multiple teammates select it



HEY, LISTEN : Added a prompt on login for players to update their masteries which will appear once per account, per computer

Summoner's Rift

ZOOM ZOOM : The start-of-game movement speed buff now lasts its full intended value of 16 seconds

Jungle Items

SORRY, IONIA : Fixed a bug where the mana regeneration effects of Hunter's Talisman and the Tier 2 jungle items was applying to energy regen as well

Phantom Dancer

QUICKSTEP : Fixed a hitching issue with the new Phantom Dancer, which has now been enabled!

Mercury's Treads - Distortion.png Enchantment: Distortion

OVERLY DISTORTED : Fixed a bug where, under specific circumstances, Enchantment: Distortion could completely remove Ghost's cooldown

Master YiSquare.pngMaster Yi

ALPHA STUCK : Fixed a bug where reaching full Energized stacks (ex. Statikk Shiv) by using Q - Alpha Strike could prevent Master Yi from proccing Energized attacks until he died


SHOPKEEPER THEFT : Fixed a bug where attempting to buy Tiamat or its upgrades while in Dragon form would take the gold but not grant the item

Tahm KenchSquare.pngTahm Kench

REGURGITATED : Clones eaten by W - Devour can no longer turn invisible when spat back out

Twisted FateSquare.pngTwisted Fate

DECK CUTTING : Fixed a bug with W - Pick a Card where, while a card was selected, Energized autoattack procs (ex. Statikk Shiv) would fire before the autoattack itself

Marksman Updates

One of the most important goals of these marksman updates is to give each updated champion a unique reason to be brought to a game, and we want each champion to feel different whether playing against, as, or with. For some, this means sharpening what they already do well, or should do well. For others, it means finding new elements that make them feel special. We want you to have a reason to pick Graves over Lucian, and vice-versa, outside of just dealing more damage. Our additional goal here is to ensure basic attacks between marksmen are as differentiated as possible. This is a new objective that's particularly important for this group, given how reliant they are on right clicking.

QuinnSquare.png   Quinn

Kicking off our foray into the Marksman Update, Quinn's a champion that's always been confusing to say the least. Too unsafe to see success as a typical bottom laner, she was banished to the land of ‘niche top laners', either snowballing and forcing surrenders or losing the game before getting off the ground. Quinn's always had her unique traits, but never enough in one direction to find a true identity in League.

Now, Demacia's Wings bear the responsibility as their team's first-responders in case of emergency. Need to stop a split-push in progress? Need to create one of your own? Quinn and Valor can put out (or start) fires wherever there's trouble, patrolling the Rift at top speed on practically no cooldown. As flexible as ever, the dynamic duo are ready to take flight in almost any position, given you've got a keen sense of map awareness to support your daring maneuvers.


BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [51.04] 56.46
EYES IN THE SKY : Recommended Items updated

Harrier.png Passive - Harrier

BONUS DAMAGE : [25 - 215 (+0.5 bonus attack damage)] 0.5 total attack damage
COOLDOWN : 8 seconds
IT'S A LOT OF MATH : Harrier's cooldown is reduced by 1% per 1% Critical Strike Chance, multiplicatively (ex. at 50% Critical Strike Chance, Harrier's cooldown is ~5 seconds, at 100% Critical Strike Chance, the cooldown is ~3 seconds)
NO TIME TO WASTE : Valor now marks targets as Vulnerable immediately when Harrier is available

Aerial Assault.png Q - Aerial Assault

NAME : [Blinding Assault] Aerial Assault
DAMAGE : [70/110/150/190/230 (+0.65 bonus attack damage) (+0.5 ability power)] 20/45/70/95/120 (+0.7/0.75/0.8/0.85/0.9 total attack damage) (+0.35 ability power), increasing by up to 100% based on the target's missing health
COST : [50/55/60/65/70 mana] 50 mana at all ranks
CAST TIME : [0.31 seconds] 0.25 seconds
I SEE No longer blinds targets hit
SHE'S STILL THROWING A BIRD AT YOU Now marks the first target hit as Vulnerable
BRING BACK SCRAPS If Aerial Assault kills a target, half the cooldown is refunded

Heightened Senses.png W - Heightened Senses

MOVEMENT SPEED FROM HARRIER : [20/30/40/50/60 flat movement speed] 20/25/30/35/40 percent movement speed
DURATION : [3 seconds] 2 seconds

Behind Enemy Lines.png R - Tag Team
After channeling for 2 seconds, Quinn calls upon Valor to assist her. While together, the two have massively increased movement speed from all sources and can cast Skystrike by taking an offensive action or reactivating Tag Team.

COST : [100 mana] 100/50/0 mana
COOLDOWN : [140/110/80 seconds] No cooldown
DURATION : [20 seconds] Indefinite
I NEED SILENCE : If Quinn takes damage while channeling, Tag Team's cooldown is set to 3 seconds
TAG TEAM MOVEMENT BONUS : 70/100/130% total movement speed
SKYSTRIKE DAMAGE : [100/150/200 (+ 0.5 bonus attack damage)] 1.0 total attack damage
SNACKS No longer deals increased damage based on enemy missing health
TAKE US DOWN, VAL : Basic attacking or dealing direct damage causes Quinn to swap in
DIRECT HIT : Taking champion or turret damage causes Quinn to swap in
BRUSH IT OFF : All other sources of damage disable Tag Team's speed bonuses and slows Quinn and Valor temporarily

GravesSquare.png   Graves

The beefiest of the Marksman lineup, Graves' burst and tankiness were hallmarks of the carry you'd call when you needed some fighting done - that is, until other bot laners simply started outshining him. Be it rockets, piercing light or laser barrages, Ol' Malcolm's struggled to set himself apart from the pack beyond his bad attitude and big gun.

That is, until he got himself a new big gun.

Armed with New Destiny, Graves finally has the tools to live up to the up-close-and-personal fantasy he's always promised. While most carries kite the front lines, the burden's on the enemy to kite Graves, lest they take the full brunt of New Destiny's rounds to the gut.


BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [54.2] 60.83
ATTACK RANGE : [525] 425
MOVEMENT SPEED : [330] 345

NEW New Destiny.png Passive - New Destiny

BUCKSHOT : Graves' basic attack is now a cone of 4 bullets whose AD ratio scales with level
DAMAGE FROM FIRST BULLET : 0.75 - 1.1 total attack damage
BONUS DAMAGE : 25-33% per bullet beyond the first
ONE AT A TIME : Bullets stop on the first unit hit
TOUGHER THAN LEATHER : Structures take 25% reduced damage from Graves' basic attacks
DOUBLE BARREL : Graves stores two Shells at any time and expends them when he basic attacks. After using them, Graves reloads, delaying his next basic attack significantly.
WAIT YOUR TURN : Graves' reload time is slightly reduced by attack speed
DOUBLE TAP : Graves time between attacks is greatly reduced by attack speed
12-GAUGE : Instead of dealing bonus damage, Graves fires 8 bullets upon critically striking (10 with Infinity Edge)

NEW End of the Line.png Q - End of the Line
Fires a narrow missile in a line. After 1 second, the line detonates, dealing high damage in a 'T' shape from where Graves fired it.

INITIAL DAMAGE : 60/80/100/120/140 (+0.75 bonus attack damage)
DETONATION DAMAGE : 90/155/220/285/350 (+0.4/0.6/0.8/1/1.2 bonus attack damage)
COST : 50/55/60/65/70 mana
COOLDOWN : 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
FISH IN A BARREL : If End of the Line strikes a wall, it detonates immediately.

Smoke Screen.png W - Smoke Screen

LIGHTS OUT : Enemy units inside Smoke Screen cannot see out for any reason
COOLDOWN : [20/19/18/17/16 seconds] 26/24/22/20/18 seconds

Quickdraw.png E - Quickdraw

WASTE OF AMMO No longer grants attack speed
LOCK AND LOAD : Now resets Graves' basic attack timer and refills 1 Shell
THIS IS GONNA TICKLE : Now grants 10/15/20/25/30 Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds. This can stack up to 4 times on Graves on each cast. Damaging non-minions refreshes True Grit.
COOLDOWN : [22/20/18/16/14 seconds] 18/17/16/15/14 seconds
COOLDOWN REFUND : [1 second per basic attack] 0.5 seconds per bullet hit

Collateral Damage.png R - Collateral Damage

BARN-BURNER : Graves now recoils 300 units backwards upon firing

CorkiSquare.png   Corki

While Corki's always happened to have the highest magic damage of the marksmen, we finally decided to embrace his hextech obsession, tweaking his basic attack to do both physical and magic damage. If that weren't enough of an itemization headache, Gatling Gun's received a similar treatment and now splits its shred between armor and magic resist. A true multi-threat, Corki's damage demands an answer or he'll burn through the last of your resistances in no time.

On top of his new weapons, Corki's also pushing the boundaries of the word ‘daring', picking up periodic payloads that buff Valkyrie for big teamfight disruption or reckless solo dogfights.


BASE MANA : [305.16] 350.16

NEW Hextech Munitions.png Passive - Hextech Munitions

HEXTECH SHRAPNEL SHELLS : Corki's basic attacks deal 110% damage, split evenly between 55% magic damage and 55% physical damage
THE PACKAGE : After 8 minutes, Corki can return to base to pick up The Package, gaining extreme out-of-combat Movement Speed (150% while in base, 40% outside) and can cast Special Delivery for 60 seconds
PACKAGE COOLDOWN : 5 minutes after being used

Valkyrie.png W - Valkyrie

RANGE : [800] 600
THE PACKAGE : Special Delivery: Travels further and drops bombs along the path that knock aside enemies and leave a burning trail in the area for 5 seconds.
THE PACKAGE : Special Delivery: Enemies in the trail are slowed by 90%
THE PACKAGE : Special Delivery: Enemies in the trail burn for magic damage equal to 30-100 at levels 1-18 (+1.5 bonus AD) (+0.2 Ability Power)

Gatling Gun.png E - Gatling Gun

I'M SENSING A PATTERN : Now deals half of its damage as magic damage
EXPOSED : Now additionally reduces Magic Resist
ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST SHRED : [2/4/6/8/10 per second] 1/2/3/4/5 per second

Missile Barrage.png R - Missile Barrage

DAMAGE : [100/180/260] 100/130/160
TOTAL ATTACK DAMAGE RATIO : [0.2/0.3/0.4] 0.2/0.5/0.8

Kog'MawSquare.png   Kog'Maw

When someone says Kog'Maw, the word 'hypercarry' is never far behind. Already one of the most strategically distinct marksmen, we're pushing him above and beyond - disregarding the attack speed cap, the enemy's composition, and even their feelings. Power does come at a price however, so while Kog is busy spewing acid (and whatever else) onto his foes he's unable to budge without giving up his unparalleled damage stream. A well-protected Kog'Maw will bring down anyone, anywhere, but leave him out to dry and he's just another Kog in the machine.


NOT FULL : Recommended Items updated
BASE HEALTH : [546] 517
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [52.04] 54.46
BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.665] 0.625
BASE MANA : [298.88] 322.2

Caustic Spittle.png Q - Caustic Spittle

PASSIVE ATTACK SPEED : [10/15/20/25/30%] 15/20/25/30/35%

Bio-Arcane Barrage.png W - Bio-Arcane Barrage
While active, Kog'Maw gains bonus range, 100% attack speed from all sources, and a raised attack speed cap of 5.0.

DURATION : [8 seconds] 6 seconds
COST : 40 mana
COOLDOWN : [17 seconds on cast] 13/11.5/10/8.5/7 seconds once the buff expires
BONUS RANGE : [130/150/170/190/210] 90/120/150/180/210
REDUCED DAMAGE : Now reduces all of Kog'maw's damage against non-minions by 55% while active
BONUS DAMAGE : Deals 1.25% per 100 total AD plus 0.75% per 100 AP of the target's maximum health as additional magic damage
ULTRA RAPID KOG'MAW : Now doubles Kog'Maw's attack speed cap and reduces cast times by 50% while active

Living Artillery.png R - Living Artillery

COST : [40 mana] 50 mana
DAMAGE : [80/120/160] 70/110/150
VISION DURATION : [4 seconds] 2 seconds
MANA DEBUFF DURATION : [6 seconds] 10 seconds
DON'T TOUCH THAT No longer deals 100% increased base damage to champions
SMELLS LIKE FEAR Now deals double damage to enemies between 25% and 50% health
SMELLS LIKE DESPERATION Now deals triple to enemies between 0% and 25% health

MissFortuneSquare.png   Miss Fortune

Once the 'Queen of Combo', Miss Fortune's taking back her throne faster than she took Bilgewater (and just as forcefully). Armed with new crit scaling on her Bullet Time and a brand new passive, MF's the markswoman to call when you want to spread the love (as long as 'love' means 'lots of face-melting bullets'). Though her shots aren't as impure as they used to be, Miss Fortune's attack speed steroid lasts as long as there are new targets to switch to, letting her juggle her attention between as many bad guys as there are bounties to collect.


BASE MANA : [275.84] 325.84

NEW Love Tap.png Passive - Love Tap
Whenever Miss Fortune basic attacks a new target, she deals bonus physical damage.

