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Patch 11.21

Knock knock. Who's there? Knock. Knock who? Knockout rounds!

Groups and play-ins were heckin' hype, and the Worlds train isn't stopping anytime soon! This patch, we've got lots of champion and rune adjustments chugging along, as well as a very big change to Goredrinker to keep fighters on track. New Dragonmancer skins also make their landing this week, and each one's got a mighty personality.

Tune into the quarter and semifinals these next couple of weekends as we draw closer to crowning the Season 2021 winners!

Official Patch Notes Link

Riot Ahrisoo.png Jina "Ahrisoo" Yoon

Riot Aether.png Paul "RiotAether" Perscheid

Patch Highlights[]

Patch 11.21 Banner.jpg

Truth Dragon Yasuo, Dream Dragon Yasuo, Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa, Steel Dragon Thresh, Tranquility Dragon Karma, Duality Dragon Volibear, and Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition will be available October 21, 2021.

Disabling /all Chat[]

Starting this patch, /all chat will be disabled in matchmade queues in a few regions. Since our original announcement, response has varied between regions, so we're shifting our approach and only disabling /all chat where players were most receptive to trying it out.

This test will last for 11.21 and 11.22. In regions where the disable rolls out, /all chat will still be available in custom games, and no other tools are being disabled. We'll evaluate the impact of this change through verbal abuse reports, penalty rates, surveys, and direct feedback. When the test ends, we may leave /all chat disabled, make changes to the disable, or turn it back on, on a per-region basis. We may also make adjustments during the test itself based on initial results.


AkshanSquare.png Akshan  
E damage decreased.

Akshan's been steadily creeping up since swinging into release. We're tapping down on his signature move's damage to make the choice between maxing Q or E first a bit more strategic.

Heroic Swing.png E - Heroic Swing
BASE DAMAGE PER SHOT : [30/50/70/90/110] 30/45/60/75/90

GravesSquare.png Graves  
E bonus armor decreased.

Graves' defensive dueling power makes his laning a little too consistent in some early matchups. We're reducing his burliness to give his opponents a chance to outplay the outlaw.

Quickdraw.png E - Quickdraw
BONUS ARMOR PER STACK : [6/9/12/15/18] 4/7/10/13/16

JinxSquare.png Jinx  
Passive attack speed increased. E range increased. R cooldown decreased.

Jinx is craving some excitement, so we're boosting her passive to make her pop-off moments really pop and letting her wreak more havoc across the map with her ult. Flame Chompers' range is also getting a slight increase to work better with Fishbones' basic attacks. Everybody, panic!

Get Excited!.png Passive - Get Excited!

Flame Chompers!.png E - Flame Chompers!

RANGE : [900] 925

Super Mega Death Rocket!.png R - Super Mega Death Rocket!

COOLDOWN : [90/75/60 seconds] 75/65/55 seconds

KarthusSquare.png Karthus  
E mana restore reduced early and scales more with rank.

Karthus bot gets almost infinite wave control in early game thanks to his E passive. Pretty spooky. We're trimming down his mana early to target his performance in lane without affecting his jungle.

Defile.png E - Defile
MANA RESTORED : [20/27/34/41/48] 15/25/35/45/55

LuxSquare.png Lux  
Base attack speed per level increased. Passive mark duration adjusted. E damage increased. R cooldown decreased.

Despite increasing her E damage in 11.10, Lux still isn't shining so bright in either mid or support. We're taking this opportunity to buff her a bit while also making her passive more reliable.

Base Stats

Illumination.png Passive - Illumination

LET'S LIGHT IT UP Illumination mark duration extended if Lux's basic attack is already in flight to the target, or if R - Final Spark is being cast

Lucent Singularity.png E - Lucent Singularity

DAMAGE : [60/110/160/210/260 (+65% AP)] 70/120/170/220/270 (+70% AP)

Final Spark.png R - Final Spark

COOLDOWN : [80/60/40 seconds] 60/50/40 seconds

MissFortuneSquare.png Miss Fortune  
Base mana reduced. W mana cost increased.

Miss Fortune has been popular at every level of play, including at Worlds. We want to preserve the flexibility between her lethality and crit builds, so we're nerfing her in a way that forces her to pick her early shots more wisely.

Base Stats
MANA : [325.84] 300

Strut.png W - Strut

MANA COST : [30] 45

QuinnSquare.png Quinn  
W bonus attack speed decreased late.

Quinn's been flying high above her competition in top lane. We're dropping her to a lower elevation so that her enemies can stand a chance against her in duels.

Heightened Senses.png W - Heightened Senses
BONUS ATTACK SPEED : [20/35/50/65/80%] 20/30/40/50/60%

SionSquare.png Sion  
W shield increased.

