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Patch 11.11


In this one, we’re looking back at changes we made earlier in the season and seeing how the dust settled. This includes curbing Jungle Morgana, whose buff from last patch worked too well and skewed her away from her primary roles. We also threw some love to Ryze, who’s been blue since the item shakeup (although he’s just blue overall).

Then, we adjusted two champions who are commonly found with two items, namely Senna with Frostfire Gauntlet, and Master Yi with Duskblade. We don’t want a champ to feel bound to a certain item or to incentivize gameplay that feels out of character, so these changes should shuffle up more Mythic options for them while also sharpening their identities and playstyles.

To top it all off, Nexus Blitz is back and better than ever, with its own slew of balance changes.

And that's all, my friend! See ya in the next one.

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Riot Mom Cat.png Tricia "Mom Cat" Tan

SonaSquare.png Hanna "Shio Shoujo" Woo

Patch Highlights[]

Patch 11.11 Banner.jpg

PROJECT: Sejuani, PROJECT: Mordekaiser, PROJECT: Renekton, PROJECT: Senna, PROJECT: Sylas, PROJECT: Sylas Prestige Edition, and PROJECT: Varus will be available on May 27th, 2021.


AzirSquare.png Azir  
Q cost decreased.

Azir was soaring too high in Pro play, so we lowered his altitude with the 11.5 nerf. Now that he’s in calmer skies, we’re making his laning phase feel a bit more forgiving.

Conquering Sands.png Q - Conquering Sands
COST : [70 mana] 55 mana

EliseSquare.png Elise  
Spider Form on-hit damage ratio decreased.

Elise has had no trouble catching prey across all levels of play for a while now. With patch 11.10’s jungle changes, she’s crawled up and over the line. We’re reinforcing her identity as an early game jungler by curbing her damage in later stages of the game.

Spider Queen.png Passive - Spider Queen

EzrealSquare.png Ezreal  
Base health regen growth and armor increased.

Ezreal is struggling across all levels of play, so we’re giving him a small pick-me-up.

Base Stats
ARMOR : [22] 24

GravesSquare.png Graves  
Base AD growth increased.

Graves is having a tough time farming in the new jungle, so we’re bolstering up his holster.

Base Stats
AD GROWTH : [3] 4

HecarimSquare.png Hecarim  
Q bonus AD damage ratio increased. E damage ratio increased.

We’re not trying to beat a dead horse, but with our last round of nerfs in 11.9 and the jungle changes, we kind of did. Before, Hecarim was overwhelmingly beefy and speedy, allowing him to charge down enemies unscathed. Now that his beef and speed are in a more reasonable place, we’re upping Hecarim’s damage to keep him feeling happy and hefty when he chooses a fighter items.

Rampage.png Q - Rampage
DAMAGE RATIO : [70% bonus AD] 75% bonus AD

Devastating Charge.png E - Devastating Charge

MINIMUM DAMAGE RATIO : [50% bonus AD] 55% bonus AD
MAXIMUM DAMAGE RATIO : [100% bonus AD] 110% bonus AD

Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin  
E cooldown increased.

Lee’s buff in patch 11.8 shot him higher than anticipated in every role (jungle, top, and mid), so we’re partially pulling it back.

Tempest.png E - Tempest
COOLDOWN : [8 seconds] 9 seconds

LeonaSquare.png Leona  
W base damage decreased.

Equipped with sword, shield, and sun, the Radiant Dawn has been burning too bright. We’re reeling in her damage to give her enemies some shade.

Eclipse.png W - Eclipse
BASE DAMAGE : [60/95/130/165/200] 45/80/115/150/185

Master YiSquare.png Master Yi  
Q damage ratio decreased.

Yi’s Mythic of choice is often Duskblade, which gears his playstyle to focus on Q damage and resets. Although Duskblade makes sense in certain situations, it can lead to low-counterplay gameplay that orients him away from what he does best—slicing down foes with basic attacks—so we’re shifting power around to buff those builds.

Alpha Strike.png Q - Alpha Strike
DAMAGE RATIO : [100% AD] 90% AD

Wuju Style.png E - Wuju Style

BASE DAMAGE : [20/30/40/50/60] 30/40/50/60/70

MorganaSquare.png Morgana  
W damage against non-epic monsters decreased.

Our buffs to jungle Morg in 11.8 were intended to shine a spotlight on her ability to jungle. Instead, it propelled Morgana to be more successful in the jungle than in her primary roles, so we’re adjusting accordingly.

Tormented Shadow.png W - Tormented Shadow

NautilusSquare.png Nautilus  
E now deals increased damage against monsters.