DAMAGE : 0.6 - 1.0 total attack damage (at levels 1-18)
NO LOVE FOR MINIONS : Deals 50% damage to minions
OR BUILDINGS : Deals 50% damage to turrets

NEW Strut.png W - Strut

IMPURE SHOTS No longer passively deals ramping magic damage per basic attack
ACTIVE COOLDOWN : [12 seconds] 8 seconds
COOLDOWN START : [On cast] On buff expiration
PASSIVE MOVEMENT SPEED : After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage, gain 25 movement speed, ramping up to 70 ⇒ 60/70/80/90/100 after 5 additional seconds
MADE FOR WALKING : When activated, Strut now instantly grants the maximum movement speed value instead of ramping up over time.
ATTACK SPEED DURATION : [6 seconds] 3 seconds
ATTACK SPEED : [20/30/40/50/60%] 60/75/90/105/120%
GETTING IN THE GROOVE : Love Tapping increases Strut's attack speed duration by 1 second (2 seconds against champions)

Make It Rain.png E - Make It Rain

RANGE : [800] 1000

Bullet Time.png R - Bullet Time

DURATION : [2 seconds] 3 seconds
PURIFIED No longer applies Impure Shots
DAMAGE PER WAVE : [50/75/125 (+.1/.175/.25 bonus attack damage) (+0.2 ability power)] (+0.75 total attack damage) (+0.2 ability power)
NUMBER OF WAVES : [8] 12/14/16
BULLET HELL : Bullet Time can now critically strike, dealing 120% damage per wave

CaitlynSquare.png   Caitlyn

The mildest of the updates, Caitlyn's changes are more a ‘refinement' of her current style of sharpshooting than anything else. Always slightly behind the curve on sieging and tower-taking relative to her nemesis Jinx, Cait's new headshot interactions and ammo-based trap system play up her ability to control any zone or choke point, tower or no.


BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [50.04] 53.66
ATTACK SPEED MODIFIER : Caitlyn's basic attacks scale with bonus attack speed at 90% effectiveness

Headshot.png Passive - Headshot

PILTILE SNIPER No longer penetrates bonus armor
STEADY AIM : Headshot's damage is increased by 50% of her crit chance
NO SCOPE : Caitlyn can fire a long-range headshot on enemies that step on a Yordle Snap Trap or get caught in 90-Caliber Net (see below)

Piltover Peacemaker.png Q - Piltover Peacemaker

DAMAGE : [20/60/100/140/180 (+1.3 total attack damage)] 30/70/110/150/190 (+1.3/1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7 total attack damage)
DAMAGE FALL OFF : [10% less damage per target hit] 40% less damage after striking one target
FLATHEAD : After striking one target, gains 30 width
IN MY SIGHTS : Always deals 100% damage to units revealed by Yordle Snap Trap

Yordle Snap Trap.png W - Yordle Snap Trap

COST : [30 mana] 20 mana
COOLDOWN [20/17/14/11/8 seconds] No cooldown
CHARGE TIMER 45/32.5/20/12.5/10 seconds
HEXTECH UTILITY BELT Caitlyn can now store up to 3/3/4/4/5 traps at one time.
MAXIMUM ACTIVE TRAPS : [3] 3/3/4/4/5
DAMAGE : [80/130/180/230/280 (+0.6 ability power)] None
NO SCOPE : Caitlyn can now Headshot trapped targets once at 1300 range
THE CUPCAKES HAVE EYES Fixed a bug where traps revealed the area around them on cast
A LITTLE BREATHING ROOM : Caitlyn can no longer re-trap a trapped target

90 Caliber Net.png E - 90 Caliber Net

MISSILE SPEED : [2000] 1600
DASH DISTANCE : [500] 400
DAMAGE : [80/130/180/230/280 (+0.8 ability power)] 70/110/150/190/230 (+0.8 ability power)
SLOW DURATION : [1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds] 1 second
NO SCOPE : Caitlyn can now Headshot netted targets once at 1300 range


AsheSquare.png   Ashe
Ranger's Focus only stacks on basic attacks, but has no cooldown. Critical Strikes now double slow.

With crit chance becoming a more prominent fixture of Marksmen itemization, we're reintroducing the stat to Ashe's repertoire while retaining her unique interactions with it. Paired with the new always-on paradigm of Ranger's Focus, we're pushing Ashe's style of combat to favor the drawn out engagements rather than quick bursts.

Frost Shot.png Passive - Frost Shot

SLOW : 5-35% (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 5-25% (at levels 1-18)
FROSTBITE Frost Shot's bonus damage no longer counts as a Critical Strike
STAY FROSTY Ashe's Critical Strikes deal 1.0 of her total attack damage (instead of 2.0 total attack damage), but double the effectiveness of Frost Shot.

Ranger's Focus.png Q - Ranger's Focus

THAWED OUT No longer amplifies Ashe's slow from Frost Shot
ACTUALLY REQUIRES FOCUS Can no longer be cast at less than 5 stacks
NO DOUBLE-DIPPING Ashe can no longer build passive Focus stacks while Ranger's Focus is active
ONE ARROW AT A TIME Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow no longer add stacks of Focus
COOLDOWN : [18 seconds] No cooldown

Volley.png W - Volley

CRIT AND CHILL? Now automatically critically strikes against champions for the purposes of Frost Shot's slow

DravenSquare.png   Draven
Attack frame increased, but missile speed lower.

Though a bit odd on paper, these changes together give Draven greater control of the trajectory and positioning necessary to his flashy style of looking good while laying down axes.


ATTACK FRAME : [0.32] 0.23

EzrealSquare.png   Ezreal
Q and E cooldown up, but Q refunds more cooldown on-hit.

Just a small tweak to reinforce Ezreal's synergies with cooldown reduction, especially given its new availability to marksman with the new Essence Reaver (check below!)

Mystic Shot.png Q - Mystic Shot

COOLDOWN : [6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds] 6.5/6/5.5/5/4.5 seconds
COOLDOWN REDUCTION ON-HIT : [1 second] 1.5 seconds

Arcane Shift.png E - Arcane Shift

COOLDOWN : [19/17/15/13/11 seconds] 19/17.5/16/14.5/13 seconds

JinxSquare.png   Jinx
Passive's attack speed now stacks on multikills, but Rockets lose attack speed.

As you'll notice with many of our markspeople changes this patch, we're focused on pushing each one's unique identity to help them stand out from one another. In Jinx's case, her thing is getting excited and snowballing teamfights, so we're really letting her crank it up to 11 (provided she can make the plays to get there).

Get Excited!.png Passive - Get Excited!

GETTING OUT OF HAND! Getting excited now stacks, increasing Jinx's total attack speed by 15% per stack
DURATION : [4 seconds] 6 seconds

Switcheroo!.png Q - Switcheroo!

STUPID ROCKET LAUNCHER Jinx loses 15% total attack speed while using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher

KalistaSquare.png   Kalista
Higher base attack speed, but worse attack speed per level. Passive dash speed scales with attack speed.

Just as other marksfolk align with cooldown reduction or critical strike chance as a core stat, we're pushing Kalista to embrace attack speed as her primary scaling given her stand-out strengths as a bunny-hopping battle-banshee.


BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.658] 0.694
COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP : Fixed a bug where The Black Spear remained available for purchase throughout the game

Martial Poise.png Passive - Martial Poise

RAPID HOPS The speed of Martial Poise's jump now only scales with attack speed (can be negatively affected by attack speed slows)

LucianSquare.png   Lucian
Culling no longer scales with attack speed, but fires more bullets generally.

Another light (ahem) tweak, Lucian's changes remove his ult's somewhat awkward dependency on attack speed scaling, allowing him to embrace his identity as a cooldown-oriented caster marksman (hello Essence Reaver!).

The Culling.png R - The Culling

FIRE EVERYTHING No longer scales the number of bullets with attack speed
SHOTS FIRED Now fires 20/25/30 bullets based on rank

SivirSquare.png   Sivir
Attack speed reduced, but W scales better with cooldown reduction.

Though Sivir's kit has always had a strong area-effect flavor, the state of marksman itemization has traditionally forced her into the same single-target-oriented build paths as her compatriots. We're changing Ricochet to benefit greatly from newfangled cooldown reduction builds, pushing Sivir's identity as a sustained multi-target damage threat.


BASE ATTACK SPEED : [0.66] 0.625

Ricochet.png W - Ricochet

COOLDOWN : [9/8/7/6/5 seconds] 12/10.5/9/7.5/6 seconds
COOLDOWN START : [When the buff expires] On cast
BUFF DURATION : [6 seconds] 4 seconds

TristanaSquare.png   Tristana
Removing Q->E cooldown loops, but W now resets when E detonates.

When talking about identities, Tristana's always had trouble finding her niche. With elements of a caster, siege-expert and hyper-carry all in one, we're focusing her further towards all-in combat. Trist demands full commitment to fights, but constant resets offer her serious rewards for being the daring yordle gunner she's always been.

Rapid Fire.png Q - Rapid Fire

RAPID CHARGES No longer reduces Explosive Charge's cooldown while attacking with Rapid Fire active
UNLIMITED AMMO Rapid Fire's cooldown is no longer reduced when attacking targets marked by Explosive Charge
COOLDOWN : [20 seconds] 20/19/18/17/16 seconds

Rocket Jump.png W - Rocket Jump

MAGIC DAMAGE : [80/105/130/155/180] 60/110/160/210/260
THE BIG BANG No longer deals increased damage per stack of Explosive Charge
GOT THE RESET Now additionally resets whenever Explosive Charge detonates at maximum stacks on champions

Explosive Charge.png E - Explosive Charge

HANDLE WITH CARE Now detonates instantly upon reaching maximum stacks
PUT A BOMB ON IT Rocket Jump and Buster Shot now apply Explosive Charge stacks
MISSILE SPEED : [1800] 2400

TwitchSquare.png   Twitch
Q now resets whenever poisoned champions die.

The sneakiest marksman of the bunch, we're incentivizing Twitch to take risks and embrace his assassin-side by giving him the ability to get in and get out (rather than 'get in and get flattened').

Ambush.png Q - Ambush

RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES Now resets cooldown when an enemy champion affected by Deadly Venom dies
DON'T BLOW IT Entering stealth cancels Twitch's current basic attack command

Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat.png R - Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat

DURATION : [7 seconds] 5 seconds
COST : [100/125/150 mana] 100 mana
UNDER COVER Using Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat during Ambush's stealth no longer cancels stealth

VarusSquare.png   Varus
R damage down, but rooted units stack Blight.

Varus' pattern of 'Blight dudes and light 'em up with abilities' never interacted very well with Chain of Corruption, typically used as a pure disengage tool. Now we're giving him the option to 'turn and burn' after chunking rooted targets with a big, Blighty arrow.

Chain of Corruption.png R - Chain of Corruption

TENTACLARITY Now displays the tendrils' maximum spread range to Varus and his enemies if it's going to spread to at least one enemy champion
DOWNED WITH THE SICKNESS Rooted targets gain 3 stacks of Blight over the duration of the root
MAGIC DAMAGE : [150/250/350] 100/175/250

VayneSquare.png   Vayne
Silver Bolts loses its base damage, but deals way more percent damage.

Vayne's always been one of the few markspeople that could forego the all-powerful Infinity Edge in favor of hammering in more attacks to Silver Bolt her prey to death. We're taking that paradigm up to 12, giving her far more dueling strength when she can commit to burning down a single target and far less when she's pressured to switch focus.

Silver Bolts.png W - Silver Bolts

BASE TRUE DAMAGE [20/30/40/50/60] 0
TRUE DAMAGE : [4/5/6/7/8% of target's maximum health] 6/7.5/9/10.5/12% of target's maximum health
MINIMUM DAMAGE 40/60/80/100/120

UrgotSquare.png   Urgot
R's resists removed in favor of damage reduction.

Urgot's ult is cool for a lot of reasons - like the feeling of becoming an unkillable beefcrab after displacing some poor wandering enemy champion. And by 'unkillable beefcrab', we mean 'beefcrab that really hopes no one has any % penetration' (read: they usually do). Swapping to damage reduction ensures Urgot can realize his massive terror-crab dream, no matter how the opponent itemizes.

Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser.png R - Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser


AzirSquare.png   Azir

We've been here before, so we'll be short. Bugfixes. Done.

Emperor's Divide.png R - Emperor's Divide

NOT HELPING : Fixed a bug where Azir and his allies could be pinned to his wall as a result of abilities that collided with terrain
THE EMPEROR'S BOUNCE-CASTLE : Fixed a similar bug where allied Gnar couldn't wall-stun using Azir's phalanx
*BONK* : Fixed a heartbreaking, yet funny bug where Azir's phalanx would stop allied Sions from being able to charge through it with R - Unstoppable Onslaught

KindredSquare.png   Kindred
Health regen down. Passive cap introduced to monsters.

The Kindred have been tearing up the jungle, pulling death-defying stunts and objective-based snowballs like you've never seen before. We're putting a limit on their Mark's damage towards monsters (10 second barons are a little unfair) and cutting down their initial sustain to keep them from spiraling leads too harshly out of control.



Mark of the Kindred.png Passive - Mark of the Kindred

PHYSICAL DAMAGE VS MONSTERS Capped at 75 (+10 per stack)
SIKE : No longer displays 1 stack on your buff bar when you have 0 stacks
DEATH'S HERALDS At 6 stacks, Wolf will now hunt Baron Nashor and the Rift Herald instead of stopping his hunts

Mounting Dread.png E - Mounting Dread

BUGFIX : Now properly plays a sound effect when proc'd

LeBlancSquare.png   LeBlanc
Mirror Image is now more literal.

We're always looking at ways to make our tricky champions trickier, so we've tricked 'em out with new faux-buffs to trick your opponents.

Mirror Image.png Passive - Mirror Image

TRICKY, AREN'T YOU Leblanc's Mirror Image will now display fake versions of Blue, Red, and Baron buffs

RenektonSquare.png   Renekton
stay where you are

Ruthless Predator.png W - Ruthless Predator

HEY COME BACK : Fixed a bug where targets hit by Ruthless Predator wouldn't be stunned if they managed to flash in time

RivenSquare.png   Riven
Q works as intended.

As funny as it is to see Riven bonk on walls, this wasn't intended.

Broken Wings.png Q - Broken Wings

ACTUALLY BROKEN WINGS : Fixed a bug where the 3rd strike from Broken Wings wouldn't let you cross terrain if cast a certain way

ShacoSquare.png   Shaco
Hallucination gets some nice improvements, and E slows monster attack speed rather than causing them to miss.

This might look like the longest set of changes Shaco's gotten in a million years, but the actual gist of this is we're cleaning up a mechanic that doesn't make much sense (E making monsters miss, but only sometimes?) and making Hallucination more tricky, in line with our other clone changes this patch. Shaco might not see an insane boost in effectiveness, but to the 3 shaco masters out there - we salute you.