Our most recent buffs to Sion's shield in 11.19 were clearly not strong enough for the juggernaut, so... Here he is again!

Soul Furnace.png W - Soul Furnace
SHIELD : [60/85/110/135/160 (+40% AP) (+8/9/10/11/12% maximum health)] 60/85/110/135/160 (+40% AP) (+10/11/12/13/14% maximum health)

TeemoSquare.png Teemo  
Q cooldown decreased; blind duration increased; missile speed increased.

Captain Teemo's fallen behind in the top lane ranks. We're putting a little more anti-basic attack poison in the friendly yordle's dart to make him more annoying powerful in lane.

Blinding Dart.png Q - Blinding Dart
COOLDOWN : [8 seconds] 7 seconds
BLIND DURATION : [1.5/1.75/2.0/2.25/2.5 seconds] 2.0/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds
MISSILE SPEED : [1500] 2500

ViegoSquare.png Viego  
Q damage ratio increased. W self-slow decreased. R crit ratio increased.

The last set of Viego nerfs did the job and prevented him from dominating at Worlds, but it hit him a little too hard at all levels of play. We're buffing him slightly with an emphasis on his crit builds rather than bringing back some of his tankiness.

Blade of the Ruined King (Ability).png Q - Blade of The Ruined King
AD RATIO : [60%] 70%

Spectral Maw.png W - Spectral Maw


Heartbreaker.png R - Heartbreaker


XayahSquare.png Xayah  
Base move speed increased. Q cooldown decreased late.

We've carefully buffed Xayah quite a few times this season to help her non-Pro performance, but she's still pretty weak across the board. Her damage is already pretty sharp, so we're buffing her ability to set her feathers up.

Base Stats
MOVE SPEED : [325] 330

Double Daggers.png Q - Double Daggers

COOLDOWN : [10/9/8/7/6 seconds] 10/8.5/7/5.5/4 seconds



At its core, Goredrinker is supposed to be a sustain Mythic that lets fighters outlast their enemies with well-timed Thirsting Slashes. While wanting to sustain through a fight isn't unique to fighters, it's a big part of their class identity: They have the best tools to stay on the offensive at low health (ex. the dream Illaoi ult that lets her turn a 1v5). At the same time, this is a risky niche to fill: Two of our bigger rough patches since the item update have been damage and healing, and Goredrinker offers both.

We've seen this risk play out over the course of the season, with Goredrinker becoming the dominant Mythic pick for fighters due to offering the best sustain without making sufficient tradeoffs on the damage front. As further evidence,assassins have been taking Goredrinker over their own Mythics. Assassins are designed to kill quickly, so they shouldn't be valuing an item that indexes so much into sustain and strength at low health. Between its 1.0 AD ratio and its heal, Goredrinker's active is just too valuable as another button in assassin combos that also lets them shrug off any damage they take while eviscerating their target.

In order to move Goredrinker back into its sustain niche, we're removing its low-health bonus AD (to nerf damage for fighters) and weakening Thirsting Slash's AD scaling (to nerf damage for assassins). At the same time, we don't want Goredrinker to become a bad pick for fighters, so we're giving it omnivamp to make sure it still lives up to its identity as their sustain Mythic.

THIRSTING SLASH : [100% Total AD] 175% Base AD
OMNIVAMP Goredrinker now grants 8% Omnivamp
HEALTH REGENERATION Goredrinker no longer grants 150% health regen
SPITE No longer grants 0-15% (based on missing health) of your AD as bonus AD

Ceaseless Hunger (Ornn Item)

THIRSTING SLASH : [100% Total AD] 175% Base AD
OMNIVAMP Ceaseless Hunger now grants 13% Omnivamp
HEALTH REGENERATION Ceaseless Hunger no longer grants 250% health regen
SPITE No longer grants 0-15% (based on missing health) of your AD as bonus AD

ItemSquareIronspike Whip.pngIronspike Whip   

We’re adjusting Ironspike Whip's active to match Goredrinker's reduced offensive capabilities.

CRESCENT : [75% Total AD] 100% Base AD


We’re also adjusting Stridebreaker's active to match the damage changes to Goredrinker and Ironspike Whip, but it's also getting an AD boost to compensate since it doesn't need a nerf right now.

HALTING SLASH : [100% Total AD] 175% Base AD

Dreamshatter (Ornn Item)

HALTING SLASH : [100% Total AD] 175% Base AD


Rune Conqueror.pngConqueror   

We're seeing a broad range of champions pick Conqueror even in situations that don't match its purpose: extended all-ins. We're honing in on that identity and giving it a nerf.