Many moons ago, Nautilus was a viable jungler. We're hooking him back on deck with buffs that speed up his AoE camp clear.

Riptide.png E - Riptide
TITAN OF THE CAMPS Riptide now deals 150% increased damage against monsters.

QiyanaSquare.png Qiyana  
W bonus movement speed decreased.

Qiyana boasts a lot of things, and one of them is her early roaming potential. This has caused her to have an oppressive presence in Elite play for a while now, so we’re looking to take her down from her perch by tapping the brakes.

Terrashape.png W - Terrashape
BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED : [5/7/9/11/13%] 3/5/7/9/11%

RumbleSquare.png Rumble  
Passive on-hit damage cap against monsters decreased.

There's been a-rumbling and a-grumbling in the jungle that a yordle has been a-blazing through Gromps and Bramblebacks galore. To cool his jets, we’re toning down his single-target damage to monsters.

Junkyard Titan.png Passive - Junkyard Titan

RyzeSquare.png Ryze  
Base health growth increased.

With the preseason item changes (aka losing Rod of Ages and Seraph’s Embrace’s shield) and patch 11.10’s nerf to Phase Rush, Ryze lost movement speed and health, leaving him feeling blue. We’re padding up his defenses to put some color back in his cheeks.

Base Stats
HEALTH GROWTH : [98] 110

SennaSquare.png Senna  
Passive bonus attack range decreased. Q now scales with lethality. E now scales with AP when camouflaged. R damage ratio increased.

Frostfire Gauntlet has become Senna’s dominant support build, boosting both her win and play rate. While tank Senna can be fun, it currently overshadows other item options and writes off her primary weakness as a squishy carry. To mitigate, we’re bringing more power back to support builds where she’s historically had success (lethality and AP), and tapping down Frostfire. We’re also taking this opportunity to slow down some of her range growth, which has been scaling a lot faster with the buff to her Mist in 11.2. Altogether, these changes should empower Senna to build items that better fit her identity as a powerful glass cannon.

Absolution.png Passive - Absolution
LETHAL HEALING Piercing Darkness’ healing now also scales with 160% lethality

Curse of the Black Mist.png E - Curse of the Black Mist

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED : [20%] 20% (+1% per 20 AP)

Dawning Shadow.png R - Dawning Shadow

DAMAGE RATIO : [50% AP] 70% AP

SeraphineSquare.png Seraphine  
W base self and ally shields increased.

We're buffing mid lane Seraphine's performance by making her shielding per level more powerful, especially at higher levels. This should continue empowering Seraphine as a solo star.

Surround Sound.png W - Surround Sound
BASE SELF SHIELD : [75-150 (level 1-18)] 75-225 (level 1-18)
BASE ALLY SHIELD : [50-100 (level 1-18)] 50-150 (level 1-18)

ShacoSquare.png Shaco  
W damage ratio decreased. E AP damage ratio decreased.

AD Shaco’s in a good spot, but his AP jungle and support builds are significantly stronger and need to be cranked back a bit.

Jack In The Box.png W - Jack In The Box
DAMAGE RATIO : [10% AP (20% AP against single targets)] 9% AP (18% AP against single targets)

Two-Shiv Poison.png E - Two-Shiv Poison

AP DAMAGE RATIO : [55%] 50%

SingedSquare.png Singed  
E cooldown now scales.

Even with the buff to Riftmaker in patch 11.10—Singed’s poison of choice—he’s still been underperforming across the board. We’re giving his Fling some cooldown scaling to give him more options in fights late game.

Fling.png E - Fling
COOLDOWN : [10 seconds] 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds

TeemoSquare.png Teemo  
W cooldown decreased.

Teemo’s W is often overlooked. We’re reducing its cooldown so that he can more readily use the spell’s active and wield his power as a mobile mushroom monster.

Move Quick.png W - Move Quick
COOLDOWN : [17 seconds] 14 seconds

UrgotSquare.png Urgot  
W modified damage ratio decreased later.

Urgot’s been drilling through entire enemy teams in Average levels of play. We’re targeting his sustained damage after laning phase so he’s slightly less effective at purging his foes.

Purge.png W - Purge
MODIFIED DAMAGE RATIO : [20/24/28/32/36% AD] 20/23.5/27/30.5/34% AD


Top Lane Tank Items 

We want players to feel empowered to make meaningful item choices each game. Right now, there are two trends that are limiting early game decision-making for tanks in top lane: purchasing Thornmail as a second item, and purchasing Bramble Vest without completing Thornmail. This routine highlights the problem of Bramble Vest and Thornmail being used as generalist items, rather than their intended purpose of being picked up to face high-healing enemies. These changes are intended to give these items more clearly defined roles in the power they provide for top lane tanks. One more thing: You may notice that we gave Frozen Heart a less generic stat line than other tank items. This is intentional, since it has other unique outputs. We’re also giving it a larger base value on Rock Solid than other items since it has less innate max health scaling. Altogether, it remains a source of high ability haste and mana, and is now clearly an anti-attacker item.