Two-Shiv Poison.png E - Two-Shiv Poison

WATCH WHERE YOU'RE SWINGING No longer causes monsters to miss Shaco 20/22.5/25/27.5/30% of the time
PUT A LITTLE POISON INTO IT Now slows the attack speed of monsters by 20/22.5/25/27.5/30% on-hit

Hallucinate.png R - Hallucinate

NOW YOU SEE ME Shaco's Hallucination will now display fake versions of Blue, Red, and Baron buffs
LOOK FOR THE ONE WITH THE KNIVES Hallucination now randomizes its facing on spawn (rather than always facing the same direction)
PULL THE STRINGS Now displays the Hallucination's remaining lifespan to Shaco only

SionSquare.png   Sion
tell them how you really feel, sion

Roar of the Slayer.png E - Roar of the Slayer

I'M NOT YELLING : Fixed a bug where yelling at an airborne minion would deal no damage

VolibearSquare.png   Volibear
this bug was unbearable

Rolling Thunder.png Q - Rolling Thunder

THUNDER CANCELLING : Attempting to cancel Rolling Thunder's attack no longer causes sluggish behavior

WukongSquare.png   Wukong
Fixing a few bugs and adding more trickiness to Decoy.

Crushing Blow.png Q - Crushing Blow

CRUSH CANCELLING : Attempting to cancel Crushing Blow's attack no longer causes sluggish behavior

Warrior Trickster.png W - Decoy

BEEN WAITING FOR THIS Wukong's Decoy will now display fake versions of Blue, Red, and Baron buffs

Nimbus Strike.png E - Nimbus Strike

MASTER YOUR MOVEMENTS : Fixed a bug where Wukong would path back to his previous target after using Nimbus Strike

ZedSquare.png   Zed
W won't hide Q's cast time.

While often seen as an 'advanced technique' for Zed, this bug actually just removed the ability to react to Razor Shuriken if cast a specific way. Zed's been on the brain for us recently (stronger marksmen = higher-value assassinations), but he shouldn't rely on an exploit for power.

Living Shadow.png W - Living Shadow

IT ACTUALLY WAS THE DEADLIEST : Fixed a bug where quickly casting Living Shadow and Razor Shuriken would cause Zed's Living Shadow to cast instantly, instead of using the cast time

Attack Damage Adjustments

In an effort to preempt the late-game damage output of marksmen with their souped up 6-item builds, we're tweaking their base stats so they're less dependent on character level (and thus are more equipped for early fighting) but still have to rely on items for their peak effectiveness come the final stages of the game.

The following champs have +5.42 base attack damage and -0.59 per level (net -10 attack damage at level 18). Except Lucian, who gets two more because he's special. And also Vayne, who gets a bunch less because Silver Bolts.

BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [51.08] 56.5
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [50.38] 55.8
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [50.24] 55.6
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [53.04] 58.46
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [57.5] 62.92
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [52.04] 59.46
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [52.04] 57.46
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [51.54] 57.06
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [49.04] 54.46
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [49.04] 54.46
BASE ATTACK DAMAGE : [50.46] 56.88

Mana & Mana Regen Adjustments

In a world without mana potions (and generally less early mana regeneration), we've identified a few champions for some emergency rations, giving early mana boosts until they can get their footing and purchase items to make up the deficit. This also means we can really understand which champions relied on mana potions as a crutch to limp through the early to mid game, and we can give additional love if necessary.


The following champs have +50 base mana and -3 mana scaling (net -1 mana at level 18):
BASE MANA : [346.04] 396.04
BASE MANA : [231.8] 280
BASE MANA : [325.6] 375.6
BASE MANA : [310.56] 360.56
BASE MANA : [265.6] 315.6
BASE MANA : [310.6] 360.56
BASE MANA : [350.12] 400.12
BASE MANA : [267.2] 317.2
BASE MANA : [319] 369
BASE MANA : [277.2] 327.2
BASE MANA : [288.8] 338.8
BASE MANA : [288.8] 338.8
BASE MANA : [307.2] 357.2
BASE MANA : [347.6] 397.6
BASE MANA : [298.88] 348.88
BASE MANA : [335] 384
BASE MANA : [327.28] 377.28
BASE MANA : [275.6] 325.6
BASE MANA : [284.0] 334.0
BASE MANA : [265.6] 315.6
BASE MANA : [267.12] 317.12
BASE MANA : [342.4] 392.4
BASE MANA : [275.6] 325.6
BASE MANA : [324.0] 374.0
BASE MANA : [334] 384
BASE MANA : [327.2] 377.2
BASE MANA : [310] 360
BASE MANA : [342.4] 392.4
BASE MANA : [325.6] 375.6
BASE MANA : [316.96] 366.96
BASE MANA : [334] 384

Mana Regen

The following champs have +2.5 base mana regen per 5 seconds:
BASE MANA REGEN : [9] 11.5
BASE MANA REGEN : [8.5] 11
BASE MANA REGEN : [9] 11.5
BASE MANA REGEN : [9] 11.5
BASE MANA REGEN : [9] 11.5


 Grievous Wounds

LESS GENERALLY GRIEVOUS : Grievous Wounds now only affects self-healing instead of all healing

 Empowered Basic Attack Changes

Historically, the way empowered basic attacks would affect their target if they'd fail to hit (due to Teemo's Blinding Dart, Pantheon's Aegis of Zeonia, or Jax's Counterstrike) has been pretty inconsistent. In some cases they'd do nothing, in others they'd apply crowd control (but no damage) and in a few they'd just ignore the status altogether. We've retooled these to more consistently meet expectations: if one of the following empowered basic attack misses its target, it won't deal any damage or apply any other effects. In cases where this is tied to a buff, that buff will be consumed as well.

The following abilities will be consumed and have no effect if they would miss:

Summoner's Rift

 Rift Herald
Even a Baron has its subjects.

As it stands, the bottom lane is the only 'correct' area of early game focus, warping teams' choices of summoner spells, champions and strategies in a never-ending arms race that's culminated in the modern-era Teleport-pocalypse. With so many team resources tied up in this problem, we set out to see if we could even up the map.

Enter the Rift Herald.

As an objective, Herald gives a reason to dominate the top lane and something to miss if you Teleport away. Providing a powerful buff that enables split-pushing (as well as an encounter as difficult as any in League at the moment), its presence adds relevance to the northern side of the map, giving teams alternative strategies to pursue or a counter-move to make when the going gets tough down south.

SPAWNS AT : 4 minutes
RESPAWN RATE : 5 minutes
DESPAWNS AT : 19:45 out of combat, 19:55 no matter what
BACKSTAB : The eye on Rift Herald's back periodically opens, causing basic attacks from behind to deal 15% of its maximum health as true damage
MASSIVE DAMAGE : If Backstabbing Rift Herald brings it to 15% health or below, the eye stays open.
VOID ARMOR : Rift Herald takes 35% less damage from ranged basic attacks
BREAK THE PINATA : Slaying Rift Herald grants 50 gold to your team and Doom's Eve to whoever lands the killing blow for 2 minutes.
DOOM'S EVE : Rift Herald's slayer gains the following bonuses:
  • 10% increased damage
  • 40 movement speed
  • Enhanced Baron Recall
HERALD'S LEGION : Minions near Rift Herald's slayer gain the following bonuses:
  • 40% increased attack speed
  • 100 extra range (on Cannon Minions)

 Game Pacing Changes
We're changing up the normal ordering of the patch notes because we wanted to hit on the game pacing changes first before getting to things like item efficiency costs.

The short of it is we're making some small, but focused changes aimed at making League a little more intention-based. What that really means is we're trying to amp up the ways teams can push their advantage while also exposing more gold flow for those defending or looking for a way to get back in. The shorter version of that is there will probably be more gold within the game (so the item efficiency pass isn't so dramatic), but it will be almost entirely focused on giving gold in ways you need to earn (well, except that ambient gold change).

 Game Start Time
Minions and monsters spawn 15 seconds earlier

Just losing some of the extra dead time at the beginning of the game. We like the downtime, but 1:55 was a lot of waiting around.

MINIONS HAVE SPAWNED : Minions spawn at [1:30] 1:15
MONSTERS HAVE AWOKEN : Jungle camps spawn at [1:55] 1:40

 Ambient Gold
With items costing more as part of our global efficiency pass, we're injecting more cash into the flow, as well as a little extra for the down-and-out.

FOR DOING NOTHING, YOU GET : [9.5 gold per 5 seconds] 10.2 gold per 5 seconds
BAILOUT : After 12 minutes, the 2 members of each team with the least gold at any given moment gain an additional 2 gold per 5 seconds (increasing by 0.1 per minute)

 Kill Gold
In place of traditional kill streaks, bounties turn shutdowns into global gold.

League often comes down to an optimization of 'how can I get the most value for my effort?' Sometimes this shakes out in neat ways (do we take dragon for later, or a tower for now?), but when you have to crunch numbers to tell whether or not it's valuable enough to kill a target, we may have gone too far. Bounties are a way to ensure the answer to 'Should I kill this high-profile bad guy?' is always yes, changing the question to 'how and when' rather than 'yes or no'.

Bounty tiering

BOUNTY BOARD : Bounties are now visualized by a banner next to champion health bars
FAME : Bounties begin accruing at 2 consecutive kills (unchanged)
INFAMY : Bounties increase per additional consecutive kill, up to 5 kills (unchanged)
PERMANENT RECORD : Bounties are no longer reset on death. Instead, dying now reduces bounty tier by 3.
PROBATION : A bounty tier of 1 is now possible, but only if a champion dies while at bounty tier 4

Bounty gold rewards

HEADHUNTING Bounties no longer add to kill gold
PSEUDO-OBJECTIVES Bounties now provide team gold, displayed to both teams on-kill
TIER 1 REWARD : 20 global gold
TIER 2 REWARD : 30 global gold
TIER 3 REWARD : 60 global gold
TIER 4 REWARD : 70 global gold
TIER 5 REWARD : 90 global gold (max)

REMOVED Assist streaks

NO STREAKING : Consecutive assists no longer grant bonus gold

Lots of numbers below, but the gist is that turrets are more vulnerable on average unless you give them time to scale up. Take down an outer early enough and you'll be able to put meaningful damage on the next (or even take it outright!) before it can fortify if your opponent isn't respecting your demolition power.

Turret mechanics

SHIELDS OFFLINE Inner towers no longer shield nearby players from damage
THIS IS A MAGE BUFF : Basic attacks against turrets deal damage equal to base attack damage + either 1.0 bonus attack damage or 0.4 ability power ⇒ 0.5 ability power, whichever is higher

Turret resistances

WE CAN REBUILD Turrets gain 2 armor and magic resist per minute, up to a maximum of 30. Outer towers begin scaling at game-start, Inner towers at 15 minutes, Inhibitor & Nexus towers at 30 minutes.
REINFORCED ARMOR : Turrets gain [300] 200 armor and magic resist if no minions are nearby

Turret health

OUTER TOWER HEALTH : [2000] 3500
INNER TOWER HEALTH : [2500] 3500
NEXUS TOWER HEALTH : [3000] 4000

Turret gold rewards

OUTER TOWER LOCAL GOLD : [150 gold] 220 gold
INNER TOWER LOCAL GOLD : [100 gold] 250 gold


NEW Pushing advantage
Minions get combat bonuses when your team has a level advantage over the opposing team
UPDATE: We froze the pushing changes below at the last minute, so these won't be going live in 5.22. They'll make their official debut in 5.23!

Comboing with the turret changes above, minions now get stronger to help the winning team press their advantage and close out the game

EMPEROR : If your team's average level is higher than the enemy's, your minions deal 10% bonus damage to enemy minions. If you've taken cumulatively more turrets than the enemy team, damage is further increased by 10% for each turret you have over your opponents.
If your team's average level is at least 3 higher than the enemy's and you've taken 2 or more towers in a given lane, your minions in that lane deal 90% more damage to enemy minions : AAA
If your team's average level is higher than the enemy's, your minions take less damage from enemy minions equal to (tower differential x level differential) + 1. This number can't fall below 1. : AAA
If your team's average level is at least 3 higher than the enemy's and you've taken 2 or more towers in a given lane, your minions in that lane take 7 less damage from enemy minions : AAA

Melee minion gold reward

INITIAL GOLD VALUE : [18.5 gold] 20 gold
GOLD GROWTH : [0.17 gold per minute] 0.125 gold per minute

Caster minion gold reward

INITIAL GOLD VALUE : [13.8 gold] 17 gold
GOLD GROWTH : [0.17 gold per minute] 0.125 gold per minute

Siege minion gold reward

INITIAL GOLD VALUE : [36.8 gold] 45 gold
GOLD GROWTH : [0.425 gold per minute] 0.35 gold per minute

 Jungle Tuning
Health, armor, damage and experience down. Magic resist and gold reward up.

It wouldn't be a preseason without some jungle changes, would it? We're actually pretty happy with where the Jungle sits systems-wise, so we're just doing a tuning pass to keep things in line with the other changes we've made. Simply put, the jungle's a tad easier and gives more gold, but nets less overall experience unless you've got a jungle item to make up the difference.

Blue Sentinel

ARMOR : [20] 10
CRITICAL STRIKE CHANCE Blue Sentinel's attacks can no longer critically strike
GOLD REWARD : [51] 58
SENTINEL'S BLESSING Crest of Insight now grants its wearer 2 ability power per level


HEALTH : [400] 375
ARMOR [8] 0

Red Brambleback

ARMOR : [20] 10
GOLD REWARD : [51] 58
BRAMBLEBACK'S RAGE Crest of Cinders' true damage now applies to turrets


HEALTH : [400] 375
ARMOR [8] 0

Crimson Raptor

GOLD REWARD : [58] 62


HEALTH : [250] 225

Greater Murk Wolf

ATTACK RANGE : [125] 175
GOLD REWARD : [68] 75

Murk Wolf

HEALTH : [420] 380
ARMOR [6] 0

Ancient Krug

ATTACK RANGE : [190] 150
GOLD REWARD : [75] 81


HEALTH : [540] 500
MAGIC RESIST : [-10] 0
ARMOR [12] 0


MAGIC RESIST : [0] -10
GOLD REWARD : [80] 86

Rift Scuttler

GOLD REWARD : [58] 62

 Teleport.png   Teleport
Cooldown increased on turrets. Channel time increased.