ADAPTIVE FORCE PER STACK : [2-5 (based on level)] 2-4 (based on level)
BUFF DURATION : [6 seconds] 4 seconds

Rune Guardian.pngGuardian   

Guardian's been overperforming in the support role and crowding out other keystones, so we're tuning it down.

SHIELD : [70-150 (based on level) (+15% Guardian's AP) (+9% Guardian's bonus health)] 50-130 (based on level) (+15% Guardian's AP) (+9% Guardian's bonus health)

Rune Health.pngHealth   

The health shard is a niche stat that doesn't get a lot of love right now. It's generally useful when you don't expect much of a threat in lane (since armor or magic resist shards would be more useful against specific matchups). It's not getting picked much even in these cases, so we're upping its numbers to make it more desirable.

BONUS HEALTH : [15-90 (based on level)] 15-140 (based on level)

Rune Ingenious Hunter.pngIngenious Hunter   

At the beginning of the season, we updated Ingenious Hunter to work not only on item actives and trinkets, but also on item passives like Guardian Angel and Sterak's Gage. It was slightly nerfed to compensate and has been weak ever since, so we're giving it a buff to compete with the other Hunter options.


Rune Ravenous Hunter.pngRavenous Hunter   

Ravenous Hunter is one of the most popular minor runes in the game. It's crowding out other choices, especially in bot lane, so we're nerfing it a bit.

OMNIVAMP PER STACK : [1.5%] 1.2%

Bugfixes & QoL Changes[]

  • Syndra's spell effects have gotten a major visual update for several of her skins, including base!
  • Singed's base voice lines have been remastered to sound clearer and cleaner. Muhahahaha.
  • Kindred's Wolf has been fixed to animate with Lamb while emoting~
  • Warwick will now properly sense low health enemies who took damage while he was dead
  • Fixed a bug where Aurelion Sol's Q - Starsurge visual effects would go out of sync from its hitbox as it grew
  • Fixed a bug where Nasus's Q - Siphoning Strike did not deal damage to traps (such as Teemo's R - Noxious Trap and Nidalee's W - Bushwack)
  • Fixed a bug where Gangplank's Q - Parrrley still healed for 20% instead of 10% from Fleet Footwork
  • Fixed a bug where some abilities (such as Ezreal's Q - Mystic Shot) did not count toward the stacking effect of Mortal Reminder's passive
  • Akshan's E - Heroic Swing will get interrupted properly when he goes into stasis (such as via Zhonya's Hourglass or Guardian Angel)
  • Shard of True Ice will correctly reduce minion gold if its user has farmed more than 20 minions per 5 minutes
  • The following abilities will now trigger spell effects (such as Luden's Tempest or Muramana) when dealing damage: Blitzcrank's E - Power Fist, Camille's Q - Precision Protocol, Darius' W - Crippling Strike, Dr. Mundo's E - Blunt Force Trauma, Garen's Q - Decisive Strike, Hecarim's E - Rampage, Illaoi's W - Harsh Lesson, Jax's W - Empower, Shyvana's Q - Twin Bite, Trundle's Q - Chomp, Vayne's Q - Tumble, Wukong's Q - Crushing Blow, and Yorick's Q - Last Rites

Upcoming Skins & Chromas[]

The following skins will be released in this patch:

Skin Splash Truth Dragon Yasuo.jpg
Truth Dragon Yasuo
Skin Splash Dream Dragon Yasuo.jpg
Dream Dragon Yasuo
Skin Splash Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa.jpg
Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa
Skin Splash Steel Dragon Thresh.jpg
Steel Dragon Thresh
Skin Splash Tranquility Dragon Karma.jpg
Tranquility Dragon Karma
Skin Splash Duality Dragon Volibear.jpg
Duality Dragon Volibear
Skin Splash Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition.jpg
Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition

The following chromas will be released this patch:

Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa Chroma.jpg
Lagoon Dragon Kai'Sa
Steel Dragon Thresh Chroma.jpg
Steel Dragon Thresh
Tranquility Dragon Karma Chroma.jpg
Tranquility Dragon Karma
Duality Dragon Volibear Chroma.jpg
Duality Dragon Volibear
Obsidian Dragon Sett Chroma.jpg
Obsidian Dragon Sett
Eternal Dragon Brand Chroma 2.jpg
Eternal Dragon Brand (Emberclaw)
Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol Chroma 2.jpg
Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol (Emberclaw)
Storm Dragon Lee Sin Chroma 2.jpg
Storm Dragon Lee Sin (Emberclaw)
Fae Dragon Ashe Chroma 2.jpg
Fae Dragon Ashe (Emberclaw)