Bramble Vest
ARMOR : [35] 30
THORNS REFLECTED DAMAGE Bramble Vest’s reflected damage no longer scales with bonus armor.

Warmog's Armor

MINIMUM HEALTH REQUIREMENT : [3000 maximum health] 1100 bonus health

Warden's Mail

ROCK SOLID DAMAGE REDUCTION : [0.5% of maximum health] 5 + 0.35% of maximum health
A SOLID TOOLTIP Tooltip now shows how much Rock Solid damage has been blocked

Randuin's Omen

ROCK SOLID DAMAGE REDUCTION : [0.5% of maximum health] 5 + 0.35% of maximum health

Frozen Heart

ROCK SOLID DAMAGE REDUCTION : [0.5% of maximum health] 7 + 0.35% of maximum health

ItemSquareMoonstone Renewer.pngMoonstone Renewer   

The Moonstone buff in patch 11.9 was not enough. We’re increasing its healing and shielding power which should boost its strength for all Enchanters.

STARLIT GRACE HEAL AND SHIELD POWER PER SECOND : [4%, up to 20%] 6%, up to 30%

ItemSquareBlack Cleaver.pngBlack Cleaver   

Even with our changes to Black Cleaver’s functionality in patch 11.5, it hasn’t been a popular pick this season. We’re sharpening one of its unique points to better compete with its alternatives.

CARVE ARMOR REDUCTION PER STACK : [4%, up to 24% at 6 stacks] 5%, up to 30% at 6 stacks

ItemSquareDivine Sunderer.pngDivine Sunderer   

Sunderer has been feeling more mediocre than divine. Fighters are finding more success with Trinity Force and tank Mythics, so we’re giving Sunderer a much needed bump up.

SPELLBLADE EMPOWERED ON-HIT DAMAGE : [10% of target’s maximum health] 12% of target’s maximum health
SPELLBLADE HEALING : [50% for melee // 30% for ranged] 65% for melee // 40% for ranged

ItemSquareFrostfire Gauntlet.pngFrostfire Gauntlet   

As mentioned above, we’re tapping down Senna’s favorite Mythic. Ranged users can more easily and repeatedly land Frostfire’s slow, so we’re bringing down its power for them slightly.

SNOWBIND SLOW FOR RANGED USERS : [25% (+4% per 1000 maximum health)] 12.5% (+2% per 1000 maximum health)

ItemSquareRimeforged Grasp.pngRimeforged Grasp   
SNOWBIND SLOW FOR RANGED USERS : [25% (+4% per 1000 maximum health)] 12.5% (+2% per 1000 maximum health)

ItemSquareStaff of Flowing Water.pngStaff of Flowing Water   

Staff of Flowing Water’s 11.8 nerf left it in a weak state in comparison to its competitors, and it could use some oomph. We’re putting power into its shared AP buff to ensure that it’s succeeding in situations where it’s the right item for the job (you know, when you actually have a strong AP teammate to buff).

RAPIDS SELF AND ALLY EMPOWERMENT : [20-40 AP (based on target’s level) for 4 seconds] 25-45 AP (based on target’s level) for 4 seconds

ItemSquareSerpent's Fang.pngSerpent's Fang   

While Serpent's Fang's primary users are physical assassins, its power for ranged users feels underwhelming. We're reducing the gap between melee and ranged shield reduction to make it an option for countering high-shield enemies, even without assassins on your side.


Wardstone Line 

We’re reshaping the Wardstone line to fit more as a capstone support item, similar to Rabadon's Deathcap, Infinity Edge, and Gargoyle Stoneplate (all of which are stronger after you pick up a few other items). We’re also streamlining the purchase path to be a one-stop-shop like Manamune and Archangel's Staff, instead of having to repeatedly upgrade it.

Stirring Wardstone

Watchful Wardstone

TOTAL COST : 1100 gold
HEALTH : 150
ARCANE CACHE : This item can store up to 3 purchased Control Wards
VISIONS OF IXTAL Increase your Stealth Ward, Totem Ward, and Control Ward caps by 1.
UPGRADE Upon reaching level 13 and completing the Support Quest, automatically upgrades into Vigilant Wardstone

Vigilant Wardstone

BUILD PATH : Automatically upgrades from Watchful Wardstone
HEALTH : 150
ARCANE CACHE : This item can store up to 3 purchased Control Wards
VISIONS OF IXTAL : Increase your Stealth Ward, Totem Ward, and Control Ward caps by 1.
BLESSING OF IXTAL Vigilant Wardstone now increases ability power, ability haste, bonus attack damage, and bonus health by 12%.