Ah, Teleport. A summoner spell made contentious over a season's worth of scrutiny, TP simply didn't have the windows necessary to play around to make it anything short of amazing, even considering the aggressive or defensive options at your disposal. The ability to impact the map every 5 minutes isn't one to be taken lightly, and while we have other changes alongside this to disincentivize Teleport as your 'every game' choice (Rift Herald says hi), we're taking extra measures to ensure that the burden of making the most of your Teleports is even higher, and that the 'get-out-of-jail-free' card isn't as free as it seems.

COOLDOWN ON TURRET CAST : [240 seconds] 300 seconds
CHANNEL TIME : [3.5 seconds] 4 seconds

 Removed Summoner Spells
no tears, only dreams

Simply put, these Summoners were caught in a space where they'd either never be picked or be too powerful to not pick, given the tuning (hint: it was always the former). As such, keeping these spells around served as a trap for those poor, unfortunate souls who took them, so we're laying them to rest. Say hey to Fortify, Promote and Surge for us.

The following Summoner Spells have been removed from Summoner's Rift:

  • Clairvoyance (Summoner Spell).png Clairvoyance
  • Clarity (Summoner Spell).png Clarity

Removed Items

on to the big heart of gold in the sky

Dearly beloved, friends, invocadores - we are gathered here today not to mourn the past, but to celebrate new strategies, new seasons, and new beginnings. While the items below, some of whom we've shared both victory and defeat, won't be moving on into that new age with us, we must remember them for who they were, letting them live on in our memories (even if we didn't let them into our inventories).

While not all of the below items were unsuccessful in the way you might expect, many were often restrictive, incomplete, or otherwise not very well supported, limiting design spaces for us to work. Others simply weren't worth the effort. We'll be covering some of the specifics below, but let's all take one last moment of silence before we commit them to the past. More important than providing us stats or building into other items - you built into our hearts.

Later, buddies.

On a more serious note, let's talk at-large about some items that might not be real threats to game balance (see: Sword of the Occult) but are still being removed. The answer is two-fold: design trust, and design clutter.

Design trust refers to an item sufficiently fulfilling its intended role. When a player sees X item, they should be able to trust that said item is cost-efficient and can fulfill its expectations. Some items in League just fall to the wayside (like Ohmwrecker. Every season.) and we try to cull the herd when possible (usually during preseason), but deliberately keeping an item undertuned so that it can remain fun but unbalanced is just not something we can uphold while still preserving a competitive game.

This leads to our next point about design clutter. Some items fulfill very niche roles in League and may not actually be undertuned to a very small subset of champions. In these cases we're careful to assess the individual impact of removing said item before taking action. You might have seen this with the removal of the Magus enchantment, where we had to think hard if jungle Fiddlesticks was truly going to be useless without his finely-tuned enchantment (we came to the conclusion of no). Niche items that tie themselves so closely to a champion's balance do end up skewing that champion to being dependent on the item to function, and can often ‘hide' real design problems that we can't get to.

Marksman Itemization

High-level, our goal with the marksman itemization update is to provide meaningful choice for marksmen in their game. The designer-speak for it is to provide more agency for the purchaser, and we'll explain what that means in a sec.

In previous seasons, a marksman's build path was almost 100% set as IE > PD/SS > LW/BT > BT/LW (whichever you didn't buy). The only variation in this build path was Blade of the Ruined King for super basic attack focused champions, but to stray from the path often meant just being deliberately inefficient. Our goal with these changes isn't to just make marksmen super fabulous (maybe that's a symptom), but to give them real options when it comes to deciding how they deal damage.

We set out to accomplish this goal by making each decision more specialized, like Last Whisper only affecting bonus armor, so it's not just a generalist "deal more damage" item - it's specifically for armor-stacking opponents. This means it's also possible to make the wrong decision, like buying a Statikk Shiv for waveclear when your team really needs siege potential.

Our marksman itemization changes also come as part of an even larger tuning sweep (we're calling it an item efficiency pass) that we'll get to below, but our hope is that marksmen truly have some choice in their item builds from start to finish (even if it's the wrong choice, hah!).

ItemSquareB.F. Sword.png   B.F. Sword

TOTAL Cost : [1550 gold] 1300 gold
ATTACK Damage : [50] 40

ItemSquareCloak of Agility.png   Cloak of Agility

TOTAL Cost : [730 gold] 800 gold

ItemSquareInfinity Edge.png   Infinity Edge

TOTAL Cost : [3800 gold] 3600 gold
BUILD Path : B. F. Sword + Pickaxe + Cloak of Agility + 625 gold
ATTACK Damage : [80] 65

ItemSquareEssence Reaver.png   Essence Reaver
Updated. Now gives cooldown reduction based on critical strike chance.

In days past, Infinity Edge stood alone as the top dog for enabling the marksman class's damage output, with its ruthless efficiency and multiplicative spike potential. IE still remains a powerhouse, but the long-forgotten Essence Reaver's now risen to do battle with the heavyweights.

No longer a niche lifesteal item, Essence Reaver grants near-cap cooldown reduction to marksmen that rely on abilities for their primary damage output - the same way an Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer 'spike' turns a Jinx or Caitlyn into a mid-game monster. Fun fact: Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge actually play well together (especially in a 6-item build), but where you start and which style you embrace makes all the difference.

TOTAL Cost : [3200 gold] 3600 gold
BUILD Path : B. F. Sword + Caulfield's Warhammer + Cloak of Agility + 400 gold
ATTACK Damage : [80] 65
REAVED Basic attacks no longer restore missing mana
UNIQUE Passive : 10% cooldown reduction. Gains up to +20% additional cooldown reduction equal to your critical strike chance from other sources
UNIQUE Passive : Critical strikes restore 3% of your maximum mana

ItemSquareRecurve Bow.png   Recurve Bow

TOTAL Cost : [1100 gold] 1000 gold
BUILD Path : Dagger + Dagger + 400 gold
ATTACK Speed : [30%] 25%
ON-HIT PHYSICAL Damage : [10] 15

ItemSquareBilgewater Cutlass.png   Bilgewater Cutlass

TOTAL Cost : [1400 gold] 1650 gold
BUILD Path : Vampiric Scepter + Long Sword + 350 gold
LIFESTEAL : [8%] 10%

ItemSquareBlade of the Ruined King.png   Blade of the Ruined King
that's the spirit

TOTAL Cost : [3200 gold] 3400 gold
BUILD Path : Bilgewater Cutlass + Recurve Bow + 750 gold
CURRENT HEALTH Damage : [8%] 6%

ItemSquareZeal.png   Zeal

TOTAL Cost : [1100 gold] 1200 gold
BUILD Path : Dagger + Brawler's Gloves + 500 gold

ItemSquarePhantom Dancer.png   Phantom Dancer
f a phantom dances, does anyone see it?

With the rise of a few new options for multiplying marksman damage, Phantom Dancer seeks to differentiate itself via sheer dueling power. Enabling both pursuit and escape, PD's new spooky effects empower the solo-splitpushing playmakers out there to take on the world (as long as it's one at a time).

TOTAL cost : [2800 gold] 2700 gold
BUILD path : Zeal + Dagger + Dagger + 900 gold
ATTACK speed : [50%] 40%
CRITICAL STRIKE chance : [35%] 30%
MOVEMENT speed [5%] 0%
TWO LEFT FEET No longer ignores unit collision
unique passive : Spectral Waltz: While within 500 units of an enemy champion you can see, you gain 12% movement speed and pass through units
unique passive : Lament: Basic attacking a champion causes them to deal 12% less damage to you for 10 seconds. Can only be active on one champion at a time.

ItemSquareRunaan's Hurricane.png   Runaan's Hurricane

Unlike Phantom Dancer, Runaan's enables marksmen to split their focus and smack down multiple targets at once. In the past the incredible amount of attack speed and lack of crit synergy made this unfeasible for all but a few champions, but a new stat lineup means a lot more marksmen can spread their love to anyone and everyone in the way (And by 'love', we mean 'bullets, arrows, bolts, lasers, and generally powerful projectiles').

TOTAL cost : 2500 gold (unchanged)
BUILD path : Recurve Bow + Zeal + 300 gold
ATTACK speed : [70%] 40%
MOVEMENT speed 5%
ON-HIT PHYSICAL damage : [10] 15
BOLT RATIO : [0.5 total attack damage] 0.25 total attack damage
MEGASTRONG : The bolts from Runaan's Hurricane can now critically strike

NEW ItemSquareKircheis Shard.png   Kircheis Shard

Buy this baby-shiv to baby-zap opponents as you kite like mad. It's worth noting that Energize isn't a unique passive, so both Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon play together rather well!

TOTAL cost : 750 gold
BUILD path : Dagger + 450 gold
ATTACK speed : 15%
energize : Moving and attacking builds stacks, up to 100. When fully stacked, your next basic attack expends the charges and becomes energized
unique passive : Energized Strike: Your energized basic attacks deal 30 bonus magic damage on-hit

ItemSquareStatikk Shiv.png   Statikk Shiv

TOTAL cost : 2500 gold (unchanged)
BUILD path : Zeal + Kircheis Shard + 550 gold
ATTACK speed : [40%] 35%
CRITICAL STRIKE chance : [20%] 30%
MOVEMENT speed : [6%] 5%
SHIV MAGIC damage : [100] 50-150 (at level 18)
LIGHTNING ROD Now deals 50% bonus damage to minions

NEW ItemSquareRapid Firecannon.png   Rapid Firecannon
bang bang

Firecannon's the fancy new Zeal upgrade you call on when it's time to go a-siegin'. Rub your feet together to gain enough electricity to snipe foes attempting to poke or clear from afar, or to sneak super-powered shots onto structures in tense situations. Come to think of it, it's not actually very Rapid, is it?

TOTAL cost : 2500 gold
BUILD path : Zeal + Kircheis Shard + 550 gold
ATTACK speed : 30%
CRITICAL STRIKE chance : 30%
energize : Moving and attacking build stacks, up to 100. When fully stacked, your next basic attack expends the charges and becomes energized
unique passive : Firecannon: Your energized gain 35% bonus range and deal 50-200 magic damage (at levels 1-18) on-hit. Energized attacks work on structures.

ItemSquareLast Whisper.png   Last Whisper

Simply put, the answer of when to buy Last Whisper previously was 'pretty much always'. While certainly better when the enemy was armor-stacking, the total armor penetration meant it was always a sizeable and necessary damage increase in any situation. Last Whisper now occupies a reactive slot, letting you forego it when the enemy's just as reckless as you are.

TOTAL cost : [2300 gold] 1300 gold
BUILD path : Pickaxe + 425 gold
ATTACK damage : [40] 25
armor penetration : [35% total armor penetration] 30% bonus armor penetration

NEW ItemSquareGiant Slayer.png   Giant Slayer
the bigger they are, the harder you hit 'em

In tandem with Blade of the Ruined King, Giant Slayer (and its upgrade) give you a fighting chance to mount an attack on the titans and health-stacking beefsticks out there who block you from carrying your team to victory.

TOTAL cost : 1000 gold
BUILD path : Long Sword + 650 gold
ATTACK damage : 10
unique passive : Giant Slayer: Grants up to +10% damage against enemy champions with greater maximum health than you (+1% damage per 50 health difference, maxing at 500 health difference)

NEW ? ItemSquareExecutioner's Calling.png   Executioner's Calling
started at the bottom now we still at the bottom

One of our oldest items, Executioner's has answered the call to combat high amounts of sustain and has returned to the shop once more. It's worth noting that Grievous Wounds is now 40% healing reduction instead of 50%, so while it doesn't shut down regeneration as hard, it'll still put a dent in anyone looking to buy back all their health in quick succession.

TOTAL cost : 800 gold
BUILD path : Long Sword + 450 gold
ATTACK damage : 15
unique passive : Executioner: Physical damage inflicts Grievous Wounds on enemy champions for 3 seconds

NEW ItemSquareLord Dominik's Regards.png   Lord Dominik's Regard
when giant slaying isn't enough, you have my regards

TOTAL cost : 2700 gold
BUILD path : Last Whisper + Giant Slayer + 400 gold
ATTACK damage : 40
unique passive : Giant Slayer: Grants up to +15% damage against enemy champions with greater maximum health than you (+1.5% damage per 50 health difference, maxing at 500 health difference)
unique passive : Last Whisper: 40% bonus armor penetration

NEW ItemSquareMortal Reminder.png   Mortal Reminder
It's like Executioner's Calling, but bigger!

TOTAL cost : 2700 gold
BUILD path : Last Whisper + Executioner's Calling + 600 gold
unique passive : Executioner: Physical damage inflicts Grievous Wounds on enemy champions for 5 seconds
unique passive : Last Whisper: 40% bonus armor penetration

ItemSquareMercurial Scimitar.png   Mercurial Scimitar

TOTAL cost : 3700 gold (unchanged)
BUILD path : Pickaxe + Vampiric Scepter + Quicksilver Sash + 625 gold
ATTACK damage : [80] 75
LIFEsteal 10%

ItemSquareBloodthirster.png   The Bloodthirster

TOTAL cost : [3500 gold] 3700 gold
BUILD path : B. F. Sword + Vampiric Scepter + Long Sword + 1150 gold
ATTACK damage : [80] 75

Item Efficiency Tuning

Hopefully you've read the game pacing and gold flow changes above before coming to this! If not, here's a very designer-y summary: with so much changing with gold flow in League, it's hard to assess individual itemchanges in a vacuum. The short of it is you'll probably be hitting your gold power spikes at different times than before, so it's better to understand the following changes in relation to gold efficiency rather than game flow. For the large part, these changes are simple gold adjustments with some smaller power changes where necessary.

