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Patch Notes v5.19

Greetings, summoners.

Welcome to Patch 5.19, the one where we take a step back from all the big changes we’ve made to the game recently and buff Miss Fortune. So take a load off, relax and enjoy a light patch to catch your breath while we take head-count and make sure everything’s tidy before the new season comes around.

For those of you that aren’t interested in Miss Fortune buffs (the heathens), we also have a slew of impactful bugfixing and a complete rework of the jungle leashing system. Now you’ll have an inkling of why the blue buff you invaded to steal decided to walk back as the enemy team descends to feast upon your failure, but hey, you knew the risks going in.

That’s it for us! Check below for the specifics (as well as some sweet HUD updates and Worlds-related shenanigans), and we’ll see you on Rift. Laughing uncontrollably. Firing a stream of bullets into your team. Miss Fortune.

ScarizardIcon.jpg Patrick "Scarizard" Scarborough


KindredSquare.png   Kindred

Kindred, the Eternal Hunters, will be released later during patch 5.19! To learn more about League's next champion, check the following links:

GarenSquare.png   Garen
Spinning on Villains works as intended.

For someone who spends his time tracking down Villains, Garen was fighting pretty dirty when it came to slaying the guilty; now it’s our turn to bring him to justice (I still wouldn’t stand next to him, though).

Judgment.png E - Judgment

ZEALOUS PERSECUTION : Fixed a bug where Judgment was dealing damage to the Villain equal to 1% of Garen’s Health rather than the Villain’s

MissFortuneSquare.png   Miss Fortune
R has a scaling bonus AD ratio.

Though the days of Miss Fortune’s dominance have long passed, she’s still a natural pick when looking to combo tons of bullets into an enemy team. We’re looking to push the relevance of Miss Fortune in the team-fighting compositions she’s already good in, rendering the recipients of a well-placed Bullet Time into nothin’ but powder monkeys.

Bullet Time.png R - Bullet Time

RATIO PER WAVE Now additionally scales with 0.1 / 0.175 / 0.25 bonus attack damage per wave
TOTAL RATIO 0.8 / 1.4 / 2.0 bonus attack damage

ShenSquare.png   Shen
E reduces the damage of targets affected.

When tinkering around with some of Shen’s scripts, we realized that this functionality’s actually been gone from him for quite a while now, so we’re putting it back where we found it.

Shadow Dash.png E - Shadow Dash

THE UNSEEN BUG : Fixed a bug that caused taunted enemies to not deal reduced damage to Shen

ZacSquare.png   Zac

Last patch, we fixed a bug where Elastic Slingshot would fail to shoot as far as it said it could by rewriting how the skill worked. In doing so, we noticed something was off in the snap-cast case, and added a 300 unit minimum to match the feeling. That said, how it worked originally (before any of these range-increase shenanigans) was that you could snapcast anywhere between 0 and 300 - so we’re just reverting back to that.

TL;DR - Zac’s all back together again (until he uses an ability, that is).

Elastic Slingshot.png E - Elastic Slingshot

BIT OF A STRETCH : Fixed a bug where Elastic Slingshot had a minimum range of 300 units instead of 0


Stalker's Blade - Devourer.png   Enchantment - Devourer
Sated’s Phantom Hit takes longer to apply for ranged champions.

Though popularly known as the go-to item for Xin Zhao’s and Shyvana’s looking to melt faces, Devourer (and its Sated evolution) systematically skew harder towards ranged champions like Vayne and Kayle when it comes to raw power, safety, and availability of on-hits. While ‘Ranged Sated Junglers’ might be an outlier at present, but we’re taking action towards actively balancing the item for ranged users while we evaluate how best to support them on an champion-specific level if necessary.

PHANTOM HIT FOR RANGED CHAMPIONS : [every 2nd hit] every 4th hit


Leashing makes sense. More sense.

Over the seasons, leashing went from being a set of basic rules to having so many edge-cases it felt almost random when something would reset or wouldn’t, leaving you without a good sense for what caused it (and more importantly, how to avoid it in the future). With that in mind, we built a new system - called Patience - to better support future jungling patterns and behaviors.