Rune Hail of Blades.pngHail of Blades   

Hail of Blades has risen in prominence among marksmen, providing quick trades with a high uptime compared to other runes. We’re sharpening its intended weakness as a front-loaded skirmish tool by increasing its cooldown.

COOLDOWN : [8 seconds] 12 seconds

Rune Biscuit Delivery.pngBiscuit Delivery   

Biscuit Delivery has become a staple in Pro play, both in lane and in the jungle. These tasty snacks were intended to aid lane sustain, rather than being sold back to the shop for a pretty penny. Putting those unused biscuits on discount.

SELLBACK COST : [30 gold] 5 gold

In-Game Shop Updates[]

  • The build tree has been upgraded to put some respect on the final item (it's larger) as well as accommodate taller trees (looking at you Ornn)
  • Chad Mythic items with an active now have their own special Mythic active border to differentiate them from the plebeian normal active items
  • Mythic item borders now show up in the scoreboard so you can easily identify why Jhin has a dash
  • The builds-into dropdown gained some smarts and can resize based on its content
  • Emberknife and Hailblade now appear in the Starting Items section of the support tab if you load in with Smite (sorry about that, Ivern!)

Nexus Blitz Balance Changes[]

Nexus Blitz returns for the PROJECT event and will be available from May 27 to June 28.

  •        Elder Dragon can no longer appear as a first reward
  •        Rift Scuttler now uses the same shield mechanic as in Summoner's Rift
  •        Smite now matches Summoner’s Rift's values (starts at 450 damage, upgrades to 900)
  •        Adjusted the factors that weighed into event advantages to the losing team. Not only will it take into consideration the gold discrepancy, but the formula will also consider level differences between the two teams.
  • DPS CHECK DUMMY HEALTH : [5000 (+90 health per level, +15 health per second until 6 minutes, then +30 health per second after)] 1000 (+90 health per level, +2 health per second until 6 minutes, then +4 health per second after)
  •        Damage that would kill the DPS Check dummy now puts it at 1 health

Bugfixes/QoL Changes[]

  • Ahri's E - Charm no longer causes jungle monsters' health to regenerate if used out of combat
  • Updated Base Karma’s Q and E VFX to improve color range and reduce noise
  • Hitting Hextech Malzahar or Tyrant Swain will trigger more metallic sounds
  • Fixed an SFX bug where the initial portion of Worldbreaker Malzahar's Q - Call of the Void couldn't be heard if he casts the ability from Fog of War
  • Fixed an SFX bug for Crystal Rose Swain, where if Swain used R - Demonflare and started draining a target's soul, the target would NOT hear the stereo whisper SFX or the soul drain start SFX
  • Open Shop voice lines are once again available for champions and skins that have them
  • Updated Taliyah's Close Shop VO to her Open Shop VO
  • Lux's R - Final Spark VO will once again play
  • Fixed a bug where Xin Zhao's E - Audacious Charge would go on cooldown and use mana despite it not being actually activated when trying to cast it on an enemy outside of its range and recasting it afterwards without a target
  • Rammus' R - Soaring Slam no longer deals its damage instantly when cast at point zero
  • Alistar's Q - Pulverize no longer grants a stack of Passive - Triumphant Roar when used on a spell-shielded target
  • Kassadin can no longer trigger Electrocute by only hitting a champion with two separate attacks

Upcoming Skins & Chromas[]

The following skins will be released in this patch:

Skin Splash PROJECT Sejuani.jpg
Skin Splash PROJECT Mordekaiser.jpg
PROJECT Mordekaiser
Skin Splash PROJECT Renekton.jpg
PROJECT Renekton
Skin Splash PROJECT Senna.jpg
Skin Splash PROJECT Sylas.jpg
Skin Splash PROJECT Sylas Prestige Edition.jpg
PROJECT Sylas Prestige Edition
Skin Splash PROJECT Varus.jpg

The following chromas will be released this patch:

Sejuani Screens 6.jpg
PROJECT: Sejuani
Mordekaiser Screens 3.jpg
PROJECT: Mordekaiser
Renekton Screens 7.jpg
PROJECT: Renekton
Senna Screens 3.jpg
Sylas Screens 4.jpg
Varus Screens 8.jpg