Up front: our intention isn't just a wholesale nerfing of mages. We ran a full-scale audit of all items in League of Legends to understand what their cost to power ratio was, then compared them to each other to ensure their efficiencies were on similar spectrums. This allows us to fully understand our item ecosystem and how champions interact with it. We also gain a better understanding of the innate strength of a champion in relation to others, rather than having to guess if their core items were just incredibly efficient.

Following our sweep, we came to the conclusion that ability power was just far more efficient as a stat purchase for mages in relation to their AD brethren (although this has a lot of nuance, like the fact there are no AD-based control mages), so we made adjustments. We are more than willing to readjust if necessary, especially if we see an ecosystem that is significantly skewed toward AD champions and AD assassins.

Ability Power Itemization

ItemSquareLuden's Echo.png   Luden's Echo

TOTAL cost : [3000 gold] 3200 gold
BUILD path : Needlessly Large Rod + Aether Wisp + 1100 gold

ItemSquareRabadon's Deathcap.png   Rabadon's Deathcap

TOTAL cost : [3500 gold] 3800 gold
BUILD path : Needlessly Large Rod + Blasting Wand + Amplifying Tome + 1265 gold

ItemSquareSeeker's Armguard.png   Seeker's Armguard

ABILITY power : [25] 20
armor : [30] 25

ItemSquareZhonya's Hourglass.png   Zhonya's Hourglass

TOTAL cost : [3000 gold] 3500 gold
BUILD path : Seeker's Armguard + Needlessly Large Rod + 750 gold
armor : [50] 45

ItemSquareArchangel's Staff.png   Archangel's Staff

TOTAL cost : [3000 gold] 3100 gold
BUILD path : Tear of the Goddess + Needlessly Large Rod + 1100 gold

ItemSquareRod of Ages.png   Rod of Ages

TOTAL cost : [2700 gold] 3000 gold
BUILD path : Catalyst the Protector + Blasting Wand + 950 gold
ABILITY power : [60] 80

ItemSquareRylai's Crystal Scepter.png   Rylai's Crystal Scepter

TOTAL cost : [3000 gold] 3200 gold
BUILD path : Needlessly Large Rod + Amplifying Tome + Giant's Belt + 515 gold

ItemSquareHaunting Guise.png   Haunting Guise

TOTAL cost : [1500 gold] 1600 gold
BUILD path : Ruby Crystal + Amplifying Tome + 765 gold

ItemSquareLiandry's Torment.png   Liandry's Torment

TOTAL cost : [3000 gold] 3200 gold
BUILD path : Haunting Guise + Blasting Wand + 750 gold

ItemSquareMorellonomicon.png   Morellonomicon

TOTAL cost : [2300 gold] 2550 gold
BUILD path : Fiendish Codex + Forbidden Idol + 435 gold

ItemSquareWill of the Ancients.png   Will of the Ancients

TOTAL cost : [2500 gold] 2300 gold
BUILD path : Hextech Revolver + Fiendish Codex + 300 gold

ItemSquareAthene's Unholy Grail.png   Athene's Unholy Grail

TOTAL cost : [2700 gold] 2800 gold
BUILD path : Chalice of Harmony + Fiendish Codex + Amplifying Tome + 565 gold

ItemSquareMejai's Soulstealer.png   Mejai's Soulstealer
Builds from The Dark Seal. Grants movement speed instead of cooldown reduction.

While always a big risk, Mejai's cooldown reduction reward rarely benefitted users who often hit the CDR cap far before reaching max stacks. Movement speed fits better, turning the back-and-forth risk vs. reward more tense as you try ascend to glory.

TOTAL cost : 1400 gold (unchanged)
BUILD path : The Dark Seal + 1000 gold
mana 200
UNIQUE passive Do or Die: Grants 4 Glory per champion kill or 2 Glory per assist, up to 25 Glory total. Upon dying, you lose 10 stacks of Glory.
UNIQUE passive Dread: Grants 5 ability power per Glory. Grants 10% movement speed if you have at least 15 Glory.

ItemSquareVoid Staff.png   Void Staff

TOTAL cost : [2500 gold] 2650 gold
BUILD path : Blasting Wand + Amplifying Tome + 1365 gold

ItemSquareAbyssal Scepter.png   Abyssal Scepter

TOTAL cost : [2450 gold] 2350 gold
BUILD path : Blasting Wand + Negatron Cloak + 800 gold

ItemSquareLich Bane.png   Lich Bane

TOTAL cost : [3000 gold] 3200 gold
BUILD path : Sheen + Aether Wisp + Blasting Wand + 450 gold
MOVEMENT speed : [5%] 7%
COOLDOWN reduction [0%] 10%

ItemSquareStinger.png   Stinger

TOTAL cost : [1250 gold] 1200 gold
BUILD path : Dagger + Dagger + 600 gold
ATTACK speed : [40%] 50%

ItemSquareNashor's Tooth.png   Nashor's Tooth

TOTAL cost : 3000 gold (unchanged)
BUILD path : Fiendish Codex + Stinger + 1000 gold
ATTACK speed : [40%] 50%

Defensive Itemization

ItemSquareGlacial Shroud.png   Glacial Shroud

TOTAL cost : [900 gold] 1000 gold
BUILD path : Sapphire Crystal + Cloth Armor + 350 gold

ItemSquareWarden's Mail.png   Warden's Mail

armor : [45] 40

ItemSquareFrozen Heart.png   Frozen Heart

TOTAL cost : [2600 gold] 2800 gold
BUILD path : Warden's Mail + Glacial Shroud + 700 gold

ItemSquareRanduin's Omen.png   Randuin's Omen

TOTAL cost : [2700 gold] 3000 gold
BUILD path : Warden's Mail + Giant's Belt + 900 gold
health : [400] 450

ItemSquareThornmail.png   Thornmail

TOTAL cost : [2300 gold] 2350 gold
BUILD path : Cloth Armor + Chain Vest + 1250 gold

ItemSquareDead Man's Plate.png   Dead Man's Plate

TOTAL cost : [2750 gold] 2800 gold

ItemSquareQuicksilver Sash.png   Quicksilver Sash

TOTAL cost : [1250 gold] 1300 gold
BUILD path : Null-Magic Mantle + 850 gold

ItemSquareSpectre's Cowl.png   Spectre's Cowl

TOTAL cost : [1200 gold] 1100 gold
BUILD path : Ruby Crystal + Null-Magic Mantle + 250 gold
MAGIC resist : [40] 35

ItemSquareBanshee's Veil.png   Banshee's Veil

TOTAL cost : [2700 gold] 2900 gold
BUILD path : Spectre's Cowl + Crystalline Bracer + 1150 gold
health : [450] 500
MAGIC resist : [60] 70

ItemSquareSpirit Visage.png   Spirit Visage

TOTAL cost : [2700 gold] 2800 gold
BUILD path : Spectre's Cowl + Kindlegem + 900 gold
health : [400] 500
MAGIC resist : [60] 70

ItemSquareBami's Cinder.png   Bami's Cinder

TOTAL cost : [1000 gold] 1100 gold
BUILD path : Ruby Crystal + 700 gold

ItemSquareWarmog's Armor.png   Warmog's Armor

TOTAL cost : [2750 gold] 2850 gold
health : [800] 850

ItemSquareSunfire Cape.png   Sunfire Cape

TOTAL cost : [2600 gold] 2700 gold
BUILD path : Bami's Cinder + Chain Vest + 800 gold
health : [450] 500

ItemSquareGuardian Angel.png   Guardian Angel

TOTAL cost : [2800 gold] 2900 gold
BUILD path : Chain Vest + Negatron Cloak + 1380 gold
armor : [50] 60
MAGIC resist : [50] 60

ItemSquareAegis of the Legion.png   Aegis of the Legion

TOTAL cost : [1600 gold] 1500 gold
BUILD path : Null-Magic Mantle + Crystalline Bracer + 400 gold
MAGIC resist AURA : [15] 10

ItemSquareLocket of the Iron Solari.png   Locket of the Iron Solari

TOTAL cost : [2750 gold] 2500 gold
BUILD path : Aegis of the Legion + Kindlegem + 200 gold

Jungle Items

ItemSquareHunter's Machete.png   Hunter's Machete
t's dangerous to go alone

One of the two items necessary to make your tier 2 jungle items, Machete's carving out an identity as the more basic attack-focused of the jungle starting items, providing the on-hit damage and sustain necessary to cleave the cute woodland beasts of the Rift. It's lost all of its mana regeneration in return for offensive power, so consider starting at the Blue Sentinel if you're reliant on abilities to clear!

TOTAL cost : [400 gold] 350 gold
MORE PROBLEMS No longer grants 15 bonus gold on large monster kill
JUNGLER No longer burns monsters or gives regeneration when hit by monsters.
LIFEsteal 8% vs monsters
UNIQUE passive Nail: Basic attacks deal 20 bonus damage on-hit vs monsters. Killing large monsters grants 15 bonus experience.

NEW ItemSquareHunter's Talisman.png   Hunter's Talisman
*(Knowing that Brand can finally jungle... It fills you with determination.)

The other half of the essential Hunter's gear, Talisman provides an option for those tanks and mages lacking the sustain to survive their early clears,. Massive boosts to mana regen and the health drain on monsters make it less specialized than Machete, increasing the number of would-be adventurers who can hold their own the jungle. As a pro-tip, consider starting at the Red Brambleback to take advantage of red buff's health regen to safely power-clear with Talisman's mana battery at your disposal!

TOTAL cost : 350 gold
mana REGENERATION : 150% while in the jungle
UNIQUE passive Tooth: Damaging a monster steals 20 health over 5 seconds. Killing large monsters grants 15 bonus experience.

ItemSquareSkirmisher's Sabre.png   Skirmisher's Sabre

Pretty similar to before, but now costs a little more thanks to the new build path. Luckily, these Tier 2's also inherit the wealth of lifesteal, regeneration, on-hit and over-time damage from its predecessors, making it well worth the extra cash.

TOTAL cost : [850 gold] 1050 gold
BUILD path : Hunter's Machete + Hunter's Talisman + 350 gold
LIFEsteal : 10% vs monsters
mana REGENERATION : 150% while in jungle
MORE PROBLEMS No longer grants 30 bonus gold on large monster kill
JUNGLER No longer burns monsters or gives regeneration when hit by monsters.
UNIQUE passive Tooth / Nail: Basic attacks deal 20 bonus damage vs. monsters. Damaging a monster steals 30 health over 5 seconds. Killing a large monster grants +30 bonus experience.
SIDEGRADE cost : [255 gold] 200 gold

ItemSquareStalker's Blade.png   Stalker's Blade

We just covered this! Just re-read that one, but imagine this icon in your head. Just like new.

TOTAL cost : [850 gold] 1050 gold
BUILD path : Hunter's Machete + Hunter's Talisman + 350 gold
LIFEsteal : 10% vs monsters
mana REGENERATION : 150% while in jungle
MORE PROBLEMS No longer grants 30 bonus gold on large monster kill
JUNGLER No longer burns monsters or gives regeneration when hit by monsters.
UNIQUE passive Tooth / Nail: Basic attacks deal 20 bonus damage vs. monsters. Damaging a monster steals 30 health over 5 seconds. Killing a large monster grants +30 bonus experience.
SIDEGRADE cost : [255 gold] 200 gold

ItemSquareTracker's Knife.png   Tracker's Knife
now that's a knife

Tracker's Knife doesn't strengthen your Smite, but gives you a Sightstone-style stack of seeing sticks to seek out sporting stalkers and sneaky skirmishers, securing your squad's section of Summoner's Rift. Alternatively (for the alliteration illiterate) this augment allows illumination always, assuming your ambitions align with accumulating authority alongside your allies over your adversary's abode.