EMPEROR Jungle monsters now have a ‘Patience’ characteristic. Monsters no longer reset their aggression based on distance or positioning - Instead, once the monster’s Patience is reduced to zero, the monster will reset and return to their original position. During this reset, they rapidly regenerate health and do not respond to further aggression.
LOSING MY PATIENCE : Monsters lose Patience under the following conditions:
  • When a monster is in an aggressive state but can’t find any targets to attack (ex. its target died or became untargetable)
  • When a monster’s target is too far away from the monster’s initial spawn location or the monster is VERY far away from its initial spawn location
  • When the monster is forced to switch targets
IT COMES WITH AGE : Large monsters display their Patience in a meter above their heads
IN MY HAPPY PLACE : Once a monster has recovered to 90% health, they regain all of their Patience
YANKING MY CHAIN : Abilities that pull or displace monsters no longer completely reset the monster’s aggro if they already had a previous target

 Jungle Tuning
Gromp and Bigwolf have tinier arms.

Thanks to the new leashing rules above, this makes taking Gromp over the wall impossible (he’d lose his patience!), so we’re making him easier to kite and juggle without taking damage. Similarly, fixing a case that would let Bigwolf attack over a wall in some scenarios!


Permanent Rune Sale

Many moons ago, we began talking about making Rune Bundles in the service of helping players just getting started on their Tier 3 Rune Pages. Then, we realized we could make a bunch of really popular ones 50% off permanently, so we’re just doing that instead.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage : [205 IP] 102 IP
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration : [410 IP] 205 IP
Greater Seal of Armor : [205 IP] 102 IP
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist : [205 IP] 102 IP
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage : [1025 IP] 512 IP
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power : [1025 IP] 512 IP

In-Client Worlds Features

Once the Worlds train starts rolling, we'll be activating a number of features in the client for easy access to information surrounding the World Championship as it unfolds.

THE ESPORTS SECTION : An in-client Worlds info hub has been added to the Landing Page (new tab!) for all flavors of stories and information, including match schedules and results. All match results will be hidden behind spoiler toggles.
TICK TOCK : The Featured Matches spectator card on the Landing Page will be replaced with a countdown timer to the next Worlds match. It can be switched back to Featured Matches via a toggle in the upper righthand corner.
YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED... : Worlds match notifications (think game invites) will appear shortly before each match begins - click on them to open the Worlds broadcast in your browser. These can be disabled via "Suppress eSports Notification Popups" in the Options menu.

HUD Updates

 HUD Customization

Still bathing in your feedback. Still makin’ HUD updates.

  • New preference to display or hide summoner names on the scoreboard
  • New preference to mirror the scoreboard layout
  • New preference to display team frames on the left side of the screen

 Ping Display Changes

Colored ping bars can be pretty arbitrary to the average player, as there's no accepted 'standard' of what someone should do when they see yellow - or red - bars instead of green. We're making a simple change so there's more clarity around what a player's connection speed is to the game server so they can derive meaningful information from that. This is a long piece of context to say we want to show you real information, not colors.

COLORBLIND : The colored ping bar (Red/Yellow/Green) has been removed, and now displays your actual ping instead.


  • Resolved a cause of random disconnects in the client. If you disabled Windows IP Helper to mitigate the problem, you can now safely re-enable it!
  • Fixed a bug where Sated Devourer’s bonuses were sometimes persisting after the enchanted item was sold
  • Unit- and ground-targeted spells will once again automatically fire if you cast them out of range, then Flash into range while moving
  • Fixed an inconsistency with Bilgewater Cutlass's active cooldown
  • Resolved multiple cases of the Character Quality setting (under Video) being overridden by other video settings
  • Lissandra once again tells the story of the Howling Abyss if you wait long enough after winning an ARAM

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released at various times during patch 5.19:

Skin Splash Shadowfire Kindred.jpg Skin Splash Ironside Malphite.jpg Skin Splash Marauder Alistar.jpg Skin Splash Warden Jax.jpg

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