TOTAL cost : [850 gold] 1050 gold
BUILD path : Hunter's Machete + Hunter's Talisman + 350 gold
LIFEsteal : 10% vs monsters
mana REGENERATION : 150% while in jungle
UNIQUE passive : Tooth / Nail: Basic attacks deal 20 bonus damage vs. monsters. Damaging a monster steals 30 health over 5 seconds. Killing a large monster grants +30 bonus experience.
UNIQUE passive : Warding (Minor): Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 2 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.
SIDEGRADE cost : [255 gold] 200 gold

Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes.png   Enchantment - Runeglaive

TOTAL cost : [2250 gold] 2675 gold
BUILD path : Sheen + Amplifying Tome + Tier 2 Jungle Item + 140 gold
ABILITY power : [50] 40
mana : [200] 250

Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk.png   Enchantment - Cinderhulk

TOTAL cost : [2250 gold] 2625 gold
BUILD path : Bami's Cinder + Tier 2 Jungle Item + 475 gold

Stalker's Blade - Warrior.png   Enchantment - Warrior

TOTAL cost : [2250 gold] 2625 gold
BUILD path : Caulfield's Warhammer + Tier 2 Jungle Item + 475 gold
ATTACK damage : [45] 60
armor penetration [10] 0

Stalker's Blade - Devourer.png   Enchantment - Devourer

TOTAL cost : [2250 gold] 2450 gold
BUILD path : Recurve Bow + Tier 2 Jungle Item + 400 gold
ATTACK speed : [50%] 40%
SATED ON-hit MAGIC damage : [50] 60

Support Items

ItemSquareAncient Coin.png   Ancient Coin
probably worth a lot

TOTAL cost : [365 gold] 350 gold
FAVOR GOLD GENERATION 3 gold when a nearby enemy minion dies : 4 gold when a nearby minion dies

ItemSquareNomad's Medallion.png   Nomad's Medallion

TOTAL cost : [865 gold] 850 gold
BUILD path : Ancient Coin + Faerie Charm + Rejuvenation Bead + 225 gold
MOVEMENT speed [10] 0
passive GOLD GENERATION [2 gold per 10 seconds] 0
BASE health REGEN : [25%] 50%
FAVOR GOLD GENERATION : [4 gold when a nearby enemy minion dies] 6 gold whenever a nearby enemy minion dies

ItemSquareTalisman of Ascension.png   Talisman of Ascension

TOTAL cost : [2100 gold] 2200 gold
MOVEMENT speed [20] 0
passive GOLD GENERATION [2 gold per 10 seconds] 0
FAVOR GOLD GENERATION : [4 gold when a nearby enemy minion dies] 6 gold whenever a nearby enemy minion dies
active COOLDOWN : [40 seconds] 60 seconds

ItemSquareRelic Shield.png   Relic Shield

TOTAL cost : [365 gold] 350 gold
passive GOLD GENERATION 2 gold per 10 seconds

ItemSquareTargon's Brace.png   Targon's Brace

TOTAL cost : [865 gold] 850 gold
BUILD path : Relic Shield + Rejuvenation Bead + 350 gold
passive GOLD GENERATION 2 gold per 10 seconds

ItemSquareFace of the Mountain.png   Face of the Mountain

TOTAL cost : 2200 gold (unchanged)
health : [500] 450
HEAL : [50 + 1% of your maximum health] 50
GOLD GENERATION 2 gold per 10 seconds
WITNESS ME Face of the Mountain's active shield detonation now slows nearby enemies by 40% for 2 seconds instead of dealing damage (60 second cooldown)

ItemSquareSpellthief's Edge.png   Spellthief's Edge

TOTAL cost : [365 gold] 350 gold
TRIBUTE GOLD : [5 gold on damage/attack on a champion or structure] 8 gold on damage/attack on a champion or structure

ItemSquareFrostfang.png   Frostfang

TOTAL cost : [865 gold] 850 gold
BUILD path : Spellthief's Edge + Faerie Charm + 375 gold
ABILITY power : [10] 15
BASE mana REGEN : [50%] 100%
TRIBUTE GOLD : [10 gold on damage/attack on a champion or structure] 15 gold on damage/attack on a champion or structure

ItemSquareFrost Queen's Claim.png   Frost Queen's Claim

TOTAL cost : 2200 gold (unchanged)
BASE mana REGEN : [50%] 150%
TRIBUTE GOLD : [10 gold on damage/attack on a champion or structure] 15 gold on damage/attack on a champion or structure
UNIQUE active Arctic Embrace no longer exists
UNIQUE active Summons 2 icy ghosts for 6 seconds that seek out nearby enemy champions. Ghosts reveal enemies on contact and reduce their movement speed by 40% for 4 seconds (60 second cooldown)

ItemSquareArdent Censer.png   Ardent Censer

TOTAL cost : [2100 gold] 2200 gold
BUILD path : Forbidden Idol + Aether Wisp + 800 gold

ItemSquareMikael's Crucible.png   Mikael's Crucible

TOTAL cost : [2450 gold] 2300 gold
BUILD path : Chalice of Harmony + Forbidden Idol + 550 gold
MAGIC resist : [40] 35

ItemSquareZeke's Harbinger.png   Zeke's Harbinger

TOTAL cost : [2250 gold] 2350 gold
BUILD path : Glacial Shroud + Amplifying Tome + Amplifying Tome + 480 gold

Vision Items

 Stealth & Vision Wards
Stealth wards have been removed from the shop. All wards leave Rubble upon death.

When vision is in an easily acquired consumable state, a few things tend to happen. For starters, vision becomes an arms race due to the inherent power of map knowledge - making the appropriate answer to 'how many wards should we have' universally 'as many as you can, always'. This means that, executed optimally, an entire team's excess gold income (or primary income, if you're a Jungler or a Support) is funneled into keeping up as much vision as possible at all times.

This means decisionmaking around the questions 'when is the right time to ward?' and 'where is the right place to ward?' is thrown out in favor of sheer throughput. By removing 'safe' vision from the map (invisible wards) and placing the other vision resources on meaningful cooldowns, teams will have to think a lot more about where they light up the map, rather than ward coverage being a function of team gold advantage.

VISION WARD COST : [100 gold] 75 gold
WARDED OFF Stealth wards are no longer available for purchase
STEALTH WARD DURATION : [180 seconds] 150 seconds
PICKING UP THE PIECES Upon death or expiration, wards leave behind Rubble. Rubble is team colored, lasts up to 5 minutes, and appears as circles where the ward was when it was active.
INSIGHTFUL Wards now indicate their vision range while being placed

ItemSquareSightstone.png   Sightstone

WARD CHARGES : [4 wards] 3 wards
WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY In addition to Ruby Sightstone, can now combine with Tier 2 support items (Frostfang, Nomad's Medallion and Targon's Brace)

ItemSquareRuby Sightstone.png   Ruby Sightstone
Now gives active item cooldown reduction.

Ruby Sightstone, often seen as a minimal efficiency upgrade, now provides an important decision point for supports' endgame builds. Ruby synergizes with the Tier 3 support items (Talisman of Ascension, Face of the Mountain, or Frost Queen's Claim), as well as any future active items you might build. The tradeoff is that you've committed two of your item slots - one to vision and one to your support item. So, whether you'd like the 'extra' slot (Eyestones - see below), or the more efficient slot (Ruby) is in your hands.

TOTAL cost : [1600 gold] 1800 gold
Health : [400] 500
Staying active Item Active cooldowns are reduced by 10%)
WARD CHARGES : [5 wards] 4 wards

NEW Eye of the Watchers.png   Eye of the Watchers
somebody's watchin' me

Below are the three 'Eyestones', so let's cover the context all in one go, shall we? In contrast to Ruby Sightstone above, these Eyestones (built from combining Sightstone and your Tier 2 support item) give you the option to choose between the synergies of a Ruby + Tier 3 'active' build or an Eyestone, nixing the power of your Tier 3 in favor of more selfish items down the road. It's a tough question, and one supports will need to constantly evaluate on the fly with the departure of 'Stealth Ward stacking' as a viable progression path. All Eyestones keep their gold generation passives, making them the economic choice if you're looking to rush any particular item for your composition.

TOTAL cost : 2200 gold
BUILD path : Sightstone + Frostfang + 550 gold
health : 200
ABILITY power : 25
passive GOLD GENERATION : 2 gold per 10 seconds
BASE mana REGEN : 150%
UNIQUE passive : Tribute: Spells and basic attacks against champions or buildings deal 15 additional damage and grant 15 gold. This can occur up to 3 times every 30 seconds.
UNIQUE passive : Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 4 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.

NEW ItemSquareEye of the Oasis.png   Eye of the Oasis

Part 2. Context above!

TOTAL cost : 2200 gold
BUILD path : Sightstone + Nomad's Medallion + 550 gold
health : 200
BASE health REGEN : 150%
BASE mana REGEN : 150%
UNIQUE passive : Favor: Being near a minion death without dealing the killing blow grants 6 gold and 10 health
UNIQUE passive : Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 4 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.

NEW ItemSquareEye of the Equinox.png   Eye of the Equinox

Aaand Part 3. Context above-above!

TOTAL cost : 2200 gold
BUILD path : Sightstone + Targon's Brace + 550 gold
health : 500
BASE health REGEN : 100%
passive GOLD GENERATION : 2 gold per 10 seconds
UNIQUE passive : Spoils of War: Melee basic attacks execute minions below 240 health. Killing a minion heals the owner and the nearest allied champion for 50 health and grants them kill gold. These effects require a nearby allied champion. Recharges every 30 seconds. Max 4 charges.
UNIQUE passive : Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 4 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.

Because you always forgot to.

As Stealth Wards exit from the shop, Trinkets step up to take their place as the primary interaction point with the vision game. Warding and Sweeping are now the team's responsibility, and you'll have to coordinate carefully to simultaneously light up the fog of war and black out the enemy's wards. For the Trinket-Impaired, all upgrades and swap-costs are free!

Quick aside: we didn't really just make these trinkets auto-upgrade just because you forgot to. Ultimately if we're making the trinket / vision game a mandatory system to engage with for all players of all skill levels, we want to make sure we remove any needless barriers to entry. Fundamentally, we believe the trinket system is an integral part of the vision game, and we do hope y'alls learn to coordinate.

FREE AT LAST Purchasing, upgrading, or swapping between trinkets no longer costs gold
TRINKET FEUD : Swapping between the Warding line and the Sweeping line puts your trinket on cooldown for 2 minutes

REMOVED  Scrying Orb line

Scrying Orb

don't scry for me, argentina

AS I LAY SCRYING Scrying Orb has been removed

Farsight Orb

didn't see that coming

OVERSIGHT Farsight Orb has been removed

 Warding Totem line

Warding Totem

Ward duration increases with champion level. Now generates charges.

VISION QUEST Greater Stealth and Greater Vision totems removed
CHARGED UP Can now store up to two wards at one time. Starts with one charge.
WARD DURATION : [60 seconds] 60 - 120 seconds (at levels 1-18)
CHARGE COOLDOWN : Generates a new charge every 180 - 120 seconds (from levels 1-18)

Farsight Alteration

ALTERED TOTEM : At level 9, you can alter your Warding Totem into a Farsight Totem. Once altered, Farsight Totem instead places a visible, 1-health ward from far away, briefly revealing the surrounding area.
COOLDOWN : 40% of Warding Totem's charge cooldown (61 - 48 seconds at levels 9 - 18)
RANGE : 4000 units
THIS ONE'S SPECIAL : Farsight Totem's ward doesn't count against your ward limits

 Sweeping Lens line

Sweeping Lens

SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT In addition to disabling wards, Sweeping Lens will spawn warning particles over units it finds that you can't see (champions, pink wards, etc.)
500 - 2000 (at levels 1-18) :
90 - 60 seconds (at levels 1-18) :
450 - 575 (at levels 1-18) :

Oracle Alteration

ALTERED LENS At level 9, you can alter your Sweeping Lens into an Oracle's Lens. Once altered, Oracle's Lens instead constantly sweeps the area around your champion for 10 seconds. :
FALSE SIGHT? No longer grants true sight
SIZE : Increased by about 50%

Starting Items & Consumables

Our focus with starting items this season is the same philosophy that informed our first wave of support item changes from way back. Specifically we want to offer more options for the opening game that really show intent as opposed to reacting to your opponent. There are still generalist pickups for people who want everything (see: the Doran's items), but now there should be more options for different styles of openings.

ItemSquareDoran's Shield.png   Doran's Shield
Doran tunes his items carefully.

TOTAL cost : [440 gold] 450 gold

ItemSquareDoran's Blade.png   Doran's Blade
Very carefully.

TOTAL cost : [440 gold] 450 gold
health : [70] 80
ATTACK damage : [7] 8

ItemSquareDoran's Ring.png   Doran's Ring

Less power early-game (for most champs), but scales better as a bench warmer while you transition to more powerful end-game builds.

mana : [REGEN 3 per 5 seconds] 50%

NEW ItemSquareDark Seal.png   The Dark Seal
Alternative starting item to Doran's Ring. Builds into Mejai's. Is dark. Is a seal.

Doran's Ring has always been the go-to starting item for mages, but offers more in the way of lane safety than offensive potential. The Dark Seal trades defense for all-in power, presenting an aggressive option for champs who want to roam and make plays to start a match off strong. Fail to snowball? No sweat, just sell it off like you would your Doran's and proceed as normal. Get a few early fights in your favor? Go for glory and start stealing some souls.

TOTAL cost : 400 gold
ABILITY power : 15
mana : 100
new UNIQUE passive : Do or Die: Grants 2 Glory per champion kill or 1 Glory per assist, up to 10 Glory total. Upon dying, you lose 4 stacks of Glory.
new UNIQUE passive : Dread: Grants 3 ability power per Glory

ItemSquareCull.png   Cull
Doran's Blade alternative. Less safe, but more gold.

Tired of those supports that want you to fight all the time? Buy Cull and proceed to rack up the gold instead. While it doesn't completely discourage scrapping (life on hit starts off stronger than D. Blade's % lifesteal), Cull's mix of both sustain and farming power lets you play flexibly, given that no one tries to interrupt your delicious, minion-killing plans.

(They will, though. Good luck.)

TOTAL cost : 450 gold
ATTACK damage : 5
LIFE ON hit : 3
CULLEN : Killing a minion grants 1 additional gold. Killing 100 minions grants an additional 300 gold immediately and disables this passive.

ItemSquareHealth Potion.png   Health Potion
The potion who lived.

TOTAL cost : [35 gold] 50 gold
OFF THE STUFF : Limited to one type of Healing Potion

ItemSquareRefillable Potion.png   Refillable Potion

Refillable Potions are an exercise in saving for the future! For the same cost, three health potions outscale this immediately, but a single trip back to your fountain recoups the value difference. Refillable is an attractive option for those looking to play the long game in lane; its upgrades provide some very real power.

TOTAL cost : 150 gold
FREE REFILLS : Consume a charge to restore 100 health over 10 seconds. Holds up to 2 charges and refills upon visiting the shop
PUT A LID ON IT : Limited to one type of Healing Potion

ItemSquareHunter's Potion.png   Hunter's Potion
It's like the Refillable Potion, but more fit to survive the wilderness.

One of the upgrades to Refillable, Hunter's Potion gives sustain to junglers who have none and allows those that do to double up. In the past, we've had to rely on intrinsic sustain mechanics (miss u, spirit stone) that always skewed towards the damage dealers in the crowd. You'll have to pay for it, but grab this on champions without strong lifesteal/spell vamp options (*cough*Amumu*cough*) and you'll find yourself burning through the jungle much healthier than normal.

TOTAL cost : 400 gold
BUILD path : Refillable Potion + 250 gold
FREE REFILLS : Consume a charge to restore 60 health and 35 mana over 8 seconds. Holds up to 5 charges and refills upon visiting the shop.
DELICIOUS JUNGLE TEARS : Killing a large monster grants one charge
DON'T SPILL IT : Limited to one type of Healing Potion

ItemSquareCorrupting Potion.png   Corrupting Potion
It's a bad influence on the other potions.

Crystalline Flask (rip) used to be an attractive option for anyone looking to quietly sustain through lane phase. For opponents, on the other hand, it often felt like the only way to get an edge was to burn through a Flask holder's entire reservoir of health, which was no bueno (especially in combination with Teleport's lower cooldown).

Now that Flask's all out of juice, Corrupting Potion's your go-to if you're looking to outlast your opponent. Laners that choose to opt into raw stats will still have a combat advantage as they complete their item builds, but until then, Corrupting Potion's all-in nature once consumed demands respect in lane duels.

TOTAL cost : 500 gold
BUILD path : Refillable Potion + 350 gold
FREE REFILLS? : Consume a charge to restore 150 health and 50 mana over 12 seconds and grants Touch of Corruption during that time. Holds up to 3 charges and refills upon visiting the shop.
BUT AT WHAT COST? : While under Touch of Corruption, your single target spells and attacks burn enemy champions for 15-30 (at levels 1-18) magic damage over 3 seconds

ItemSquareElixir of Ruin.png   Elixir of Ruin

While both Sorcery and Wrath have clear definitions to make the purchase feel impactful, Ruin and Iron both fulfilled the same niche, often feeling like a trap or generally underpowered relative to their damage-dealing brethren. As we retire Elixir of Ruin into the abyss, we're taking the health from it and looking to create the One True Tank Elixir everyone can feel good about buying.

RUINED Elixir of Ruin has been removed

ItemSquareElixir of Iron.png   Elixir of Iron
Has Elixir of Ruin's health.

TOTAL cost : [400 gold] 500 gold
SAVED Now gives 300 health
YOU'RE TOO SLOW No longer reduces the effectiveness of slows by 25%
TOO BIG : Size increase slightly reduced

ItemSquareElixir of Sorcery.png   Elixir of Sorcery
AP increased.

TOTAL cost : [400 gold] 500 gold
ABILITY power : [40] 50

ItemSquareElixir of Wrath.png   Elixir of Wrath
Damage and healing increased, but no longer resets.

TOTAL cost : [400 gold] 500 gold
ATTACK damage : [25] 30
BLOODLUST HEAL : [10% of all physical damage dealt] 15% of all physical damage dealt
ANGER MANAGEMENT Kills and assists no longer extend the duration


ItemSquareBoots of Speed.png   Boots of Speed

TOTAL cost : [325 gold] 300 gold

ItemSquareBerserker's Greaves.png   Berserker's Greaves

TOTAL cost : [1000 gold] 1100 gold
BUILD path : Boots of Speed + Dagger + 500 gold
ATTACK speed : [25%] 30%

ItemSquareBoots of Swiftness.png   Boots of Swiftness

TOTAL cost : [1000 gold] 800 gold
BUILD path : Boots of Speed + 500 gold
MOVEMENT speed : [60] 65

ItemSquareIonian Boots of Lucidity.png   Ionian Boots of Lucidity

TOTAL cost : [1000 gold] 800 gold
BUILD path : Boots of Speed + 500 gold
COOLDOWN reduction : [15%] 10%
TRUCIDITY Now additionally reduces the cooldowns of Summoner Spells by 10%

ItemSquareMercury's Treads.png   Mercury's Treads

TOTAL cost : [1200 gold] 1100 gold
BUILD path : Boots of Speed + Null-Magic Mantle + 350 gold
TENACITY 35% : 20%

ItemSquareNinja Tabi.png   Ninja Tabi

TOTAL cost : [1000 gold] 1100 gold
BUILD path : Boots of Speed + Cloth Armor + 500 gold
armor : [25] 30

Stalker's Blade - Alacrity.png   Enchantment - Alacrity

TOTAL cost : [475 gold] 450 gold

Stalker's Blade - Furor.png   Enchantment - Furor

TOTAL cost : [475 gold] 450 gold

Stalker's Blade - Distortion.png   Enchantment - Distortion

TOTAL cost : [475 gold] 450 gold
SUMMONER SPELL COOLDOWN reduction : [20%] 15%

Stalker's Blade - Captain.png   Enchantment - Captain

Now you can afford this one!

TOTAL cost : [600 gold] 450 gold

Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard.png   Enchantment - Homeguard

TOTAL cost : [475 gold] 450 gold


NEW ItemSquareDeath's Dance.png   Death's Dance
Lifesteals from all physical damage, and converts damage taken into a delayed damage-over-time effect.

Lifesteal as a stat for champions that primarily use abilities has always been an interesting space to work in, but often failed because the 'casters' in question lack the inherent durability to really start draining and instead just die on the spot. Death's Dance instead provides 'pseudo-durability' - just enough to give the user time to get their sustain engine going, but forcing that lifesteal to work overtime so as not to succumb to their accumulated debt. Can you outrace your own death, or will you just dance around it?

TOTAL cost : 3400 gold
BUILD path : Vampiric Scepter + Pickaxe + Caulfield's Warhammer + 525 gold
ATTACK damage : 65
COOLDOWN reduction : 10%
UNIQUE passive : Dealing physical damage heals for 12% of the damage dealt (33% effectiveness for multi-target effects)
UNIQUE passive : 12% of the damage you take is instead turned into a bleed for 5 seconds.

ItemSquareHexdrinker.png   Hexdrinker

TOTAL cost : [1450 gold] 1300 gold
BUILD path : Long Sword + Null-Magic Mantle + 500 gold
ATTACK damage : [25] 20
MAGIC resist : [30] 35
MAGIC damage SHIELD : [250] 110-280 (at levels 1-18)

ItemSquareMaw of Malmortius.png   Maw of Malmortius
No longer gives attack damage when low, but enrages instead.

Never an efficient combination of stats, Maw's updated inclusion of Dirk's armor penetration and the new Lifegrip passive work together with Lifeline's shield to create the feeling of just staving off death, flying into a berserker rage when the heat is on. That sounds a lot better for fighters than the previous 'get a lot of damage when you're almost dead and then die', so we went with it.

TOTAL cost : [3200 gold] 3250 gold
BUILD path : Hexdrinker + Serrated Dirk + 850 gold
ATTACK damage : [60] 55
MAGIC resist : [40] 50
armor penetration 10
LIFELINE SHIELD : [400] 300 + 1 per bonus magic resist
COME AT ME No longer grants bonus attack damage based on missing health
UNIQUE passive Lifegrip: When Lifeline triggers, you gain 25% attack speed, 10% spell vamp and 10% lifesteal until you leave combat

ItemSquareFrozen Mallet.png   Frozen Mallet

TOTAL cost : [3300 gold] 3100 gold
BUILD path : Jaurim's Fist + Pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 525 gold
health : [700] 650
ATTACK damage : [30] 40

ItemSquareYoumuu's Ghostblade.png   Youmuu's Ghostblade
No longer has crit, but has wayyy more damage.

Simply put, Ghostblade often lived in the valley between 'An assassin item that has crit I don't need' and 'A marksman item that isn't as good as Phantom Dancer'. With Marksman getting a host of new toys, we're refocusing Ghostblade as a much-needed buy for Assassins.

TOTAL cost : [2700 gold] 3200 gold
BUILD path : Serrated Dirk + Caulfield's Warhammer + 1000 gold
ATTACK damage : [30] 65
CRITICAL STRIKE chance [15%] 0%

ItemSquareGuinsoo's Rageblade.png   Guinsoo's Rageblade

The statistically least-bought item in League of Legends (even less than Poacher's Knife, rest in peace), Guinsoo's always presented a puzzle to players - 'When do I want this item? Who could use it really well?' As it turns out, even on the few champions it works for (Kayle and Jax, primarily) it never really panned out. With berserker healing moved to Maw of Malmortius, we went all in on hulking out, providing a payoff worth stacking for should you succeed in pulling it off.

TOTAL cost : 2500 gold
BUILD path : Blasting Wand + Pickaxe + 775 gold
UNIQUE passive Basic attacks grant +8% Attack Speed, +3 Attack Damage, and +4 Ability Power for 5 seconds (stacks up to 8 times, melee attacks grant 2 stacks). While you have 8 stacks, gain Guinsoo's Rage.
GUINSOO'S RAGE Basic attacks deal bonus magic damage on hit equal to 20 + 15% of bonus Attack Damage and 7.5% of Ability Power to the target and nearby enemy units.

ItemSquareHextech Gunblade.png   Hextech Gunblade

Similar to Guinsoo's (though quite not as scarce), Gunblade's reload mechanic actually restricted its active's use as a means of catching people out, instead favoring champions who could repeatedly 'reload' it (hint: it's Akali). By stripping out the mechanic and halving the cooldown we're looking to bring Gunblade back as a possible choice for a broader set of champions, namely those looking to heal off of everything. Actually everything.

TOTAL cost : 3400 gold (unchanged)
BUILD path : Bilgewater Cutlass + Hextech Revolver + 550 gold
LIFEsteal [10%] 0%
spellvamp [20%] 0%
OMNIVORE Now heals for 15% of all damage dealt (33% effective for AoE)
active COOLDOWN : [60 seconds] 30 seconds
RELOAD No longer reduces the active cooldown by 3 seconds per basic attack and single target spell-hit

ItemSquareTiamat.png   Tiamat

TOTAL cost : [1900 gold] 1250 gold
BUILD path : Pickaxe + Rejuvenation Bead + 225 gold
ATTACK damage : [40] 30
BASE health REGEN : [100%] 50%
CLEAVE : No longer passively cleaves around your target

ItemSquareRavenous Hydra.png   Ravenous Hydra
hungry hungry hydra

We'd intended Titanic and Ravenous (the two 'heads' of the hydra) to be interchangeable all along, but Titanic's awkward build-path led to some complications. With Tiamat being cheaper and more accessible, we're executing on that now.

Gameplay-wise this lets you customize your type of builds on the fly, but it's also just really cool.

TOTAL cost : [3300 gold] 3600 gold
BUILD path : Tiamat + Vampiric Scepter + Long Sword + 1100 gold
MANY-HEADED HORROR : You can now freely exchange between Ravenous Hydra and Titanic Hydra

ItemSquareTitanic Hydra.png   Titanic Hydra

Not much to add. Still cool.

TOTAL cost : [3300 gold] 3600 gold
BUILD path : Jaurim's Fist + Tiamat + 1150 gold
health : [400] 450
MANY-HEADED HORROR : You can now freely exchange between Titanic Hydra and Ravenous Hydra

ItemSquarePhage.png   Phage

TOTAL cost : [1325 gold] 1250 gold
BUILD path : Ruby Crystal + Long Sword + 500 gold
ATTACK damage : [20] 15

ItemSquareBlack Cleaver.png   The Black Cleaver

TOTAL cost : [3000 gold] 3500 gold
BUILD path : Phage + Caulfield's Warhammer + 1150 gold
ATTACK damage : [40] 55
health : [400] 300

ItemSquareTrinity Force.png   Trinity Force

TOTAL cost : [3703 gold] 3800 gold
BUILD path : Zeal + Sheen + Phage + 300 gold
mana : [200] 250
MOVEMENT speed : [8%] 5%
CRITICAL STRIKE chance : [10%] 20%
ATTACK speed : [30%] 15%
ATTACK damage : [30] 25
ABILITY power [30] 0
COOLDOWN reduction 10%

ItemSquareIceborn Gauntlet.png   Iceborn Gauntlet

With the removal of ability power on Sheen, we took the opportunity to refocus the item towards tanks via its new armor scaling. Ezreal might still wear it from time to time, but once Malphite gets in the mix things'll get real icy, real fast.

TOTAL cost : [2850 gold] 2700 gold
BUILD path : Sheen + Glacial Shroud + 650 gold
armor : [60] 65
COOLDOWN reduction : [10%] 20%
ABILITY power [30] 0
PACKS A PUNCH Size of the slow zone now increases with bonus armor

ItemSquareManamune.png   Manamune

TOTAL cost : [2200 gold] 2400 gold
BUILD path : Tear of the Goddess + Pickaxe + 775 gold

ItemSquareWit's End.png   Wit's End

TOTAL cost : [2550 gold] 2800 gold
BUILD path : Recurve Bow + Dagger + Null-Magic Mantle + 1050 gold
MAGIC resist : [30] 40
ATTACK speed : [50%] 40%
ON-hit MAGIC damage : [42] 40

ItemSquareSterak's Gage.png   Sterak's Gage

TOTAL cost : [2550 gold] 2700 gold
BUILD path : Jaurim's Fist + Ruby Crystal + 1100 gold

ItemSquareRighteous Glory.png   Righteous Glory

TOTAL cost : [2400 gold] 2600 gold
BUILD path : Catalyst the Protector + Crystalline Bracer + 750 gold

ItemSquareBanner of Command.png   Banner of Command

TOTAL cost : [2750 gold] 2900 gold
BUILD path : Aegis of the Legion + Fiendish Codex + 600 gold

ItemSquareOhmwrecker.png   Ohmwrecker
it's your old pal, ohmwrecker

TOTAL cost : [2600 gold] 2650 gold
BUILD path : Raptor Cloak + Kindlegem + 650 gold
STILL IN THE GAME : Still exists

Zz'rot Portal.png   Zz'rot Portal

TOTAL cost : [2750 gold] 2700 gold
BUILD path : Raptor Cloak + Negatron Cloak + 780 gold
BASE health REGEN 150% : 125%

Component Items

ItemSquareRejuvenation Bead.png   Rejuvenation Bead

TOTAL cost : [180 gold] 150 gold

ItemSquareFaerie Charm.png   Faerie Charm

TOTAL cost : [180 gold] 125 gold

ItemSquareForbidden Idol.png   Forbidden Idol

TOTAL cost : [600 gold] 550 gold
BUILD path : Faerie Charm + Faerie Charm + 300 gold

ItemSquareSapphire Crystal.png   Sapphire Crystal
more mana, more problems

TOTAL cost : [400 gold] 350 gold
mana : [200] 250

ItemSquareSheen.png   Sheen
Costs less, no longer has ability power. Now has cooldown reduction.

One of the oldest items in the game, Sheen's ability power always made it a little awkward to use as a building block for other items (like Iceborn Gauntlet, which was always pretty confusing). Removing AP and adding cooldown reduction adds more synergies for the champions who want the Spellblade passive without forcing an often-'wasted' stat on them.

TOTAL cost : [1250 gold] 1050 gold
BUILD path : Sapphire Crystal + 700 gold
mana : [200] 250
ABILITY power [25] 0
COOLDOWN reduction [0%] 10%

ItemSquareTear of the Goddess.png   Tear of the Goddess

TOTAL cost : [720 gold] 750 gold
BUILD path : Sapphire Crystal + Faerie Charm + 275 gold

ItemSquareLong Sword.png   Long Sword
t's actually pretty short

TOTAL cost : [360 gold] 350 gold

ItemSquareBrawler's Gloves.png   Brawler's Gloves
break your targets

CRITICAL STRIKE chance : [8%] 10%

ItemSquareDagger.png   Dagger

TOTAL cost : [450 gold] 300 gold
ATTACK speed : [15%] 12%

ItemSquareCrystalline Bracer.png   Crystalline Bracer

TOTAL cost : [600 gold] 650 gold
BUILD path : Ruby Crystal + Rejuvenation Bead + 100 gold

ItemSquareRaptor Cloak.png   Raptor Cloak

TOTAL cost : [1100 gold] 1200 gold
BUILD path : Chain Vest + Rejuvenation Bead + 250 gold

ItemSquareCatalyst of Aeons.png   Catalyst the Protector

health : [200] 225

ItemSquareChain Vest.png   Chain Vest

TOTAL cost : [750 gold] 800 gold

ItemSquareNegatron Cloak.png   Negatron Cloak

TOTAL cost : [800 gold] 720 gold
BUILD path : Null-Magic Mantle + 270 gold
MAGIC resist : [45] 40

NEW ItemSquareJaurim's Fist.png   Jaurim's Fist
Because even a giant belt doesn't punch people.

This neat little death-gauntlet gives us some nice flexibility in health-oriented builds. From now on: Giant's Belt for big ticket tank items, Jaurim's for a few punches with your beefstats.

TOTAL cost : 1200 gold
BUILD path : Long Sword + Ruby Crystal + 450 gold
ATTACK damage : 15
health : 150
UNIQUE passive : Killing a unit grants 5 maximum health, stacking up to 30 times.

NEW ItemSquareSerrated Dirk.png   Serrated Dirk
One half of the item formerly known as the Brutalizer. Doesn't look very sanitary.

We've essentially got context split across two items, so we'll tackle it here. The Brutalizer, while an amazing item for its cost, stats, and flexibility, was in some ways too desirable. By already being a 'complete' item in terms of stat profile, anything it upgraded to had to be 'Brutalizer But Bigger and/or Better'.

To tackle this, we split it up - one half with armor penetration, and the other with cooldown reduction. This gives us room to improve existing items and make new ones in the future for a variety of AD champions looking to utilize those stats without making Rengar (and all the other assassins hungry for your Flash cooldowns) harder to balance.

TOTAL cost : 1100 gold
BUILD path : Long Sword + Long Sword + 400 gold
ATTACK damage : 20
armor penetration : 10
UNIQUE passive : After killing any unit, your next basic attack or single target spell deals 15 bonus damage

NEW ItemSquareCaulfield's Warhammer.png   Caulfield's Warhammer
One half of the item formerly known as the Brutalizer. A little flat, but has a good head on its shoulders.

Pretty much everything from the Serrated Dirk section. If you want more context, scroll up and re-read the last one. We'll wait.

TOTAL cost : 1100
BUILD path : Long Sword + Long Sword + 400 gold
ATTACK damage : 25
COOLDOWN reduction : 10%

ItemSquareVampiric Scepter.png   Vampiric Scepter

TOTAL cost : [800 gold] 900 gold
BUILD path : Long Sword + 550 gold
ATTACK damage : [10] 15
LIFEsteal : [8%] 10%

ItemSquareFiendish Codex.png   Fiendish Codex

TOTAL cost : [825 gold] 800 gold
BUILD path : Amplifying Tome + 365 gold
ABILITY power : [30] 25

ItemSquareKindlegem.png   Kindlegem

TOTAL cost : [850 gold] 800 gold
BUILD path : Ruby Crystal + 400 gold


 Overall Philosophy

We're updating the mastery system to offer focused, high-impact choices rather than a slew of nuanced micro-math optimizations. Each tier of decisions now successively grows in importance, ending in your final 'keystone mastery' which fundamentally impacts how you play your champion.

 Ferocity Tree

Rather than just the 'Offense' tree, let's look at the types of bonuses Ferocity provides. This tree is all about getting into fights and staying there, scrapping with anyone at any time. Many of its bonuses help you against a large number of targets (attack speed and % penetration are pretty 'always good'), but bursty mages or assassins may find single target isolation somewhat lacking. Wanna deal damage, but worried about tanks and fighters getting in your face? Get ferocious and bite back.

Tier 1
Mastery Fury.png Fury

ATTACK SPEED : 0.8/1.6/2.4/3.2/4%

Mastery Sorcery.png Sorcery


Tier 2
Mastery Double Edged Sword.png Double Edged Sword

MELEE : Deal an additional 3% damage, but receive an additional 1.5% damage
RANGED : Deal an additional 2% damage, but receive an additional 2% damage

Mastery Feast.png Feast

I HUNGER : Killing a unit restores 20 health
COOLDOWN : 20 seconds

Tier 3
Mastery Vampirism.png Vampirism

LIFESTEAL AND SPELLVAMP : 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2.0%

Mastery Natural Talent.png Natural Talent

SCALING ATTACK DAMAGE : 2/4/6/8/10 at level 18
SCALING ABILITY POWER : 3/6/9/12/15 at level 18

Tier 4
Mastery Bounty Hunter.png Bounty Hunter

TAKING NAMES : You gain a permanent 1% damage increase for each unique enemy champion you kill

Mastery Oppressor.png Oppressor

KICK 'EM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN : You deal 2.5% increased damage to targets with impaired movement (slows, stuns, taunts, etc)

Tier 5
Mastery Battering Blows.png Battering Blows

ARMOR PENETRATION : 1.4/2.8/4.2/5.6/7%

Mastery Piercing Thoughts.png Piercing Thoughts

MAGIC PENETRATION : 1.4/2.8/4.2/5.6/7%

Mastery Warlord's Bloodlust.png Warlord's Bloodlust

DRINK THEIR BLOOD : Critical strikes heal you for 15% of the damage dealt and grant you 20% increased attack speed for 4 seconds
COOLDOWN : 2 seconds

Mastery Fervor of Battle.png Fervor of Battle

STACKTIVATE : Your basic attacks and spells give you stacks of Fervor for 5 seconds, stacking 10 times. Each stack of Fervor adds 1-8 bonus physical damage to your basic attacks against champions, based on your level.

Mastery Deathfire Touch.png Deathfire Touch

TOUCH, DON'T GRASP : Your damaging abilities deal an additional (0.5 bonus attack damage + 0.2 ability power) magic damage to enemy champions over 3 seconds (half damage over 1.5 seconds for AoE and damage-over-time)

 Cunning Tree

No longer just 'Utility', Cunning is the tree for those living in the moment. Want extra speed for that clutch save on an ally? Perhaps you're looking to dive in and take out a low health target instead. Cunning's your go-to tree for both! Buyer beware: unlike Ferocity's offerings, Cunning's benefits are really only effective against softer targets, so think a lot about who you'll be fighting before spending your points!

Tier 1
Mastery Wanderer.png Wanderer

MOVEMENT SPEED : 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3% out of combat

Mastery Savagery.png Savagery

BONUS DAMAGE TO MINIONS AND MONSTERS : 1/2/3/4/5 on single target spells and basic attacks

Tier 2
Mastery Runic Affinity.png Runic Affinity

BABY GOT BUFFS : Buffs granted by jungle monsters last 15% longer

Mastery Secret Stash.png Secret Stash

HITS THE SPOT : Your potions, flasks and elixirs last 10% longer
APPETIZERS : Health potions are now Biscuits, restoring 20 health and 10 mana on use.

Tier 3
Mastery Merciless.png Merciless

DAMAGE AMPLIFICATION : 1/2/3/4/5% increased damage to champions below 40% health

Mastery Meditation.png Meditation

MANA REGEN : 0.3/0.6/0/9/1.2/1.5% of your missing mana per 5 seconds

Tier 4
Mastery Bandit.png Bandit

FINDERS KEEPERS : Gain 1 gold whenever a nearby minion is killed by an allied champion
PICKPOCKET : Gain 3 gold (10 gold for melee) when basic attacking an enemy champion

Mastery Dangerous Game.png Dangerous Game

NOT EVEN CLOSE, BABY : Kills and assists restore 5% of your missing health and mana

Tier 5
Mastery Precision.png Precision

ARMOR & MAGIC PENETRATION : 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3 + 0.06/0.12/0.18/0.24/0.3 per level
TOTAL AT LEVEL 18 : 1.7/3.4/5.0/4.8/8.4

Mastery Intelligence.png Intelligence

COOLDOWN REDUCTION CAP : [40%] 41/42/43/44/45%

Mastery Stormraider's Surge.png Stormraider's Surge

HIT AND RUN : Dealing 30% of a champion's maximum health within 2 seconds grants you 35% bonus movement speed for 3 seconds
COOLDOWN : 10 seconds

Mastery Thunderlord's Decree.png Thunderlord's Decree

RIDE THE LIGHTNING : Your 3rd ability or basic attack on an enemy champion shocks them, dealing 10-180 (+0.2 bonus attack damage) (+0.1 ability power) magic damage in an area around them
COOLDOWN : 30 seconds

Mastery Windspeaker's Blessing.png Windspeaker's Blessing

FIGHTING SPIRIT : Your shields and heals are 10% stronger
POWER OF FRIENDSHIP : Your shields and heals on allies other than yourself grant them 15% increased armor and magic resist for 3 seconds

 Resolve Tree

Resolve's the tree that's the least changed in terms of why you'd want to take it - it's for the immovable objects out there that want to be in the middle of a fight and stay there for a good long while. If you're someone that values staying alive for multiple rotations of crowd control or initiation, Resolve's the tree for you.

Tier 1
Mastery Recovery.png Recovery

HEALTH REGEN : 0.4/0.8/1.2/1.6/2 per 5 seconds

Mastery Unyielding.png Unyielding

BONUS ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST : 1.2/2.4/3.6/4.8/6%

Tier 2
Mastery Explorer.png Explorer

I'LL GO AHEAD : You gain 12 movement speed while in the river or in brush

Mastery Tough Skin.png Tough Skin

DIRT OFF YOUR SHOULDERS : You take 2 less damage from champion and monster basic attacks

Tier 3
Mastery Runic Armor.png Runic Armor

FORTIFIED : Shields are 1.6/3.2/4.8/6.4/8% more effective on you

Mastery Veteran's Scars.png Veteran's Scars

BONUS HEALTH : 0.8/1.6/2.4/3.2/4% maximum health

Tier 4
Mastery Insight.png Insight

INVOCADORES : Your Summoner Spell cooldowns are reduced by 15%

Mastery Perseverance.png Perseverance

WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH : 50% health regen, increased to 200% health regen when below 20% health

Tier 5
Mastery Swiftness.png Swiftness


Mastery Legendary Guardian.png Legendary Guardian

ARMOR AND MAGIC RESIST : 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4/3 for each nearby enemy champion

Mastery Grasp of the Undying.png Grasp of the Undying

HERE TO STAY : Every 4 seconds in combat, your next attack against an enemy champion steals life equal to 3% of your maximum health (1.5% for ranged champions)

Mastery Strength of the Ages.png Strength of the Ages

STEPPING ON THE LITTLE GUYS : Killing a Siege minion or large monster increases your maximum health by 20 and 10 respectively, up to 300 health.
THE LONG HAUL : After maxing this bonus, you restore 100 health when a nearby siege minion dies.

Mastery Stoneborn Pact.png Bond of Stone

DAMAGE REDUCTION : 4%, doubling to 8% when near at least one allied champion
IN THIS TOGETHER : 8% of the damage that the nearest allied champion would take is dealt to you instead. This can't bring you below 15% health.

End of Season Rewards

"We're in the final moments of the 2015 season! Ranked queues close on November 11, 2015 at 12:01 AM PST with rewards distributed in the days that follow. Head to the End of Season page for the full list of rewards for each tier. "

As part of their rewards, players in Gold tier or higher in any ranked queue at the end of the season will receive the Victorious Sivir skin!

Skin Splash Victorious Sivir.jpg

Server-Side Game Settings

PC cafe players rejoice!

The ultimate evolution of "quality of life changes". Those of you who frequently play on different computers can likely readjust your settings while blindfolded, but... now you won't have to. Enjoy 10 whole extra seconds of map awareness while everyone's still in the fountain.

COMFORT ZONE : All in-game settings (ex. key bindings) are now saved server-side per account, rather than on individual computers.
CONVENIENCE ZONE : Once this feature is activated (after 5.22 launches), the servers will automatically record your computer's settings in the next match you play. From then on, your account will switch to using server-side game settings.

Mac Load Time Improvements

For real this time.

GENIUS : Mac players now load into games up to 30% faster, matching speeds with their Windows teammates


  • Talon's W - Rake will now return to him if he dies or enters stasis while Rake is in-flight
  • Fixed a bug where Lulu became unable to attack if E - Help, Pix! was attached to an ally with insanely high attack speed
  • Shyvana can no longer double-cast E - Flame Breath at the exact moment she reverts to human form
  • Fixed an issue where Syndra's W - Force of Will was dropping stuff inaccurately

Patchnote bottom2.png